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Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 08

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Glasses Sexy

As the afternoon sun beat down on the men, the competition tightened. Gus was up to six fish, but Aaron had added two more, putting him at seven. Gus reeled in his line, and headed back upstream toward the cabin. “Where you headed, Gus Wolfe? You’re still losing.” Aaron asked from across the stream.

“It’s siesta time, bud, care to join me?”

“Siesta, like the Spanish word, siesta?”

“Yep, that’s the one. When I’m on my weekend fishing adventures, they’re part of my regimen.”

Aaron reeled in his line too and caught up with Gus, laying a hand on his ass and running his fingers through his fur. Gus grinned and kept walking. The men set their rods on the front porch and made their way into the cabin. Gus fell forward onto the bed and Aaron joined, draping his left arm and left leg across his hairy fisherman. Gus and Aaron looked into each others eyes and started kissing.

Aaron had been thinking about what he had shared earlier, and tried to imagine all the things that must be going through Gus’ head. “This man had taken a chance and invited him out to a cabin he rented for a peaceful fishing weekend and now he was burdened with a war story and pulled into a circumstance that he’d probably never understand,” Aaron thought.

At that moment he felt Gus’ right hand move down the crack of his ass, and he snapped out of it. He’d been salivating over Gus’ ass all day long, and he was ready for some cake.

Aaron rolled over on top of Gus, pushing him onto his stomach, and ground his hard cock in the crack of Gus’ ass. Gus pretended to resist for a minute, but quickly gave in. Aaron spread Gus’ legs, assumed the spot in between them, and used his right hand to pull Gus up onto his knees. Aaron ran his hands over both of Gus’ furry cheeks, watching the hair part and fall back into place. A couple medium pressure smacks followed, sending jiggling waves through Gus’ rus escort plump rump and garnering grunts. He ran his hands up Gus’ hairy back and down his sides, causing Gus to shiver. Aaron leaned down and drug his beard back and forth, softly through the crack of Gus’ ass, producing deep muffled groans from the naked fisherman. With one hand prying his crack open, and the other firmly gripped around Gus’ cock, Aaron let out a, “There we go!’ and rammed his curled tongue into Gus’ pink spot.

Aaron loved cake, and Gus could tell. The expertise with which he pleasured Gus’ was the best Gus had ever experienced, and he’d had many an adventure. He could feel the passion exuding from the Marine’s tongue and hands, and the vibrations of his his deep hums while he ate offered Gus even more stimulation. Aaron pleasured Gus for a full half hour, there were moments of rabid intensity broken up by soft subtle probings. When Aaron finally surfaced for air, Gus’ rolled over and said, “Holy fucking hell, Aaron Green!” drawing a wide smile from Aaron’s face.

Aaron’s beard was matted back under his chin and sopping wet and Gus pulled him down on top of him for a long kiss, tasting the sweat and saliva mixture from his own hairy hole. “Do you know how beautiful your ass is, Gus Wolfe? Best I’ve ever seen.”

Gus reached down and pulled the bag from the sex shop out of his pack. He grabbed the Gun Oil, removed the seal, and tossed it to Aaron, “You’re not done yet, Marine.”

Gus hadn’t bottomed in over four years, and last time wasn’t a pleasant experience from what he allowed himself to recall. A beast of a man he met on Craigslist in a fit of winter horniness split him open forcefully against his best efforts and there was a lot of pain. He’d always considered himself a top man, and that experience had reconfirmed it and made him hesitant to yenimahalle escort offer up his ass for much more than a good tonguing from then on.

That said, there was nothing he wanted more than to feel Aaron deep inside him right now. He trusted him…needed him. Gus opened the bottle of Rush, knowing it would help him get past the first level of entry, and breathed in deeply through his left nostril, holding his right closed for the full effect. His head felt warm and he began to float as Aaron carefully pushed the tip of his dick into Gus. Aaron was positioned between Gus’ legs, looking down at him smiling, entering him missionary style. Gus wrapped both legs around him tilting his ass up slightly and pulled Aaron’s chest down to meet his. Their fur interlocked, providing a soft sensation for each man, as each hair follicle had its own tiny response magnified a thousand fold. Their tongues found each other and they were fully connected.

Aaron was careful with Gus’ asshole, almost hesitant, not wanting to cause him even the slightest pain. Fully erect Aaron was just under 8 inches, not too thick, but not too thin either. “He fits perfectly,” Gus thought as he pushed out to accept Aaron fully.

Aaron’s patient entry had Gus at ease and he started to move in and out of Gus. Euphoria struck as Aaron hit his prostate perfectly a few pumps in and Gus lost his load immediately, unable to control it. Aaron hadn’t even been inside him a minute and Gus was already squirting a cum geyser between their pelts. Aaron stopped and pushed himself up off Gus a foot or so and watched excitedly, as the the cum shower continued onto Gus chest and belly below him. Aaron was joyful at the pleasure he was able to bring the naked fisherman, “Damn buddy, I’ve never been a slouch, but I didn’t know I was that good.”

Gus’ mouth was slightly agape, tongue hanging out, feeling like his whole body was floating above the bed. He’d let out a continuous “ahhhhhh” through his entire eruption, and was now fully spent. He couldn’t believe how quickly he just came, but he didn’t care. This is what pleasure was supposed to feel like. His eyes locked with Aaron’s and he coaxed him on with a stare of desire, nodding.

Aaron stayed inserted in Gus and continued to work his ass slowly, enjoying the contractions on his cock as Gus shivered in post-ejaculatory delight. When the contractions stopped, Aaron reached down and teased Gus’ dick, bringing them back every 10-15 seconds, and eliciting a moan and squirm from the cum covered fisherman. Aaron, keeping himself inside Gus, got on his knees, ran his hands from Gus’ upper hamstrings down his legs, using the spread thumb and forefinger of each hand to grab Gus behind his knees and lift his legs into the air. He positioned Gus’ achilles’ on his collar bones between his shoulders and neck, feet facing the ceiling. He then slid his hands back down the front of Gus’ legs firmly grasping his quads and again, slowly, began pushing in, and pulling out of Gus’ open ass.

“You can make love to me as long as you’d like, Aaron,” Gus said, “you feel incredible inside me.”

Aaron obliged, and took his time. He started slow and gradually picked up the pace of his thrusts, Gus smiling up at him throughout. Each time he’d get close to orgasm, he’d pause and let his throbbing cock rest inside of Gus. Ten minutes in, he let Gus’ legs back down and Gus quickly wrapped them back around him and pulled him in to taste his mouth once again. Mouths fully interlocked, Aaron picked up the pace, his dick matching his tongue. Deep “mmmmmms”vibrated through both mens mouths and Aaron didn’t pause to stop the climax this time.

A few firm pumps, and Aaron gave Gus his seed, groaning with fierceness and passion. Gus held Aaron’s ass with both hands, keeping him inserted until his cock shrank to escape on it’s own a couple minutes later. Aaron collapsed onto Gus, and the two men commenced a siesta snoring regimen, highlighting their complete and utter relaxation.

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