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A Young Wife Learns How to Swing

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Big Dicks

My name is Ellen, I am a young, married, 28-year-old professional, I graduated college with a very boring degree in accounting. I was hired by a small accounting firm and quickly became a department manager.

I work a normal work week, with normal hours and little stress, accounting is not a crisis prone career. I have responsibilities, but I enjoy many perks a manager.

The company has national accounts and we often have to provide temporary accommodations for visiting company executives, this is one of my responsibilities. It gives me access and control of a hotel room that the company rents monthly,

My husband of seven years is a great guy, he manages construction projects, all over the country, he works hard, is reliable and athletic. He bikes and golfs with a passion; he is fit and trim.

Our first few years were fun, trips, sex, and work, we both had our circle of friends, so we didn’t fall into rut, we could have a night out separately. It was always a different, he golfed once a week with his foursomes and went for all day bike rides with the same guys.

Sex was constant, sometimes he would seduce me, other time he would take me. I enjoyed his cock, it wasn’t too big, but it filled me. I enjoyed teasing him and sometimes when he was tired after an all day bicycle ride, I would make him fuck me, he never refused, I had to do most of the work.

It didn’t matter what room we were in, he would bend me over and take me. Stools, sofa backs, the kitchen table and even the washer. I always had his cum running down my inner thighs, I had to keep tissues between my legs so I didn’t leave a mess when I sat down.

I wasn’t always lucky enough to have an orgasm, but sex was always enjoyable.

We enjoyed watching porn, it excited me, sometimes I would masturbate, while my hubby would kiss me between legs, and finger me. I enjoyed when he licked and played with my asshole, but we never had anal sex, his tongue and finger was enough.

He loved to finger my ass, lube was essential and I was always willing. Once he used a cucumber, he warmed it up under hot water. I felt it slowly slide into me, the tip was smooth, it slid into me and opened me, it felt strange, I couldn’t feel how deep he put it, I pushed it out and he fucked me with it.

I’ve never had my ass stuffed, it stretched me, I grunted while he pushed it deeper. He left it in me when he licked me and put his cock in me, the orgasms were great.

Porn helped to keep our sex life perky and interesting, he likes to watch lesbian and interracial movies. I have never been with a woman, I have always been sexually attracted to shy girls. I’m sure it would be good, I just never had the right opportunity, I would love to kiss a woman.

On one of our vacations, after we were drinking, he passed out on a beach chair, I was drunk and took a walk along the beach. I was wearing a bikini with a wrap around my waste. I walked past two guys sitting on the beach, one guy stood up and said hi, he offered me a drink, I smiled and kept walking.

He had a beach body, tanned and muscled, I took notice.

I eventually turned around and walked to the hotel, I passed the two guys again, I stopped, sat on their blanket and had a drink. They were with a group of guys, having an extended bachelor party, conversation was easy.

They were looking at my legs, one of them commented on my muscle tone, I smiled, and reached for his abs, these look like they took a lot of work. He took my hand up and rubbed it along his washboard abs.

I have never felt hard abs, I spread my fingers and squeezed, my hand lingered and moved across the rippled muscles. He smiled, I noticed a little movement in his pants, I thought, that’s a long one. I tried not to stare, he smiled when he saw me looking.

We talked and I drank, I asked what they did, they were liquor salesman, they talked about the evening hours and how many parties they attended.

I looked down, there was a big bulge in his shorts, your hand feels good. My senses were dulled, and I was enjoying myself.

He put his hand on mine and pushed it down to his crotch, it was automatic, I squeezed.

Wow, is that real?

He unbuttoned his shorts and pulled down the zipper, I could see it, the tip was still buried down his shorts. I tugged and pulled the big, white cock out of his shorts, I’ve seen big cocks on the porn movies, looking at one in your hand has a different effect, It felt hot.

I squeezed and stroked the big piece meat, it was still growing, he pulled me onto his lap, we kissed, it was very different and very exciting. His hand moved down to my ass, he pushed my bikini bottoms down and squeezed my bare ass.

I didn’t even think about what was happening, I’ve never cheated on my husband, but I wasn’t thinking about him. The mouth on mine felt good, the tongue in my mouth was soft and gentle. Everything was happening slow and easy, the thought of the big cock and maybe the booze, I didn’t hesitate.

His escort hands were gentle, his kisses were getting me wet. I stood up and pulled him to his feet, he kissed me again, I reached down and found the big cock. My hand slid down to the base, it was too big to be real, it was probably too big for me to take. The cock in my hand felt hot and was making me horny.

I reached down with my other hand, the head of the cock was big, it filled my hand, I’ve never had a cock that I needed two hands to hold.

He removed my top, he pulled back and stared at my tits, I looked down at the hard cock, thick and long. I wasn’t sure how was going to take me, I was anxious. We kissed again he pulled me close, I reached down and guided his cock between my legs. I wrapped my arms around his neck, we kissed and he rubbed the length of his cock along my slit, I was sloppy wet, the big cock felt good, I groaned and I had a tiny orgasm.

After a few minutes, he turned me around and bent me over, I opened my legs. I felt the tip slide along my slit, the tip was at my wet opening. I rocked my hips, the head of the big cock was spreading my lips, my everything felt good.

Finally, I felt the fat tip press past my lips, he pulled me back, pushing into me, I could feel my pussy lips opening, they were tight around the head of his cock. He pulled me back and I felt the fat head spread my lips, he was in me.

I let him pull me farther back, he pumped his hips, his cock pushed deeper into me. It was stretching me, it didn’t hurt, my pussy was stretching. I felt his hands tighten on my hips, he was slowly pumping his hips and pushing deeper.

I was grunting, normally the head of my husband’s cock would be deep, plowing into me, this was going to be different. I was being stuffed.

I could feel the fat head of his cock opening me, he moved slowly, the big head and thick shaft felt good. I was grunting and then I had a noisy orgasm, he pulled out of me, I looked behind me, don’t stop.

He pushed back into me, deeper, his cock stabbed into me and fucked me with long strokes, I felt his first spurt, his whole cock was in me. He held me tight against his crotch while he pumped his cum. He kept pumping into me, I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit, my second orgasm started.

He wrapped his arms around my waist, he held onto my hips and slowly kept pumping, he fucked me hard and finished cumming in me.

This was sex, the best sex I’ve ever had, he turned me around and kissed me, I wrapped my arms around his neck and held onto him. I was just fucked into a coma, I whispered, thank you. He kept kissing me.

I felt someone behind me and then another cock between my ass cheeks, he whispered, are you ready for another fuck? I pushed my hips back, a cock head pushed past my pussy lips, I kept kissing my first lover.

My pussy was stretched and sloppy, I felt the cock push into me, I bent over, another pair of hands were on my hips, I was taking another cock, I was enjoying what was happening, my first gang bang.

I was bent over, my first lovers cock was in my face, it was soft and wet but still very large, I smiled and kissed it. I was getting pounded hard from the rear, his hips were pounding against my ass cheeks. I was getting fucked by a horny, drunk stranger, I liked it, I liked being used.

I felt the soft cock against my lips, his hand guided the tip to my mouth, it filled my mouth, I let the nasty, wet cock slide past my lips, I could taste his cum.

They used my mouth and my pussy, the cock in my mouth was stiffening and gagging me, I couldn’t push him away, his hand was on the back of my head, his cock in my throat, I sucked hard. This was what I wanted, I wanted to show him how grateful I was.

The man behind me must have finished, he pulled out of me, the other cock pulled out of my mouth. He stood me up and turned me and bent me over again. The big cock was against my pussy lips, he grabbed my hips, I was filled with cock. My pussy sloppy, stretched and was filled again.

He wasn’t gentle, he pounded me hard, my ass cheeks were taking a pounding. I leaned back, he was still getting deeper, finally he came. I didn’t feel him cumming, but I knew he finished in me.

When I straightened up, I felt his soft cock slid out of me, cum was running down my thighs. I stood up and picked up my bikini and wrap.

I knelt on the blanket and laid down. I was drunk and worn out, my two lovers used me but gave me the best sex ever, I was sexually satiated. I stood up and gathered my bikini and wrap, I wrapped it around my hips and started back. I turned and smiled.

I felt my pussy leaking, cum was running down my thighs, I smiled as I walked back.

My hubby was still passed out in the chair, I made it back to our room, I needed a shower. I washed up, my pussy was sore, my cunt lips hurt when I walked. I was finally in bed, sleep came easy. I never felt my husband slide into bed. The rest of our vacation wasn’t as momentous, eskort the memory of my gang bang and that big cock will stay with me forever.

Our lives continued, everything was normal, sex was great. One night at a bar, my husband asked me if the black man sitting across the bar attracted me. I looked at him, yes he is attractive and probably has a big cock, but I am not picking a stranger up in a bar and offer him sex.

He looked and me and smiled, I reached for his cock under the bar, he was hard, maybe someday I’ll let you watch me with black guy. He looked at me and smiled as I squeezed his cock, I asked, do you think I could take a big black cock?

He paid our tab and we left. He kissed me when we reached our car, I knew he was excited, I wanted to kneel in front of him and suck his cock, do you want to put your cock in my mouth? He opened the door smiling.

I sat in the seat facing the door, I reached for his zipper, I had his cock out in a few seconds, he was hard. I licked the tip and stroked him with my hand, he put his hand on the back of my head, I let it fuck my mouth. He was in my throat, I knew he would cum quickly, my mouth and throat felt too good.

It took about two minutes, my horny husband was cumming in my mouth, he grunted and pulled my mouth against his crotch, I kept sucking. His cock was finally soft, I lifted my head, the soft cock slid out of my mouth, cum dribbled down I my chin, I looked up at him, he was smiling, I swallowed his thick load.

I talked to him the whole way home, so you want to watch me have sex with a black man? I don’t know if I could take a big, black cock, would I have to let him have anal? I put my hand on his thigh, maybe we can make a movie so you can watch it anytime you wanted.

I moved my hand to his cock, he was hard again. We made it home and into the house, we went to bed, he put a porn movie on. He chose a movie with a white wife and two black men, they had big cocks. They did everything to her, one of the guys knelt behind her, his fat cock was pressing against the tiny hole of her ass.

It was a great closeup, her hole was puckering, he held his cock with his hand and pushed it in, she groaned, the head popped into the ring of her ass.

He didn’t slow down, the black cock was in her and getting deeper. She rocked back, he was sliding into her.

She was noisy, she grunted loud, the other guy on the bed, knelt near her head, he pulled her mouth onto his cock. Her lips were closed, the fat tip pressed against them and her mouth opened. Half of his cock slid into her mouth, he held her head and pumped deeper, I could see his cock sliding into her throat.

As I watched the movie his hand pushed me on my side, I watched the black men having sex with the white wife. I felt the cock against the crack of my ass, I pushed back, I wanted to be fucked.

The first hole his cock hit was my ass, I let him rub against it, it felt good. I never let him sodomize me even though it feels good when the tip slides in. I let him push his cock against the tight hole, it slowly slid in, I grunted.

I let him push the tip in, he started moving deeper, my hips moved forward and it slipped out. I reached behind me, I moved the head of the cock to my pussy and pushed back. I wanted him in me, but not in my ass. He didn’t hesitate, he pushed into me, I started pushing back.

My hand went between my legs, I fingered my clit, I loved to be taken from the rear, I started to cum. I was loud, I kept cumming as he pushed deeper. I rolled onto my stomach, he rolled with me, I love being fucked hard. I love being fucked after my orgasm, it feels good to lay there and feel helpless. He finished in me and we fell asleep.

The next morning I continued our conversation, do you have any black friends? He smiled, I know he wanted to watch me have sex with a couple of black guys, I was excited.

I showered and dressed for work, on my walk to work my mind wandered to the night on the beach when I was drunk and the two men on the beach gave me my first twosome, I couldn’t stop smiling.

The office complex I worked in had several buildings, I wanted to see if there were and big black men that I could stare and fantasize about. I walked through the building, I noticed a few, but what caught my eye was a well built black guy in jogging shorts, the muscles in his legs rippled when he walked. I followed him and stared at his legs, I had to quit, my pussy was getting sloppy wet.

I called my husband on the walk back to my office, I told him about staring at the black guy and how wet it made me, my undies were soaked. He just listened, I said goodbye and went up to my office.

We met for diner, I knew he was horny, I talked about rubbing my hands on the muscles of the black man, he listened intently, I loved to tease him. We had diner and walked home.

I asked him if we could watch a movie when we arrived home, I wanted to tease him and keep him from cumming as long as possible. eskort bayan He picked an interracial gang bang movie, I removed my blouse and bra, sat on the couch and put my legs across his lap.

The scene started with two black men talking to a white woman, she was married and the two guys were giving her an estimate to paint. The guys were tall, she would stare at their crotches when they weren’t looking, she focused at the bulge. They sat on the couch, they were explaining the scope of the job and pricing, she leaned closer to them, her blouse opened, they stared at her, that was her plan.

She started explaining that her and her husband hosted parties, parties where husbands and wives swapped partners.

They smiled and asked why married couples would participate, she laughed and sex with strangers was exciting. She looked at them and smiled, then she put her hand on one of their legs. She leaned over and kissed him, she put her other hand on the leg of the other man.

It moved very quickly, one guy stood up and unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants, her hand reached up and rubbed the cock through his underwear. The outline of a big cock was easily seen.

The other man stood up, she turned towards him, her face bent forward and kissed the lump in his underwear. He pulled down his shorts, a huge black cock was in front of her, she glanced up at his face and smiled.

Her hand wrapped around his thick cock, his hand went to the back of her head and pulled it towards his crotch, her mouth opened and head of the black cock pushed past her lips. She sucked him into her mouth, the black cock was growing.

Her mouth took more of the cock and her head started bobbing, she wrapped her arms around his waist and let him slide into her throat.

The second man sat behind her and started squeezing her breast, he unbuttoned her blouse and then her bra.

The black cock was hitting the back of her throat, she adjusted her head and it slid down her throat. The second guy pulled her to her feet and finished undressing her, she stood there naked. She bent forward and put the cock back into her mouth, a closeup showed the tip pushing past her lips, and back down her throat.

The second man stood behind her and was pushing his cock between her ass cheek, we watched the two black men pushing their cocks into her mouth and pussy of the white wife. I sat up, my hand dropped to his lap, I rubbed his hard on, very gently. I asked him if he was enjoying the movie, he laughed and pushed my mouth towards his crotch.

I kept rubbing him through his pants, I even kissed it. He reached down, unzipped his pants and tried to pull his cock out, he struggled, I unbuckled his belt and pants, his cock was out. I bent my head and kissed the tip, cum was seeping out of the slit, I licked it. I wrapped my hand around it.

I asked him if the big cocks on the screen were too big for my pussy, he answered, no, I’m sure they would fit, I laughed. It’s easy for you to volunteer my pussy, I’m sure they would stretch me.

He wanted me to suck his cock, I let just the tip into my mouth, my tongue swirled around the tip, he pumped his hips and tried to get it deeper, I tightened my lips and let only the tip in.

He watched the two black men fuck the wife, I squeezed the cock in my mouth and then let it push a little deeper. I lifted my mouth off his cock, do you wish that was me with those big black men, would you let them cum in my pussy?

He pushed my mouth back on the cock, I let him slide into my throat, I went down on his cock, my throat was full of his cock. I pulled my head up to breath, I stroked him with my hand, I felt him get tense, the first stream hit my cheek. I opened my mouth and let him finish cumming in my throat.

My mouth was full of cum and his softening cock. I sucked the soft cock, he started growing again, I pulled my head up and swallowed. I looked at him, I asked him, do you think cum from a black cock taste different?

He kept watching the movie, I squeezed the half hard cock, he never got hard again, I went to bed disappointed.

Life resumed, I came home a few times and he was watching black guys with white girls, I think he was becoming obsessed.

It was Friday night, he wanted to go to a bar, we ended up at the same bar where he asked me if I found a black man attractive. We sat at the bar, we drank and talked, I smiled at a few of the black men in the bar. I asked my hubby if he wanted to leave me here, I’m sure I could get a ride home. I asked for a shooter, it might loosen me up, he ordered the shooter, paid the bill and left me on my bar stool.

I looked across the bar and there were two black guys, nicely dressed and handsome. They were looking at me, I lifted my shooter looked at the two guys and finished it. I smiled at them again, another shot appeared, the men across the bar sent it over.

I let it sit there, one of the guys walked over, I turned so I was face to face with him. His name was John, we talked, he asked if I wanted a drink, I looked at the shooter. I have to take it easy, I get too friendly when I drink too much, he laughed, let’s toast to a night of friendship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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