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A Week in the Life of a Cumeater Ch. 03

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Thursday as I’m getting ready for work my wife asks me If I want a blow job tonight. I of course say yes that would be great. What do I have to do to be so blessed I ask? She says she just wants to feel a big load in her mouth. And tells me why don’t I wear my butt plug all day at work so it builds up so much in in my balls they hurt. I’ve done this many times so I have no problem with it. I grab my njoy 2″ inch plug and so lube. She says let me help you with that so I bend over the bed and she lubes the plug and slides it in till my asshole clams down shut around it. She gives me a couple of light taps on the fanny and says get dressed and go to work. The plug feels great and gives me a full feeling with a little bit of weight constantly on my sphincter. As I leave she says remember no jacking off and to bring home a huge load of sperm for me. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be excited all day. The hardest thing will be keeping my hardon concealed.

The drive to work had me squirming in my seat, bahis siteleri the slight vibration of the car had my ass tingling. In my office I couldn’t take my mind off of my stuffed full asshole. Not even to mention how t felt walking around, the heaviness wouldn’t let me forget about it and thank goodness the girth wouldn’t let it pop out of its own. All during the day every little while I had to wipe the precum off of my dick or else I would have had a wet spot in my pants. The end of the day couldn’t come soon enough.

I pull into the the drive and hurry into the house, My wife is laying on the couch and greets me with, well where do you want it? Here on the couch or in the bed? I say I may as be comfortable so let’s do the bed. She says come over here and drop those pants. I want to feel how full your balls are. I walked over, dropped my pants and she give them a gentle squeeze she says that plug must have done its job well, they feel like a huge load is in them. Go clean up and jump into bed she tells me. canlı bahis siteleri Shortly I’m lying in bed slowly stroking my dick. It’s harder than I can ever remember and I agree with my wife my balls feel full and heavy. She crawls onto the bed with me and whispers in my ear “I’m going to deep throat you balls deep and wiggle that plug that’s up your ass with your cock buried in there. No lovey Dover BJ for you tonight. I’m going to wring your cock as I jack you off into my mouth and suck your balls so dry you’ll be dehydrated. Give me your cum! Her head and open mouth dive on my cock, her teeth scrapping the shaft as it finds it’ sway deep in her mouth. With her pulling and jacking on my dick I already feel it building in my loins. I grab her head and she inhales it down to my hairless balls. She pulls my manhood out of her throat and holds the head in her mouth and jacks me till I’m spilling my seed in her mouth.

Spurt after spurt fills up her mouth a little is leaking out of the corners of her mouth canlı bahis and dribbles down her chin. My dick finishes jerking and pumping my cum in her as she pulls her mouth off of my dick with an sucking sound. I lay there as she signals for me to open my mouth as she climbs up to position her face right above mine. I open my mouth and watch a small thin drip emerge from her pursed lips and watch as it enters my mouth. There is one long string of sperm connecting her lips and my tonsils with one continuous stream until her mouth is empty and mine is full. She says don’t swallow, I want to get a picture of your mouth full of freshly brewed cum! boy it’s a huge load. She jumps off the bed and grabs her phone. I show her my cum filled mouth and she clicks a picture. Okay you can swallow but prove to me it is all down the hatch. I open my mouth again and she clips another picture. Now I have a before and after swallowing picture of my hubby.

We just laid there in bed recovering and soaking it in. I don’t know why I was worn out I just laid there. I understand my wife needing to get her strength back, she did all of the work. Maybe she drained my balls so empty I just need some time to get my strength back.

Friday coming soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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