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After The Shower

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Running the washcloth over her body once more she turns and stands under the water, eyes closed and letting it course down her body. Sliding her hands up and down her skin she wipes the last traces of soap off. She always loved the feel of her body being touched all over, even if it was just her own hand right now.

Turning off the water with a long sigh of relief she grabs a towel, eyes shut tight to keep the water out. Wrapping her hair in the towel she then grabs another in order to dry her body off. She could feel the droplets of water still dripping from her hair under the towel then run down her body and she shivers lightly. An idea pops into her head, but she figures he would never go for it since he was the one to make the first moves in their relationship.

Stepping out of the shower, she stretches and peeks at herself in the mirror. A smile crosses her face as everything seems to be right where it should. For a 30 year old she still looked as good as she did 10 years before. Examining every curve of her body in the mirror has been her daily routine for years. Long lean legs, topped by breasts that weren’t overly large but not as small as many other women’s, a C cup and she was happy with that. “Won’t sag as fast” she said to herself. Turning from the mirror she smiles at the excitement she feels from viewing herself coupled with the excitement her hands earlier caused.

Opening the door to the bedroom the silence is almost overwhelming. Looking to the bed she notices He wasn’t in his usual spot, waiting for her to come out of the shower so he can press her down to the bed and lick some kaçak iddaa of the moisture off her body. Padding quietly down the hallway she peeks in doors as she moves towards the front of the house.

Hearing the soft snores her lips part in a smile as she recognizes the noises. “He still claims he doesn’t snore” she thought as she laughed quietly to herself.

Peeking around the corner she giggles, as she sees him stretched out naked on the couch. After she had gotten in the shower he must have come out here to watch a bit of TV and amuse himself. She was prone to long hot showers and being in there for an hour was not unusual for her, he moaned about it but she knew it was all for show.

Getting the most impish look upon her face, one he would have paddled her ass for, she drops the towel from around her body, then takes the towel in her hair out. Leaning over and giving her hair a toss she shakes it out around her face and feels the drops of moisture cling to her skin while more cascades down her body over her breasts and even drips off a nipple. Tossing both towels aside she tip toes over to his side and watches him making sure he’s fully asleep and not trying to feign it.

Carefully she lifts a leg up placing it on the side of his hip that’s against the couch, then grabbing his wrists gently she holds on knowing she will get it for this later.

With a drop of her body she sits on his hips and shakes her hair over his chest and face. Holding tight and giggling she watches him jump awake trying to pull loose from her grip and wake up totally.

“What the Hell????”

Opening kaçak bahis his eyes he stares up at her, her impish giggle and wet hair flooding his waking thoughts. Looking down he sees her hands on his wrists holding him and her relaxes a bit, putting up a small fight for her pleasure and amusement.

Moaning softly he feels her hair caress his skin and drip down around his body the water rolling down his sides and stomach as more follows. Slowly she starts to drag her hair across his skin, starting at his neck she pulls the silken wet strands down to his chest leaving wet paths behind as she does and turning him on. She remembered all to well how hard the feel of her wet body caused him to get, feeling it grow under her as she wiggled gently against his cock.

Grinning at him she scoots down his body letting go of his hands but watching him for any sudden movement, she then drags her wet hair down his lower chest and over his belly. Taking both hands she grabs some of her hair and squeezes it over his belly button watching the drops fall faster. Leaning in and with a small swipe of her tongue she licks up the water as it moves down to his waist, her tongue making lazy circles as she peeks up at him from between her hair.

His face was a mixture of shock and lust. She watched him flex his hands and try to reach out and grab her, but enjoying the sensations to much to do so. Scooting down his leg and straddling it she finally drags her hair over his now rock hard cock letting the strands caress it’s hot and throbbing hardness. Each strand sliding around it caressing and dripping small drops of water on illegal bahis him then sliding down his cock and onto his balls. Grabbing her hair she again squeezes it, the water streaming off the ends and landing on the head of his cock, her eyes transfixed as with every drop his cock twitches and he lets out a moan of pleasure.

Letting go of her hair she moves her head back and forth dragging the silken mane around his rapidly hardening shaft. Then grabbing a handful of hair she reaches out and envelopes his cock with it using it to stroke him she starts to move slowly at first up and down his shaft. The wet hair sliding against the hot skin making his moans louder and his breath catch. Letting one hand stroke him with some hair she takes a length more in her other hand and drags it over his balls tickling him and watching his cock strain even more as she does so.

Keeping up the endless teasing she hears his breath speed up, her hand moving a bit faster as her hair closes around his cock the strands wrapping around the head and base as she slips her fingers up and down him. The wetness allowing her fingers to caress him with ease as she feels his hands reach up and grab her head holding still as his hips thrust up and he cums.

Thick white ropes shoot out of his cock, getting entangled with her hair and covering it. Moaning he moves his hips again and cums once more soaking her hair with his seed as she watches it drip back down on his cock while her fingers slow their movement and shudders of pleasure course through him. Letting go of his cock she shakes her hair free the cum dripping from strand to strand as she smiles up at him and licks the head of his cock, cleaning some of his cum off.

With a wicked lil grin as she licks her lips clean of his cum she glances up at Him “Mmmm now this a cream rinse!”

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