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An Evening of Firsts

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Ashley Matheson

I had the greatest experience of my young life the other night. I had gone to the local adult bookstore, to buy some jack-off magazines. I hadn’t ever been there but heard that they had quite a selection. Also the fact that I was just 18 and I heard they wouldn’t require I.D. for my purchase.

They had every kind of porno magazine there. As I browsed a bit, I noticed that they had video booths where you could preview porno movies. I bought some tokens and went into the darkened area where individual booths played the tapes. I closed and latched the door behind me, settling in to watch.

I scrolled through a variety of tapes; girls, guys and a couple of transsexuals were shown in various acts. I was free to enjoy anything I wanted without getting caught by anyone. It was great. I particularly got off on watching one guy sucking another. They both appeared to be enjoying themselves. I took out my cock and began jerking off. These two guys had been sunbathing in the nude when one guy offered the other a blowjob. He began stroking his buddies cock until it grew huge and hard. He stroked his balls as he began sucking him. It looked so cool.

‘Psst,’ I heard. I looked down to the side and saw a small hole, where a tongue stuck through. ‘Let me suck your cock’, the voice whispered. I was a bit freaked out and chose to ignore him. I returned to watching the video; he was now deep-throating his buddy. I was getting really hot. The tongue was replaced by a beckoning finger. ‘Let me suck your cock’, the voice repeated. I continued to ignore it. The guys on screen were really into it now, he was close to coming.

The finger was now replaced by an enormous cock. I was stunned. This massive hunk of penis appeared through the hole and just stood there throbbing. The exposed portion must have been 9′ long. My concentration was split between watching the screen and looking at this huge tool, just to my right.

‘Touch it,’ the voice urged. My hand reached out and took a hold of it. It was hard as hell, and jumped at my touch. The skin was smooth and taut. ‘Oh yeah,’ the voice hissed. Forgetting my own cock for a moment, I turned in my seat and used both hands to caress this wonder. It just stood there and let me explore. It felt so good. All at once it disappeared.

‘Let me suck your cock’, I heard a third time. This time I stood up and pushed my cock through the hole. It was immediately surrounded by a warm wet mouth. The feeling of having my cock sucked by this stranger was incredible! I came almost immediately.

He slowed just a bit, but Onwin did not stop sucking me. I just let him continue. After another few minutes he stopped. I sat down and his massive cock reappeared in the hole. I began stroking it again. It was exciting to play with the head and the thick shaft. The skin was so warm. It smelled of Lifeboy soap, which is what I use. The familiar smell and the warm smooth skin was arousing me. I leaned down and kissed the head.

‘What the hell,’ I thought. I got down on my knees and began to suck it. It was huge, but felt so good! I realized that I was drooling like mad, around this thick tool. My tongue was working back and forth, as I imagined what it must feel like to him. I sucked and played and hummed around it for a long time. My time expired on the video but I barely noticed. I was loving having this massive cock in my mouth.

I withdrew and we traded places. He sucked me as I got rock hard again. We traded back and forth for twenty minutes. I finally wanted to really taste him and concentrated on giving him the very best head that I could. I could feel him straining, and his cock getting even harder. He began to shoot into my mouth. It was fantastic! His explosive load overwhelmed my ability to catch and swallow it all, but I caught most of the overflow in my hand. I rubbed his hot cream all over my erection, jacking off. I was almost there and stood and shoved my cock back into his mouth as I came hard. My sweet young come was splashed into his mouth as he drank every drop.

After I fell back into my chair he whispered,

‘God, your come is so delicious!’

‘So is yours,’ I countered.

‘You are such a beautiful young stud. Come over to my house and have a soak in my Jacuzzi,’ he replied. ‘Do you like hot water”

‘I love it.’ I usually masturbated in the shower with the hot, hot water on my back. Hot water always made me horny.

‘Follow me. I don’t live far from here.’

When we both emerged from our booths, we both liked what we saw, I think. He was about mid-thirties, tall, muscular and good-looking. He still carried the huge lump in his shorts. He looked me up and down and smiled. I followed him to the parking lot and then to his house. He got a couple of beers and we headed to the backyard Jacuzzi. We wasted no time in stripping and climbing in.

We sat close together drinking our beers and touching legs and thighs. We chatted about ourselves a bit. He was married and straight, but loved a nice hard cock now and then. I told him that I had never done anything Onwin giriş like that, ever. He seemed thrilled to have been my first.

‘You have such a great mouth. I loved the feeling of having you suck my cock’

‘Man, you are so big. I could barely get you in my mouth.’

‘Oh! But it felt so good.’

‘I loved doing it; and having you come in me,’ I told him.

‘Me too.’

He leaned me against the side of the tub, facing away from him and began massaging my back. He did my shoulders and back; then he squeezed my butt and reached between my legs to stroke my cock and balls. It felt so good.

‘You’ve got such a nice cock.’ He whispered to me. ‘I love sucking you.’

‘Mmm hmm,’ I moaned.

‘And you loved sucking on my big cock, didn’t you”

‘Ooh, yeah! You’re soooo big,’ I moaned.

‘You want some more” he asked. I looked at him and nodded. ‘Come to my bedroom.’

We got out nude and practically ran through the French doors into his room and jumped on the bed. He sat up in bed as I kneeled between his legs and stroked his massive penis.

‘Suck me baby. Make love to my cock with your mouth.’ He pulled on the back of my head until my mouth felt like a sausage casing. I was stuffed full of his huge tool. ‘You look so good like that!’ I looked into his eyes and moaned around him, which sounded very sexy, full of cock as I was. ‘Would you like my come” I nodded to him and felt my eyes rolling back. I had never dreamed of being this turned on before. ‘Would you like it in your mouth” I nodded again, moaning. I was dying for more of his sweet cream. ‘Oh yeah! Here we go, baby! This come’s for you!’ He blasted me full! I drank and swallowed and choked it down; every delicious drop!! He was limply thrusting into me as I was slipping my lips up and down the length of him.

‘Mmm hmm! Mmm hmm!!’ I was moaning. ‘Love it! I love it!!’ I was caressing his balls and milking him with my hand. ‘Amazing come! So good!!’

His head was lolling back and forth as he finished shooting this amazing load of cream into me. I kept working him deeply in and out of my soft mouth, sucking and licking.

‘God! I could do this all night!’ I whispered, or rather gurgled through my come coated mouth. I sounded like I had a mouthful of whipped cream.

‘Be my guest,’ he said exhausted.

‘No way! It’s your turn now.’ I crawled over him pushing my cock at his mouth. This roused him sufficiently to begin giving me the same wonderful head he had given me in the booth. I pushed and pulled at him and he took it all beautifully. I came again quickly, while he drank and drank. We crawled under the covers and cuddled a little and then slept some.

I awoke a short time later, and rolled toward him searching for his sleeping penis. I gently stroked him thrilling at the size, even soft. ‘What a cock,’ I thought. I gently pulled back the covers and inspected every inch of this wonder. It really was beautiful. Soft skin over the perfect shape, still long and thick. I couldn’t resist slipping my lips over the big head. I worked him in and out very gently and taking in just the head. I could feel it getting harder. Then I felt his hand on the back of my head again.

‘Baby. Are you my sweet young cocksucker” I nodded, my mouth full. You really love it, don’t you”

‘I do.’ I told him dreamily. ‘I could do this every night.’

‘Yeah’ Would you do this even if my wife was watching”

‘Even better. Would she like to watch”

‘She might. I’m not sure. But that would be so hot. I think you would like each other. She has beautiful big tits. Do you like big tits”

‘Oh yeah! I love big tits.’

All at once I felt soft hands on my back and jumped at the surprise, turning to look. His wife had been watching, and she did have beautiful big tits. She was nude and gorgeous.

‘You’re quite a young stud,’ she told me sexily; so sexily that I felt my cock jump up to full hardness all at once. She knelt on the bed. ‘Let me watch you suck him some more, baby. It looks so good!’ After spending a moment drinking in every exquisite detail of her form, I bent again to mouth his massive tool. Her hand immediately wrapped smoothly around my cock. ‘Oooh, suck him deep. Make him come.’

She watching intently for a bit and then moved to begin sucking me. Her mouth was heaven. I came immediately; the third time tonight. She slid up my back, her tits and nipples rubbing against me. She moved me aside and sat down hard onto her husbands thick tool.

‘Oh, God yeah! This is what I need right now. C’mere boy. Feel me up!!’ I moved behind her and grabbed her big tits. They were perfect. Playboy bunny style! ‘Ooh pull on my nipples. Yeah! You like my breasts’

‘Oh yeah!’ I managed. I was rubbing my cock against her from behind. She suddenly pulled up off of him and guided my cock into her pussy. ‘Fuck me boy!’ she yelled as she laid down onto her husband. ‘Grab my hips! Shove it in! Fuck me harder!!’

I was reveling in my first fucking. It was unbelievable!!! Her pussy was hot to the touch! It burned my cock!

‘Shoot it in me! Come in my pussy, boy!’ I was going to very soon. ‘You know you want to! Give it to me now!!’ I did. Number four, here we go! I literally fainted after.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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