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All Night at the Carrington

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The crash of thunder jarred Trudy MacKaye out of her sleep and before she could turn over to see the time on the bedside clock rain danced heavily against the window as if in a desperate attempt to get inside. She liked to lie in bed and listen to the rain and snuggled deeper under the covers. It reminded her of the first night she lay in this bedroom some 35 years ago, there was a thunderstorm then, just like now and it comforted her. Her husband, Neville, was next to her then, their first night in the new house. He would be home later today following his annual fishing trip with the boys. Trudy didn’t like being in the house alone now the kids had flown the coop but the benefit of Neville’s fishing trip was he would arrive home very horny, as horny as she was and catch-up sex would be terrific.

Rain continued to beat on the window as she thought of the sex she had enjoyed in this bed over the years and it wasn’t just with her husband. When they first moved into the house there were several young couples in the neighbouring homes and Trudy and Neville became good friends with many of them. Two couples in particular, Frank and Jill Di Marco and Danny and Angela Carrick became special friends. It started innocently enough; barbeques, playing cards, a little alcohol and weed. Slow dancing led to caressing which led to fondling and soon the three couples were writhing naked on the floor. Their wife swapping continued for 3 years on a regular basis, usually Friday or Saturday night and rotating from house to house until they began their families. Trudy had loved those sex-filled times, being fucked by Frank and Danny, watching Neville with Jill and Angela and all the many combinations available to six people. The ladies had often put on a show for the guys and Trudy found she liked eating pussy and being fucked by a big strap-on. They were hot and very erotic times and she only stopped because she was pregnant with her first child.

After that all three couples were busy raising a family and never got back together for group sex. Trudy’s fingers drifted on to her neat little patch of curly pubic hair then into her vagina. She was wet and after some gentle probing, moved to her erect and very sensitive clit. It was not enough and she opened the bottom drawer of the bedside table a retrieved her favourite dildo, a long, thick, black rubber dong. She fed it easily into her aroused pussy and pumped it at a steady pace while her fingers rubbed ever quicker over her clit until she shuddered through an orgasm. Lying in the warm aftermath of her climax she resolved to talk to her husband about those times and see if he would agree to add others into their sex life again, she definitely wanted to do that.

The plane landed on time and Trudy drove home with Neville in the passenger seat and three salmon packed in ice in the trunk. She was horny and couldn’t resist joining her husband in the shower. She stroked his hard cock as he kissed her breasts and fingered her wet vagina and clit. He pushed her against the tiles, lifted her left leg and slipped effortlessly inside her hot cunt. After fucking her hard for a few minutes he finished off as their wet bodies writhed on the bath mat in frenetic passion. Trudy screamed and clutched Neville’s buttocks as she felt several splashes of semen strike the walls of her vagina, filling her with hot sexual delight and satisfaction.

Life in the MacKaye’s household returned to normal and on the weekend Neville prepared one of the salmon on the barbeque. It was a delicious meal and afterwards, as they stood at the sink clearing up, Trudy said, “The day you returned from your fishing trip there was an early morning thunderstorm. It woke me and I lay there thinking about the early days in this house and the fun we had with our neighbours, Frank, Jill, Danny and Angela.”

“Yes, those were horny times. I think I liked to watch you being fucked most of all. Frank and Danny sure liked you and gave you plenty of cock, they said you were the best piece of ass they ever had,” Neville remembered.

“Did they now? I must say I enjoyed them also and if you remember, I didn’t want to stop.”

Neville loaded a few more things into the dishwasher then said, “Are you hinting that you’d like to start again?”

“I’m not sure but it certainly made me horny thinking about it.”

“Babe, at my age you are more than enough for me but I wouldn’t say no to watching you with other men or women for that matter. I’m fully aware that you need sex more than I do and have no problem indulging you.”

“You’re only 65 and you still do it for me but other men fucking me is an erotic thought, I can’t deny that. Playing with Jill and Angela was fun but I prefer a nice, hard cock,” she replied.

“And you are 59 and highly sexual, you need to get fucked a lot more than I need to fuck you, it’s always been that way and I do like to watch you being fucked.”

“Umm, I guess you’re right and I know you like to watch me, it turns me on also,” Trudy mused, outwardly kartal escort trying to remain calm while her heart raced and her pussy creamed at the thought of being fucked by other men then added, “it’s something to think about. In fact thinking about it is making me horny,” and she sidled up to her husband and rubbed his crotch.

“Upstairs, you gorgeous, horny slut,” Neville said as he turned Trudy around and gave her shapely bottom a smack.

Over the next few days Neville thought a lot about watching his wife with other men and the more he thought about it the more he warmed to the idea. It was she who approached him several days later, “I want to do something sexually exciting but I don’t know what. It would be exciting if you arranged everything without telling me and make it a complete surprise. I wouldn’t know what it was until it was actually happening,” she said.

“I can see how that might be erotic, for me as well as you,” Neville replied.

“I want it to be something different, something I’ve never done before.”

“I’ll get right onto that, Ma-am,” Neville replied and saluted sarcastically but he already had something in mind, something he thought would be very erotic.

Nineteen-year-old Pete Whitaker sat in front of the computer in his bedroom. The adult website showed a lovely, mature woman in stockings, heels and garter belt. Her large, full breasts were on display and her legs were spread wide. The fingertips of her right hand were touching her clit and her pussy lips were open in a most erotic and inviting manner. Another photo was a rear view displaying the woman’s lovely ass and pussy that had an aroused and ‘just-fucked’ look. Pete masturbated as he read the profile that accompanied the photos which said in part: “Husband seeks young men to sexually use his horny, mature wife who requires a lot of rigid attention. Beginners and studs welcome, she will teach or be taught.” He moaned with lustful pleasure as copious spurts of cum splashed over his belly and chest as he imagined fucking the woman in the photos. His heart raced with excitement in the aftermath of his huge release and rivers of cum made their way down to his groin and onto the chair.

After cleaning up his ejaculation he looked at the profile again. He had thought about responding to many ads but had never plucked up the courage to actually do it but this sexy, mature woman had shot him over the edge in more ways than one and she lived not too far away. He clicked on the respond icon. “I’m nineteen, inexperienced with a thick, very hard 8″ and big multiple loads, please teach me,” he typed and clicked send. 30 minutes later he was hard and horny again looking at the mature woman on the computer screen. He printed her pictures and covered her from head to toe in a sticky tribute.

Tony Jenson was 22 and doing very well, thank you. He was marked as a bright light in the financial district. A two- year relationship with the 57 year old wife of his manager had just ended amicably when his boss became suspicious that something was going on. The wife realized it would do the careers of both men a lot of harm if it became public, so she reluctantly let him go and now Tony was on the prowl for another older woman. He only dated mature women and when he saw Trudy’s profile he was taken as much as Pete by the photos of the sexy, older female but there would be no tribute, he’d wait for the real thing. Tony had been blessed not only with smarts but good looks and a thick, 9″ cock that, thanks to several relationships with mature wives since he was 18, he knew how to use. Apart from the photos of the lovely, mature woman, he liked the words, “or be taught,” taking a dominant role always turned him on and he loved taking a woman across his lap and spanking her bottom and pussy before giving her a good, long and hard fucking. He was confident his response to the erotic profile would be received favourably and he was correct.

Leon Jeffries had done well in school despite his rough neighbourhood and worked for the City in the By-law office. His introduction to much older women began a year ago when he was twenty. It was a dispute over property lines and ownership of two trees between a mature lady named Gayle and her neighbour. Leon couldn’t help but notice that Gayle was quite voluptuous in every way that counted. She was in her mid-fifties and Leon had a difficult time concentrating on the job at hand and keeping his eyes averted from her large breasts. They appeared to be trying to escape the confines of her tiny, half-open blouse. Her short skirt showed off shapely legs and large, rotund but very erotic-looking ass. She was a lot of woman and Leon didn’t mind that, he imagined his black cock and pink tongue probing among the mounds of soft, white flesh and he developed a very stiff erection. The city plans and documents sided with Gayle and when Leon asked her to sign the decision form she asked him into her kitchen to get her glasses as the neighbour stomped off kurtköy escort defeated. Leon admired her ass as she led him into the kitchen and bent over the table. Three more buttons on her blouse had mysteriously popped open on the way into the house and Leon could see the massive mounds of braless flesh and large aureoles surrounding her erect nipples as they rested on the table. He was standing just to the right and slightly behind her, his cock was fully erect and it was impossible to hide his 10 ½” of thick, erect black dick. Gayle turned slightly and extended her hand onto the giant bulge and gave Leon a knowing smile as she rubbed along it.

“Oh my,” she breathed, “I’ve always wanted to be fucked by a young black stud with a big cock and I think I’ve found him.” She turned, looked him in the eye and murmured, “Fuck me upstairs.”

Halfway up the stairs he grabbed her thighs and brought her to a stop. He lifted her skirt, and gazed at her large ass that looked so lovely and inviting. The tiny thong disappeared between her cheeks and was too small to hide her pussy lips that protruded on either side of the thin strip of material and there was a glimpse of curly brown pubic hair. Leon didn’t like skinny women and this full-bodied mature white woman aroused him very much. He had never fucked a white woman and he was going to enjoy fucking this one. His big, hard cock strained against his clothes as he fondled and kissed ample amounts of erotic flesh. He pulled the thin strip of red material over her right buttock, exposing to him for the first time a white cunt. It was large, puffy, wet and spread open with excitement but his huge, thick cock was going to more than fill it, stretch it even. “Yes indeed,” he thought, “my first white pussy and I’m going to make sure she knows it’s been fucked.” His fingers slid easily inside her vagina that he assumed had seen lots of use over the years and that excited him more. He tongued her asshole and wondered if she would allow him in there, he had never done that with any of his girlfriends, they all said his cock was too thick and long.

The next 45 minutes were the best of Leon’s life; he had to admit that this woman was the best fuck he had ever had. He revelled in her gorgeous female body, from her huge tits, meaty ass, full lips smothering his cock and her wet and very willing pussy. He took all of her orifices, finishing by filling her asshole with a huge load to her screams and his moans of ecstasy. He visited Gayle about once a week, sometimes more often, for seven months and became a confirmed fan of mature, white women. He occasionally spent the night in her bed and they fucked off and on throughout the dark hours. She couldn’t get enough of Leon’s cock and he was happy to give her plenty. She also liked to be tied up and spanked and this became a routine part of their sex play. Leon would tie her bent over a chair or standing with her arms above her head and legs spread wide. After spanking her he would fuck all of her holes and liked to rotate the one he ejaculated in, although filling two of her orifices in a night wasn’t unusual.

Leon gazed at the photos accompanying the profile and wondered if this luscious, mature white woman would be interested in receiving some big, black cock. “Only one way to find out,” he thought and composed a response and added a facial photo, a full length view of him naked and a close-up of his erect cock.

Neville sorted through the several dozen responses to his ad. “So many young men want to fuck my wife,” he said under his breath. He discounted most of them for one reason or another and was left with nine he thought suited his purpose. He singled out Tony first, experience, handsome, fit, well-groomed and a nice thick and long cock, “Trudy will like being fucked by him,” he mused. Leon was the only black guy of the nine finalists and Neville looked at his photos. Nicely proportioned hard body, good looking but it was his cock that Neville lingered on the most. Trudy had never been with a black guy but Leon was going to be her first he decided and placed his response to the right with that of Tony. Of the remaining seven responses, he needed to choose one; three young men would be enough for his wife, at least to start with and add more over time. It was a difficult choice but he finally placed Pete Whitaker’s profile on top of Leon’s. He had always thought the idea of Trudy teaching a young man the ways to please a woman would be interesting. He spread his choices out before him and pored over them; He was pleased, they were three attractive young men he felt Trudy would like and all with nice big cocks, something else his wife would like.

Over the next two weeks Neville met with all three young men and found them to be perfect for his plans. A date was set and Neville booked a suite at the Carrington. The Carrington was the oldest and grandest hotel in town, full of tasteful décor and old world charm. Neville had booked a spacious suite with two bedroom containing maltepe escort huge, four-poster beds. There was also a kitchen, dining area with table and 4 chairs, 2 sofas and 3 easy chairs surrounding a large ottoman and coffee table. It was well-suited to his plans for his horny wife and the three young men who were due to arrive in a little over an hour.

Trudy had been super horny from the moment Neville told her that he had booked the Carrington for Saturday evening and something she was unlikely to forget in a hurry was going to happen. They’d had sex three times that week and every day Neville was called upon to satisfy his wife’s lust with tongue, fingers and toys. Now, she paced the floor of their Carrington suite nervously. Neville looked at his watch, “Go and get changed, everything you need to wear is laid out on the bed.” Trudy didn’t know a thing about what was happening tonight and that made her excited and very horny.

A few minutes later Trudy returned from the bedroom. “You certainly didn’t pack much for me to wear,” she said with a smile. It might not have been much in terms of quantity but she sure looked erotic. Her legs looked fantastic in red stilettos and black stockings. The red garter belt straps looked so sexy snaking down across naked thighs and the black shelf bra held her ample breasts forward in a most sensual way. She had put the clamps on her erect nipples and the chain between them bobbed as she sashayed about the room, showing herself off to her husband. He was fully hard and would have loved to bend her over the small dining room table and take her but this was her night to be taken over and over again by three, well-hung young men or so he hoped.

“You’re not going to need much for what’s going to happen to you.”

“I saw the ropes and the blindfold; you’re making me very horny.”

“That’s the general idea,” Neville said as he looked at his watch, “time to get you ready for the festivities,” and put his arm around his lovely and sexy wife and walked her into the bedroom.

“I’m so horny about what might happen my legs are shaking,” Trudy murmured as her husband directed her to kneel on the end of the bed. Earlier he had pulled the comforter and top down to reveal the crisp, snow white bed sheet beneath. Also on the sheet Neville had laid out a Magic Wand, an assortment of dildos and vibrators, lubricant, padded cuffs and ropes. He placed the cuffs around her ankles and wrists then secured them with the ropes to the posts of the bed with her arms outstretched at an angle of about 60 degrees. Her legs were apart affording easy access to her ass and pussy. After the blindfold was placed over Trudy’s eyes Neville fondled her big tits, pulled on the clamp chain to further excite her erect nipples then mauled her bottom and fingered her sopping wet pussy. She moaned as he thrust his fingers deep into her vagina again and rubbed her clit rapidly. He put his fingers in her mouth and she sucked her pussy juice off greedily.

One of the items Trudy didn’t see because it was in the corner of the room was an adjustable microphone stand. Neville brought it over to the bed and taped the Magic Wand to it. He plugged it in then adjusted the stand so the wand rested against Trudy’s clit and he switch it on to it lowest setting. Almost immediately Trudy began to whimper and moan then cried out as an orgasm pulsed through her. “Oh, you’re ready for tonight, think about what might be about to happen. I’ll be back,” Neville said, left the bedroom and closed the door.

He poured himself a drink and sat in one of the large and very comfortable armchairs and patted his free hand on an arm, “Umm, she’ll look good being fucked in this chair later,” he thought. Glancing again at his watch, Neville saw it was thirty-five minutes to the scheduled arrival of the young men, plenty of time for Trudy to imagine what was going to happen and to get hornier and hornier as she imagined the possibilities. Cries from the bedroom continued as the wand did its work on Trudy’s clit. After about 10 minutes Neville went into the bedroom and turned the vibrator off. Trudy hung her head and whimpered as her orgasms continued unabated. “This is just the beginning my Dear, you wanted something different, something you you’ve never had before and that’s exactly what you are going to get,” Neville told his wife as he mauled her tits and kissed her neck.

“Oh, I’m so horny, I want to be fucked . . . I need to be fucked!” Trudy responded, almost sobbing.

“And you will be my horny slut wife, all in good time but for now . . . ” and he turned the wand on again and left the room.

Shrieks and cries of, “Oooohhh,” came from the bedroom as Trudy experienced constant orgasms. Stimulating his horny wife with her favourite vibrator yet making her wait and wonder what was coming next, tied and blindfolded as she was, was having the desired effect. She was so highly aroused she would be trembling with anticipation by the time the young men arrived.

Neville finished his drink, went back to the bedroom and turned off the vibrator. Trudy moaned and whimpered; her head snapped from side to side . . . waiting . . . hoping . . . wondering . . . Neville said nothing. He kissed the back of her neck lightly and she shuddered. “You’re ready aren’t you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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