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Aleena Ch. 1

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Aleena slowly walked into the room. There were two men: her boyfriend, Jake, and his buff best friend, Greg, who used to be a football player. Greg stuttered to a halt in mid sentence.

“Aleena! What do you think you’re wearing?” he asked incredulously.

She was wearing a green velvet thong, a sheer green baby doll top and a pair of the fashionably ugly, black, four inch heel combat boots with green laces. Sinuously, she walked to Greg and rubbed her hand on his jeans crotch.

“What does it look like I’m wearing?” she grinned, sliding her hand higher up his pants, only to slip it back down on the inside of his pants. Greg gasped. Jake, knowing beforehand what was going on, walked quietly out of the room in search of a video camera.

Aleena opened Greg’s pants and slid them down around his ankles. As if in a trance, Greg stepped out of them, taking off his shoes at the same time. Aleena rubbed at Greg’s growing cock. She pulled down his boxers just as Jake returned with the camera and a dildo. Aleena took the dildo and lay back on the couch where she began rubbing the purple phallus over her barely-covered privates. Beckoning Greg forward onto the couch, she motioned for him to take off his shirt. As he did, Jake took a comfortable seat on the coffee table four feet away, recording the unfolding scene.

Aleena gazed over Greg’s naked form and the half-limp cock laying in his lap.

She wiggled off her panties and anadolu yakası escort slipped her finger into wet her cunt. Greg’s cock grew minimally longer. She sighed and whipped her top off, exposing her big, double-D tits to him. A year ago she’d had them enlarged for this occasion. Greg sucked in his breath.

Acting resigned, Aleena leaned forward and took Greg’s 7 inch softy into her mouth and ran her tongue around his head. Almost immediately, he grew two inches and widened considerably. Squeezing the base of his cock, Aleena sucked hard on the head while she slipped the purple dildo into her pussy, working it into her without any lubrication but her own coursing fluids.

She pushed Greg’s cock further into her mouth and managed to take half of it in. Greg grabbed Aleena’s head and slammed it down his shaft, tossing his head back and moaning. In the meantime, Aleena had worked her body around so that Jake could take a closeup of her pussy and the dildo hanging from it while she sucked Greg.

When Aleena stopped for breath, she looked down and saw Greg’s engorged, ten-inch by 2-inch cock and the fat head and gasped audibly in appreciation.

“My God , Greg!” she said, out of breath. “Screw the foreplay!”

Greg stared at her in a daze, then nodded. Aleena took the dildo out and tossed it across the room to land with a plop in a potted plant while Greg grabbed her waist and ataşehir escort pulled her to him. He pushed the head of his cock against the puffy lips of Aleena’s pussy and, very gently, entered her from behind.

He’d only managed an inch when he pulled out, but Aleena still whimpered when he popped out. Reaching a hand down to guide Greg to her pussy, Aleena forced in two inches. Greg withdrew a bit, then aided by the pussy juice trickling down his cock, slipped in five more inches.

Aleena, sensing his growing impatience but his not wanting to go too fast, jerked back and pressed her butt against his abdomen, taking him in all the way. Greg moaned and sat back on the wide couch. Aleena sluttily rotated her hips and moaned deep in her throat. Greg wrapped his fingers around her hips again and pulled Aleena up his dick.

Impatiently, Aleena shoved herself back down his cock. A really loud “Squiiiiiiishhh” penetrated the hot and horny atmosphere and Aleena moaned. Greg reached down between Aleena’s tan thighs and rubbed her clit with one of his fingers, the touch sent a ripple of pleasure through her and she squeezed the base of his already big dick and felt it grow a bit thicker.

Aleena threw her head back onto Greg’s big shoulder and groaned. She lifted her hips slowly and brought them back down just the same way, causing a buildup of friction that had them both moaning. A thin trickle of cum avcılar escort ran out of Aleena’s slick slot and she pushed Greg’s hands to her hips so he could guide her, and guide her he did, he guided her right off his cock and held her suspended over his straining phallus. She moaned her displeasure and Jake, rubbing at his cock through his pants, zoomed in on Aleena’s own fluids dripping out of her.

Greg lowered the whimpering Aleena sideways onto the couch, lifted up her four-inch combat heeled knee-high booted leg and shoved all ten inches of hard meat into her quivering pussy. Again, he felt the squeeze of her small cunt around his thick cock and again he moaned.

He decided it was not time to savor his best friend’s girlfriend’s cunt. He began pounding her pink hole with all his energy. A minute later, Aleena screamed her first of many orgasms. One every ten seconds to be precise. The visibly contracting muscles of her pussy caught Jake’s attention and he zoomed in to catch a close-up of her fifth orgasm and the thick underside of Greg’s engorged cock.

Aleena tweaked her nipple with a free hand and sent herself over the edge, again. Greg, feeling himself about to cum, pounded Aleena’s tight pink hole even more furiously.

Jake had taken his cock out of his pants and was jacking off to the erotic sex in front of him. On Aleena’s tenth orgasm, he blew his load onto the coffee table he’d been standing behind.

Greg groaned a deep bass note and stiffened, splurting his thick cum into Aleena’s highly lubricated channel. Since Jake had accidentally kept the camera trained on Aleena and Jake’s genitalia, in the finished film, the viewer would be able to see Greg’s cum pumping up the underside of his shaft and into Aleena’s hot pussy.

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