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All the Power in the World…? Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: Due to the amount of views the first story received I have decided to write a second chapter. The characters are based on a series of short stories I wrote primarily in the eighth grade.

I realize that readers may not be aware of the relationship between certain characters. I apologize for this but after seven stories I am used to writing with certain things well established.

There is a fair amount of plot just to let everyone know. Sorry for the lack of depth in the erotic scenes. This is only my second attempt at an erotic story. Please comment and check out the first chapter.


Sephiroth had never known love until recently. He experienced it with his daughter Melissa no less. Love between a father and daughter was not forbidden outright in their kingdom but it was frowned upon.

It begged the question: did he truly have all the power in the world now? Sephiroth knew of instances where the “power” of love inspired great heroics. But was it really a power?

Certainly it was something to consider. In terms of Sephiroth and Melissa’s love, the Dragon Knight did not think it was wrong. It had been Melissa who wanted it. It pleased her and if it made her happy then surely it was right.

Sephiroth came out of his ponderings. He had reached his destination: his friend Hieu’s estate. The manor was not quite as large as Sephiroth’s own, being only three floors and two wings. About the size of an important noble’s.

“Lord Sephiroth, my lord bids you welcome in his home. If you wait a moment, I will inform him you are here,” a guard said.

“Unnecessary. Hieu already knows I am here. I will proceed to the parlour at once,” Sephiroth replied. With that, the Dragon Knight vanished from sight. He reappeared before his friends a second later.

“Couldn’t escort bursa manage conventional means?” Hieu asked, smiling.

“A waste of time. The only reason I walked at all was to have time to ponder things,” Sephiroth answered.

“Such as?” Crystal inquired. She studied her friend closely. Though deceased for most of Sephiroth and Hieu’s lifespan, she knew much about him. After being brought back to life with Sephiroth’s blood, Crystal had a deep bond with him and a curiosity to know more about him.

“It does not matter. To what reason did you need to see me?” Sephiroth asked.

“Crystal was the one who wanted to talk with you. I just wanted to be around to greet you, my old friend,” Hieu replied. With that he stood and left the room, leaving his wife and friend to discuss whatever they were going to discuss.

“Melissa told me about the two of you. I’m happy you finally found love like Hieu and I have. I know you know little about sex so I figured I could tell you some things,” Crystal explained.

“It is fortunate then that you decided against showing me. I would think some people would object,” Sephiroth remarked, smiling slightly.

“Hm. You should smile more. It’s rather dazzling. Now on to the good stuff. Girls love foreplay. Kiss Melissa a fair deal; her lips, along her neck and anywhere really. Come try,” Crystal offered.

“Impossible. You know I cannot do that,” Sephiroth replied. “Just continue your ‘lesson’.”

“Oh come on. It’s no good if you can’t actually do it,” Crystal insisted. Sephiroth sighed. He muttered something in the language of magic and the doors glowed.

“The doors are sealed. I should not want to explain this atrocity anymore than I wish to do it. But if it will hurry things along…”Sephiroth said. He held Crystal and kissed her.

She bursa merkez eskort moaned slightly. As much as she had learned about him in the last four years, Crystal never would have guessed he was an amazing kisser. They held their kiss, and Crystal felt lust and desire for Sephiroth. Even her beloved husband had never made her feel like this.

Sephiroth kissed along Crystal’s neck. All along, down one side and up along the other. She removed her gown, leaving her in a bra and panties. The Dragon Knight took the prompt and kissed Crystal’s shoulder.

His lips followed along to her chest and down to the exposed parts of her breasts. She gasped as pleasure slowly crept in to her. All from kisses. Crystal could feel herself getting wet.

“Okay…grab my breasts. Melissa’s may be a bit too small but maybe you can anyway,” Crystal whispered. Sephiroth did as instructed, cupping her breasts and squeezing them. She moaned louder.

After awhile they separated. Crystal breathed heavily as she came down from her arousal. How had he done that? Turn her on from such simple foreplay? She was falling for Sephiroth though she loved Hieu as much as ever.


Sephiroth lay naked in bed with Melissa. He held his daughter tightly as they kissed deeply. “Ohh daddy!” she gasped. He kissed her neck, down one end and up the other like he had with Crystal earlier that day.

Kissing her shoulder, the Dragon Knight moved slowly to her breasts. He kissed them fondly, finding he enjoyed his daughter’s young body. Sephiroth then moved down to her stomach, kissing up and down every inch.

“Please daddy, love me with that big cock!” Melissa begged.

“Very well.” Sephiroth guided Melissa to a kneeling position. He helped her hands to the bed. His daughter bursa sınırsız escort waited on all fours. Sephiroth knelt behind her, pushing his huge cock into his daughter’s waiting pussy.

He held her hips firmly as he thrust slowly. The young girl moaned happily as she was loved by her father. Sephiroth kept on, thrusting deeply before pushing five inches of his ten inch cock inside Melissa.

“Yes daddy. I love you sooo much,” she moaned. Gradually his thrusting got harder and faster, prompting his little girl to scream loudly. He let his hands wander along her back. They slipped over Melissa’s ribs, massaging and fondling her small breasts.

Soon Sephiroth had his whole cock in his daughter’s little pussy. He was thrusting even harder, tearing his daughter’s pussy. Melissa felt a fire between her legs. She felt a fair deal of pain but even more pleasure.

Soon she was cumming hard as several orgasms ripped through her body. “DAAADDDYYY!!” she screamed out as loud as she could. Sephiroth ejaculated as deep into her pussy as possible, so many bursts of semen she couldn’t count them.


Sephiroth stood in the middle of a clearing in the nearby forest. Melissa watched from a safe distance, as instructed. She watched her father intently. She wondered about the surprise he had promised but waited patiently like a good girl.

“Magic can do many things. Let me show you that it can make something beautiful,” the Dragon Knight said suddenly. He raised his arms to the sky, eyes closed. Melissa watched too, as bolts of lightning split the sky.

She looked on in fascination. The bolts of lightning were white, blue and purple. They flashed in a rhythmic pattern. It truly was beautiful. Melissa clapped her hands as she watched. Sephiroth created flames which shot into the sky.

The white lightning exploded into red bursts of light. The blue turned to purple and the purple to an even deeper shade. Shortly thereafter the magic fire and lightning dispersed.

“Daddy, that was beautiful. Thank you,” Melissa squealed as she ran to hug Sephiroth. They kissed passionately as they held each other.

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