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Aaron’s Apples Ch. 02

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Note: If you want to know how things got here the first chapter of “Aaron’s Apples” can be found in the “Fetish” section.

Virginia stood in her kitchen making Apple Pies trying to figure out what was different about Aaron. She was wondering if some girl had turned him down for a date. But, she did not think that was likely as her son was a nice guy and in her opinion very handsome.

She was amazed at the number of apples Aaron had picked; enough for five big pies. With the hard work of all of the baking she decided to throw together large salads for Aaron and herself as her husband, Fred, was working out of town. She went to call him for dinner when she noticed the bandage on his cheek. Now, she wondered if someone had beat him up. So, when he sat down to eat she asked him about it.

He told her the whole story. That is, the whole story omitting the best parts about how he ate his first pussy and fucked Mrs. Peacher.

Virginia was happy that Aaron had not been seriously hurt and was glad that Mrs. Peacher had been there to help him out. “I’ll have to take Felicity a pie after dinner to thank her for coming to your aid; God knows we have enough pies.” The boy could not help think to himself that coming to his aid was not the half of it. Mother and son ate up quickly and cleaned things up together. When they had finished she told him, “I guess I will get a pie and go over now; be back in an hour or so.”

Aaron knew that his Mom was always gone at least an hour and knew this time would be no different. As she walked in Felicity Peacher’s door her hostess blurted out, “I got my fourth today that puts me one ahead of you.”

“Felicity, you didn’t either. Besides I came over to give you this fresh pie and thank you for helping Aaron out this morning with his fall. Anyway, I will catch up to you on our little fuck contest. Let’s take this to the kitchen and get to other matters,” replied Virginia.

Felicity and Virginia had been keeping secrets from their families. The first one was the Fuck Contest. Whoever fucked the most guys between age 18 and 25 years of age in three months would be the winner. There were no stakes other than the Ataşehir Escort glory of victory.

Before Felicity had bedded Aaron they were tied at three with seven weeks to go. The other major secret was the real reason for Virginia’s visit to the older neighbor’s home.

Aaron’s mother put the pie on the counter asking, Want a piece?” Getting an affirmative nod she got out two saucers and quickly cut two pieces and put them on the saucers. She dropped the knife into the sink and pulled her shirt off over her head. Virginia turned to face Felicity Felicity, as usual, stood there stunned for a minute. She could not believe that at age 40 that Virginia still had such gorgeous 40DDboobs and that they were so firm. Even more wonderful was that Virginia who weighed just 10 pounds more than she did had such a slender waist that went into a beautifully large ass. Recovering, Felicity responded by pulling her own top off.

The two friends quickly embraced, kissing passionately as their boobs mashed together. Breaking their kiss they stepped over to the counter to eat the pie and admire one another.

Taking a bite Felicity started tentatively, “I’ll bet your boy didn’t tell you the whole story.”

“What do you mean?”

“When the branch broke that he was on he was watching me piss in the toilet.”

“Does he know that you saw him peeking?

” “Oh yes, you might say that!

“”You told him?”

“After helping him pick up the apples I brought him in here and cleaned him up then took him into the bedroom and fucked the hell out of him.”

“You did what?

“Aaron is number four and the best one yet,” cooed Felicity. With that Virginia picked up her almost full plate and hurled it at Felicity. Felicity did not have time to even block the pitch as the plate of juicy thick pie landed square in the middle of her chest.

Seeing what she had done Virginia was not sure whether she was more pissed off at Felicity for seducing her son or more turned on by the sight of pie dripping from those big tits. It did not take long to make up her mind as her pussy began to cream and all rational thoughts Ataşehir Escort Bayan left her head. She had to have sex with her friend and worry about Aaron later.

For some reason, maybe a neatness fetish, she had to pick up the plate from the floor first and toss it into the sink before anything could happen. Felicity, meanwhile, stood there dumb founded. That is, until Virginia charged at her tongue first, grabbing Felicity’s waist and bending down to lick her piece of pie from those massively wonderful boobs. She licked and bit furiously at her neighbor’s chest. She chowed down on crust and fruit and each time she bit into tit in her frantic state Felicity let out a loud moan.

“Oh Fuck, yes,” roared Felicity while Virginia devoured her boobs. Felicity reached down and squeezed her friends boobs like utters for a few moments before pulling Birginia up by them. Now their tongues met in passion again squishing the sticky pie between them. The sensation of the warm gooey dessert turned them on even more as it felt as if

it would cause them to stick together.

Virginia grabbed Felicity’s ass with both hands like two hunks of ground beef and kneaded the cheeks hard; as Felicity returned the favor by jamming her leg between her slutty friends thighs right against her crotch. Coming up for air Virginia let out a giggle and observed, “It appears I made a little mess in here. Let’s side step into the living room and finish up before Aaron thinks I am gone too long.”

Virginia had thought she was only interested in men until when one day she had a bad sunburn on most of her body and asked Felicity to apply the ointment to her ass. As Felicity applied the cream she felt a tingling in her cunt, so, she expanded her massage. Her fingers traveling to the ass crack and when she got to Virginia’s outer cunt lips Virginia began playing footsie with Felicity’s thighs. By the end of that first evening they had thoroughly explored each others bodies.

They had not gone more than a couple of days since without doing something with each other but, both agreed that there was no substitute for a rock hard cock. So, Escort Ataşehir they grabbed an hour, like this one, when they could. Continuing, their legs separated enough so that they could side step the seven or so steps into the living room. Both kicked off their shoes as they went.

Not missing a beat the pants were next to go as they shoved them over the large ass cheeks and let them fall to the floor. Felicity was still wearing the Black panties she had seduced Aaron in earlier while Virginia was in a pair of silky baby blue bikinis. The two part time lesbians pulled apart with strings of apple-pie juice hanging between them in a fine line. They fell to the floor and immediately attacked each other’s boobs.

It only took a couple of minutes to clean each other up with tongues blazing. Once the boobs were shiny with saliva they continued down each other’s tummies until reaching those sexy panties. They seductively caressed each other’s magic spots before helping each other off with the interfering garment.

Both women had large forests between their legs so they would run their fingers through one another’s fur before parting the hair and opening up the pussy lips. This done, they dove into a very hungry sixty nine. Eating each other out as if it were their last meal; rolling around on the floor banging into furniture.

It did not take long for the two middle aged sluts to come in each other’s mouths. But, Felicity was not satisfied and kept them latched together for another orgasm. The two women were trying to catch their breath after one of the best sixty nines they had ever had when Virginia looked at her watch.

“Sweet Felicity, we will play with the toys some other time. I have to go now. But, first tell me why and how you fucked my son,” urgedVirginia.

As Felicity told the story and made her excuses Virginia got dressed making sure to steal the black panties that Felicity had been wearing and put them on herself. She had to admit that Felicity Peacher’s story turned her on and in the same position she would have done the same.

Virginia went over and hugged her friend and told her, “You may have got four guys, but you can bet that I won’t be far behind.”

Aaron was watching TV when Virginia came back home. He thought his Mom gave him a very strange look as she went by and he swore he could smell the strong aroma of apples as she passed close to him. Aaron knew his life had changed today and could not wait for tomorrow.

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