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Adventures with Penny Ch. 20

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Chapter 20 – What Happens in Vegas

That weekend and the next two weeks were spent running at a much slower pace. Penny wanted me to fully recover so activity within the game was suspended and I went about life with a single objective, get 100% healthy for the Vegas conference. The ladies continually checked on me, ensuring that I did not exhaust myself in any way causing a relapse. They pampered me, taking turns bringing me water, juice, vitamins and food. The overseeing eyes of these loving women made me feel rather special for a short time. As nice as it was, it soon got to be too much.

By the time that Monday morning arrived, I had a serious case of cabin fever and was dying to get back to what things were before I had gotten sick. It was as if the past two weeks were meant to keep me in a bubble. I was on the outside looking in of all the conversations, meetings and future plans. This was not going to be acceptable any longer.

I woke, with my bags having been packed the night before, and headed to the office as usual after my morning routine. When I arrived, everyone else was already there. We were all dressed in our best professional attire, as we wanted to present Adams and Cartwright as best as possible. I had on my blue pinstripe suit and looked like any normal dude in a suit would. What would set me apart would be the four knockouts I would be surrounded by and they did not disappoint when I laid eyes on them at the office.

Nikki was the first to greet me, wearing a white blazer with pink buttons, a white shirt, white stockings and white pumps. She was a vision, like a tight-framed cloud with blonde hair. Brooke had on a red, collared minidress with large buttons. It was too short to be appropriate, falling high on her thigh above her gorgeous legs and black pumps. Leslie had on a teal silk blouse under her grey jacket. She had on the matching grey skirt, tan stockings and black pumps. She was the vision of acceptable sexiness in a professional setting and I really wanted to jump her bones right then and there. Penny, however, took the cake. She had on a leopard print jacket and skirt over a black silk blouse. She had on matching leopard pumps. I winced slightly when I saw her. Animal print made her look like the vixen she pretend she truly was.

These women were stunning and I was the luckiest man alive to be their travel escort. I noticed all the bags were lined up by the front door, though I had left mine in my car. I approached Nikki’s desk, where they were all standing and tried to figure out what our day entailed, since I was short on information.

“Good day ladies,” I addressed them casually. “What time is our flight?”

“If it isn’t our chaperone,” Penny laughed.

“I guess no one told you,” Nikki began, “Bill sent the Silo Gaming jet for us. The plane leaves whenever we get there.”

I was very taken back by this news. I had never flown on a private jet before. That was a very cool prospect. With this piece of information, though, came more questions.

“So, how are we getting to the airport,” I asked generally.

“You are so cute when you are simple,” Penny giggled.

Penny then pointed over my shoulder. I turned around to see a long black limousine pulling into the parking lot of our office. Penny was correct, I was simple. If we were flying on a private jet, why wouldn’t we take a limo to the airport? Of course. How could I not put those together? There were moments, like this one, when I felt like I was too low rent for these women and this game. I gathered my thoughts as a tall, Hispanic gentleman entered our office.

“I am here for the airport pickup,” the man stated clearly as he walked towards us.

“Great,” Nikki replied as she moved past me to greet him. “It will be the five of us.”

“No problem,” the young man stated as he extended his hand to shake Nikki’s. “My name is Javier. If any of you need anything, just let me know.”

Javier then turned around and headed back towards the door. He grabbed the first two bags he saw and carried them with him on his way out. It was at this moment that it dawned on me that I should get my own bags from my car and ensure that they made the trip with us. As I made my first steps towards the door, I heard more giggling behind me. I felt beneath these women today. I did not enjoy feeling like that but I knew it was not their intention to make me feel this way; it was the result of my own insecurity.

I grabbed my bags from my car and loaded them into the trunk of the limo with the ladies luggage. Javier was very pleasant and extremely helpful as he loaded the luggage into the trunk and helped the ladies into the car. When everyone was ready, Javier made his was to the driver seat and I was about to get in the car when Emma appeared at the front door of the office.

“Hey,” she called to me just before I stepped into the car. “Have fun.”

I looked back at her and nodded, not sure of what the appropriate response was at that moment and very much wishing that she were going with us.

I bakırköy escort lowered myself into the car and shut the door. We pulled away and our trip had begun. The ladies wasted no time in pouring champagne for themselves. I joined them as Penny made a toast.

“To Vegas,” she said, as she held out her glass.

“To Vegas,” everyone else echoed as the glassed clanked together.

The ride to the airport was full of good cheer and excitement. The ladies kept me thoroughly entertained with there antics. When we reached the airport, we headed down a long, narrow rode that led around to the back of the hangars. This was a very cool experience. We pulled up to a large, grey hangar which was already open. The car came to a stop at the opening. Javier opened the car door and I was the first one to exit the car.

I was spellbound by the large, white jet in front of me. The word “SILO” in large, grey letters and underlined by red was printed on the tail of the plane. I was like a kid, staring at the plane as if it were exactly what I had asked for on Christmas. I felt someone poke me in the leg, snapping me back to reality. I looked down and noticed that where I was standing was preventing the ladies from getting out of the car.

I quickly stepped to the side and helped them out one at a time. Each of them seemed unimpressed by the situation. We stood near the car and just sort of lingered until a gentleman dressed like a pilot poked his head out of the open door of the plane.

“Hello y’all,” the man said in a thick southern accent. “I am co-pilot Rick Evans and your captain today is Earl Marquette. The plane is ready so climb aboard and we will get this show on the road to Las Vegas.”

He waved his hand and gestured for us to climb the stairs. The ladies did not waste a moment headed for the door. I turned towards Javier who was pulling bags from the trunk. As I approached, he raised his head to face me.

“Sir, I overhead the women talking earlier,” Javier said to me. “I think you might need these.”

He reached his hand out and offered me a deck of cards. I looked at him with great respect that he had taken the initiative to listen to what was going on around him. I had a sense the Javier took great pride in his work and that was to be commended. I accepted the cards and put them in the inside pocket of my jacket.

“Thank you for everything, Javier,” I said as I extended my hand towards him.

We shook like gentlemen, which included a very subtle exchange of a $50. He had earned it. Before I could turn around, I felt a tug on my left arm. I turned to see Leslie standing there waiting for me. I had not noticed that she didn’t board the plane with the other ladies. I looked down at her and her face seemed solemn. I wondered what could be wrong at this moment when everyone else seemed so excited.

“Are you ok,” I asked gingerly.

“Please sit next to me on the flights,” she requested. “I don’t fly well.”

“Absolutely,” I agreed without hesitation.

I figured once I agreed that she would move towards the aircraft, but she remained solid in her stance in front of me. I raised my eyebrows and stared at her. Leslie slowly moved her arms around my neck and looked up at me tenderly.

“I know everyone has been babying you since you got sick and it has been driving you crazy,” she said.

“Yeah, the last two weeks have been somewhat frustrating,” I admitted.

“I’m sorry,” she offered. “I should have talked to you.”

“Don’t even worry yourself about it,” I relieved her. “Let’s just go have a great trip.”

“Before we do, I want to tell you something,” she insisted.

Leslie arched herself upwards and kissed me full on the mouth.

“I got the test results from the hospital and the growths that they found during my surgery were benign,” she revealed. “I am fine and I plan on being around you and this game for a long time. What you did and said at the hospital, when you saved me last year, hell, what you do and say every time I am around you means the world to me. Everyday since you came into my life has been better and I am better for it. Thank you.”

She released me and turned around. I watched her walk to the stairs and climb them. Her body was gorgeous and I was speechless. I was happy and grateful that she was not sick and I was moved by what she said about me. I was confused how a woman like that could be scared to fly. A voice broke my daydream.

“Hey, are you coming,” Brooke called from the door of the plane.

“Sir, you shouldn’t keep four women that hot waiting,” Javier offered.

“You are absolutely right, Javier,” I concurred.

I marched to the steps and climbed up into the plane. I saw that cabin was set up very lounge-like with seats facing each other and small tables. This was much more high class than I was used to. I took my seat next to Leslie, who was next to the far window. Penny and Brooke sat together across from us and facing Nikki while the başakşehir escort seats in front of us were empty.

Captain Earl told us to strap in as our flight began. Leslie grabbed my hand and held it firmly as we taxied from the hangar to the runway. The takeoff was smooth and easy, much different that those I had experienced on larger, commercial planes. When we reached cruising altitude, Captain Earl suggested that we relax for our relatively short trip to Vegas.

Well all unbuckled our seat belts and turned towards each other. Penny found the champagne next to her seat and poured everyone another glass. I declined, but the ladies enjoyed themselves. I hate champagne and wanted a Corona in the worst way. We could not get to Vegas fast enough.

“Ok, we should talk about our trip,” Penny declared.

“What about it,” Nikki asked.

“Well, we are getting back to playing the game this week,” Penny announced. “We should clear up the rules for Las Vegas.”

“Good idea,” Brooke agreed.

“So, there are four women and four nights,” Penny recapped.

“Who knew she could do math,” Leslie teased her.

We all got a good laugh out of that jab.

“Simply, we each get him for one night,” Penny continued. “For whatever you want. Dinner, dancing, gambling or even nothing at all. So pick your nights, girls.”

The women looked at Penny and then at each other. There was a long stretch of silence. Whether they didn’t want to seem too anxious or greedy or whether they were confused, no one spoke. Penny grew frustrated with this quickly.

“Ok then,” she snapped, “since no one wants to step up, I will take him tonight. He will be with all of us at the welcome dinner and then he’s all mine.”

I looked at her, mischievously. She seemed to sense my eyes and avoided them, probably to torture me, but I couldn’t be sure.

“I want tomorrow night then,” Nikki established.

“I will take Thursday night,” Leslie spoke up. “I will probably be the only up to it at that point with you party animals on the loose.”

“That leaves me Wednesday,” Brooke deduced. “Fine with me.”

“Great,” Penny sighed mightily. “Now that we have that all worked out, you need to teach us some of us how play some casino games. We have all played the texas hold’em home game, but I think the Mirage is a little more formal than the conference room back home.”

It took a moment before I realized that she was talking to me. I pulled from my jacket the deck of cards that Javier had given me. I spent the remainder of the flight teaching them on the small tables that were positioned between the seats. I went over Blackjack, Let-It-Ride, 3-Card Poker, Roulette and Spanish-21. I did not know how to play craps, so I didn’t touch that one. They had all played texas hold’em as part of the game, so the concepts of the other games weren’t too foreign.

Brooke aided me in my teaching, as she apparently was extremely familiar with casino gaming. We never got into how or why but based on how she talked, Brooke had been to a casino or two in her time.

We descended into the Las Vegas valley and Captain Earl put us on the ground with just about the smoothest landing imaginable. He was a pro’s pro. Without fail there was a long, black stretch limo to meet us at the airport. We exited the plane and thanked the good captain for his tremendous work. Leslie was very much at ease now that we were on the ground.

When we, as well as our bags, were loaded into the car, the driver delivered us quickly to the Mirage. The conference was being held there and that’s where we were staying. When we checked in it was just after 2pm. We decided that we would take some personal time and then regroup before the welcome dinner which began at 6pm with the cocktail hour. We agreed to meet near the elevators at 6pm, making us fashionably late to the event. We certainly did not want to seem too anxious especially as a newer firm to these types of events.

I headed to my room on the 14th floor. I organized my cloths, put out some incidentals and got myself together. Once everything was straight, I decided to take a quick nap in anticipation of a long night with Penny.

I woke at 5:40. Perfect. I had enough time to regroup. I splashed some water on my face, threw on some extra cologne, grabbed my jacket and I was out the door. When I got to the main level and exited the elevators I looked at my watch. 6:01pm. I was good. When I arrived there, only Leslie was waiting for me. She looked breathtaking. She had on an emerald green dress with silver spaghetti straps that hugged her every curve with matching emerald slingback heels. Her hair was teased and her makeup applied to perfection. She was the picture of professionalism and grace with the mystique of sex appeal lingering around her. I was blown away.

I walked over to where she was standing. I leaned in gently and kissed her on the cheek.

“You’re stunning,” I whispered as I pulled away.

Leslie did not bayrampaşa escort respond. She shyly looked down at the marble floor. I glanced to my left to see Brooke making her way towards us. She was wearing the same red dress and black heels that she had worn on the plane. She had a body that could stop time. I loved looking at her as the walked.

“I can’t believe that you changed,” she said to Leslie as she reached where we were standing.

“I can’t believe you went right to the tables,” Leslie countered.

“Have you been at the tables all this time,” I asked her.

She nodded with a smile.

“How did you do,” I inquired.

“I am up about 2,” she replied.

“Two hundred, that is a solid start,” I responded.

Brooke started giggling but before she could say anything else the elevator to our right opened and Penny and Nikki stepped out. Nikki was wearing a long, slim white gown that nearly reached the floor. It had thin straps that were barely noticeable on her tan shoulders and the fabric hugged her every curve. She looked very demure. Penny, however, was dressed to be noticed and I certainly noticed her, immediately.

Penny looked magnificent and I knew immediately she was going to be the center of attention during this welcome dinner. She had on a black, sequined dress that was a halter style. The opening in the front ran down just past her belly button so that her perfectly flat tummy was exposed. The dress fell to her knee but had a slit on the left side that ran up to her mid-thigh. I noticed when she walked that the top of her thigh high was visible on the left side. I grinned. Her black stockings led nicely into her black, patent leather pumps. She was a vision, though I thought she would clearly be too much for this dinner.

“WOW,” Brooke exclaimed as Penny reached where we were standing.

“Exactly right,” I concurred sharply.

Penny walked past me and winked as she led the way to the banquet room where the dinner was being held. Nikki followed her while Brooke and Leslie each grabbed one of my arms and allowed me to escort them. We walked through the casino and heads turned to check Penny out. When we reached the banquet room on the lower level at the far side of the hotel, the large, burly gentleman at the door nearly fainted from the heat Penny was generating.

The man opened the door and the room seemed to stop. Penny and Nikki entered confidently and with no hesitation. Brooke, Leslie and I followed, still arm-in-arm. When we were all inside, the door closed firmly behind us. I could see the heads of all the men and women in the room turn to notice Penny. I could see that a good deal of the men in the room were blown away, while some of the ladies looked very catty. I stopped walking and watched Penny and Nikki head directly for the makeshift bar in the far left corner of the room.

Leslie leaned over and kissed me lightly on the left cheek.

“You be good,” she whispered. “Mingle and make nice. After all, this is a business function.”

She walked away and immediately gave a small hug to a short woman to our left. It appeared that they had met before. I stood still, observing the room. Brooke leaned over kissed me softly on the right cheek.

“By the way, it was two thousand, not two hundred,” she said.

I stood there absorbing this last revelation. Brooke was great at knowing the right thing to say at the exact right time to throw me for a loop. She strolled away gingerly, working her magic with the small groups of people to our right. There was nothing left for me to do, so I sauntered myself up to the bar. Once I had an ice cold Corona in my hand, my anxiety seemed to dissipate.

I stood at the bar, scouring the room to understand the layout and who the players were. There were small groups gathered all around the room. Tables were set up on the right and left of a head table with a podium. This was going to be exactly as Leslie had said, boring. As I was taking it all in, a voice to my left startled me.

“That was impressive,” the voice said.

I turned to see a young man, probably younger than I was, in a very sharp grey suit standing there with a glass in his hand. He was just a touch shorter than I, clean shaven and very professional looking. It appeared that he was drinking scotch; I could smell it from where I was standing.

“What’s impressive,” I asked in a rather coy manner.

“You are,” he replied simply. “Mike Reynolds. I work for Wallace and Wallace out of Denver.”

Mike stuck out his hand and I shook it with my most professional and manly grip.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mike,” I replied. “Tell me, why did you say I was impressive?”

“You just walked in with the four hottest women in the room and none of them seem interested in anyone here but you,” he observed. “Who do you guys represent?”

“We represent Adams & Cartwright out of Burbank,” I disclosed. “So tell me Mike, what type of law do you practice?”

“We specialize in patent law,” he admitted humbly. “Are any of those babes you strolled in with available?”

I thought about how boring this was going to be and decided to have some real fun.

“Mike, you see that lovely young blonde in the white dress,” I asked him as I pointed at Nikki. “She is looking for a down to earth guy, a really grounded, professional dude. I think you would like her.”

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