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Alex , Alexa Ch. 04

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Chapter 4- All-Consuming Desire

I woke early, knowing that Alexa was likely also up. It was also my parents’ day off together, so they would sleep in. Better still, they were both sound sleepers, so we could make a little noise in the house without arousing suspicion.

I looked over at my laptop, which sat on a small TV tray right by my bed and saw that Alexa too was stretching and waking up. She saw me looking at her and came forward to her screen, kneeling on all fours, her lovely breasts wobbling below her. She smiled serenely and blew me a kiss.

“How’d you sleep, lover?” she asked in a soft voice.

“I slept well, thank you,” I said, rolling onto my side to look at her. “My dreams, which I remember well, were very entertaining and totally Alexa-centric.”

“Mmmm, glad to hear it,” she said warmly. “Because I dreamed of you and I have the morning dew to show for it…”

She reached under herself and played her pussy for several seconds and then brought her fingers back up to display for me, demonstrating how sticky they were. She stuck them in her mouth and licked them off, making a moaning sound and then smiling at me wickedly.

“That was all you,” she cooed. “You made me this wet and today you’re going to have to finish what you started.”

“Looking forward to it.” I said, pointing the webcam I’d attached to my laptop down at my cock, which I was stroking to hardness. “Oh, and just so you know? My parents have the day off and will sleep in til around ten. And they’re also sound sleepers, you’d have to fire a cannon in their room before they wake up on days off.”

She considered what I was saying and disappeared from her screen. Seconds later, I heard her quickly and quietly padding down the basement stairs and she appeared, wearing her robe that she had wrapped around herself. She threw it aside when she reached the bottom step, once again naked and collapsed onto the bed with me, kissing me hungrily. We rolled about, squirming and groping, swallowing one another’s tongues, my rock-hard cock pressed to her wet pussy.

“I want you so bad…” she whimpered, biting my lower lip. “Alex, I need you. But I want you all wild and pent up for the grove…”

“I want you too,” I growled, gripping her fiercely as we ground our bodies together. “I want to fuck you until we scream and pass out. But we’ll be strong, Alexa. For our trip to the grove. Let’s not cum until we’re there. Then you can have all of me.”

She kissed me feverishly for a while longer before rolling off me and lying on my bed, looking at the ceiling, her chest rising and falling as she tried to control herself. One of her hands clasped mine, fingers entwined. I know how she felt, my cock was standing straight, throbbing with need. It was going to be an icy shower I took in a bit.

“This is crazy,” she murmured. “I’ve never wanted- no, needed someone this bad before. I don’t know what you’ve done to me, Alex, but… I need you inside me. I can hardly explain it. How the hell are we going to make it until Karen and Mike wake up?”

I pondered that issue for a moment and looked at my alarm clock. It was officially after eight am, so city by-laws and ordinances about noise were no longer in effect. I got an evil smile on my face and turned to look at her. She turned into me and snuggled close, her breasts squashed to me and her body flat to mine. My cock poked between her legs and ass cheeks. She seemed determined to hold me here until she was satisfied with whatever my solution was.

“I’ll go into the backyard and start mowing,” I said, nodding in confidence. “This’ll wake my mom and dad up. When they ask why the hell I’m doing it at such an ungodly hour, I’ll explain that I wanted to get it done early so I could devote the rest of my day off to gaming. They get annoyed and you interject and tell me that you’re not letting me stay indoors on a beautiful day and you’re making me take you on a picnic. My parents will love it because it gets me away from the games and they are home alone and can misbehave all they want.”

She giggled and crushed herself to me, giving me a wet kiss. “It sounds perfect, they’ll definitely go for that!”

As a sign of her approval of the plan, she took my cockhead and toyed it against her pussylips, pressing the head just a tiny bit inside, enough to make us both tremble. She nodded and looked at me steadily. “Soon, lover. This is what we’re both waiting for.”

She pulled away from me again, centering herself so that she felt more in control. She sighed finally and looked at me. “Shall I make everyone breakfast?”

“That works,” I said, nodding. “I can say that your cooking woke me up and I decided to get the yard work done before breakfast was ready so that I’d built up an appetite. Check to see what we have and make some European breakfast if you can.”

She rolled over top of me and kissed me deeply one more time before putting her robe back on and heading up to her escort bursa room to get some pajamas on. I laid still for some time, watching her make a show of dressing for me and then heading downstairs. Meanwhile, I put on some ratty jogging shorts and a tank top and my sneakers, things I’d wear to mow the back lawn.

As I came upstairs, Alexa and I passed one another at the kitchen. We hugged and kissed as we spun around one another and kept going. We were getting good at this.

I made my way out to the back and went into the large shed. I knew that Alexa needed time to get some food started, so I pushed it out onto the lawn and did some stretches to limber up and get me going. I wasn’t surprised to see her taking pictures of me from the kitchen window.

Once I saw her give me the thumbs up, I fired it up, the engine growling loudly. My intent was to wake mom and dad, of course, and I wasn’t terribly worried about incurring the wrath of the neighbours, since on one side it was an elderly couple who were mostly deaf and sat on their front porches all day and on the other it was a house that had been divided up into student lodgings and they knew better than to complain to the professors who lived next door. Our back fence abutted a long slope down into the ravine, a place I intended to take Alexa when I finally could.

We had a riding lawn-mower, but this one was louder and gave me a bit of a workout by pushing it around. Having gunned it, I then began pushing it back and forth across the lawn, causing a great deal of noise. I didn’t look directly at my parents’ window, but after about ten minutes I saw it open and then my dad was calling to me. I couldn’t hear him, of course, and just kept on with my project.

Soon enough, dad was downstairs on the deck, dressed in his robe and giving me a very stern look. Mom was standing not far behind, as if keeping dad between her and myself was the only thing that was ensuring my continued existence. Upon seeing them I turned off the engine and looked at them both.

“Alex, what, in the name of Helmholz are you doing?” dad demanded of me, louder than he needed to because he clearly hadn’t adjusted his volume from when the engine was running.

I shrugged. “Thought I’d get an early start on my chore for the day. Seemed reasonable.”

“No, as a matter of fact, it was déraisonnable, the exact opposite of what you thought you were doing,” mom growled, exasperated at being pulled from her slumber. “Your brain really takes a vacation during the summer, doesn’t it? You woke your father and I up with that racket on the one day we get to sleep in. Please explain how your life is not forfeit.”

At that moment, Alexa trotted out to join them on the deck, cheerfully wishing them each a good morning and giving them a hug. She then apologized and claimed fault, saying that it was entirely possible that I’d been awakened by the smell of the breakfast she was making for everyone and that once she’d explained it would take a while still, I came out here to do something useful.

Dad seemed mollified but mom was still determined to blame me. Alexa coaxed her inside and offered her a nice cup of strong coffee. I said I’d keep going with the mowing to finish it off.

‘What? No!” dad exclaimed, looking at me liked I’d grown a second head. “Did you rattle your brain out when you started mowing with that relic? Get in here, we’re going to have breakfast.”

I shrugged and walked inside, joining everyone around the kitchen island. My eyes bugged out at the size of the meal Alexa was preparing- sausages, bacon, thin European pancakes, potato latkes, scrambled eggs, muesli, crumpets and muffins, grilled tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, cheeses, baked beans, honey and berries.

“Zuzhòu…” I muttered, looking on in astonishment. “That’s amazing.”

“I just wanted to show my appreciation for everything you’ve done,” Alexa said, smiling warmly. “So I put together kind of a polyglot of European breakfasts. Hopefully there’s enough.”

“I’d say so,” dad mused, looking at everything. “Your sister’ll be in a coma for a week.”

Alexa giggled and shooed us all toward the dining table, making sure we each had full cups of coffee before returning to get the food. She’d already laid out bowls and plates and silverware for everyone and then began serving us.

Dad and I ate a lot of everything. It was amazing and I couldn’t get enough. Mom had a little of everything, since she wasn’t the voracious eater dad and I were. Once we’d all been served, Alexa sat down and tackled her plate, demonstrating an impressive appetite once again. More coffee was served and Alexa insisted that no one help her, this was her thank you to us.

All the food was gone, to my amazement. Every plate was completely empty and even most of the condiments gone. We drank coffee and talked for some time, which was infinitely pleasant. Once she’d started a second pot, Alexa began to clear the table and I sharp bursa merkez eskort look from mom told me I was helping her. I dutifully began stacking plates and bowls and bringing them to the sink. Alexa rinsed them while I loaded everything in the dishwasher. Once it was done, mom turned in her chair and assessed me casually.

“So, what’s got you so fired up to finish your chores?” she asked, looking at over the rim of her mug.

I shrugged. “I wanted my schedule for the day clear. I was planning on getting online and playing some co-op kill on Call of-”

Mom cleared her throat, indicating that I was done talking. “Am I to understand that you woke your father and I up at least two hours early with that infernal racket so that you’d could hide in the basement all day and get your ass handed to you by twelve year-olds in a video game?”

I said nothing initially but Alexa snickered.

“Let’s look at this from another angle, shall we?” mom said levelly. “If we were up here making a royal din while you were trying to play one of your games, what would you think of us? And don’t try to tell me that you’d have headphones on, because I know you busted yours last week and haven’t replaced them yet.”

I sighed. “Sorry, I guess I’ve been looking forward to this all week and didn’t think things through.”

“No, Alex, Napoleon didn’t ‘think things through’ when he invaded Russia; this is worse,” mom replied. “What on earth makes you think I’d let you spend all damn day in the basement, ignoring the rest of us?”

“She does make a valid point,” Alexa chimed in. “It is rather selfish.”

“Yeah, I guess it is,” I said, admonished. “I’m sorry.”

“That’s a good start,” she continued. “But there’s still amends to be made, both to me and to your parents.”

Mom and dad looked at her quizzically, wondering when exactly they’d handed her the reins but then just sitting back and seeing where this would go.

“So,” Alexa announced. “You may take me out and show me more of the city I now live in. I intend to find the shopping malls, the markets and any boutiques that might catch my fancy. I have no driver’s license yet, that makes you my chauffeur. Agreed?”

“Alright.” I replied, sighing loudly.

“It also has the added benefit of giving my sister and Mike the day to themselves,” she pointed out, which put a smile on my mother’s face and a big grin on dad’s. “I’d say this is a win-win for everyone, right?”

“No argument there,” dad said, standing up. “Alright, it’s settled. Mom and I are doing nothing all day while you’re biffing off and making sure Gollum here gets some sunlight. Let’s go back to bed, Kar.”

“Right behind you, big man…” mom almost purred as she followed dad up the stairs. We heard her giggle and then squeak right before their door closed. Alexa turned and looked at me, a huge, expectant smirk on her face.

“Did we just win?” she asked in a whisper.

I nodded. “Big time.”

She glided into my arms and kissed me, an almost molten expression of affection. We were still in one another’s arms when I heard their door open and froze.

“Oh, and Alex?” dad called down. “We’re turning our cellphones off, so call the house phone if anyone’s dying. Have fun playing chauffeur!”

The door shut again.

We both exhaled and laughed quietly, foreheads and noses pressed as we hugged. She trailed a finger down my chest. “There’s still stuff to do, in terms of getting ready,” she said, smiling at me. “I have to shower and pick the outfit I want to have you take off me and then we need to shop a little to make this authentic…”

I chuckled and kissed her nose. “You are priceless, Alexa. Take whatever time you need and we can still see one another on the webcam anyway. I’ll talk to you real soon.”

We parted ways and I headed downstairs to find the clothes I would wear for her. I found myself being strangely thoughtful on the matter, since I would normally just wear whatever didn’t completely mismatch. But his mattered to me. I turned and looked at my laptop screen to check on her- she was moving around her room, naked, examining various items of clothing. She saw me looking, smiled and waved before returning to her task.

I finally had my attire picked and then went to shower, cleansing myself but then leaving the water as cold as I could take it for the last thirty seconds, to shock my body and keep me ready. I found myself checking over things needlessly, like I was nervous to go on a date. I shook my head and sat down on my bed, watching Alexa in her room.

She too had showered and was getting ready, still naked. It was a sight that made me smile and I knew I would never tire of it. She was wholly beautiful and I didn’t want to stop looking at her. But then she caught me staring and smirked, waving a finger at the screen before closing it. I’d just have to wait. So I went upstairs and sat on the couch in the living bursa sınırsız escort room, the one we’d been naked on the day before, making out and teasing ourselves into a frenzy. I turned on a History Channel show and waited for her to come down.

“Thanks for waiting, Alex…” said a soft voice from behind me. I turned off the TV and turned around to look at my aunt- she was stunning. That’s all I could say about her. She was wearing a light blue sundress, one that flowed around her and hugged her curves just right, sensual and elegant but not to be worn by someone with a less spectacular figure. Her golden hair spilled over her shoulders and back in waves and I couldn’t wait to see it in the sunlight. Her sapphire eyes glinted expectantly, waiting for my judgment of her appearance.

Apparently my gaze and inability to speak told her everything because she smiled and mouthed the words ‘thank you’ before coming forward and taking my hands in hers and looking into my eyes.

“Are you ready?” she asked, looking into my eyes. “I know I am.”

I nodded and smiled. “Let’s go. We’ve got a wonderful day ahead of us.”

Alexa snuggled herself into me for a second before turning to the side and holding out her cellphone, taking a picture of us together. She also filmed a quick video, telling her phone about how today was the day I was going to make love to her. She indicated a large picnic basket she intended to bring, along with some girl’s bag or satchel that weighed about 3.8 metric tons. I went outside and put the supplies in the back of my car while she strolled slowly toward my vehicle, seeming pensive. As I pulled out of the driveway, I took her hand and gave it a squeeze.

“You okay?” I asked. “You’re unusually… reflective.”

“I’m fine,” she said, smiling at me, her eyes shining. “I’m just happy, I guess. Happy to be out with you, happy to have a new life, happy to do what we’re about to do. I guess I’m just feeling blessed somehow. Karen was asking me if I was alright, you know, with our mom dying and all the upheaval. But I’d had plenty of time to come to terms with it, while we were in Cardiff. You’ve all made it so much easier. Especially you, my lover. It was unexpected but so welcome.”

“I can identify with that,” I mused. “How often can a guy say the perfect girl came along and truly mean it?”

“Even though… I’m your… even though we’re related?” she asked in a very quiet voice.

“I’ll be honest, Alexa, I have no idea what to do about that,” I said honestly. “Like none. But that doesn’t mean you’re not the most amazing and perfect girl I’ve ever met. Like you said the other night, you were dropped in my lap for a reason.”

She smiled and was silent for a while longer while I drove into the downtown core, where I knew lots of places she’d been keen to shop awaited us. She grew more animated and more of her normal, cheerful self as we got downtown. I pointed out many stores and boutiques and she kept making small verbal notes on her phone about visiting them.

“Where shall we go first?” I asked.

“Well, I did tell Karen I wanted to go shopping, so I’d best find a new dress, at the very least,” she stated. “After that, we’ll find a deli and some other food stores so we can make a picnic.”

“I’m amazed you can eat at all after that titan breakfast,” I laughed. “Mom’s not gonna eat for a week!”

“But not surprisingly you and your father can,” she pointed out, smirking. “God save you two if your metabolisms ever slow down. And as for me, well, I need my energy to keep up sexually with a young buck like you.”

I laughed so hard I almost lost control of the wheel. I look at her, my eyes almost stinging from tears. “You? Having to keep up with me? That is the most flattering lie I’ve ever heard. I need those breakfasts so I’ll be able to satisfy you.”

Alexa giggled. “I might have a bit of a sexual appetite.”

She pointed out a store we were passing by and I pulled in and parked, opening her door for her. I found myself especially eager to accommodate Alexa, to be polite and gentlemanly for her. And it wasn’t just because we were going to finally make love that afternoon, this was something more. I wanted to make her happy, to feel special. It was a compelling need that I couldn’t readily explain.

One good thing about Alexa was that she wasn’t one for endless dithering in clothing stores. It’s not that she was like a man, where she knew what she wanted, bought it and left, but she moved efficiently, assessed her options and opinions, tried things on and made decisions, all the while exuding an air of romantic merriment. Watching her shop was… fun.

“I’m beginning to think there’s nothing you can’t make pretty,” I said as I watched her hold a dress in front of herself. She looked at me and smiled. “I meant that I normally hate clothes shopping,” I explained. “But you, I could watch you do it forever. Damned if I’m not enjoying myself.”

She smiled. “You sure love earning those Dutch kisses, don’t you?” she purred. She looked side-to-side, making sure no one could hear her. “Are you looking forward to sneaking into and making love in a change room one day as much as I am?” she whispered to me. I nodded, loving how involved I felt in her happiness.

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