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About Face Ch. 03: Playboy Mansion

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Down the stairs came Julie in a pink-oriented Playboy bunny costume and black tights on Monday night, her hair in a ponytail unlike normal. She put on Garrett’s collar and led him to the dungeon. No words were spoken in the partial fallout from Saturday night. Upon entering the play room, Garrett noticed new additions. in the center of the room was a cot and in another part of the room a recliner with comfortable folding chairs arcing around it almost like at a campfire. To top it all off, there was now padded flooring in part of the space.

“You’ll need these, and we’re meeting at five on Thursday.” she said, placing a blindfold and a black silicone ball gag (to match the cage) as well as noise reduction earmuffs on him. Restrained on the recliner by his wrists on the armrests, all he could do was wait. It wouldn’t be a long wait as apparently what he thought was a party down the street worth of cars were actually the guests who were told to park farther away by Julie. The ladies had been waiting upstairs for her okay. They too were dressed in black Playboy outfits but with different colored accessories and on their way to the play room. The accessory variations were in jewelry and outfit tails and ears. Of course, so as to tease Garrett, all in tights

Shannon was the red-head and tallest of the five, with green accents (presumably a nod to her obviously Irish background). Olivia, the next tallest with noticeably blonde and curly hair and blue-eyed was in sky blue. The shortest, Asian-Latina Sofia in orange. These three wore glossy nude tights. The other two, Lana in yellow and Ciara white wore white tights. Julie’s goal was shall we say ‘death by variety.’ Julie told the five of them to stay quiet before she removed the ear muffs, gag, and blindfold. All of them had previously told Julie that they all fancied him at different times when they were together in their social lives. She thought that if they saw a different side of him, this could also get him off her back while gaining a friend for a quasi-family member.

“Treat them as you would me,” she said to Garrett before turning to her friends upon leaving. “Have fun, ladies.”

Garrett seemed to recognize most of them from social media, but had never actually met them in person. “What’s you’re name, hun?” Olivia was the one who broke the ice even though she knew who he was.

“R-rhett.” He never used his nickname with his family. He despised most of them in fact. They hit it off from there.

It didn’t take long for Sofia to chime in “he’s hot.”

“I think we should help him relax,” said Shannon. Julie had not mentioned to the girls about the fetish, but rather that she felt that femininity would get the most out of him. In no time at all, they were off to the races.

Olivia hopped right on his abs and started riding him which led to eventually making out with him hard core while Sofia and Shannon started caressing his neck and ears with their mouth. While those three were busy, Ciara and Lana were taking turns pumping and blowing his shaft and balls. The poor guy was going to be passed out from all the attention he was getting. Now that his attention was diverted, one of them apparently figured out how to release the armrest cuffs. The girls were straight up horny. They were mildly masturbating upstairs before coming down.

After about a half an hour of changing who was where, Olivia made an off comment to Garrett. “We wanna take you home. But we gotta show you something first.” It was then that Olivia started making out with Lana. Before long everyone was kissing and humping each other. It was just short of a lesbian orgy considering they were all still clothed and no penetration to speak of. Had the cellar not been soundproofed, the police might have been called on scene for disturbing the peace. Lana happened to notice that Garrett was touching himself for a little while now. “Hey ladies…” she pointed in his general direction.

“We can’t let you do that without us,” said Shannon.

They brought him over to the cot in the center of the room. They each undid the bottoms of their outfits and revealed the tiny gussets that hid perfectly under their outfits. Trisha went to tease and ride him first then Lana, Ciara, and Sofia. Trisha ripped her gusset after teasing him, whereas the other three apparently went the crotchless route. Lana made a seemingly unusual comment. “I think we should leave these two alone.” The rest knew that even though Olivia never told them, she really wanted him.

“I bet you don’t even know who I am, do you?”

‘Should I? I mean your that Olivia friend right?”

“Actually, I am, Rhett. Please, call me Liv, big boy.”

“Well, I don’t actually know you know you or even heard you mentioned in conversation, but I knew of you.”

“None of them told me that it was you who was going to be here.”

“Why would that matter?”

“Because I like totally had a crush on you.”


“Yeah. And then I saw you when we walked in, I – I kinda felt bad because I thought we’d maybe onwin giriş get to know each other too.”

“I’ll be honest, I was hoping I could meet you someday. I thought you might be a really great person.”

“Aww, that’s sweet. I know it’s kinda awkward that we met this way.” She said a little shyly.

“Can we go on a date sometime?”

“Not before I make it up to you.” Garrett took that as a peculiar thing to say. She had nothing owed to him. But as soon as he was about to say that there was nothing to worry about, she removed her bunny suit entirely. “I can be sweet too, you know? I can’t leave you like that now, can I?” Without any hesitation, she was off to humping his shaft for a while before ripping her pair of tights open at the gusset to ride him, revealing her shaved vagina.

“Oh my gosh.” He kept thinking to himself that he was going to be asleep for the rest of the week with how much action he had gotten. And found a date in the process.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, it’s not you. Sorry to interrupt you, but get a condom from the box over there.” Olivia scurried over to grab it and upon returning, she placed the individually wrapped condom in her teeth. “Something tells me you like being naughty in bed you dirty girl.” They made out like they had been together for a long time. And as they were heading back toward the cot, there was a twist in decision making.

“Wait!” This almost caught him off guard. “I want you on top of me. Give me those hands.” He positioned himself so he was able both to get inside her and that his hands could go where she wanted them to, which at the moment was on her boobs. She couldn’t contain herself in any sense. She was loudly moaning in response to him starting to bang her and her nipples squirting out breastmilk. She was going to cum the best orgasm she’d ever had from the looks and sounds of it. “Oh yeah, suck on those titties, have that milk!” She managed to slap her breasts a few times each before he followed her desires. She was now fingering herself with him in her as he was simultaneously working on her cleavage with his tongue.

Garrett didn’t know that he was about to surprise himself. “You like that, baby?” He was getting caught up in the moment, which he never allowed himself to do.

“Ooh yes, daddy.” While he was not necessarily one who liked to talk dirty, he sure got turned on by receiving it. “I want you to cum deep inside my wet pussy!” They were both throbbing. “Ooh give it to me daddy! Oh shit, I’m cumming. Yes, I’m cumming, don’t stop!”

An almost blood curdling scream came from Olivia as she was reaching her climax. He wasn’t far behind because as she was regaining her composure, he was filling up his condom, “ooh Olivia!” And then silence, other than heavy breathing.

She let out a giggle, “I really enjoyed that Rhett.”

“I’m glad we’ll be seeing more of each other.” She giggled some more as he said that.

After having removed the condom attempting to toss it, thinking that at least he was going to leave, she said “oh no you don’t. I want a taste” intending to clean up the remnants that didn’t stay in the condom. Garrett came to the conclusion that it disgusted him and was hoping she wouldn’t blow him after rather than before his load exited.

“Hey, get dressed.” He followed his own recommendation that he gave to Olivia. It was a good thing she did, because Julie was coming in not necessarily knowing what had transpired. Garrett looked disheveled.

“It looks like you all gave him hell. He looks like he was steamrolled.”

“He should probably go home, Julie. I don’t know where he lives, but I’m sure he can get there.” She really sympathized for him.

“Okay, then you follow him.”

“But my phone’s dead and I don’t have a charger for the car. What if I don’t know how to get back to the main road. I’m bad-ish with directions without a GPS.”

Garrett had enough energy in his current state to offer. “You can stay, charge your phone, and leave in the morning.”

“What a gentleman.”

“Good boy.” Julie remarked before whispering to Olivia “he’d be a good guy for you.”

“Actually, we kinda made it a thing tonight,” Olivia whispered back.

“Shut up!”

“Thank you, but I don’t think he wants you to know.”

“Alright, time to leave.”

“Hallelujah.” Nobody was ready for what happened that night, but it wasn’t entirely over either. She went upstairs to change back into comfortable clothes as she was the only of the five girls still there. Garrett made it home fine, it was just after 11 and Olivia didn’t get lost trying to follow him.

As she found a place to park in the secluded suburban neighborhood, he opened the door to the house and immediately turned on the 11 o’clock news and collapsed on the couch. Within a moment after asking if she could come in, he opened the door for her having forgotten she was following him.

“Nice place.”

“Thanks, I think? You can put your bag there for now and I can bring it up for you. Would you like anything?”

“Could onwin yeni giriş I have a black coffee.”

“Sure. The situation may provide for it, but let’s take it easy the rest of the night.”

“Of course.”

The coffee was ready by the time the commercial break had ended. “This is nice.”


“Having company is hard to come by these days. I’m glad you came.”

“Thanks for inviting me.” Up through the weather they were chatting about the stuff on the news until the weather and sports came on. As the lottery numbers then appeared on the tv screen, she let out a small yawn.

“You have a room ready for you.”

“Actually, I would like to spend the night with you, if that’s okay?”

“Of course you can.”

Another ten minutes went by between bathroom runs between the two floors, teeth brushing and Olivia getting changed. She then joined him in his room. “Hey Garrett? Thank you for everything.”

“Well I mean it wasn’t my idea to be there earlier.”

“Not that silly. Don’t get me wrong, that was great too. But I meant this. letting me stay here.”

“Oh, right. You’re phone is charging, right?”

“Thank you, it is. Gee, your so thoughtful.”

“It comes with the service, madam,” he said in an Midland British accent. “Sweet dreams, Liv.”

“Good night. boyfriend,” she said followed by a kiss.”


Morning came, and naturally, Olivia didn’t recognize her surroundings, but it was near and past sunrise. Fortunately for her, she could work remotely and at her leisure with the odd field appointment here and there. As it were, her new hubby was nowhere to be seen. She’d only just remembered him upon looking at the place next to her in the bed. “I really hope he didn’t leave me in here.” But she took the opportunity to use the lavatory and freshen up before changing and heading downstairs to find her new man squeeze, ahem I meant main squeeze.

Without words, she navigated the halls and the stairs slowly and on tiptoe. Only as she neared the kitchen did she hear sizzling. “Oh, good morning princess,” Garrett said upon turning his head and noticing hers peeking through the entryway.

“Good morning, sexy.”

“I was going to bring breakfast to you, but it would be a lot of extra effort for you to go all the way back upstairs.” It was a modern looking kitchen, all the pots hanging from a ceiling rack and a counter that turned into bar seating along part of one wall. “Have a seat, it’ll be ready in a jiffy.”

“What’s is that funny looking thing, more importantly, what’s in it?” She had not seen such an unusual apparatus before.

“It’s an ember pot. We call it a dzezva. Your espresso is in there. Here, I have a few in different sizes.”

“Espresso?! Look at you fancy pants.” This was followed by a gasp. “It’s beautiful.”

“Well actually, it’s Turkish Coffee, a little finer ground than espresso. It’s a staple in every eastern European household. But then I’ll have to read your fortune. And form follows function, but they know how to liven a kitchen.”

“Oh, really?” This was getting more unique by the second for Olivia. She was cultured but not nearly as much as Garrett was. “So, what’s on the menu, mister cute chef?”

He didn’t really watch the Food Network or anything like that, nor did he really love to cook, but he had long prepared himself to be able to make several random things when it was necessary. “Today, I’m preparing for you a panettone Belgian waffle, with assorted berries and compote, powdered sugar, and caramelized bacon in honey and maple syrup.”

“Don’t tell me you cook like this every day.”

“I mean, I like to eat although I don’t carry much of an appetite. But when I have company, I try to keep the ingredient list and prep time low.” In mid-sentence, the coffee was coming to it’s slow boil even though it was on high and he noticed quickly enough to put it off to the side to cool. He’d stirred a few times earlier but did once more for good measure.

“It sound’s just the opposite.” He took out the cups.

“The panettone batter I had leftover and refrigerated from the festive period. I usually use most of the berries for the compote and don’t leave too many fresh so that it all lasts longer. Then if I don’t do the bacon, I have a jar of combined honey and maple syrup – that was mostly for when I’m sick and need a pick me up. But in this case it was the separate containers.”

“You’re giving me that little thing for the coffee?”

“This is not coffee meant for a mug. It would be way too strong. You should see some of my relatives.” He pulled out the measuring spoon from the bag. “See this? You’re only supposed to put in one scoop. I have relatives put in four. I don’t want it to be too strong for you, not knowing if you’d had it before but also assuming you hadn’t. I also hadn’t planned on you being up.”

“Well thank you for the whole thing. Breakfast. Staying over.”

“Hey, mi casa es su casa.” Garrett’s laid-backness was a welcome sign for Olivia.

He onwin güvenilirmi plated the waffle slices and bacon pieces that he had just cut and placed the plate in front of her. Then he drizzled the lukewarm compote followed by sprinkling the powdered sugar. That took guts. It was a savage move and seemed to be paying off for him. “So you really don’t cook like this that often?”

“I suppose sometimes people bring the best out in me.”

She blushed. “I would have sworn you did this for a living.”

“Go ahead dig in!”

“But I don’t wanna, it’s too pretty.”

“You’re starting to sound like a food blogger. Go on!”

“Oh alright,” she said fake reluctantly. “OH. MY. GOSH. Rhett, MMM, this is HEA-VEN-LY!”

Garrett attempted to brush off the compliment. “Meh, I try.” She laughed.

“Stop it, and holy crap you’re right about the coffee being strong,” she said, still laughing.

“Okay, thank you.” he said now laughing along with her. “Seriously though, I’m glad we got to cross paths, albeit under extraordinary circumstances.”

“Not to talk about it at the table or at all even, but the sex was great. But honestly, I did feel a connection beyond that. And then we had that conversation at the end before we had more fun. And then we came here. And now we’re enjoying breakfast. We’re really together.”

“Yeah.” He felt comfort in hearing that from her about feeling a genuine connection. “But I didn’t read your fortune yet. You can finish eating, but I’ll get you a different cup if you wanted more coffee after you’ve finished that one.”

“I have already.”

“Oh good, now turn the cup over and let it rest on the saucer. Then we wait.”

Over the next ten minutes while finishing their breakfasts, the couple started finding out a little about work and hobbies and the stuff you do when you’ve first met someone new. “Now before I start, is there anything you would like to find out about most?”

Neither of them were big into the psychic thing, but it was what the older Europeans did to socialize. They didn’t even really tell fortunes. “Uh, I guess about how my family will be.”

“That’s good. Can’t make promises, but here we go.” He turned the cup right-side up. “Well, some of your troubles will leave you, all of this might not come true since the cup didn’t stick to the saucer,” he said, pointing to the few grounds that lay scattered on the saucer. “Perhaps it was about starting our relationship. That I don’t know. Anyway, you’re right handed, so I’ll have to read it right to left. And since you mentioned relationships…” he placed a ring he grabbed from a junk drawer and placed the ring under the cup.

“Oh, boy,” she said half excited, half nervous.

“You mentioned family first, so let’s look at the bottom. There is a waterfall separated by an open umbrella, your family will find prosperity of some kind but it will take a great deal to get it. What the annoyance is is unclear.”

“Fascinating! All that from a waterfall and an umbrella.”

“I still have four more fortunes for you.”


“Would you like to explore your present, your future, or your finances and in what order?”

“Nothing about romances?”

“I thought we should save that for last.”

“Oh you devil. Uh, wealth, present, future.”

Per her choice, he moved to the front rim. “There is a kite but with wavy lines nearby. You’ll have at least one wish come to fruition so long as you see it through as progress towards it suggests there’s a good chance you’re wish will fall through if you don’t. Do you know which wish that could be?”

“I do, I want to finish in senior management with whatever company I’m with. Assistantship would be fine though too.”

“Very ambitious, but doable.” Garrett was trying to encourage her because of his uncertainties in his life at the moment, assuming they would be together for life.

“There’s also a large dustpan suggesting strange news about one of your work friends or general coworkers.”

“That’s odd.”

“So it would be.” Everyone had at least one work friend, no matter how often they conversed or got together, so Garrett thought nothing of it. “As for your present, there is a man relevant to both of us, it could simply be me or a random mutual friend we don’t know about or something, but he has a parachute suggesting he is escaping from danger. I think I know what that one’s about.”

“You do?”

“Either it had something to do with last night, last weekend, or this coming Thursday.”

“What’s Thursday,” Olivia asked.

“I can’t tell you, I don’t want to jinx it.”

“Fair enough. That leaves the future and romance.”

“Future, right, to the opposite rim” he continued. “There’s several people, you’ll be expecting company.”

“OMG! I’ve got college friends meeting me next month to go on a week vacation.”

“You’re joking.”

“No! I mean it.”

“Christ, that’s gotta be coincidental. But there’s a boomerang overhead.”

“What could that possibly have anything to do with that?” The boomerang was perplexing her.

“One or more of them, or perhaps someone else entirely is going to either wish ill upon you or something to that effect. Perhaps just talk smack about you, try to put you down, or even slander or libel.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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