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Almost Strangers….

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Amateur Milf

After grabbing drinks we head back to my place. Your standing at the window looking out at some people in the parking lot outside. I come up behind you and snuggle up close to you. I slide your hair to the side and start to lightly kiss and nibble on your neck and my hands start to caress you. As I kiss and nibble I start to work my way up towards your ear where I whisper in a nice low voice about how I’d been thinking about getting close to you all evening. In between nibbles I tell you about what I wanted to do to you all day at the office. My hands sneak up your shirt and start to rub your chest. As I massage your tits you can feel me getting excited behind you. I pull you close to me so that you can feel just how excited I am 🙂 We’re quietly grinding against each other as I continue to play with your tits. I eventually let one hand trail down to your panties and I very lightly trace the curves of your panties paying extra close attention brush your pussy several times while teasing your panties. Suddenly my hand is in your panties and I’m rubbing your clit. Nice and slow at first but then starting to speed up. I keep one hand on your tits while I continue to grind up against you and tease you. I whisper in your ear about how I want you to take my cock out….

and slowly tease the head of your cock by rubbing it on my pussy lips. Making it all nice and wet. After I can tell you have had enough teasing. I get down on my knees in front of you and look up as my tongue slowly moves around the head of your cock, tasting myself of you. As I look at you I wrap my lips around your cock and slowly start going down your shaft, as my hand is caressing your balls. I have taken all your cock deep in my mouth and I start to move slowly back up your shaft with my tongue tracing every inch. I continue to move slowly up and down your cock until I can hear you moan and you lightly put your hands on the back of my neck. I start to move faster and I can feel your cock getting much harder in my mouth. I feel you getting close and I stop get up off my knees. Gently nibble on your ear and tell you that my pussy is to wet to not have it’s own attention. I can feel a smile come across your face as my check is on yours. You grab my ass really hard and……

spin you around and force you down onto my lap. My cock is standing up straight between your legs rubbing against your pussy. I pull you back against me as I start to rub and play with your tits as I grind against you. Then, just to tease you even more I start to rub your clit with my fingers as my dick rubs Escort bayan against your lips. I whisper to you about how much I want you to cum on my dick and continue to tease your clit and ask if you’ll do that for me? You moan yes and I throw you down onto the couch pinning your arms down. We keep eye contact as you start to feel me enter you. Just a little bit at first….then a little bit more…you can feel me thrust ever so slightly as I can tell you want to take more and more of me in. I smirk at you and keep your arms pinned as I lean in and start to suck on your nipples. Suddenly you feel more of me inside you…then even more as I continue to twirl my tongue around your nipple. Finally I’m all inside you and begin to slowly fuck you. Hard but slow. Every so often you feel my thumb rubbing your clit as I thrust into you. I push your legs over your head and force myself into you as deep as I can and begin to fuck you faster. I can tell I’m getting a good spot by your reactions and continue to thrust the same way. I’m enjoying pleasing you and can feel I’m getting very close to cumming. I tell you I want to cum on your tits and when I pull out you jerk me off onto your chest. I explode all over your tits as I try and keep my moans quiet for the neighbors lol. We rest on for a moment but I can’t keep my hands off you. I tell you I’m not done yet and that I want you to keep playing with my cock. You kneel along side me as you take my cock in your mouth and begin to suck it back to life. As you begin doing that you feel me begin to play with your pussy again. Rubbing your lips and fingering you. At first its just one finger but then its two as you feel my thumb grind on your clit as my fingers come in and out of you. I love hearing your moans as you suck my cock as it grows in your mouth getting bigger and harder. As I continue to finger fuck you as you go down on me I tell you how good it feels and bite my lip so I don’t moan too loud. I ask you if you want my big hard cock in your pussy again and you say…..

That I would want nothing more then your hard cock deep in my pussy, but this time I want you to fuck me from behind. I want to feel your balls smack against my clit as you fuck me hard. You quickly push me on all fours and smack my ass a few times. Teasing me with the head of your cock on my pussy lips. You bend over me and grab my tits, lightly pulling my hair back you ask me to beg for it. You tell me that you won’t fuck me unless I beg for your cock. My pussy is so wet wanting your cock that I in a low sensual voice tell you Bayan escort that I need your hard cock in me. please fuck my pussy good. Make me cum on your cock. You certainly liked that tone and couldn’t get your cock in my pussy fast enough. You put your hands on my shoulders and thrust your hard cock deep inside my pussy. I moan as you do this. I take my fingers and begin playing with my clit as you fuck my pussy nice and hard. You can feel my pussy tighten around your cock and you don’t want me to cum yet. You stop your cock deep inside me and just let it sit there. You tell me that your not ready for me to cum yet. That your going to fuck my pussy nice and slow for a little bit, teasing me, getting me close, but not letting me cum. You begin fucking my pussy nice and slow, smacking my ass making it nice and red. As you feel my pussy tighten again you stop. Grabbing my hair you tell me that it’s my turn to be in control. You pull your cock out of my pussy and put it to my lips, with me licking off my juices. You lay on your back, give me that smirk and advise me it is time to hop on. I straddle myself over your hard cock and slowly move down your shaft. I look at you and ask you…..

if its ok to ride my cock? I give you a smirk and say its ok to ride my cock but I want you to play with your clit for me while you do it. You moan and start to ride me how you want while you also tease your clit. I love watching you ride me and enjoy yourself. I play with your tits (and throw in an extra thrust or two every so often just to surprise you). I ask you if my cock feels good? And you agree. Without warning I hold your arms behind you arching your back and pushing your tits up and out so I can see them bounce. I buck you this way for a few minutes. 🙂 I tell you I want you to cum all over my cock now and I sit back and enjoy. You proceed to grind and bounce on my cock until you’re out of control fucking me. I can feel your pussy clenching my dick. . Then I smack your ass and wrap an arm around you to hold you down against me as I fuck you furiously. I pound you hard as you just take it on top of me. I want to hear you telling me to fuck you hard and you say it as I thrust extra just to take your breath away 🙂 I grab your ass and play with it while continuing on. You tell me your cumming as you’re almost paralyzed on top of me as I thrust away….

As I cum. I can feel your hand grasp my ass harder. Your cock is still fucking my pussy hard. Thrusting harder and harder. Making my tits bounce. My pussy tightens on your cock as my body quivers Escort in pleasure and I am trying to hold in the screaming as I cum, but am not able to do so. You put your hands on my hips and continue to fuck me making sure that I don’t move even though my body is exhausted. Looking at me you tell me that your not going to cum until I cum again. Rolling me on my back, placing my legs on your shoulders you thrust into my pussy hard, making me moan in pleasure. Taking your thumb you start playing with my clit as your tongue dances circles around my hard nipples. Bringing your head up you slowly nibble on my ear, telling me that you want me to cum again, that you need me to cum on your cock and that when your ready to cum it will be inside my mouth so I am able to taste myself on your cock. Your fucking me harder and I can’t resist. I reach my hand down and start playing with my own clit as you nibble on my nipple, biting down I let out a moan and whisper to you that I am close to cumming. Fucking my pussy harder you lean back and begin pounding my pussy, making my tits bounce even harder. I can’t hold in the moans any longer they are so loud and I finally scream. I am cumming. You continue to fuck me until after I have cum all over you cock, looking at me you pull your cock out and say…..

I want you to suck it. As you begin to gobble my cock up I keep talking dirty. You like having that cock in your mouth? Mmmm that feels good take it all the way in. I want to see you play with your tits while you suck my cock. I take your head in my hands and begin to slowly fuck your mouth. Pushing it all the way in to the back of your throat and then all the way back out. I tease you with it a bit while you lick the tip and play with your nipples. I’m super hard and you can tell I’m going to cum….

Taking both of my tits in my hands and squeezing really hard. I feel your cock tighten in my mouth. Taking my mouth and wrapping it around your cock. I look up at you and my eyes show you that I want you to cum deep in my throat. Seeing this you put your hands on the back of my head and slowly begin pushing my head down your cock as you get closer to cumming, when your cock is all in my mouth I take my tongue and start slowly licking the bottom of your shaft. This throws you over the edge and you moan to me that your cumming. I can feel the cum start to enter my mouth and I quickly begin to swallow, wrapping my hands around your legs to keep you still. I grab them tightly forcing you to keep your cock deep in my mouth and letting me take all your cum. As your body relaxes, I loosen my grip on your cock and pull it out of my mouth. You pull me up and kiss me lightly on the lips, holding me close as we both collapse on the bed with no words needed to be spoken. The smiles on our faces tell it all…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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