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Addiction Ch. 03

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Sorry about my hiatus. My computer was in the shop. So I’ve had this chapter done for a while actually. This chapter is actually very sad…but after this it will get happier. But not like an immediate thing. This probably will have many chapters because Alezai can’t have a quick and happy romance and I think you guys can understand that right? So without anymore ado…


~~ . ~~

I missed Jalen the minute that he blended with the darkness. He and I came into this world together, well he was a veteran and I was the pretty newbie. Somehow I became His favorite and he never let me go. I got beaten worse than the others, raped worse than the others, drugged more than the others. In the end I was worse than the others. It killed me. He was a ‘class A’ sadist. At some point, he gave me a drug that would keep me alive no matter what the fuck happened. He gave that drug to me after my second suicide attempt and after the first almost overdose he gave me. That drug also made me unable to succumb to addiction. I only felt the effects of the drugs. Jalen was the one that always saved me. Jalen was my light. Most people would wonder why we never fell in love, but from the minute that we met and became friends, our relationship was purely platonic. Jalen was like an older brother to me. However, we were separated when Jalen and Whitney escaped. I couldn’t go with them because He would especially notice. If I disappeared, He would automatically accuse Jalen and Whitney — basically, kill them both. We all knew that so I told them to leave me and ever since then Jalen would always visit me when he got a feeling that I was really in pain. Jalen, however, couldn’t risk too many visits or visits that were too patterned. Tonight wasn’t the only time that Jalen wanted me to escape. Tonight was just the first time that he went this far.

I didn’t know what to do. If I left, I risked the lives of anyone who came in contact with me and if I didn’t, I would live in indefinite damnation. “FUCK!” I yelled at no one in particular. I finally thought of all the shit I’d been through in my life – all the times daddy beat the shit outta me and let his friends give me some ‘good-ol’-lovin’, all the times that father pushed me to the edge of suicide, all the times He took away every light I had. Hell, it was time for ME to have some salvation in life. I ran into the bathroom and searched for a loose board. When I finally found it, I put on the clothes and shoes in there and put a death grip on the slip of paper. I waited until a little before midnight to put the hood of the hoodie over my head and put on the sunglasses. I took a look at the address and noticed that it wasn’t too far from here but not too close either. Finally, at midnight, I opened the door and ran ‘like all bloody hell.’

After over ten city blocks, my lungs and legs were burning, but I kept süpertotobet yeni giriş running. I felt the air surround me. I felt like every nerve ending in my body was alive tonight. I pushed my legs harder despite the protesting burn. I was close to the address — only half a block left. Then I tripped. I didn’t know I was falling until I face-planted. I bit my tongue as I fell. I could taste the metallic flavoring of blood as it filled my mouth. My knee hurt and I figured I scrapped it along with my hands. My body was exhausted…I couldn’t move. No, no, no. Please god no. I heard footsteps coming from behind me. Shit! Fuck! Damnit! I felt tears slide down my cheeks. I was fuckin screwed.

Finally the footsteps from behind came to me and I was yanked up violently by my hair. I felt hot, nasty breath in my ear as He said “So little bitch, you thought you could get away from me.”

He lightly nipped my earlobe as he ‘coyly’ continued in a fake sweet voice, “Hmmm what should your punishment be? How about I let you watch as me and my men fuck out Jalen and Whitney’s brains and kill them? Would that tickle your fancy?” He chuckled.

“Fuck you bastard!” I hissed malevolently. The sound of my voice even shocked me. I never knew I was capable of sounding so… so menacing. I felt a punch to my gut and another to my ribs. I felt punches and kicks to me everywhere as He felt me up. I could feel His erection on the small of my back. It repulsed me to no end. Suddenly, the punching and kicking and feeling up ceased. That didn’t make me feel any better. I was dragged into a darker part of the street. I felt my clothing (the clothing Jale got me) being ripped off along with the sounds of pants being unzipped. I tried to struggle away but to iron clamps that some may call hands held me down. I was turned over onto all fours and held down again. I felt someone come up behind me.

Two seconds later I felt the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt and probably will feel. This man was a lot bigger and thicker than Him and all the others. I screamed out in pain. That was a bad idea because I felt someone shove their nasty dick into my mouth. My eyes were tearing as I gagged and choked.

Every man took a turn at my mouth and ass…more than once. When they were done, my butt felt slimy with blood and their essence and with every breath I took, it pulsed with pain. My mouth tasted disgusting as I threw up again. I didn’t even have the strength to move so I ended up falling face flat into it. That repulsed me even more. I felt empty…abused…lost. Before I could black out, heard the crack of a whip before it occurred to me that I was just hit.

I don’t know how long it went on for, but again each man took a turn at whipping me as hard as they could. I screamed and begged for them to stop…that made them laugh and beat me harder. süpertotobet giriş Finally, when I was bloodied and bruised from the inside out, He said “Now I’m gonna mark you. Show you whose slut you are.” With that, He pulled out a knife and began carving something into my back. I blacked out after that.


I woke up in hell again. Somehow my mind managed a silent laugh. Hell seemed to be the place I lived at. Finally the blurry grogginess cleared from my eyes. I looked around, taking in my surroundings. This place was completely foreign to me. Everything fell into the color scheme of black and gray. The walls were brick with peeling black paint over them. In front of me was a glass window. Outside of it was a room in all white. It reminded me of a padded room in a psych ward. I chuckled to myself as I thought — more wished- that maybe I went crazy and this whole experience was a cruel dream. Ha! As if I could be that lucky.

I tried to move my head to take in more of my surroundings. I couldn’t. Something was keeping my head in place. I tried to move my arms and legs and found out that my wrists were chained to the chairs armrests and my legs were chained to the legs of the chair. I couldn’t move either limb more than half an inch from the chair. Damn.

I jumped when the giant door opened. I huge man stepped in and looked at me. He smiled a predatory smile as he said “I see you’re up princess.” His eyes trailed my body as he licked his lips. I swallowed the rising bile as I came to notice that I was naked and that the perv was blowing me a kiss. With a short chortle, he left the room. I heard him yell, “Princess is up, boss!” A few minutes later, a spotlight shined on me as I squinted my eyes some from the sudden change lighting. A spotlight also came on in the ‘padded room.’ The door opened and He came through with one of his men. He leaned down and close to me as he whispered in my ear, “Ready for your punishment?” Then he laughed.

The door to the white room opened two and who walked through made my blood run cold and my stomach clench.

In walked Jalen and Whitney. Both of them were bloodied and bruised and had their hands chained behind them. Jalen looked at me with hollowed eyes. When he recognized that it was me, his eyes sprang to life as silent tears trailed down his cheeks. I let out a sob. Whitney also looked at me. He eyes held nothing but pure hatred in them. It was so strong that I had to close my eyes. Despite Jalen and I’s relationship, Whitney and I were no more than acquaintances. She avoided me like I was the black plague and tended to make snide or cruel comments. I would love to say that she was a bitch, but if I were in her position, I would be the same. When word went around that I was His favorite, everyone avoided me. They knew that if they made a close relationship with me, they would süpertotobet güvenilirmi be part of any punishment I got. Whitney and Jalen were well aware of that. However, Jalen didn’t care. Whitney tried to separate us to protect her brother, but she failed. So she tried to make me become more distant.

If only I succumbed to Whitney’s wiles…they wouldn’t be in this situation. I let out another sob as tears streamed freely from my eyes. I let out a sobbing scream as He slapped me hard on my face.

“Keep your eyes open bitch! I want you to bask in this,” He said. I did just that. After a while…after going through so much pain, you just stop being defiant and do anything to get away from it.

So I kept my eyes opened and watched and sobbed as men, including Him, raped and fucked Whitney and Jalen from every hole that they could fit their dicks in. The images of Jalen’s hole gaping and bleeding was imbedded in my head as their screams echoed in my ears. All of our faces were tear streaked.

Finally, they stopped. Jalen and Whitney didn’t even have the strength to sit up. They lay on the floor looking dejected. They might as well have been dead.

One of the men left the room for a minute and came back with a box. “Here comes the grand finale,” He said. My heart stopped when the man pulled out a handgun.

He chuckled as he said, “That gun is filled with Winchester Enhanced Ranger T bullets. I figure a pansy like you wouldn’t know what that is, so I’ll be nice enough to explain it to ya. See that bullet, when shot into a person, it bursts into six petals. And now when that happens…well…I’ll be damn surprised if anyone survived that…especially at point blank.” He chuckled again.

I must be dead. I wasn’t breathing and I was damn sure that my heart wasn’t beating. “Oh…oh god,” I sobbed. I began hyperventilating. Each wheezy inhale made me cry more. I didn’t know what to do.

So I begged. “Please. Please don’t kill them. I’m sorry! I’ll be a good boy. I’ll do anything. I swear! Please….please….have a soul.” He only chuckled and signaled to the man with the gun. The man yanked Whitney to a standing position. She was screaming and bawling…begging for her life. The man slapped her hard into deliriousness when she began struggling to much. Jalen was on the floor sobbing and whimpering along with Whitney. Somehow Whitney summoned more hatred and stared directly at me.


Safety was removed.


His finger was on the trigger.


He pulled the trigger. Whitney’s head basically ceased to exist. Her blood splattered everywhere. I almost threw up. Chunks of flesh and blood sprinkled the gunman’s face. I did throw up when he licked away the blood and guts that his tongue could reach. What used to be Whitney’s body slumped to the floor. Both Jalen and I were in shock. Jalen broke out of it first. He screamed. He howled. The pure agony in it killed me. It shattered my world.

The man put the gun against Jalen’s head. Jalen mouthed ‘I love you’ to me. I mouthed it back to him. His finger was on the trigger.


To be continued~

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