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All Good Things

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Caroline is in bed, peering out from under the duvet where she’s pretending to be asleep. On the other side of the room, Lauren moans into a pillow as a guy thrusts in and out of her from behind. Her ass is tight and toned, thanks to all those Pilates classes, and her small, pert breasts bounce as he fucks her, working up a sweat, balls slapping hypnotically against her.Caroline recognizes him from her statistics class: a basketball player who is kind and outgoing. She’s impressed by his muscular physique, nicely complemented by a thick cock and a tan, chiselled ass. Caroline’s panties are nearly soaked through, and as Lauren moans louder, she pulls them to the side and slips the handle of a hairbrush inside. When she and Lauren met freshman year, she had not anticipated masturbating to the sight and sounds of this lively, athletic blonde girl having sex. But Lauren gets turned on by Caroline’s presence in the room, and Caroline likes to imagine how they would react if she suddenly pulled back the duvet and pleasured herself in the open while they fucked. Maybe next time she will.Lauren leans forward, letting his cock slide out of her, and lays him down on the bed. She swings her leg over, mounting his face in a 69 position. She really is getting adventurous these days. He grabs her round ass cheeks, spreads them apart, and runs his tongue roughly along her open slit while she takes his tip into her mouth.Caroline’s own mouth is watering at the thought of tasting his cock, saturated with Lauren’s juices, pre-cum oozing from the tip. She works her clit faster with slippery fingers, pumping the brush with her other hand.He starts groaning with pleasure as Lauren’s soft lips slide expertly up and down his shaft. Lauren always claims to have no gag reflex, and, to Caroline’s surprise, she slides her mouth forward, taking his entire length down her throat and holding it there, her upper lip grazing the edge of his smooth sack. When she finally pulls her head up, eyes watering, he lets out a rumbling groan.Lauren continues to slurp his cock while he moans into her dripping pussy. She takes one last deep gulp of his shaft, and then rolls off him and kneels next to the bed, holding her breasts up to him with her palms. He stands over her, abs and pecs tensed, the muscles in his forearms bulging as he rapidly strokes himself and unleashes a massive load of sperm in three powerful spurts all over her boobs and neck. Lauren beams up at him as his cum pools in the hollows of her collarbones and slowly drips down her tits and toward her stomach. He collapses back onto the bed, exhausted.Under the duvet, Caroline is picturing his load gushing into her pussy, and that pushes her over the edge. She bites her lip as she climaxes, trying desperately not to make a sound while pleasure radiates across her body. Fifteen minutes later, he is gone. As she drifts off to sleep, she hears the hum of Lauren’s vibrator finishing the job that he started.— | — | — | — It’s the autumn izmit escort semester of her junior year, and Caroline needs to line up an internship for next summer by the end of the month. She has an appointment with Professor Byrne later today to discuss her plans. Of course, internships aren’t the only reason she’s signed up for office hours. It has taken her a year to work up the courage, and it’s only because she now has the excuse of her summer plans that she was able to convince herself to do it.Prof Byrne is forty, tall with brown hair and a dusting of grey on the sides of his beard. He’s brilliant and funny, and all the students adore him, but especially Caroline. Not only is it a wonder to see his mind at work, but also to view the outline of his chest underneath his blazer and the sharp line of his jaw under his thick-rimmed glasses. She has fantasized about him non-stop since her Sophomore year when she found herself in his American Lit class.The meeting doesn’t go the way she planned. The deadline has already passed for internships at her favourite online magazine and she’s starting to panic.“The thing is,” says Caroline, “I’ve dreamt of working at this magazine for years. Are you sure there’s nothing you can do? I heard that you know one of the editors.”She wore jeans and a crop top that shows off her flat stomach and accentuates her full breasts. He glances briefly below her eyeline before turning to look at the calendar on his computer. She can’t tell whether that glance took in her cleavage, which is on display.“I’ll tell you what. I’ll make some calls and see what I can find out. We have to get moving on this quick if we want to make it happen. Can you meet me in auditorium 21B tonight at 9:00? I teach an evening seminar, but I can pass along whatever I find out afterward.”“Yes, of course. Thank you!” She heads back to her dorm with a bounce in her step. — | — | — | — That evening, she steps inside the large, amphitheatre-style classroom and finds it empty. As she starts down the stairs, she hears the click of the door closing behind her. Prof Byrne smiles warmly and says “Good evening” as he gestures for her to continue.“I got in touch with my contacts at the magazine,” he says, following her down the stairs. “It looks like we might be able to get your application accepted, and maybe even moved to the top of the pile. But it’s going to cost me, so I’ll need some things from you in exchange.”“This is such great news!” exclaims Caroline. “I’ll do whatever you need.”He settles into a chair in the front row and gestures toward the large desk at the front of the classroom. “I’m glad to hear that, Caroline. I’ve made a list for you there.”  She looks slightly puzzled as she walks over to the desk. There’s probably not much she could do that would be of value to him. She hopes it’s not just busywork. Caroline takes the top sheet from a small stack of papers. It reads simply:

. Take off your clothes She inhales sharply and looks yahya kaptan escort up at him. His face is impassive, but there is a hint of a smile in his eyes.“Professor… I… I didn’t realize… You want me to do this right now? Won’t I get in trouble?”“The doors are locked,” he says, “and there’s no one around at this time of night. We’re adults, and we have the place to ourselves. Of course, we can find some clerical work for you to do instead, if you prefer. . .”Being categorized alongside him as an adult makes her feel both pride and desire at once, and her nervousness settles into something like resolve. She’s not entirely sure where this is going, but she can feel her fantasy within her grasp if she can only keep her nerve.She nods, slips out of her shoes, and unzips her jacket, setting it on a chair. Then she unbuttons her shirt and pulls it off, revealing a white lace bra that discloses her pink nipples, which are now rock hard. Goosebumps race across her skin as she unzips her jeans, glancing at him and pulling them down. His hand moves to the bulge in his slacks, but otherwise he remains still, waiting and watching intently. She hooks her thumbs in the waste-band of her panties and slips them down over her hips. As they slide past her knees, she reaches back to unclasp her bra, holding it over her breasts for a protracted moment before letting it fall to her feet.Prof Byrne gazes at her body, and she watches his eyes roam from the light tuft of hair above her crotch, across her muscular stomach, to land on her full, round breasts. She rests a hand on the gentle curve of her hip and twists a stray curl of hair around her finger.Her breathing slows as he drinks in the view of her body, and eventually, he raises his eyes to hers and nods back at the table: “Next.”She slides the top sheet over and takes the second page, which reads:

. Give me your bra and panties She grins and bends down to retrieve her underwear. Because of her anticipation for this evening’s meeting, her thin lace panties are damp with desire. She walks slowly over to him, holding them out in front of her. He takes them with one hand, rubs his thumb along the moist crotch and, gazing into her blue eyes, reaches out with the other, gently gliding his finger up between the slippery edges of her labia. She gasps at the pleasure of his touch and her heart jumps into her throat with the expectation that he will push his finger inside. Instead, he sits back and nods at the table, saying “Ok, next.”She can feel his eyes on her ass as she turns to walk back to the table, and she surprises herself by bending over it seductively, spreading her legs enough to give him a full view of her from behind. While he scrutinises the little rosebud of her asshole and her young, smooth pussy lips, she reaches for the next sheet.
. Insert something inside yourself This is unexpected, and she looks up at him. The edge of his mouth twists up just slightly gebze escort and his eyes soften. A faint grin plays across her face as she glances around the room, unsure quite what she is looking for. She’s unlikely to find a hairbrush or even a wine bottle, which she’s used before. Her eyes land on a short stick propped up in the corner. It looks like one of those things they used before laser pointers were invented. The handle is worn smooth from years of use. She looks back at Byrne and he raises an eyebrow suggestively.Caroline retrieves the stick and then lifts herself gracefully onto the desk, sliding back from the edge so that she can put her feet up, legs spread wide facing him. Now she knows exactly what he wants, and she can’t wait to give it to him.She reaches down to feel her dripping-wet lips and quickly slips a couple of fingers inside to prepare herself. She can see the pleasure on his face, and it makes her ache inside. The feel of his gaze on her body is ecstasy.She wants him to take her, to have her body and use her holes how he wishes. She wants him to pick her up, cover her mouth, and fuck her until she screams; to squeeze her breasts and slap her ass and soak her with his cum.She gently pushes the shaft inside. Her labia part easily, and her creamy pussy slides open for the smooth wooden phallus. She moans and flicks at her clit as it slips deeper inside her. A gentle sheen of sweat appears on her breasts and stomach as she works it slowly in and out. No object has ever felt this good inside her, and she knows it’s because he is watching. She can see his hand moving subtly along his bulge, and her motions hasten.As her pleasure builds, Prof Byrne stands up, walks over, and leans with his hands on the edge of the desk, eyeing her glistening pink pussy. She gestures for him to take the shaft from her hand, and he takes over the penetrating motions while she starts to rub her clit.As he fucks her with the wooden rod, she lets out a cry and feels herself start to lose control. The room is silent, except for her whimpers as he thrusts the pointer inside her. Her nipples stand at attention, and she contracts around the warm wooden shaft: “Mmm… mmm … ohhh… yes.”She gives herself over to the pleasure and starts to build toward an orgasm, which comes more quickly than she expected. Before she knows it, she’s cumming violently, her juices dripping down the wooden shaft as her hips shudder and she loses her breath. Her eyes snap open and lock onto his as waves of pleasure pulse through her body, breasts bouncing, body convulsing. Beads of sweat trickle to her navel. They’re both still for a moment, breathing hard and gazing into each other’s eyes.He places his hand gently on her cheek and slides the pointer from inside her. Her creamy vulva lies open, gently pulsing, and dripping onto the desk. He extends a finger once more, rubbing softly along the inside of her labia. Then he says, “You are absolutely stunning Caroline. I’ve had a lovely time this evening, and I would like you to meet me in my office tomorrow at the same time for the next series of tasks.” He puts her bra and panties in his jacket pocket and turns to write on the chalkboard while she slips into her shirt and jeans and strides, elated, out the door. 

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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