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Affair with My Friend’s Son

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It was raining heavily as Cassie Lewis walked rapidly while holding her handbag above her head trying to save herself from getting too drenched, her car had stalled and she had to leave it where it was. Her friend Molly Carpenter lived only a few blocks away, so she headed there. They worked in the same office and had been friends for years. Cassie was single while forty-five year old Molly had divorced her husband five years ago when she found him in their shower with a young woman.

Since then Molly was living with her youngest son Adam who was soon turning nineteen, and in the local college. Adam was a decent looking guy, and a bit shy. And due to a bad event, was still fearful of being alone, but only at night.

Cassie had just turned thirty and had men asking her out all the time, Since most had made some sort of sexual reference or stared her well-developed boobs, she turned them down, hoping to find a man who would like her for who she was. Molly and Cassie worked out often so they were quite fit. They felt the eyes of most men in the office staring at them, and most likely mentally undressing them. Although they were not fond of it, they realized the term “MILF” fit them.

As Cassie walked that rainy she knew the few men she passed were staring at her because she was wearing a white shirt that clung to the curves of her upper body. She was also wearing a red bra which was clearly visible through the thin fabric. She reached Molly’s house and knocked on the door. Her son Adam opened the door after a minute.

“Hey Adam, Can I come in?”

“Of course Cassie!”

Adam closed the door letting her in and said, “Mom is gone to see her sister and will be back later.”

Cassie saw him looking at her face, but she knew his eyes rolled down to her chest. It made her a little uneasy but had no reason to be worried about Adam approaching her. Actually she felt an attraction to him. If not for their age difference, Cassie felt she would have considered being physical with him.

“I really need to get out of these wet clothes. Could you get me a towel honey?”

“Be glad to.”

Cassie went to Molly’s bedroom to pick out something to wear, then headed to the bathroom. She had her pants and blouse off, and was taking off her bra when Adam came in with a fresh towel in his hands.

“Sorry,” He said when he saw her nearly naked.

“It’s okay Adam,” Cassie said as he left the room. She figured it wasn’t a big deal that her friend’s son had just walked in while she was undressing.

Adam was a pleasant young man, but he was young compared to her. Cassie watched him check her out quickly before leaving the room. As Cassie pulled her panties down and off, she wondered what Adam was thinking about the quick view he had seen of her nearly nude, and if he would think of her the next time he jerked off.

She took a quick shower, dried off, and slipped into the borrowed blue night gown with buttons in the front and lace around the neckline and hem. She wore nothing underneath.

Cassie left the bathroom and saw Adam at the kitchen table. A smile was on her face knowing Adam was constantly looking at her. The phone rang and Adam left to answer it. A moment later he returned with the handset.

“It’s my Mom.” he said.

“Hello! Molly, where are you?” She asked.

“I’m at Linda’s house, but it’s raining heavily and I don’t really want to head home until it stops.”

Cassie said, “My car stalled so I came here since it was closer.”

“That’s fine with me. Stay as long as you like.”

“Thank you, I will hang around until get home,” Cassie said and they hung up.

As she put down the phone Adam dropped his spoon and went under the table to find it. Cassie smiled again knowing how naughty Adam was being. She didn’t spread her legs, which she knew he hoped for, so he would get a better peek.

“Do you see it?” She asked slyly.

“What?” he said.

“The spoon, silly.”

“Oh yea I got it,” Adam said as he slid back into his chair.

Cassie could tell he was nervous by his voice, and wondered what he was thinking. Or what she was.

They talked awhile and she sensed the shyness his mom had mentioned. When she asked if he had a girlfriend, he timidly said that he never had. She knew then that he was likely inexperienced in the ways of love and sex.

Cassie went back to Molly’s bedroom, not knowing Adam was following. When she turned back to close the door they collided and collapsed onto the floor with Cassie on her back and Adam over her. One of his hands was over her right boob and his crotch was pushing against the left side of her pelvis.

Neither moved or said anything. He was not getting up and she was not asking him to get off. Cassie looked into his eyes which were filled with desire. She could feel his cock growing hard and pushing against her pelvis. Adam bent his head down and their lips met in a gentle kiss while Cassie’s hand caressed his soft hair. They had a chance, and the time to bring them closer. Cassie knew she should beşiktaş escort have asked Adam to get off, but she really didn’t want him to.

While they kissed, his hand slowly squeezed her boobs and he pushed himself on her body. They kissed for a few minutes on the floor and she let his hand rest on her breasts. Cassie enjoyed how hard he felt pressed against her thighs. Soon Adam started kissing the skin near her boobs that was left exposed above the nightgown. Cassie wanted to moan but didn’t because that could have made things more dirty and she didn’t want that.

“Stop, stop!” Cassie finally said.

He stopped and looked at her, probably thinking things were not going to continue. Cassie stood up and looked at him. She grabbed his hand and took him to Molly’s bedroom. She didn’t bother to close the door because they were alone in the house. They faced each other and she opened a few buttons of her night gown, revealing what he wanted to see. Cassie didn’t tease him much and took it off, letting it fall down on the floor. She was standing naked in front of Adam and wondered if he had imagined her that way before.

She sensed he was too nervous to touch her. So she approached him and put his hands on her round boobs and erect nipples. If he had reached between her legs, he would have found how wet she was, but he didn’t. He seemed happy to feel her breasts, like he had forgotten she was totally naked, and had other areas he could explore.

Cassie tried to lift his t-shirt but he took it off himself. When she undid his belt, he took off his pants. He was hard like steel inside his white underwear. She controlled her feelings and let him feel her as both hands caressed her boobs. He seemed to enjoy playing with them, and Cassie got the feeling he had never done it before. He came closer and they began kissing again. His hands moved to her back, and Cassie’s hands were around his body.

“Do you want to suck my boobs?” Cassie asked while looking straight into his eyes.

He seemed confused how to answer so Cassie moved his head down to her chest. He kissed her boobs near the nipples, and then started to suck on them. He was really good, and Cassie could not control her moans. At least he would know how well she enjoyed what he did. Cassie knew something was going to happen between them, but was not sure exactly what.

Back at Molly’s house, Adam moved his fingers through the thick black bush below Cassie’s waist. Then his hand moved between her legs. He was fumbling around, feeling and rubbing, and unknowingly rubbing her clit. Everything that was happening made her lose control, and she moaned loud in pleasure.

Cassie debated on jerking him off, but the way he was touching her while sucking her tits made her ready to do almost anything. His finger slipped in her wet hole while he was kissing below her tits. They went to her bed where Cassie spread her legs, and asked him to come to her. He sat down near her legs.

She knew he was waiting for her to say something, but when she kept quiet, he slowly moved his hand on her leg and moved upward. She felt his hand between her legs again and then his finger dived deep inside. He moved his finger in and out, and eventually found her clit. Cassie grabbed onto the sheets and enjoyed it immensely. After a few more minutes of fingering, her body shivered in a very satisfying orgasm.

He watched her breathing heavy, with his hand on her thigh. His cock was still hard, and Cassie knew she had to take care of it.

“Had you done it before?” Cassie asked, rubbing her hand on his leg.

“What?” he asked.

“What you just did with your finger?”

“No,” he admitted while looking down.

“You were good, you made me cum,” She told him, but he was still looking down.

Cassie got off the bed and stood in front of him, then went on her knees. She looked up into his eyes while her hands reached for his hard cock. He closed his eyes as she squeezed it a little, and felt himself getting ever harder.

Cassie stroked his cock as he looked down, then she wrapped her lips around the head. She moved her mouth over the entire length and stroked with her hands at the same time. In just a couple of minutes he shot off in her mouth. Cassie kept sucking and let him unload his cum all in her mouth.

“I am… I am sorry,” He said gasping. “I should have warned you.”

“It’s okay,” Cassie said clearly. “I already swallowed all the cum. I have always had great oral talents and really enjoy getting guys off with my mouth.”

She laid back on the bed and asked him to lie down next to her. His cock was going soft, so she put her hand on his chest and felt his heartbeat.

“Have you had sex before?” I asked him.

“No,” he replied softly.

Cassie was a little shocked because she wasn’t expecting him to be a virgin.

She moved her hand around his chest, feeling his body. Then she went lower, down to his cock and slipped it back between her warm lips.

“You are getting beylikdüzü escort hard again,” Cassie said. “You have a nice cock Adam.”

Cassie was wondering if she should stop things, or go for more. She looked at him and lost all control. She grabbed his cock, moved over his torso, and lowered herself onto him. His cock was quickly buried fully inside her, and Cassie sat motionless, enjoying the fullness.

“Ah…” He moaned and opened his eyes.

“Do you want me to stop?” She asked.

He nodded his head and replied, “No…please don’t.”

Cassie put one hand on his chest, and kept slowly riding his cock. She enjoyed the feeling and hoped she could reach another climax, this time with him inside her. She felt pride knowing she was his first lover, but also some guilt because he was her best friend’s son. Either way, she was going to enjoy the experience, even if it never happened again.

“This time let me know when you are near,” Cassie told him. “I don’t want you to cum inside me.”

She bent towards his face, placing her boobs closer to his mouth. He licked each nipple in turn and fondled her tits. Cassie wanted to hold him off for a while, and had to sit motionless on him several times to prevent Adam from climaxing too quickly.

“This is incredible!” Alex exclaimed. “I never imagined you and I would do anything like this.”

“Me either,” Cassie responded. “I know I shouldn’t do this, but now that we are, let’s both enjoy ourselves.”

“Yea. Not sure how much longer I can keep going. It feels so good.”

Cassie said, “Just enjoy and try to hold off longer if you can. I am so close to cumming.”

As soon as she said that, he announced he could not hold back, so she quickly pulled away and sat next to him. She grasped his cock, and he exploded all over her hands. Cassie luckily didn’t let any get on Molly’s bed sheets. She kept stroking his cock, squeezing until the last drop. She was tempted to lick it off, but didn’t want to make things seem any dirtier. She looked at him, and knew was satisfied. Cassie got off the bed and went to the bathroom to clean her hands.

When I came out he was still lying on the bed with his soft cock, and cum over his tummy and thighs. I picked up that night gown from the floor and wore it.

“Take a shower if you want Adam. I’m going to see if my clothes are dry,” Cassie said.

She watched him going to the bathroom while she started the dryer. She removed her things from the

dryer and left them on Molly’s bed where Adam was sitting, apparently thinking of something. And he was wearing all his clothes. They kept quiet, not sure what to say.

“Don’t tell anyone about what happened between us,” Cassie finally said.

“Okay,” He replied.

The phone rang again, and it was Molly asking Cassie if she was still at her house, and that she was on her way home.

“Yes I am,” She replied.

“Is Adam okay?” Molly asked.

“He’s fine. We are just talking.”

“I’ll be there in about 20 minutes,” Molly said and hung up.

“I should get ready to leave,” Cassie said as she took off the gown and started dressing. Adam was not looking at her while she put on her clothes.

“Something wrong?” She asked.

“Nothing really,” He replied. “it’s just that…well…this was so good and I know it can’t happen again.”

“One never knows,” Cassie responded.

Before leaving Molly’s bedroom she made sure that there wasn’t any evidence of the sexual encounter between her and Adam. She hugged him and felt his erection press again her waist, and fondly recalled the ability of youth to get aroused easily.

“Hey Cassie,”Molly said as she entered the house. “Thank you so much for staying with Adam.”

“You don’t need to thank me. Adam is a good guy and we had so much fun.. I called a cab and it will be here soon. I can get my car started in the morning.”

“You can stay for dinner tonight if you want,” Molly said.

“I guess so, thanks,” Cassie replied.

Cassie looked at Adam, and could tell he had many questions for her. Her mind was telling her that what she had done was not right, but she also couldn’t resist the pleasure and happiness gained from it. No matter what happened between them, Cassie decided not to do it again. Adam was a young guy, and like any other young guy, he should have a girlfriend of his age.

She tried to act like nothing happened between them. While Molly was preparing things in the kitchen, Cassie sat by the kitchen table. Adam came in and sat down next to her. After a minute she felt his hand on her leg, and Cassie gently pushed his hand away from my thigh. Again after a minute, his hand was on her leg again, only higher. Then he pulled her dress up a little, and placed his hand on her thigh.

Cassie loved his touch, but also wanted to stop him as he touched the inside of her thigh, and was just making her lose control over her feelings.

“Adam, please stop it,” She whispered.

“Why?” beyoğlu escort he asked, his hand still feeling her thigh.

“Because it’s not good,” I replied.

“But you are the best thing in my life.”

He had changed. He was not that innocent and shy Adam any more. She wanted him to touch her but then Molly came to the table with the food, and they enjoyed the dinner. After a minute Cassie felt Adam’s hand on her upper leg and pushed it away. Soon his hand was on her leg again, this time higher. Before Cassie could again push his hand away, he pulled her dress up a little, and rested his hand on her bare thigh.

After dinner Molly told her that she had to go out of town for a night, and wanted Cassie to stay in her house with Adam. Hearing that Adam looked at her, and Cassie could see how happy he was at the idea. Cassie was worried about spending a few days alone with Adam, but couldn’t say no to Molly.

After the dinner Molly offered her to stay, as it was quite late, so Cassie accepted, hoping she would be able to control herself so Molly would find her in her son’s bed.

The next morning at breakfast Adam looked at Cassie as if he had won something huge. Cassie helped Molly pack things, while Adam stood near the bed staring at her cleavage.

“I should leave now, and Adam no late night TV, your exams are coming near,” Molly reminded him.

“Sure thing Mom.”

“Please take care of everything,” Molly said looking at Cassie.

Molly left after Adam helped her put her luggage in the taxi. Cassie was a little concerned about going inside. As soon as Cassie went back into the house, Adam hugged her from behind. His hands were on her boobs, grabbing them perfectly.

“I love you, you are so beautiful. I just can’t stop thinking about you,” Adam said.

Cassie thought about what she had recently done with him. Her mind was telling her that it was not right, but she also couldn’t resist the pleasure she enjoyed with him. She had more or less decided not to do it again. Adam was a young guy, and should have a girlfriend around his age. She was there for a couple nights and knew that right or wrong, something good was bound to happen.

Cassie felt Adam’s fingers were touching her breasts, making her want to do things like they had done that rainy day. The day that changed their relationship forever. She turned around not worrying that her boobs were almost exposed to him. He looked in her eyes, and before she could say anything else, he started kissing her with passion. For a couple of seconds she tried to push him away, but then was kissing him back. She held him tightly while his hands moved from her back to her ass.

Thing were more passionate this time, and Cassie knew he had something in his heart for her. Adam’s hand moved to her tits and slid his hands in my top, feeling her boobs through the bra. As they were kissing and hugging each other, she could feel his erection pressing against her body. She guided her hand to his hard cock.

“Just one more time, and then, never again…” She thought to herself.

Cassie pushed him away and quickly removed her top and bra. She was breathing heavy, and all she wanted was him to kiss her breasts. They looked into each others’ eyes, and he lowered his head to the soft gloves of her tits. He started sucking on them causing her to moan with pleasure. Adam stopped long enough to take off his t-shirt, and started to suck on her nipples again.

“Yes Adam, that feels so good.”

Cassie decided they shouldn’t be standing near the main door, so she walked to Molly’s bedroom. Molly had said to sleep where she would feel comfortable; either her bedroom or the guestroom. But for what she and Adam were about to do, she preferred to do it in the same bed in which they had done it before. They were in the bedroom now with Adam standing behind her. She heard him undoing his belt and taking off his pants. Cassie didn’t look back and pulled down her pants and underwear.

She bent over the bed and said, “Fuck me.”

Her heart was beating faster by the thought that he was again going to be inside her again. Grabbing her waist, he slowly pushed all the way in. She was again feeling the same pleasure, but this time she was more comfortable. With his cock deep inside her, Cassie was wondering how she could end things between them after letting him make love to her.

“I have always fantasized doing this,” Adam said.

“Do what? Bending a woman over the bed”?

“Yes… this is so hot,” Adam replied.

All Cassie could hear was the gasping and groaning emitting from both of their mouths. Adam went at it nice and hard, but neither had cum. She was close and wanted to suck his cock and cum. She asked Adam to pull out and pushed him on the bed, totally out of control over her urges and emotions. She grabbed his hard cock and took it into her warm mouth.

Cassie sucked his cock with a hunger she had never known. Adam looked at as her as she pleasured him. She continued showing him her oral talents until she needed him back inside. Soon she was on top, riding him as he fondled each breast. Cassie climaxed in an intense orgasm, with her body shivering over him. She fell on to his chest as her body continued to shake. Adam quickly rolled over her and entered her again. After a few minutes he pulled out and shot a copious amount of cum over her belly and breasts.

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