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Adrienne and Joseph Ch. 02

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Please feel free to vote and give feedback on my stories. This one is a continuation of Adrienne, Joseph, and a Rainy Night. Thanks!

I woke early that morning with a mild sense of disorientation. Not my bed. Not my bedroom. Then it all came flooding back to me when I saw her curled up in my arms. Sometime during the night, Adrienne had awoken and showered, and now she lay cuddled up to my chest wearing just an oversized tee shirt. Her long red hair, dark from her shower, was neatly plaited in two braided pigtails. As she slept, I remembered.

Last night was amazing. I had gone to work, anticipating a usual, humdrum night, when Adrienne walked in from a rainstorm. I was coming off shift, and she needed a ride home. She got her ride home, all right. She invited me up, and things had just taken off from there. And now here I lay, snuggled up warm with her in her bed, as the finicky September wind buffeted the house.

She moaned and shifted against me, bringing me back to this world. I looked down at her small form, and brushed a hand down her cheek, gently. Her bright blue eyes fluttered open, and for a split second I saw fright in them. Then the fright was replaced with warmth, and a small smile graced her mouth. “Morning,” she whispered.

“Morning. Sleep well?” I asked, stroking her hair.

“Very well,” she responded, her smile widening. She wrapped her arms around my neck. “I hope you did too.”

“Of course,” I replied. I nuzzled her gently with my nose, and she giggled and nuzzled back. “Breakfast sound good?”

“Always. I’ll go start it.” She got up, but I stopped her with a hand on her hip. She looked at me quizzically.

“Maybe we should work up an appetite first.” I said with a grin. Her smile grew devilish as she slipped back under the covers.

Snuggling up to me again, she whispered, “Maybe.” Adrienne began to plant tiny kisses on the side of my neck, soft and feathery, as I pulled her close to my body. Gently, I reached up her nightshirt and began to softly fondle her nipples, rolling the little buds between my fingers, eliciting a soft moan from her. I silenced her moan with a deep kiss as I rubbed my hands up and down her silky skin. I worked her nightshirt up to free one beautiful breast, and ducked down to suck on the stiffening nipple there. She threw her head back as she pushed my face to her breast, and whimpered with delight as I used my free hand to stroke her dampening panties. She quickly threw off her nightshirt, and began to grind her hips onto my hand.

My erection was becoming trapped painfully in my boxers. I regretfully let go of her long enough to strip them off. Before I could return to my slow torture of her, she slid atop me, then down to my stiff cock. It was her turn to tease me as she gently licked the head of my swollen member, and ran her tongue up and down my shaft. Placing tiny, light bites on my cock; she worked her way down the eight and a half inches until she came to my balls. Slowly, she placed her lips upon them, and then suddenly sucked one into her mouth. I gasped and groaned as she began to roll my ball around in her mouth as she stroked my cock rhythmically.

I looked down at her, and saw that at some point she had managed to shuck her panties. She knelt between my legs, and all I could see of her was the bursa escort top of her head and her back, sloping upwards to her incredible heart shaped ass. I groaned again and thumped my head back onto the pillow as she suddenly engulfed my entire cock in her warm little mouth. The feel of her throat muscles tensing on the head of my cock was sublime. She rolled her tongue around my shaft even as she deep throated me. If she kept it up, I was going to cum.

She seemed to sense this, and slid me out of her mouth slowly. Sitting up, she positioned herself above my pulsing cock. She looked at me mischievously. “How bad do you want me?”

I looked up at her. Nice, pretty hips sloping up to a defined waist, luscious, swaying tits with large dark nipples, and above all, her lovely, angelic face framed by red braided pigtails. “Pretty damn bad.”

“Works for me,” she said, and with a smile in her eyes began to impale herself upon my cock. Once again the feel of her tight pussy working up and down my cock overwhelmed me. I watched her fuck me, seeing and feeling everything with this woman to the fullest. Her eyes shut as she rode me, rocking back and forth. I reached up and pinched her nipples as she slid her velvety pussy up and down my shaft. Soon she began to moan and whimper, fucking me to orgasm. When it hit her, it hit hard, as her pussy clenched down on my cock, and bathed it in her sweet juices as she screamed my name, over and over. Head thrown back, every muscle tensed, she was a study in the beauty of sexuality as she rode down her orgasm.

I saw she was worn out from the force of the orgasm, so I pulled her to me and gently rolled her beneath me; once atop her, I began slow, rhythmic thrusts. She began to buck her hips, but I stilled her. I wanted this to last awhile. I pulled my dripping cock from her slowly, then inched it back in, over and over, relishing the feel of her tight little pussy pulling at my cock. Little by little, she relaxed into my rhythm, kissing me softly over my shoulders and arms. Her kisses felt like butterflies lighting on my skin, and then taking off to a new destination.

Before she could get too comfortable (or bored!), I suddenly rammed her pussy hard. She gave a little squeal, and her eyes flew open. Smiling at her, I rose to my knees and put her feet upon my shoulders, her legs parallel to my body. Grasping her hips, I pounded her mercilessly. Her hands flew up to her nipples, and she began to pull them as she moaned. Her feet came together at the back of my neck, and her body tensed. Suddenly, I was once again bathed in her juices as she came on my cock, her pussy milking me. “God Joseph, please cum in me!” I looked down at her quizzically. “It’s safe,” she assured me. “I’m on the pill.” Grinning, she suddenly clenched her pussy on me again. Unable to hold back, I shot my huge load of cum up into her, thrusting until I was spent. I kept my cock in her for a while still, as I kissed her.

After I caught my breath, I asked, “Where did you learn to use your muscles like that?”

Looking up primly, she replied, “Girl Scouts.”

This struck us both funny, and we giggled as we snuggled up in the covers.

After a few moments of comfortable silence, she asked, “So where do we go from here?”

“Huh?” I was çanakkale escort honestly confused.

“I just want to know what you want. Really. And please don’t try to ‘spare my feelings’.” She looked up at me from the security of her blankets, blue eyes wide and questioning. And a little bit hurt, I could tell. She was expecting me to leave.

“Why, I just want to be here with you. And to keep it that way, unless you have any objections.”

She looked at me incredulously. “Really? Why?”

I shifted so that I could look right at her. “Because I like you a lot. You’re really cool, you’ve got a good career, you’re a great conversationalist, you have a sense of humor, and you’re drop dead gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want to be here in my shoes right now?”

She giggled shyly. “Well, if you put it that way…” She grinned up at me and pecked my lips, softly. “As long as I don’t have to deal with an insane ex-girlfriend of yours, I think we should be ok.”

I had to laugh. “I haven’t had a girlfriend in two years. Unless you’re willing to fill the position.”

“Of course I’m willing. You helped me out in a lot of different ways.”

“Good, it’s settled then.” A thought occurred to me. I looked over at the bedside clock, and saw it was 12:35pm. “Um, do you have to work today? It’s getting pretty late.”

“Nope. I get to stay in today.”

“Cool. Err; do you think I could use your shower? I think I need it after that.”

“Sure, right down the hall.”


As I stepped under the stream of water, I thought about the whirlwind nine hours I had just gone through. A lovely woman lay curled up in that bedroom, waiting for me, with my cum dripping from her tight little pussy. And all because I had played Good Samaritan last night. Fate works in funny ways, sometimes, and it worked in my favor last night.

Soon my thoughts drifted. When I shower, I use that time as my “Zen” time, so to speak, to let my thoughts go where they might. I washed myself automatically, thinking about random things, like my job, my own little apartment just a mile away, and how I was supposed to start some laundry today. As I thought, I didn’t realize I wasn’t alone until I heard the shower curtain rustle as Adrienne slipped in with me. I jumped, startled.

“I’m sorry,” she said with a grin. “I think I could use a wash myself.”

“I guess so.”

She was behind me, and stepped up close to me, hugging me with her warm breasts pushed against my back. She began to rub my chest as I soaped myself, and felt her tiny hands spreading the soap around. She sneaked her fingers up to my nipple, and gave it a gentle tweak as she ran her other hand down my abdomen, finding my limp cock. Soaped up, she began to stroke me, as she whispered, “Have to make sure this gets clean.”

I turned to her. She had let her hair down, and it fell in soft, damp auburn waves around her face. Taking the soap, I began to slowly and deliberately wash her. I ran it over her chest, paying special attention to her nipples, before rubbing it over her stomach in small circles. She continued to stroke my stiffening cock, washing it even as she aroused it. Taking one hand, I slipped my fingers çankırı escort between her legs, feeling the heat there, feeling my cum still slowly oozing from her pussy. I took the showerhead and rinsed her chest off, then myself.

I turned the showerhead to PULSE, and directed it between her legs. The small, hard balls of water assailed her cunt, and she grasped my shoulders. “I do this all the time when I’m alone.” I looked up, and she smiled down on me. On my knees now, I aimed the water directly at her sweet honey pot, savoring the little gasps of pleasure she emitted. After a few moments, she put the showerhead back on its holder, and I began to lick her tiny hole. She tasted so good; I never thought I could get enough. I grabbed her thighs and pushed them apart, hungering for more of her cunt. I licked her folds and found her little love button, and began to suck on that while I slid two fingers in and out of her beautiful hole. I felt her fingers twine through my hair and tug gently as I licked. Soon I was rewarded with a sweet gush of her juices as she groaned and whimpered.

Now my cock was at full attention. I turned her around, and she got the drift, bending down and placing her hands on the back corners of the tub. Once again, I eased my cock into her pussy, sliding it deep inside her. This morning, we had made love. Right now, though, I just wanted to fuck her. Grabbing her hips, I pounded her, feeling her pussy tense as I plunged deep inside of her. She yelped as I bottomed out in her, and continued to fuck her. “Please,” I heard her gasp, “please, spank me, please!” Gladly, I whacked her bottom, hard. Her pussy tensed and she groaned. “Oh yes, please don’t stop.” She begged.

I obliged, ramming my slick cock into her as I slapped her reddened ass. The feel of her pussy combined with the water from the shower flowing over us was amazing. I just let myself go, pounding into her, listening to her screams of ecstasy as she came again and again. Each time I slapped her ass, her pussy clenched down on me, urging me on. “Oh yes, god, you’re fucking cock is so fucking huge, ram me with that monster, make me cum, oh yes…” She trailed off into a moan as her cum coated my throbbing cock. I groaned as I unloaded inside her, and slowed my thrusts. She stood up, sliding my cock out of her, and turned to me. Throwing her arms around me, she hugged me tight, and I hugged her back.

The shower was getting rather chilly, so we cleaned up real quick and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. After some eggs and flapjacks, we sat at the table comfortably, sipping our coffee. Everything just felt so right with this woman. I felt as if I could do this every day, for the rest of my life, and never complain. Now that my hormones had subsided, I could admire her little house.

Her kitchen was nice, with its neat countertops and cheery yellow curtains. She also had a vase of fresh wildflowers on the table, as she did in her bedroom and living room. I wandered from room to room of her rancher, taking in everything. Her coffee table was littered with magazines-better living magazines, photography magazines, and other things of that ilk. Picking one up, another one slid off onto the floor. As I retrieved it, I saw that it was an issue of Hustler. “Oh, yeah, forgot to tell you, I’m bi.” I whirled to see her standing there, a small smile on her face. Goddamn, she was quiet as a cat.

“Bi, huh? Err, actively?” I asked.

“Only if you want me to be. I don’t have a girlfriend. But if you were to be up for a night of fun…” She trailed off and grinned.

Oh yeah, this one’s a keeper.

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