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A Wicked Halloween

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My best friend Davey and me did everything together. That included jacking off together and we even fucked around with his cousin Beth! He was just as horny and kinky as me, but we were both pretty shy around girls. Here we were, both of us 19 and in our first year in college, and neither of us had girlfriends.

Davey had a fetish for panties, especially his mom’s. Lots of times he grab a pair of her undies, smell them and jack off with them. I admit I did it too. What surprised me was when I saw Davey a pair of pantyhose one day!

“You gotta try it! It feels so good on your legs and cock,” he told me.

We never considered ourselves gay, we both liked girls too much. This was going a little far, wearing women’s panties and stockings, but Davey was right! It did feel good. Pretty soon we were wearing pantyhose a lot. We’d rub our legs together…rub our cocks together in the satin material. Then jack each other off like crazy! But then we got caught!

“What are are guys up to?” my mom blurted out and then giggled.

Thank God me and Davey weren’t jacking off! But we were in my bedroom parading around in stockings and panties, teasing each other and looking in the mirror. Davey was embarrassed like hell and ran to my bathroom, leaving me with mom. Hell, she wasn’t supposed to be home from work!

“So, what’s with the clothes Jeremy?” Mom asked. I had to think fast.

“Oh well we were just goofing off. We, uh…well we thought it would be funny if we dressed up like girls for Halloween,” I lied.

“Really? Huh! That’s a fun idea! But you two won’t be winning any beauty contests looking like that!” Mom laughed.

I can’t believe mom believed my made-up story about dressing up for Halloween. Even worse is that mom made a project into helping us with our “costumes”! She was crazy about the idea and always had a sly chuckle about how she was going to make “us girls” look so cute! What did I get us into?

Halloween was only a couple days away and mom had already taken us to several stores. Mom picked out “cute” outfits to wear, even bought us wigs and make-up! Even mom got in the Halloween spirit and was designing her own costume.

My mom, Brenda, wasn’t gorgeous but had a very pretty face. Although mom wasn’t quite yet 50, she had started going prematurely grey so she always dyed her hair jet black. Her hair was really osmaniye seks hikayeleri long, falling all the way to her rather large ass. Her boobs weren’t very big but not small either. She had a very pear-shaped figure. I never really thought about mom sexually until this all started.

“Jer, this is really wild having your mom dress us up like this,” Davey said to me. “She’s not bad looking either, I like her big butt!”

I had to agree with him. I might have otherwise been pissed at him for his comments but we were stroking each other off at the time.

“Imagine if my mom was sucking our dicks!” I blurted.

That thought sent us into a frenzy and soon we were pumping out huge gobs of cum. The more we talked about it, the more we fantasized about fucking my mom and Davey’s mom too!

It was now Halloween. We planned to go to a local haunted house and then maybe to a party that Davey heard about. Mom spent an long time doing our make-up. It was difficult, but she even got false eyelashes on us too! She put on fake nails and painted them…even trimmed and painted our toe-nails. Mom always said the devil was in the details. She helped us dress, which was very embarrassing because both Davey and me started getting hard!

Mom finally revealed us in the mirror. I couldn’t believe it! We were both wearing Catholic-style schoolgirl outfits, I was a redhead, Davey a blonde. Sure you could tell we were guys but only up close! We certainly didn’t look freakish like some cross-dressers do. Mom pulled up our stockings, smoothing them out. I was raging hard, my cock strained against the tight satin panties. I could see Davey’s prick making a huge bulge under his plaid skirt.

“Okay ‘girls’, I’m going to go get dressed. But you aren’t going to fool anyone with these,” Mom said, actually patting our crotches. “You better deal with that or I might need to strap them down!” She giggled.

After Davey and I took care of our erections, mom came out and she looked really wild! She really did up her make-up, her fair skin contrasting with her dark eye-shadow and lipstick. She wore a dark purple witch’s hat and a very sexy black dress. The dress had a silver cobweb design and a zig-zag pattern at the hem. Mom was obviously wearing a push-up bra because her tits were showing cleavage, jutting out of the low cut dress. Really hot fishnet pantyhose clad mom’s thick curvy legs and her dress was barely covering her ample ass!

“Whoa! Mom, you look incredible!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, Miss Clayton…you look really…well,hot!” Davey stumbled.

“Oh you boys…err, girls, are so sweet for saying so. But I haven’t done something like this in years and think I need a little ‘liquid courage'”

With that, mom busted out with a huge bottle of tequila. She urged us to take a few shots with her. With all the ghosts and goblins out tonight, we all needed some courage she explained. Especially dressed up like this! I knew it didn’t take much for mom to get tipsy and soon she was giggling like crazy. It was finally dark and we headed out to the haunted house down the street.

Mom locked arms with us as we stumbled down the street. Mom was pretty drunk and we were all singing “We’re off! To see the Wizard…the Wonderful Wizard of Oz!” We approached the ridiculously scary looking haunted house. There wasn’t nearly as many people around the neighborhood. But it was fun seeing dads and guys our age check out our costumes. We got several wolf calls but I think most of them were directed at mom. We didn’t care, we were having a blast!

Once inside the creepy house, we were enveloped in darkness. Eerie green and yellow lights would flash and then a spider would drop down at us or a ghost would appear. Very cheesy really but we were having a great time. Mom would shriek, clutching Davey and me, then burst into laughter.

“Davey is a very naughty girl,” mom whispered to me, slurring her words. “She’s been rubbing up against my ass and I can feel she’s got a surprise under her skirt!” She giggled.

“I can’t help it either mom,” I whispered,”I’m getting a ‘surprise’ too!”

As we made our way through the dark maze of scary rooms, mom was really getting frisky! Several times she rubbed my erection through my skirt! Davey was flat-out feeling my mom up! I couldn’t resist taking my hand and grabbing mom’s big curvy butt! It was fun playing our touch and grab game in the haunted house but soon we were out the back door, the moon shining brilliantly in the night sky.

We walked along a different street near a local park. Mom said she really needed a cigarette and Davey said he was going to sneak over a take a pee.

“Baby, please don’t be mad at me…but Davey really has me going,” mom slurred. “I haven’t felt this good for so many years! You boys have always been so close and I wouldn’t want you to be upset if something happened.”

“What are are saying mom?”

“Honey, it’s been so long. I see the way you and Davey look at me….the naughty things you two do together. Do you think I’m blind? Don’t you think your old mom has her needs and desires too?”

I started to try to explain how I had strong sexual feelings for her, as taboo as that might be, when Davey came back from taking a leak. She heard me and told me to shush. You can’t imagine the surprise we both had when mom slid her hand up my skirt, taking a good hold of my cock through my panties!

“Jeri has been a very naughty little girl while you were gone,” mom blurted. She was fishing out my prick, pulling my panties to the side and exposing my boner!

“Look at that baby,” mom giggled as she winked at Davey. “My naughty girl has a boner!”

Here we were in the bright moonlight, mom sitting on the park bench, and she was caressing my hard cock! We were fairly secluded from anyone that might be passing by. Damned if mom didn’t have our cocks out and stroking us!

“You really are naughty ‘girls’…you little perverts! You like it how I do this?” Mom teased, tugging on our pricks. “Do you want it Jeri?” Mom asked pulling me closer to her open mouth. “Do you really want mommy to suck on it for you?”

I was in shock and bliss while my mom wrapped her warm lips over my cockhead. Davey wasn’t going to idly stand by. He started pressing his cock against mine, vying in position for my mother’s hot mouth. Damn! Mom was sucking and slurping on us in a frenzy! We were kind in a world of our own by then and I don’t think any of us cared if we were caught at the moment. Mom was going to make me come and I started to ejaculate, which made her gag a little. She pulled my wet dick from her mouth and I shot another wad, skimming her nose and up onto her forehead. She instantly took Davey into her wet cum-filled mouth, sucking him like crazy! He lasted a few seconds before he was feeding her jizz, again making her gag. Davey also finished on mom’s face. She was covered in our spooge!

We came to our senses and mom was wiping our cum from her face. She needed another cigarette. While smoking, she whispered to us that we can never tell anyone about this and that it must remain our little secret. But that was just the beginning of our sexcapades!

To be continued…

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