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Alison’s visit

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This is new two or maybe three part story. All characters are over the age of eighteen. It’s got an Older/Younger Lesbian theme and a few of my favourite fetishes in it, but nothing too strong. Hope you enjoy it, and comments are always welcome.

Kathy, my only child, now nearly twenty four, persuaded me to do it. What happened I am slightly ashamed of, but looking back afterwards I don’t regret…


It started with a phone call…

“She won’t be any trouble Mum, I promise. She’s all loved up and just needs somewhere to get changed on the Saturday before she goes out. She probably won’t even come home in the evening, but she needs to stay in town on the Sunday night too as she’s got a job interview on the Monday. I’ll come home if I can on the Sunday evening to relieve you, but she really won’t be any trouble, I promise. She’s really nice and you know… quite quiet. I think you’d enjoy having her to stay, what else have you got on that weekend?”

“Not much I suppose, just a hair appointment,” I replied.

“So, you could do it. Please Mum, it will be such a help. She doesn’t know anyone else in London, so she’d have to stay in a hotel and she can’t really afford that and it would probably be a waste of money….”

“I’ll think about it,” I replied.

“Oh come on Mum, stop being such an old fogey…Please??…”

“I said I’ll think about it,” I snapped.

“Okay good.” Kathy knew she wouldn’t get the better of me by trying to coerce me, and so she changed the subject.


A couple of days later, she called again.

“Dare I ask whether you’ve decided whether Alison can come and stay with you next weekend?”

“You dare,” I replied teasingly.

“So, can she?”

“I suppose so.”

“Daww thanks Mum – you’re the best. What time can she arrive?”

“Well, I’m back about 2.30pm so any time after that.”


“So how will I recognise her?”

“I’ll send you a picture text, but you met her when I was at Uni, you should remember her she’s got amazing red hair and blue eyes. She was in Portsmouth Hall with me and at my twenty first party. `’

“I really don’t remember her, please send a picture.”


And so, the arrangement was made.


The picture Kathy sent me didn’t jog my memory at all. Perhaps the painful separation and divorce from her father, which punctuated most of her time at Southampton, was to blame.

Kathy was no slouch when it came to beauty. She’d inherited Hugh’s cheek bones, chin and eyes and my full lips and dark hair. The mix gave her very good looks, and her relentless fitness regime gave her the curves to match. When I received the text with the photo of Alison, I opened it expecting to find she was no match to my gorgeous daughter. I was however startled by Alison’s pretty oval face, deep blue eyes and shroud of straight strawberry blonde, cut with a fringe in a long bob.

She would have no trouble attracting boys, no trouble at all…


The Saturday turned out to be a lovely sunny day. It had rained pretty much all week so it was a relief to sit out on the patio and drink coffee with The Times and Vogue to pass the time. I cleared up just before midday, and walked down the hill for my appointment. I’d be home well before Alison arrived.


As things turned out, when I turned the corner into our road, she was waiting at the gate. I could see at once it was her. Her strawberry blonde hair caught the sunlight.

As I drew near, I could see her white teeth just visible between her smiling full lips.

“Mrs Purfleet?”

“Yes – but please call me Jane, you’re obviously Alison.”

“Yes, how do you do.”

We shook hands, hers delicate with long fingers and glossy nail polish, mine veiny and middle-aged.

“Come in won’t you, would you like some tea, and how was your journey?”

“Yes please. The journey was great, I love trains.”

I opened the front door and led the way into the hall. Alison had a backpack and a grip which I helped her with – putting them by the stairs. As I straightened up, I caught sight of myself in the large mirror above the hall stand. It wasn’t good. Maxine had gone far too far with her scissors and cut my hair much shorter than I’d wanted.

“Ohh,” …I exclaimed.

“Everything all right?” Heather asked.

“Yes fine, just caught sight of myself after my visit to the hairdresser. Bit of a disappointment that’s all. It’s a lot shorter but not exactly stylish.”

“I think it looks really nice, it suits you,” Alison said encouragingly. “I used to wear my hair really short, I loved it for a while. You’ll get used to it.”

“I should have gone somewhere else. All she’s done is give me a bob, and she’s not done much of a job at that,” I said. “Come through, won’t you?”

Alison followed me through to the kitchen and I invited her to sit down on the sofa facing the garden.

“This is a lovely house, was Kathy brought up here?”

“No, we lived in Oxford when she was young, I only settled here after my divorce from her father. It’s really very small, there’s only three bedrooms and whatsapp escort one bathroom.”

“But a lovely garden by the look of it.”

“Yes, it’s my favourite place, thank you. Now do you want breakfast tea or Earl Grey?’

“Breakfast, with milk but no sugar, please.”

“Coming up,” I replied and went to fill the kettle.


We took our tea out on to the patio to take advantage of the spring sunshine and sat and chatted for an hour or so. Alison sat rather formally with her hands in her lap and an upright pose. She wore a grey hand knit cardigan on top of a ribbed white top, a knee length denim skirt, tights and ankle boots. She wore little jewellery, save for a small pair of hooped gold earrings and a single gold ring on the third finger of her left hand.

We talked about her and Kathy’s time at Uni, and a little about her upbringing. She was an only child. Her father had been in the Army but was now retired and living in Cornwall, her mother lived elsewhere it seemed. She was working in marketing for a food company in Wiltshire, and her interview on the Monday was for a bigger job in a multi-national.

She wasn’t the easiest conversationalist, but the time slipped by amicably. When the sun left the garden, around 4pm, we went in and sat in the kitchen with a second cup of tea.

“So, tell me about the hot date you’re going on tonight, Alison. What is his name?” I asked as we settled down with the tea and a plate of biscuits.”

“Oh…I thought Kathy told you,” came the reply.

“No, I’m completely in the dark.”

“Ah. Well, the thing is – it’s not with a boy.”

“Oh!” My surprise must have been obvious. “Well tell me about your girlfriend then,” I said, trying desperately to recover my composure.

“Her name’s Lulu. We’ve known each other about two months. We met at a conference in Birmingham. It has all been a bit of a whirlwind over the last few weeks. I really really like her but I’m not very experienced. She’s a bit older than me and she’s quite demanding, but I like doing things to please her. She came up with the idea of the dinner tonight and perhaps it might go further. I really thought Kathy had told you. I’m pretty nervous actually….”

“I see. Well, we all have to go through the odd trial to find what we want,” I said lamely. “Where are you going?”

“It’s a bistro in South Kensington, and we’ll probably then go to a club.”

“Sounds lovely,” I said enthusiastically.

“I’m really looking forward to it. We’ve been chatting on the phone and on-line all week about it. I’ve even gone and bought new underwear and two new outfits. Can’t make up my mind which to wear.”

“I’m sure you’ll look lovely whichever you choose,” I said maternally.

“Thank you Jane, you’re very kind. I wish my mother were as nice as you are.”

Sensing a sensitive subject area, I went for a diversion.

“Well look at the time, it’s gone 5. What time are you due to meet?’

“7pm, what time do you think I need to leave here?”

“You’ll be fine if you leave at 6.15. More tea?”

“No thanks. Would I be a pain if I had a bath before getting changed? I’d like to wash my hair so I look my best.”

“No that’s fine, I’ll show you to your room.”

We went upstairs and I showed her to the guest room on the first floor.

“There’s a separate loo which is just for this room. I’ve got a loo and sink in the master bedroom, but the bathroom is shared. It’s through here.”

I showed her the massive bathroom with its claw foot bath, and separate walk-in shower. I’d only recently re-furbished it, so was quite proud to show it off.

“Wow this is gorgeous,” she said with genuine enthusiasm. “Wish I had somewhere as lovely…”

“There’s towels on your bed and help yourself to anything you need, you’ve got plenty of time.”

“I don’t suppose I could borrow a hair dryer and some straighteners?”

“I’ll fetch them,” I replied, dropped them in and went back downstairs. The water was already running into the bath. I took the teacups through to put them in the dishwasher and settled back down on the sofa with the Review section of the newspaper.

A few minutes passed before Alison re-appeared. She was wrapped in a bath towel.



“Sorry to be a pain, but I’ve forgotten to bring a razor. You haven’t got a spare one I could borrow?”

“Yes of course, I’m sure I can find you something.”

We both headed back upstairs, she to tend the bath and me to find some disposable razors from the drawer in my dressing table. I found a new one and took it through to her. The taps on the bath had now been switched off and steam was swirling gently round the room. I proffered her the small pink razor.

“Oh…thanks so much, you are a lifesaver. Lulu was really specific that I have to shave my legs before we meet.”

“Oh,” I replied, not thinking about Alison, but more about when I had last preened and buffed myself for anyone. It had been a long time…

I turned to leave her to it.



“Can I ask your advice about something?”

“Yes istanbul escort bayan of course,” I replied. “If you want to know which outfit to wear, I’m happy to give you my rather middle-aged opinion when you’re getting ready.”

“No, it’s not that,” she replied, “though I’d be grateful if you did. It’s slightly more embarrassing than that.”

“Oh, I see,” I said, wondering where the conversation was going.

“You see,” she started again, “I can’t make my mind up what to do. I mean I’ll obviously shave my legs, and Lulu has specifically told me not to shave my armpits, but the thing is… I can’t make my mind up what to do about these?” and with that she let the towel fall and puddle at her feet, and pointed at her pubes.

It all happened so quickly that I was completely caught off guard. One minute everything was perfectly normal, and the next she was standing in front of me, completely nude…

I thought at my age that I’d seen most things in life and little would throw me out so completely. Child birth and various trips to hospital both for myself and with my mother had given me pretty good familiarity to the sight of the human body. But Alison, in two seconds, completely knocked me sideways.

She was…..completely and utterly perfect. I’d never seen anyone so beautiful, and I was lost for words. From her swan like neck to her delicate toes with their glossy nails she was perfectly proportioned. Her alabaster skin was dusted with large freckles across her shoulders and on her chest. There weren’t any freckles anywhere else, she had more than enough other glories to compensate. Her generous breasts adorned with small pert pink nipples and generous areolae were round and firm. A flat stomach was punctuated by prominent hip bones and then long legs with slim thighs were bisected by a large fluff of long reddish pubic hair. Wherever my eyes fell I was left in wonder of such beauty.

“Do you think I should trim or shave them off?” she asked and when I dragged my eyes up from her body, I saw she was looking at me with a frown on her face and the gentlest of wrinkles across her forehead.

“Well, um…” I spluttered.

“I know, it’s not easy is it…”

I tried to pull myself together a bit before saying.

“It would probably be a shame to remove such a striking feature completely,” I suggested.

“So, a trim then. But what happens if things get serious and she wants to go down on me? Shouldn’t I make a bit more of an effort?”

“I don’t know I’m afraid Alison, I’ve never been with a woman, so I don’t know what the form is,” I said weakly.

“Yes sorry, it was wrong of me to ask you. The thing is that Kathy told me to shave them all off or get a wax, but I think they’re one of my best features.”

“I think I agree with you. It would be a shame… You could just shave around the lips to make it easier to…. if you see what I mean?”

“Yes, I think you are right. That’s exactly what to do. Jane you’re a marvel…Tell me, would it be too presumptuous of me to ask for your help? I mean just because I can’t really get at things myself…you know?”

I felt flushed and flustered by this latest request. But then, thinking of Kathy and how it would sound to her if I refused to help Alison with a perfectly routine beauty procedure, I nodded and agreed to it.

I fetched my small dress making scissors from the mending basket in the Lounge and had her sit on the edge of the bath. In half a dozen snips, the mat of hair on each side of her vulva was reduced to a long stubble.

I made her lather her labia up using soap, before I set to work with the little razor. It wasn’t really good enough for the job. It took many sweeps to remove the stubble and reveal her pretty outer labia and their larger inner neighbours. I was scared to death of nicking her in such a tender place and ruining such an important occasion…

In the end, it was done, and she thanked me before climbing into the bath and submerging herself in the steam. I decided to leave her to it. I made my way back to the newspaper downstairs, but I could not really concentrate. The sight and scents of her genitalia had completely enthralled me. I knew without even checking that my knickers were wet from arousal from the erotic spectacle I had been part of, and did not want to dare think what that meant…


I lost all track of time. My mind was playing back the scene from the bathroom…Eventually she appeared into the kitchen. She’d dried and straightened her strawberry locks and applied a little blusher, mascara and clear lip gloss. She stood in front of me in a navy uplift bra with cream lace trim and matching thong. An alluring hint of her pubes was visible above the thong… I felt myself blush when I saw her following what my eyes had been drawn to.

“Do you think I should trim them some more?”

“Oh no please – I mean don’t do that.”

“So which outfit do you think? There’s the cream dress, or the navy silk jumpsuit. She put the navy jumpsuit over the back of the couch and started to fiddle with the zip and the buttons at the back of the dress. özbek escort In a few shimmies she was in the dress and I went over and helped her with the zip. I moved back to look at her properly. She flounced and twirled the full skirt that fell to her knees.

“Have you got an underskirt with you?” I asked.

“No, do you think I need one?”

“Well unless you’ve got paler underwear, the skirts a bit translucent and I can see your panties. I suppose that might not matter these days, but when I was your age my mother wouldn’t have let me out of the house like that.”

“Oh…oh dear. I really wanted to wear this lingerie, it’s the best I’ve got.”

“I might have an underskirt upstairs that’ll do, but before I go looking, slip the jump suit on.”

Alison slipped out of the dress and turned to pick up the jumpsuit. As she leant down, I was treated to the sight of her pert behind with the strap of her thong nestling between the cheeks. There were three or four blemishes on her bottom cheeks, nothing serious, just little spots, but they made me smile to myself. Even Alison’s beauty had to suffer the indignity of break outs like the rest of us…

She soon had the jumpsuit on. There was no real contest with the dress, the jumpsuit was gorgeous. It shimmered and slinked in the light. It had a halter neck and a plunging neckline that gathered and held each of her breasts tightly. The navy silk was so delicate that every curve of Alison’s body x-rayed through. The only problem with it was the neckline plunged so deeply you could see her bra.

“Wow,” I said. “That really looks fantastic. You are so lucky to have the figure to pull it off. You must wear it. The only problem is I can see your bra at the front between the straps. That neckline is very revealing so we either need to put a brooch on to hide your bra, or you need to lose the bra?”

Alison positively purred with delight. “Really? Oh, that’s so great. This is what I really wanted to wear all along. It’s why I bought the navy lingerie. I’m a bit worried about going braless though, my nips are quite pronounced, and they also get hard when I’m cold. Do you have a brooch by any chance?”

I went upstairs to my bedroom and fetched the square amber brooch my aunt had given me years ago. It worked perfectly…


By 6.15pm, armed with a door key on the off chance she needed to come home, she was gone. We had embraced at the door – a big hug like old friends or co-conspirators. Lulu was going to be knocked out by Alison’s outfit. I’d dug out Kathy’s cream bolero jacket which fitted Alison like a glove and set the jumpsuit off to perfection. I wandered back into the kitchen feeling pangs of envy for Alison setting off to begin her romance, how I wished I was her age again, and with those looks…


I opened a bottle of Rose, made a chicken salad and settled down for an evening with my book. By about 8pm though I was bored. I turned to the TV to entertain me but couldn’t find anything I fancied. I thought about Alison and hoped she was enjoying herself.

I sat and pondered on the events of the day. What on earth had made me say to Maxine that I was fed up with my hair and she should do something with it. I was 48 years old, a plain divorcee with a mundane job at the Town Hall. My tits were sagging, and I was carrying at least a stone too much weight around my middle and thighs. Who was I kidding by thinking that a new haircut by a rather third rate stylist would make me something I wasn’t. And why If I wanted to look younger, I needed to do something about all those grey hairs for a start, and then go to the Gym every day to shift the flab. – and I hated the Gym…

It was Alison that had made me do it. I wanted to impress her. Yes, that was it, it was a rush of blood to impress a friend of my daughter’s. How stupid was that. Why would she care? She was so loved up I could have put a scarf on, and she wouldn’t have said anything.

And then there was the whole bathroom episode. I’d never had any interest in women. A good hard cock had satisfied me all my life so why had my knickers got so wet when I shaved her pussy? Hell, I’d been forced to change them when she went out. I hadn’t creamed my underwear for probably twenty years for God’s sake and yet a twenty something redhead had completely enthralled me in minutes. Was I a closet Lesbian? I certainly hadn’t felt any desire to go dating any new men since the divorce.

Perhaps I should try women…

I finished my wine and decided to get ready for bed. After tidying the kitchen, I went up to the bedroom and got a clean nightdress out of the airing cupboard. When I’d put it on I went to the bathroom to take my make up off.

I’d expected that Alison would have tidied up after her bath, but she had clearly been so excited that mundane chores had slipped her mind. Apart from emptying the bath the room was still a mess. Her make up bag was on the sink with various items spilling out or discarded on the shelf. The towel was in a heap on the floor, and her clothes scattered about on the floor and on the chair. I started to clear up, folding things up, ready to put them back in her bedroom. Under her skirt were a pair of maroon bikini briefs that she’d obviously worn earlier. I picked them up to fold them up. A waft of her scent assaulted my nose. That same scent had greeted me earlier when I’d taken the scissors to her. It was deeply alluring.

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