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Ackerman Street Ch. 05

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Melanie dropped Mart off at the junction with Ackerman Street and ordered him to go straight to her flat he did so and entered covertly by the rear door. He eagerly stripped and was attired by his mistress, who spent an eternity posing with him, carefully choosing various outfits. Mart looked up at her from his knees, leashed and ready to indulge Melanie in realising her fantasy of leading him at her club, but he yearned to be dominated immediately; Melanie was like minded, and smiled wickedly half way through a change of outfits, her cunt in need of attention after the excitement earlier and arousal through the divine feel of leather and latex. She left her bottom half bare and stepped into some black stilletos, her excited breasts peeping over the top of a leather Basque. She walked slowly to Mart and picked up her new whip. She smiled wickedly as his cock rose to a full erection on realisation that she was to demand satisfaction.

“I can see the only way we will get you into some of your smaller accessories will be to show you the error of your ways; I want to see my property caged so that you’ll not waste yourself when I’m not around, I know how you love to sniff panties and there are plenty of women here, you’ll not waste your seed without my permission.” Mart’s anus tingled a little as she smiled and pointed to the floor and took his leash, the idea of being caged both excited and scared him little; he was used to masturbating every day, now she would control him, she knew what he was thinking and her cunt buzzed as she enjoyed the power she held over him. Pointing to the floor was her command for him to sink to all fours and she led him like a dog to the boudoir room, his cock stiff and ready as he watched her superb arse mince before him, new whip swinging as she strutted in readiness for its virgin application. His balls tingled with submissive pleasure; he knew he would soon shoot his load under her sweet dominance. She ordered him to lay face down on the bed and switched a bright spot-lamp on to illuminate her target, before hurriedly tugging the curtains across the window; in her haste for satisfaction she left a small gap.

Celia had seen Melanie arrive back from upstairs, and had smiled curtly as she witnessed Mart arriving just a minute or so later; she had decided to ‘accidentally’ engage him and invite him into her flat; a friend of Wendy’s, she had a voracious sexual appetite and had become somewhat aroused when the chubby landlady had elaborated on her sexual exploits with the young man. In her late thirties and blonde and shapely, she had no difficulty in finding men to fuck her, but her deepest desire lay within a spiteful streak in her sexuality; her orgasms were greatly enhanced when she had dominated weaker males, but they did not often make their desire apparent in general life; like Wendy and Melanie she had visited the club, but had looked on in envy at the owned males there, male’s strange ego’s meant they rarely visited unaccompanied; those that did were swiftly swept away by the more ‘professional’ dommes. Mart’s exposure to Wendy had aroused her, initially just observing him and passing information back to her friend, she now desired to have her share of him too; when he didn’t appear on the stairs Kartal Öğrenci Escort she knew where he was and rubbed her cunt in frustration, before deciding to venture downstairs.

Melanie had Mart kneel by the bed and she clambered onto it, pushing her soft arse in his face and then spread her cheeks, allowing the delicious scent of her feminine tang stimulate the male she now well and truly owned; his cock bobbed erect and aching as he sniffed at her mature arsehole.

“You’ll give my arsehole a good licking, and then you’ll beg for the whip; I shall be more than pleased to oblige you, and then when you’ve surrendered your seed, and surrender it you will, I shall be thanked by having my cunt licked to satisfaction. When we’re done I shall take great pleasure in caging your cock till I’m ready to allow you relief again. Now lick my arsehole.” His cock dribbled as he inhaled and felt the warmth of her cheeks about his face and gladly licked at her sticky pucker, the tart taste making him yearn to come, the soft anus opening sweetly for him and inviting his tongue to probe the tighter inner depths. She nursed her cunt and gripped the whip tightly with her free hand, studying its vicious leather tails which splayed out on the bed; moaning with a victorious feeling as she enjoyed the service of his tongue, deep in her arsehole, her excited thoughts were that she was truly dominant now and she knew she would come like never before after he had been whipped at her pleasure. As her cunt dripped with arousal she was ready to thoroughly dominate.

“Enough! Beg to be whipped by your mistress!” He pulled his face from the one delicious task and blurted out the request; he wanted her to whip him, and the humiliation of asking for it was exquisite.

“Please whip me mistress… I deserve it.” She laughed, but her clitoris blossomed with erotic fervour at his willingness, ready for the pleasure of his tongue after she had exacted her authority with the whip. She stepped from the bed and pointed to it; her slave obeyed meekly to the command and she held the whip under his face as he lay quivering in expectancy.

“Kiss the whip in gratitude for the many pleasures it will bring you.” Mart eagerly pressed his lips to the many tails of the flail, the smell of the leather ensuring his cock went rigid and making him raise his arse in anticipation of his punishment. Melanie shivered all over with a thrill of expectancy as she raised the whip for the first time; she was now in control of him and a spiteful bitchiness flooded her senses as she was overcome with an erotic desire to cause him pain. With a stern smile she brought the flail down on his bare flesh, making him gasp and buck as the leather tails slapped flat against his arse cheeks, making them glow pink and serving to make him writhe and hump the mattress as the pain smarted through him.

Celia descended the stairs and stood by the main door for a moment, before turning and walking down to the rear door, opening it and carefully peeping through the windows of Melanie’s flat, hoping to perhaps catch some sight of them talking together. As she reached the final window, she was a little disappointed at first on noting the drawn curtains, and then she Kartal Çıtır Escort noticed a chink of light from the gap between them; it was twilight now, and the spot-lamp within the room was brighter than the fading light outside. Celia edged toward the gap and stared open-mouthed as she watched Melanie pose half naked and thrash Mart with the flail. She looked from side to side to ensure she was not observed by anyone else; the garden wall behind her obscured any view from the rear, the high fence dividing this property from the next gave her shelter one side, and the curve of the rear wall hid her from anyone using the rear entrance. She sighed with pleasure as she lifted her skirt and slipped her hand inside her panties, sliding a finger up and down her excited slit and massaging her bulging clitoris as she enjoyed Mart being dominated by her friend’s nemesis.

Mart could not believe just how painful the flail could be, nor could he comprehend the perverse enjoyment the stinging pain gave him; the lush sense of submission made his anus and balls tingle as he accepted the dominance of his mistress, his cock rubbing to an inevitable eruption below him as Melanie’s spiteful side increased with each stinging stroke she inflicted. Her cunt was now wet with excitement as she dominated him thoroughly, thrashing him six strokes at a time, and then pausing to enjoy watching him writhe in an erotic blend of pain and pleasure. She increased the venom of her applications with each batch, immersed in the heady pleasure of her dominance and the glowing but undamaged buttocks before her bearing testament to the haughty ship-owner’s advice; he was being taught a stern lesson and receiving confirmation of his ownership, and she was imposing that lesson with rigid authority. The yelps and cries that Mart had emitted when the discipline began now turned to moans as his body stiffened and convulsed in ecstacy; Melanie grinned grinned with a pleasure of her own and thrashed him continually as he surrendered his seed in submission. He jerked and spent in a delirious frenzy, owned and punished by his delectable mistress. He spurted freely and willingly as he glanced at her shapely body and smiling face, her arm raising and falling in sweet arcs as he submitted.

Celia looked on in envious fashion, tempered only by her restrained moans as she brought herself off, rubbing her clitoris vigorously, her knees almost giving out as she watched slave and mistress enjoy a deeply erotic union. She panted with pleasure and almost banged her head against the window as Melanie dropped the flail and mounted the bed, lifting Mart’s head as she slipped her generous thighs over his shoulders to have her cunt licked.

Mart sniffed at the beautiful scent of her arousal and surveyed the deliciously shiny lips of her cunt through bleary eyes as she impatiently pulled his face into it.

“You’ll show your appreciation now; I see you like our new friend, I’m glad you emptied your balls so thoroughly, we’ll have little trouble caging that cock now.” Mart lapped at her sweet folds in an almost trance-like state, the orgasm had almost drained his energy and willpower as well as his balls, but servicing his mistress was almost as pleasurable; Kartal Elit Escort whipping him had brought her close to orgasm, and the briefest attention of his tongue to her clitoris had her raising her legs high and moaning as she came, deeply satisfied with her domination of him.

Celia watched as the giggling Melanie squeezed his cock into the shiny steel cage and padlocked it; the sex session she had witnessed had made her envious enough, but she sighed with jealousy as the two then lay down together and pulled the duvet over themselves for a post-sex sleep in each-others arms. She crept back to the stairs and went up to her flat. She would release a little of the pain by sharing what she’d seen with Wendy; she smirked as she thought how the chubby landlady had boasted at how she was to serve her boy with his first caning, Melanie had certainly stolen her thunder, but she knew that Mart would feel that cane anyway.

Irene’s cunt bulged in her latex panties as she quickly tip-toed down the stairs under the cover of her shiny plastic mac and rang the bell to Chloe’s flat. The door opened and the elegant women stood before her, smoking a cigarette and cutting an imposing figure in thigh length boots with whip and black Basque with full length black cape, her eyes ringed by thick liner.

“About time too. In you come and kiss my feet. Immediately.” Irene discarded her mac and bent to the dominant woman’s feet after the door was closed and locked behind her. Chloe puffed her cigarette and looked down at the slim latex clad arse and slender waist with contempt.

“Up! You are just in time to see our guest shoot his load for the second time; he will be so glad of an audience. Irene followed meekly through the corridor of the plush apartment, and her cunt tingled as she saw a hooded male, trussed naked on the polished wooden floor, his cock rudely erect despite there being a spray and small pools of recently spent semen on the foorboards. She bent with a sneer and lifted his cock, and then stubbed her cigarette out on his scrotum, making him grunt in agony through the ball gag which saved the neighbours from the alarm of his torture. She grinned with pleasure at his agony.

“There’s plenty more to come tonight; I haven’t wasted my money on a double dose of Viagra for nothing. I know how you love to be humiliated, so I’ve invited a friend to watch how I deal with submissive males; she already knows too well how I deal with submissive females, being one herself. You will come for me again while she watches, and if you are a good boy, for your third orgasm of the night I will have her suck your cock while I fuck her arse; she so loves to be dominated that way.” She looked sternly at Irene and pointed to floor, clicking her fingers.

“Kneel and learn how easily males are dominated; he is going to shoot within three minutes, and his offering will not be a disappointment with another woman viewing his humiliation.” Irene knelt in the latex which warmed her cunt and arsehole ready for the treat to come, as Chloe strutted over to the squirming male, kicking a large wooden block over to him; he shuffled to meet it and lay his cock on it as he lay bound on his side, he knew what was to come. With a wicked smile the dominant woman stepped one of her feet onto the board, pinning his cock to it with her spiked heel. Her cunt swelled with cruel pleasure as she she watched him writhe and moan in agony; she gave him something else to think about as she began to whip him; he would come in less than two minutes.

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