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Amanda Teasing Two Ch. 08

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Dave and his three friends took me into the back room. It only had one door and tiny windows high in the walls. The three teens in there got told where to go, and I heard the door being locked. I backed against the table and Dave knelt between my legs. I was shaking like hell, and I looked round at the other three men’s faces. Before when we played darts the looks were more discreet, but now my legs and breasts were receiving open leers! I looked down at Dave’s head. I shuddered and gasped as I felt his hands slowly push my legs apart. Just the feel of his fingers on my nylon clad legs, had me wobbling on my 5 inch heels. I quaked as he lifted my skirt and kissed me through my panties and tights. I gasped as three sets of eyes looked on. I brushed my hair back nervously; the other men could see I wasn’t coping very well. It seemed to give them more confidence, and soon the leers to my red face became dirty grins. One of the men began to grope himself through his trousers, when he saw that I had noticed he ran his tongue along his lips.

Dave kissed and sucked my tights and panties into his mouth. My head was turned and someone began kissing me hard. I responded and different hands tugged at the poppers on my blouse. I could feel Dave’s hands pulling my tights and panties down all in one.

“Oh look at that bush!” Dave spat.

I felt my bra being forced up quite roughly exposing my breasts to the greedy eyes. The guy who was kissing my mouth suddenly groaned as his lips clamped to my nipple.

“Ouch!” I whimpered, as my nipple felt pinched.

I felt a finger search for my pussy. I wriggled a little, and it slipped in. Dave’s tongue was now on my clit. I began pushing his head away a little. Someone turned my face and my eyes saw a zipper going down. I looked up and saw the guy stood on the pool table. He smile down at me and I looked at his erect cock.

“No,” I whimpered, as I felt him push into my mouth

“God what’s up with you, you’re as dry as shit!” Dave spat.

I pushed his head away, while still trying to get the cock out of my mouth, and the lips off my breasts. The guy began forcing his cock in my mouth choking me. I just couldn’t help it I bit him hard! He cursed and fell back holding his groin in pain.

“Jesus Amanda!” Dave spat, as he let me go after I nearly pulled his ear off.

“You fucking bitch!”

I looked down to see the guy who had been sucking my breast, trying to stop the blood from the scratches I made on his neck.

I looked at them and rushed to the door. I shook the handle but the door was locked. I turned to the fourth man who was holding the key.

“Please unlock the door,” I said, with a panicking voice.

He just looked at me with a real cold stare.

“Look what you have done!” he spat, making me jump.

The other three men just stood nursing various injuries.

“You asked them in here, you wanted it, and you didn’t object when they started on you.”

“I’m sorry I thought, I, well I made a mistake,” I whimpered, as I shook the door handle again.

“So we just let you go is that it?”

I began to cry.

“That won’t wash with me lady. The least you can do is offer them some compensation.”

“Money!” I screeched in bewilderment.

I covered my breasts with my blouse when I saw him leering at them.

“Kneel down and open your blouse,” he spat.

I felt really scared. I thought of screaming but there was something about him that had me deciding against it. He wasn’t like the others at all. I had never seen him before.

“Just let them have a wank on those lovely tits, and we’ll call it quits,” he said softly.

I looked at the three men. They were quiet now and waiting for my answer.

“You enjoyed it up until a certain point. I’ve been watching you all evening. You kept looking at that young man. That was the turn on for you wasn’t it. I don’t know why maybe you tried to make him jealous.”

“I wasn’t, he is my stepson, I don’t fancy him like that,” I groaned.

“Maybe, or maybe not, but gorukle escort I work with people like you, I know a sexual hang up when I see it.”

“I’m not like that!” I spat.

“No? Two of these men have got it in them to rape you, the third I don’t think he has.”

“You’re just guessing you don’t know that,” I spat, trying to call his bluff.

I looked at the three men. If he was right I wouldn’t know which of them would, and which of them wouldn’t.

“Something Dave said about you being dry swung it. After all that teasing in the bar that turned you on, but as soon as the young guy left I saw the change in you.”

I shook my head. This man had me all wrong. I didn’t want it going this far, although I did I suppose come in here.

“So what is it to be lady? If you are worried about them spreading it about, I’m sure they won’t. They are all married and I don’t think they will tell anyone.”

I shuddered as he turned me to face them. He pushed slowly on my shoulders until I was on my knees. He reached down and opened my blouse with such a delicate touch, that I didn’t even attempt to stop him! I looked up at the three men. They seemed to be crowding round me. I could feel my body trembling, but I stayed where the man had put me.

I saw three cocks being pulled just a foot away from me. I couldn’t stop watching them despite how it made me feel inside. The fourth man stood behind me, and he spoke again.

“I bet you wanted your husband and stepson to stay didn’t you? Wouldn’t you like them to be here now, watching?”

I was panting as three hard cocks waited for their owners to find the right stroke, to make them shoot their precious cargo.

“It would be nice to have them here. They could see how much you turned on these three men. Not a wimp like your husband. These men are only interested in your sexy, young, body.”

I felt quite calm now, even knowing that in a few minutes these men would come on my tits!

The groaning got louder and heavier.

“Not long now lady. I know I keep calling you lady not slut, or whore, because you are not. You are a lady and this just a game that is all, like the games you play at home. Only this time you are alone. That shouldn’t frighten you. That should excite you!”

The first splatter of spunk hit my breasts.

“Does that feel good lady?”

I looked down to see three string jets of spunk on my soft white breasts. I could feel them hot and wet.

“What would your husband and stepson think if they saw that?”

“OOHHH!” I exclaimed, as Dave grunted and shot onto my left breast.

His face was red and he was shaking almost uncontrollably. I felt a hand on my head, it just cradled my skull. It seemed gentle and caring, so much so, that I found myself slowly rolling my head back into his soft fingers. I looked round at him.

“Do you, want, to….”

“If I do it will be in your mouth,” he said softly.

He was waiting for the trembling woman to give him permission. I just looked at the unbelievably large lump in his trousers, and he grinned at me

“Oh yes, wouldn’t that be such a tease. Your husband would never measure up to anything you wanted again. You would despise him forever. He would love that wouldn’t he?”

“Yes!” I gasped finally.

I reached out running my hand down its length. There it was stood to attention, the biggest cock I had ever seen! I moved closer almost in a trance like state.

“NO! No you don’t suck me. You just open your mouth; I’ll do all the work.”

I tipped my head back a little and opened my mouth wide. I heard a comment from behind me.

“SHHHH!” the man hissed, with a little anger in his voice.

He began pumping himself. What I thought was his spunk wasn’t. This slightly runny liquid oozed from his cock. I let it dribble into my mouth. I had actually tipped my head right under the edge of his big wonderful cock so it just dropped in!

“What is your stepson’s name?” he spat.

“Marcus,” I answered quickly, and then opened my altıparmak eskort bayan mouth wide.

“Get ready lady. Just think of Marcus now. Think of his glorious hot spunk,” he spat through gritted teeth.

He held my head still gently but so firmly. I moved my head back in shock, as the first huge jet shot like a bolt of lightning into my mouth. I swallowed, and just managed to get my mouth open in time, as the next white sticky jet hit the back of my throat. The third caught my top lip, because I was coming so hard. The fourth went up over my head somewhere, and I heard someone shuffle back trying to escape the ‘spunk missile’. I still waited with my mouth open and got the next right in. I had never had so much of the stuff before!

“Clean me,” he panted.

I could only just get the head of his huge black cock in my mouth. I used my teeth pressing on his cock head gently to open his hole. Then I sucked and licked my tongue occasionally over the oozing spunk!

“Oh Jesus that’s good with your teeth!” he said a little surprised.

I smiled for him, but I still kept cleaning his hole!

The other men left at some point, and the stranger had to push me away before somebody came in.

“So was I right about everything?” he said, as he did up his trousers.

“Only about my husband being a wimp,” I said, looking for something to wipe the drying spunk from my tits with.

He pulled me to him and started to do up my blouse, I didn’t resist.

“Your stepson is the key man in your life, not your husband.”

“Oh no you got that dead wrong, I was just so turned, on, earlier,” I said, a little annoyed.

“Have it your way lady, but you’ll have to admit it sooner or later. What is your husband’s name?”


He leant towards me and pressed my blouse to my chest, causing me to gasp a little.

“And what is your stepson’s name?”


“And Marcus gets a smile, but your husband’s name doesn’t?”

“You caught me off guard.” I snapped.

“We’ll your only on guard if you are trying to hide the truth.”

I wanted out of there now, what he was saying was just stupid.

When I got to home the house was in darkness. I couldn’t believe I had walked home alone in the dark. My mind I knew was on other things, but even so? I looked at the card that the black man had given me. I put my bag down in the hall. I thought I’d look in on Jeff but decided not to. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a flannel; the drying spunk on breasts had started to annoy me now. I opened my blouse and screamed as I was spun round from behind!


He looked down at my bare tits. I closed my eyes in disgust. Not at him seeing my breasts again, but the white stains they proudly showed.

“God look at them! Look at them!” he screeched.

I went to wipe the flannel across them but he held my wrist away. I broke down crying.

“Get what you want did you? Let them leave their mark!” he hissed.

I tried to get away but he held me tight, pushing my arms up and pinning them against the wall.

“God I can even smell it on your breath, you disgusting slut!” he roared.

He dragged me by my hair into the lounge and shoved me hard onto the couch. He yanked of my shoes and then ripped my tights and panties off in one, sharp, swift, movement. I struggled hard pleading with him to stop. He pushed his lips hard against mine. I was still crying but he forced his tongue in my mouth.

I felt a finger push roughly into my pussy. He looked down shocked when he felt how wet I was.

“Go on fuck me then!” I spat, with my voice trembling with rage.

I grappled with his zip.

“Go on you want me, take me you bastard fuck me!”

I pulled his cock out and began rubbing it against my pussy. It was now I became gentle. He had let go of my legs and had sat back. He seemed in trance as he watched me teasing his cock between my cunt lips. I looked up to him with my tear stained eyes.

“Please,” I whimpered. nilüfer eskort bayan

I felt his cock head push into me, just his head.

“Please Marcus I want you so much,” I said, starting to cry again.

He looked down at his cock, and he gulped.

“I need you Marcus, please don’t pull out!” I whispered frantically.

I felt his cock slowly pull away from me. He got off the couch and silently did his trousers up.

I pulled my skirt down and closed my legs. I began sobbing cuddling a cushion. The light went out, and the front door closed softly.

What sort of a sick bitch was I?

I woke up on the couch in the early hours of the morning. I was cold, and I slowly forced myself up to bed. I curled up in the quilt I just wanted to stay there forever! I eventually forced myself into the shower, and I stayed under the running water for ages, occasionally sobbing, and sometimes angry.

I got dressed and realised that I was still tied to the man downstairs, why the hell was I stupid enough to let him back? He could have managed. He could have made them keep him in hospital. I wasn’t paid by the bloody NHS! God I wasn’t even paid!

Life struggled on for the next few days. Then when I got home from the shops Marcus was there, with the girl from the pub. They were talking to Jeff. I felt a little strange being there with him. He kept looking at me out the corner of his eye.

“Dad says you will go out with us.”

“Did he now?” I said, looking at Jeff coldly.

“I’ve phoned Gerry he’ll be here at 8,”

“I want to talk to your father, alone.”

“So you are fixing me up with dates now?” I said, giving him a glare.

“I’ll sign the house over to you tomorrow.”

I just stood staring at him for a few moments.

“Is that a promise,” I asked suspiciously.

He began to wriggle his fingers slowly.

“I think I can hold a pen long enough to sign my name,” he said, as he concentrated on moving his fingers.

I watched him for awhile, part of me was pleased for him, but I really didn’t give a shit anymore!

“Look I’ve been practising.”

He reached under his pillow and pulled out a slip of paper. I half snatched it from him and read it.

“That is my condition, do as I want and I’ll sign it.”

I heard Marcus and his new girlfriend laughing and larking about in the back garden. I walked into Jeff’s room. His eyes took a long look at my clothing. I wore the tight pink jumper he had bought me last year, I hated it, I was sure only a tart would wear a jumper like this! It didn’t quite reach my navel, and hung off of my left shoulder. My breasts dropped a couple of inches due to being braless. With it I wore a black pleated skirt 6 inches off my knees.

“Show me,” he groaned.

I looked away disgusted with myself, and lifted my hem up above my black stocking tops until my naked pussy was on show. As I let the hem fall his eyes ran down to my shoes, they were black 3 ¾ inch heels, opened toed with a pink cross running over the top.

“Well do I look like the slut you imagined?” I hissed.

“You are not wearing a suspender belt.”

“I don’t need to they are hold-ups,” I spat.

Marcus was a little shocked by my appearance, as I stood in the kitchen doorway. Ellie looked me up and down. I could see her thinking ‘fucking slut’.

“You look great,” she said, but couldn’t hide her true feelings.

I don’t know if she was taking the piss, or not. But she did ask me where I had got the jumper from. They went inside and as Marcus passed me he just looked at me like I was a cheap whore. I moved outside onto the patio. I did feel like I was dressed to go out on the pull, I’m sure Jeff would get a real kick out of thinking of me trying to keep myself decent.

“Hello Mandy, going out again then?”

I could see the leer on Jack Green’s face. He might just as well have asked me, if it was worth him taking the dog for a midnight stroll.

“Yes,” I snapped, feeling quite embarrassed.

I turned to go in and a gust of wind caught my skirt. I felt the hem flick up and brush my elbows. I brushed it down quickly and looked over my shoulder. He saw alright!

“Mind you don’t catch a chill,” he mumbled.

I slammed the door and locked it. I closed my eyes and shuddered as I thought Green had now seen my naked ass!

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