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Alicia and a Doppelgänger

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“It’s him… I swear it is!” Alicia squealed delightedly as she tugged at the jacket of James, the senior steward on the Jizz Air flight from Melbourne to Bangkok.

It had been three weeks since Alicia had qualified as a member of cabin crew and, for the past week, she had been paired with James. He had been in the job for over fourteen years and was considered patient enough to deal with the pretty black woman’s naïveté and constant gossiping.

They were only two hours into an eight-hour flight, and he had spent the entire time trying to convince Alicia that Chris Hemsworth, a famous actor, wasn’t the fat man sitting in economy class as she so firmly believed.

“Look Alicia! It’s not him! How many times do I have to tell you?!” hissed James in exasperation. Even though he was gay, he appreciated just how astonishingly beautiful his colleague was and, to his shame, he often felt his balls tingle when he looked at her perfect arse.

Picking up her mobile, Alicia found a picture of Chris Hemsworth in a fat suit and thrust it into James’s hand. “Look at him in this picture, and now look at the guy in 34B! You can’t tell me that they’re not the same person.”

“I guess your mother taught you nothing about subtlety!” James quipped as he gave an apologetic look at several passengers who had turned to see what the commotion was.

Taking her phone, he pretended to have a good look at the picture. He knew the best way to deal with her stubbornness was to question her, as she usually then worked out she was wrong by herself.

“What makes you think it’s him then?” he asked, as he handed back the phone and slotted several dinner trays into the food cart. The two of them were in the plane kitchen preparing the complimentary meal for passengers.

Alicia held up her fingers to tick off her reasons. “Number one: Chris Hemsworth is from Australia and we’ve just come from there. Number two: Chris Hemsworth is blonde, tanned and fat and so is that guy. And number three… I mean, they just look identical!” she said, exasperated.

“What, so just because he’s fat and travelling from Australia it must be him?” James laughed. “Look, darling, Chris Hemsworth isn’t fat! He had to wear a fat suit for a film. Besides, why would a rich and famous actor be on this cheap old plane rather than a private jet?”

There was a long pause as Alicia tried to come up with an answer, until eventually she clapped her hands and grinned with delight at her own intelligence.

“Duh! It’s for the environment obviously. He’s flying commercial to reduce pollution!”

“Alright then, if you’re so smart, tell me why he doesn’t have a seat in First Class? Look at him! He’s sitting between two people who are fatter than him!” he retorted while he carefully placed a boiling kettle on the food cart. Satisfied everything was ready, he began pulling it down the aisle, leaving Alicia behind to think of an answer.

Despite their petty squabbles, James did feel protective of Alicia. On their first flight together, he saw a seedy man ask her to come into the toilet to help him lock it. As she was about to enter the toilet, he pushed her out of the way, and offered to help instead. The man quickly changed his mind and from that point onwards, James made sure to keep an eye out for her.

While he managed to stop the blatant sleazy passes that creepy men made, he couldn’t stop the lustful staring and sneaky gropes of her body as she swayed down the aisle.

Even though she wore the same dull uniform that the other female cabin crew did, she made it look incredibly sexy because of her voluptuous body.

The white blouse stretched tightly over her massive tits and the blue blazer only seemed to highlight their size rather than cover them. It would have helped if she wore a sports bra to keep the abundant flesh from jiggling as she walked, but instead she had to wear lace, just in case there was a celebrity on board. The matching blue skirt strained at the seams to keep her curvy bum from bursting out each time she bent down.

Many of the passengers used the confined space of the airplane aisles to accidentally touch her arse when she walked past and having done the same, James couldn’t criticise.

The two co-workers were only halfway through serving economy class and already James had rammed the trolley into the legs of three passengers that had attempted to touch Alicia’s arse, apologising as they recoiled in pain.

Three rows away sat the man Alicia insisted was Chris Hemsworth. She had spent the last half hour thinking of a way to get him to admit that he was the famous actor, but no ideas had come to her and all too soon, she found herself next to his row of seats.

Looking over, she noticed that the lookalike was furiously fanning a newspaper in the direction of the obese man sat in the aisle seat, inadvertently wafting the stale smell of sweat in Alicia’s face. At the same time, he was brushing food crumbs off his jacket back onto the woman sleeping in the window seat.

It levent escort appeared he was on the verge of having a meltdown, when she tapped his shoulder making him look up. Immediately, the annoyance on his face drained away as he stared into her vast cleavage.

“Hello Mr…”

“Um… Mr… Mr. Hemp,” he finally managed to splutter, “Mr. Chris Hemp, um… how do you do?”

Alicia shot a triumphant smirk at James. It was so obvious that he had wanted to say Hemsworth but had stopped himself so that he didn’t ruin his disguise.

Ignoring her smug face, he continued to serve dinners to the rest of the airplane and forty minutes later, they were done.

“I told you so,” Alicia sung as James cleared away the spare dinner trays. “I’ve just served Chris fucking Hemsworth! Oh my god! Did you see the way he looked at me? I reckon I can get him to offer me a part in his next film! I mean, when he sees how well I can act, he’ll be begging me to star with him and then I’ll be famous!”

James let her ramble on, wanting to give her chance to dream before he told her once again that the fat man was not who she thought he was.

To be fair to Alicia, when Chris Hemsworth was in his fat suit, the fat man in 34B could have been his doppelgänger. Unfortunately for the large passenger, the Avengers star could take off his fat suit, whereas he only wished he could.

Wanting to tease Alicia a bit, James held up his hand to stop her. “Calm down darling! Why would he offer you a job, when there is someone as charismatic as me on board?”

“You can’t be serious!” Alicia scoffed “Please! You know that he would choose me over you every day of the week! Even if you were twenty years younger and twenty pounds lighter, he still would think you’re an old bloated has been!”

She hadn’t meant to be so mean but the bitchy side of her from high school had been unleashed, and the insults tumbled out before she could stop herself.

James looked at her stunned, his bottom lip trembling as tears welled up in his eyes. He was incredibly sensitive about his weight and age, and her words cut deeply. Spinning on his heel, he decided she needed to be punished – and he knew just what to do!

Ignoring her apologies, he made his way to Chris and asked the confused man to follow him to the rear of the craft so that he could check some details on his ticket.

Obediently, Chris followed him to the rear of the plan and when they were both out of earshot from the other passengers, James drew the curtain.

“So, my colleague, the pretty black stewardess, thinks you’re Chris Hemsworth… you’re not, are you?”

“I fucking wish mate!”

“I thought so, but it’s been a fantasy of hers to be with a famous man… so could you do me a massive favour and pretend you are him?” asked James, trying to sound sincere.

“Chris Hemsworth?! The model actor with a six pack?” Chris repeated doubtfully, looking down at his rotund figure.

“I know it’s unbelievable, but she really does believe you’re him! Well, him when he was in that Avengers film in the fat… special make-up,” James replied, hastily covering up the insult.

“Look, I really don’t want to crush her dreams of being with Chris Hemsworth, so I told her that you would meet her in the staff toilet, where you would discuss her future career as an actress.”

Seeing that Chris looked doubtful, James pulled back the curtain and pointed to where Alicia was leaning over to give a woman a napkin making her juicy arse thrust out.

“Please say you will do it, it would mean so much to her and I mean… just look at her! I’m sure you wouldn’t mind getting a piece of that arse!”

Peering past the steward, Chris spotted the gorgeous woman and instantly made up his mind. The likelihood was that this would be a big practical joke, but he couldn’t help but think that there was a chance that it was genuine, and he definitely couldn’t pass up the opportunity to fuck the hottest woman he had ever seen. “I’m in!”

“That’s brilliant, she’ll be ecstatic! Okay then, you get into the staff toilet here and Alicia, that’s her name by the way, will be with you shortly!” James smiled as Chris pushed himself into the narrow toilet and sat on the seat.

Closing the door, James tried not to laugh as he walked towards Alicia. Grabbing her by the arm, he guided her to the kitchen and gave her a hug.

“OMG! Babe, you were so right about him. It is Chris Hemsworth! I caught him as he went to the toilet and well, I kept on pestering him and he finally told me everything, including his name, why he’s in economy… everything. I can’t believe you were right! I’m a complete idiot!”

“I told you, didn’t I?” Alicia boasted. “So why is he in economy then and not using his name?”

“Right… Yes, well, I didn’t understand it all, but it’s something to do with a woman who’s not his wife or something like that. Anyway, I have some good news and some bad news for you… so what do you want first?” maltepe escort He stifled a giggle while Alicia weighed up her choice.

“Well, if I have the bad news first then I’ll only be sad for a couple of seconds and then the good news will cheer me up!” she replied cheerfully.

Putting on a sombre look, James gazed at Alicia. “So, he wants to fuck you.”

How he managed to keep a straight face he would never know, especially when Alicia started to hyperventilate and flap her carefully manicured hands about. Though, whether she was disgusted or happy, he didn’t know. He was never particularly good at reading women.

“Babe, calm down! I haven’t told you the good news yet.” Placing his hand on her shoulder, he looked her in the eye. “The reason he wants to fuck you is to see if you have any sexual chemistry so he can offer you a part in his next movie!”

Any shred of calmness evaporated as Alicia shrieked in pleasure and began to dance around James.

“Bloody hell! Calm down,” he laughed. “Now, he’s waiting for you in the staff toilet. Just think of this as your audition!” Taking her hand in his, he grinned at her. “Babe, I can’t believe you’re going to be a movie star!”

They hugged each other before James pulled away and pushed her towards the direction of the staff toilet.

“Wish me luck!” she sang before sashaying down the aisle ignoring all the calls from passengers as she did. When she reached the locked toilet, she paused to check her reflection in her phone and put on a fresh coat of deep red lipstick. Happy with what she saw, she lightly knocked on the door.

“Mr Hemsworth, are you in there?” she softly called. Moments later, the door opened to unveil the portly white gentleman sitting on the toilet seat, an obvious bulge in his pants.

“Ah… hello. Miss, um… Alicia, thank you for coming… um, right… I’ve got a film coming up and I’ve been told that you want to be an actor so I thought I’ll see if you’re good enough to star in it… so if you want to come in, then we can discuss your acting career!” said Chris, growing in confidence the more he spoke.

Entering the toilet, Alicia stared wide eyed at him unable to believe she was so close to one of the most famous actors in the world. Despite being staff toilets, it was still a small enclosed space, which meant her legs were nearly touching Chris Hemsworth’s knees.

Now she was inches away from him, she had to admit that he looked a lot more attractive on screen than in person. The way he stared made her feel like he was undressing her with his eyes. She was used to men doing that, but having a Hollywood actor do it made her pussy tingle.

Meanwhile in the plane kitchen, James started a five-minute countdown on his phone. He congratulated himself on how well his plan had gone. He was going to enjoy catching Alicia mid way through seducing Chris, especially when he told her that the man she was with was a complete nobody. Making his way to the staff toilets, he was stopped halfway down the aisle by a panicking middle-aged man.

“Hey! My wife has had a reaction to your sandwiches and brought it all back up…”

“Lovely,” James muttered under his breath before smiling at the passenger and assured him he would be back to clean it up.

Back in the kitchen, James checked his phone and saw it had only been forty-five seconds – if he was quick, he would have more than enough time to catch Alicia before she did anything more than strip for the fat man. While he wanted to embarrass her, he didn’t want her to humiliate her.

Rushing back to the ill passenger, all thoughts of Alicia and Chris vanished when he saw the yellow-brown puddle coating the seats and carpet. “Well, that’s a lot isn’t it!”

While James wondered how to deal with his problem, Alicia had a problem of her own. It seemed like hours had passed since she had shut the door and still she couldn’t think of what to say, eventually the silence was broken by Chris.

“So… I’ve heard you fancy yourself as an actor?” he paused, giving her the chance to reply but she seemed unable to speak, so he carried on. “As I said, I’m auditioning for a woman to star in a film alongside me and I need to have great chemistry with her. Do you think you can be that actress?”

Alicia swallowed nervously as she tried to think of what to say. She’d never needed to promote herself before, men just seemed to give her what she wanted before she even spoke.

“I’m a really good actress, all my friends say so… Please Mr. Hemsworth, believe me when I say that we’ll have great chemistry together. People watching the film will think we’re actually fucking behind the scenes! Let me show you what a perfect girlfriend I can be…”

Slowly, Chris held up his hand signalling her to stop. “Please, Alicia, call me Chris. So, what do you think a boyfriend and his perfect girlfriend would be doing in a toilet together on a plane?”

“Joining the Mile High Club obviously!” answered mecidiyeköy escort Alicia without thinking. She stopped when she realised what she’d said. “Oh! Does that mean…?”

“Well, if we want to convince people that we’re a couple, then we should act like it, right?” Chris answered innocently. He was pleased with himself for setting up the trap that she had stumbled into.

“Oh yes, of course!” Alicia replied, smiling brightly to hide nerves.

Chris licked his lips and waited expectantly for the gorgeous ebony woman to make the next move. He wanted to see what her clothes were hiding, but once again, nothing happened, forcing him to take action.

“How are we expected to join the mile-high club with our clothes on?” he said lightly, despite the annoyance he was feeling.

“Oh, silly me!” Alicia giggled nervously as she pulled her cravat off and shoved it into her blazer pocket. Shrugging off the blazer, she hung it on the door before undoing the buttons holding her blouse together.

Slowly, her lacy violet bra came into view. Chris swallowed hard; he couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful woman stripping in front of him. The bra contrasted nicely with her dark brown skin, yet it was the sheer size of her tits, that the bra struggled to contain, that excited him.

Putting her blouse on top of her jacket, she reached around to unclasp her bra. He noticed she pulled the straps loose whilst holding the cups against her tits, hiding them from view. Unable to hold back any longer, Chris grasped the lace material and tossed it to the floor, groaning as large breasts were finally unleashed.

“Oh, fuck!” he moaned. Reaching up, he cupped her large black breasts, enjoying the heavy weight of them sink in between his fingers as he tightened his grip.

Finding her fat nipples, he teased and played with them, until they stiffened. Gripping the swollen dark chocolate nubs, he pulled her towards him until she was close enough for him to eagerly take one into his mouth

Knowing that she was meant to be acting as his girlfriend, she let out an over exaggerated moan and pulled his head deeper into her mountainous breast. Stroking his thick blonde hair, she genuinely gasped when he bit down on her nipple.

“Oh, do you like my tits, baby? Mmm, I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend who knows exactly how to turn me on! That’s it, play with my big tits.”

Her acting was bad, but it didn’t matter to Chris – he’d always fantasised about joining the mile high club with a busty air hostess and now he was finally doing it. Moving his hand to the back of her waist, he fumbled with her skirt zipper, trying to yank it down, until she pulled away.

“You want me to get naked in this airplane toilet? I bet you want to fuck this body and join the Mile High Club, don’t you? Mmm, I love how dirty you are babe!” Alicia kissed him, licking his pink lips before pushing her tongue inside his mouth, moaning when she felt his tongue duel with hers.

Still kissing him, she reached back and undid her skirt zip before having to wiggle out of it. Now in just her shoes and sheer violet thong, she pointed to her underwear. “These too?” she asked teasingly.

“Yes please!” Chris nodded eagerly, feasting his eyes on her perfect hourglass figure. He couldn’t wait to have her firm arse in his hands while her large tits bounced as she rode him. Just thinking of it made him whimper.

Gripping her panties, Alicia smiled at him before pulling them off. Knowing how dirty it was, she picked them up and lifted them to her nose, groaning lustfully as she inhaled.

Chris couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was so fucking filthy that precum oozed from his cock. He was desperate to have her. Cupping her pussy, he pushed his fingers against her mound, causing Alicia to let out another genuine moan.

Focusing on her clit, he slowly began to rub it until he could feel her pussy moisten. Reaching forward, he once again licked and sucked at her nipples while his chunky finger slipped into her pink tunnel.

“Oh God! You feel so tight,” Chris grunted excitedly.

“I love when you finger me babe! No, wait… keep that thumb on my clit… fuck, that’s it, just like that!” Alicia demanded, wanting to enjoy the way he played with her pussy.

“Press your thumb on my clit harder. That’s it… rub it for me, babe… oh, God!” she groaned as he pushed a second finger inside her, stretching out her narrow walls.

Letting go of her plump breast, he eagerly tried to undo his belt. “C’mon!” he muttered, but with his fingers deep inside a beautifully tight pussy, he couldn’t do it.

Sensing his frustration, the stacked stewardess reached down to help him. She quickly had his trousers and pants on the floor leaving his rock-hard cock free. Gripping it with her soft hands, she slowly wanked him off. It was the length of both her hands put together and, like the owner, it was chubby. Twisting her hands, she looked down at the white head peeking out between the grip of her dark brown fingers.

“Are you ready to join the Mile High Club, babe? I want this thick cock!”

Her voice was full of lust, making Chris wonder if she was acting or if she actually wanted to fuck him. Either way he didn’t care – he was about to fuck the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

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