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An Evening of Pleasure Act1

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An Evening of Pleasure or Eighteenth Century Passion Ignited

The coach rounded the circular driveway pass the stately elms towards the manor. Great braisiers illuminated the clear summer evening air but, they were still dim compared to the blazing candles emanating from the great house.

The coach pulled up and the liveried servants hustled to open the door and set the step down. Sir James surveyed the scene quickly before emerging from the dark interior of the gilded coach.

The servants mouthed the customary greetings befitting his station as Sir James the Rose sauntered towards the marble steps.

Guest greeted the gentleman with hearty shouts and the occasional handshake. Sir James acknowledged each greeting with individual attention and a smile as he pasted the open door and entered the foyer of the ancient hall.

Lord Oglesby, the titled owner of the manor, raised his glass towards Sir James and extended his hand.

“You look well, Sir James. I see the continent has refreshed you.” The lord was making reference to Sir James’ recent art hunting expedition to Greece and Italy.

“Thank you so much milord. I trust you and Lady Oglesby are both in good cheer?”

“Why thank you for your consideration my dear friend. We are both well. Pricilla, the lord’s spouse, wishes you to know her particular friend Lady Wanda is here this evening and will be our honored guest for the next fortnight.”

The mention of Lady Wanda’s name sent a feeling of warmth through James’ loins. It had been months since he had last seen her and their time together had been entirely too brief.

“Ah, I see that you recall her well James. This is good. The gentle creature has often asked about your health and wellbeing.”

“Yes”, Yozgat Escort replied Sir James with a boyish grin, “ she has oft’ been in my thoughts.”

“This is good my boy, very good. She is a prize worth pursuing. And with an estate of 500 pounds annually very well heeled. Of course, her wit and poise are incomparable.” With that said Oglesby nudged Sir James in his ribs gently.

Arms linked together the two men walked into the main ballroom. Nods and bows given freely and accepted graciously as they made their way through the crowd to the alcove where Pricilla held her sway over a knot of young men trying to impress her Ladyship with their wit and savoir faire.

“Oh my dear James she called out rising from her settee and extending her hand.”

The young men sneered and tried to look bored and worldly with Sir James’s approach to the group.

“The pleasure is truly mine,” he answered as he kissed her hand so gently.

“I’ve someone here who has been longing to see you my dear friend.”

It was at this time that the two lovers’ gaze locked one upon the other.

“My dear Lady Wanda it has been too long a parting for us. It is truly a joy to behold you again. May I inquire to your health and happiness?”

“Why of course, Sir James. I am well and as for my happiness nothing could have pleased me more than to see you and be charmed by such a gallant.”

This being said Lady Wanda opened her fan and demurely peered over the edge flashing her green eyes at him.

“ Now I’m sure you two have much to discuss. Off with you that is an order and enjoy the evening.”

“Joyfully I accept your command Lady Oglesby.” He then extended his hand to Lady Wanda. Yozgat Escort Bayan She stood and left accompanied by Sir James much to the chagrin of the Macaronis.

“ You are a sight for sore eyes my dear Wanda.” He said.

“And you my Sir are a balm for my cupid wound.” She then giggled and squeezed his hand quickly. “I’m so glad you’ve returned.”

“Aye my love and so am I.”

Together they made the social rounds and flirted outrageously with one another.

After a time when it was permissible, they discreetly left the soiree and ventured up stairs to the quarters that had been arranged by their host.

No sooner had the door closed that they rushed into each other’s arms and kissed with the passion of Paris and Helen. Clothes flew carelessly around the room as the two starving lovers tore off their garments. “Oh my love…oh my dearest love. I can hardly contain myself my body does so crave your tender ministrations. “ Lady Wanda panted, “I must have you inside me”

“I want you in the worse way my Venus. But Vesuvius need not erupt so quickly.”

Sir James kissed her deeply and their tongues glided tenderly in their mouths. He gently pressed her upon the four poster and kissed her rounded belly.

Lady Wanda’s body was plump and voluptuous. As Sir James had toured Europe his hands and fingertips now explored a body that he had yearned for these past months. He tickled her nipples until each pink bud stood rigid and firm. He then slowly licked and kissed, lavishing undivided attention on each one.

Lightly caressing her round belly he next placed his nose to her fire red mons. He breathed her musk-like scent deeply causing his penis to engorge more and grow firmer. Now Escort Yozgat he could no longer contain himself. He slipped his tongue into her vagina. It was swollen and glistened from her feminine juices.

“Ughhhh!”, he moaned as he licked and sucked her clitoris.

Lady Wanda responded in kind thrusting her pussy onto Sir James’ face. Her cunt rubbed over his lips and tongue as she pushed his head into her open womanhood.

“Oh my Love! Oh my dearest pet! Treat me like the whoring goose girl that I am.” she requested between sharply drawn breaths.

One of their favorite erotic games was “Highwayman meets peasant maiden”. A verbal signal like this meant the game was on and there was to be no holding back. No silly notions of virtue or prudence to contend with. The passion was reaching toward that fever pitch.

“Oh yes my plump slut,” he leered as he stuck his raging cock into her willing orifice. Roughly he hammered her cunt.

“I’m truly your slut my dearest,” she answered as she swore and rocked against slender, firm body.

They tussled in an amorous embrace for another ten minutes when the overwhelming sensation of orgasm flooded through Lady Wanda.

“God James I love you…fuck me harder….fuck me hard!!!!” She screamed until her speech was nonsensical and was reduced to animal grunts.

It took a few minutes to regain her composure. Sir James still was inside her quim hard and still ready to spill his seed.

Lady Wanda pushed him roughly onto the bed, straddled his face with her dripping pussy and began to lick and suck her moisture from his cock.

As her pussy engulfed his face he could hardly catch his breathe, but he willingly sucked her womanhood….until the ministrations of Lady Wanda caused him to spew forth his thick, creamy load.

Lady Wanda lapped up his seed. Then she cleaned his glands with her tongue.

He drew her into his arms kissing her gently…..

They both knew that the weekend of passion had only witnessed Act 1.

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