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An Evening with Celia

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We didn’t work in the same department, but our paths crossed frequently. The sparks flew instantly the first time we met. Celia was a few years older than me, a drop dead gorgeous black lady who made me erect in my pants every time I saw her. Was it her eyes, or her smile, or the outline of her body under her dress? I could never tell.

She oozed oomph and I pined for her. She was married and I was single. We started off a flirtatious friendship. Every chance I got, I waxed eloquent on her attractiveness, about her eyes and her voice that sounded like the rustling of leaves in an autumn breeze. She said she loved my smile and my dimples.

We went out to lunch a few times. Down in the Deep South, we attracted stares from black and white folks alike. We couldn’t care less, and flirted back and forth quite openly. It was on one such occasion that I confessed my fantasies about her. I had known all along that she liked me, but I was almost certain she wanted our friendship to be totally platonic what with her marriage and all. I was quite surprised to hear her say she felt the same way about me, that she fantasized about me making love to her. This was a revelation and my cock sprang up in attention almost immediately! We made out a little in the restaurant and in the car afterwards. I asked her if she would be able to go to dinner with me sometime. She told me she would let me know when.

A few weeks later, she called me to say her husband was out of town and if I was free over the next few days. I was overjoyed. We discussed a few restaurants but eventually agreed to meet up at my place for dinner. I offered to cook a sumptuous dinner for her and she accepted. Lucky me!

She arrived that evening looking as gorgeous as ever in an evening gown in blue. The thin shoulder straps accentuated her lovely shoulders. I could make out the outline of her gorgeous breasts restrained by the bra under it. A silver choker across her neck completed the look of elegance. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

We relaxed in the comfort of my living room making small talk about work and our colleagues. I offered her a glass of Chardonnay to unwind and asked her if she’d like to dance. I had put together a collection of songs on the iPod for slow dancing just for the occasion and we danced to numbers like “Wonderful tonight” by Eric Clapton and “Romeo and Juliet” by Dire Straits (I am classic rock aficionado). It was time for dinner so I asked her if she’d like to watch me cook. She agreed.

I was cooking spaghetti with marinara sauce in the kitchen. She was sipping a glass of Chardonnay watching me. I watched her sip the wine, her lips so full, so inviting. I wanted to kiss them. The music was still playing so I took her in my arms and we did a quick few steps together. I asked for a sip and she offered me the glass. I refused, wanting to taste the wine off her lips. She leaned forward and kissed me, the wine still in her mouth. I drank hungrily from your lips. The wine tasted fantastic. I asked her to take another sip and let the wine dribble down from her mouth. She said the dress would be ruined. I told her not to worry about the dress, the wine would never get there. I let her drink some more, and as I kissed her, I let the wine dribble off her mouth. I leaned over and licked the dribbling wine off her cheek and her neck.

I felt her breathing get heavier. She sighed. I drew her to me and we kissed passionately. We let our tongues dance together. “Leaving the spaghetti can simmer for a bit, could we maybe work up an appetite?” I asked her, and she looked into my eyes and kissed me to say she liked the idea. She grabbed my cock and fondled my hardness. My hand fondled her breasts and moved down to give her butt a firm squeeze. Her perfume made me wild with desire. I turn her around and kissed her earlobes, then the nape of her neck. I squeezed her breasts with my hands and fondled them, ripe to my touch. I kissed her shoulders, then ran my tongue along her back. As I unzipped her dress from behind, my tongue followed the direction of the zipper in short little flicks. I loved the taste of her skin. I could feel her skin respond to my tongue; the goose pimples breaking out. I reached up and helped her out of her dress. It fell to the floor around her ankles in a soft swoosh.

I gazed at the sheer beauty of her body, the gleaming caramel of her skin, the sensuous curve of her back, her supple breasts restrained by lace Eskort Bayan brassiere in black, the tone of her long graceful legs, and the amazing fullness of her butt. The lacework on her panties revealed the firm outlines of her butt cheeks and stopped tantalizingly just around her butt hole. I placed my hands on her shoulders and kissed her neck again slowly and very gently. It was a long lingering kiss as I savored her natural musty odor. I fondled her breasts with one hand and fondled her pussy with the other. I could feel her wetness under her panties. She let out a soft moan. I leaned over to kiss the small of her back, and her lower back. I rose, turned her around and kissed he deeply. My hand reached under her bra and fondled her breasts. I pinched her nipples lightly, then I pushed the cups aside to reveal her beautiful areolas and erect nipples. I unclasped the bra from her neck and it fell halfway, the clasp around her back still in place.

She began to unbutton my shirt as we kissed longingly again, our desires being fanned into higher levels every passing moment. I unfastened the clasp behind her and your bra fell to the floor. Her unrestrained 34C breasts and her erect nipples dance gently in invitation. She helped me out of my shirt and we embraced, feeling the heat of our bodies and the beating of our hearts. I gently backed her towards the counter and quickly helped her on to it. I leaned forward and kissed her breasts softly. I let her suck on my finger while I ran circles around her nipples with my tongue. I kissed her nipples briefly and they stood erect in pleasure. Then I sucked on the nipples deeply, one after the other. She throw her head back in pleasure and a deep throaty moan escaped her lips. Needing no further invitation, I fondled her breasts with my hands, and kissed them and sucked them deeply. I bit her nipples lightly and her sighs egged me on.

Then I quickly got up to kiss her, my hands still playing with her breasts. She put her arms around my neck and drew me in to her, responding in earnest to my kisses, her tongue exploring my mouth in deep strokes as my tongue devoured hers. I grabbed her thighs and drew her legs around my back as we kissed. Then I hoisted her off the counter with my arms. She leaned forward to kiss me now as I walked over to the island at the center of the kitchen. I gently put her down on the island and leaned her back till she was lying on the counter. She reached for my head and as I leaned forward, she drew me to your breasts again and held me as I sucked them again. She ran her hand through my hair as I moved from your breasts to her navel. I reached for the nearby bottle of wine, open it, and poured some of it into her navel. She gasped in surprise at the feel of the cool liquid. I noisily lapped the wine out of her navel. Her surprise was replaced by another low moan. I stood up, raised her legs in the air and removed her heels; one then two.

She closed her eyes as I massaged her feet, I gently massaged the balls of her feet then the arch and in one continuous motion, the heels. She giggle as I gently kissed the arches of her feet, and then suddenly gasped as I sucked on her big toe. She let the other leg drop and naughtily fondled the bulge in my pants with her other foot. I picked up this naughty leg and sucked the big toe, then quickly shifted to the other big toe. Then I put both her toes into my mouth and sucked on them together. Her eyes close and her body arches again. I rested her legs on my shoulders and I kissed her ankles, her calves, the backs of her knees. As I moved down, I knelt in front of the island and I kissed her thighs. I could smell her musty odor and I could see the wetness in her lace panties. I was drawn to to them but wait! Instead I moved closer and closer to her pussy, licking and kissing her thighs, then finally to her panties. I felt her breathing heavily, I could hear her soft sighs, her eyes closed. She was enjoying this. In confirmation, her hands come down and grabbed my head. I ran my tongue in circles around her pussy, kissing her panties. I flicked my tongue against her clitoris, under her panties. I reached forward, grabbed her panties and pulled them off. She raised her legs and helped me take them off. I stood up to remove them completely, then knelt down again to see her in her glorious whole.

The hood of your clitoris was erect, and she grabbed my head and pulled it into her wetness. Her lips were beautiful, setting off the pink wonderfully. I kissed her lips, first one then the other. Then I spread them apart like the wings of a butterfly and kissed her pussy passionately. Her grip on my head tightened. She pulled me closer. I tasted her; running my tongue around the walls of her pussy. I flicked my tongue upwards to catch her clitoris, then I gently sucked on it. In response, I could feel it filling up. She tasted delicious! I sucked on her lips again, then licked her vagina, then alternately kissed and sucked the clitoris. Her body heaved in response. Her legs began to tighten around my neck. Gently I inserted a finger into her pussy and bent it backward. I searched a few moments for the bulge inside that is the G spot. I found a small barely noticeable lump. As I ran my fingers against this protuberance, I felt it enlarging so slowly. I had found it! With my index finger stimulating the G spot, I sucked deeply on her clitoris again, then stuck my tongue as far as I could into her pussy. Her G spot responded quickly, her moans got louder. I asked her to open her eyes and look at me. I could see the pleasure in her eyes. It drove me wild with desire. I continued stimulating her G spot and licking her wetness. Soon, I could feel the tremors in her body. Her muscles began to convulse, her body heaving rhythmically in response to my pleasuring. Her sighs were punctuated with louder moans. “Come for me, gorgeous,” I said. “I want you to come in my mouth.” Her legs were crossed around my neck, her hands held my head tightly. I could feel the tremors building up towards a crescendo. I inserted another finger to stimulate her G spot. I then quickly pulled out my hands and kissed her pussy hard. I sucked at the clitoris, gleaming in its tumescence, then her vagina in its turgid blood filled fullness. And then it happened, with a long convulsion and a deep moan, she came on my face. One squirt, then two, then another, then another. Her legs and her back heaved and contracted with intensity. She drenched me in her juices and I lapped at its salty flavors. A whole minute flew by in this orgasm, then it subsided, slowly at first. She lapsed into the aftershocks of the tremor. As she did, I launched into a second round of pleasuring, licking her dripping pussy and sucking and biting on her clitoris. Her body responded quickly. I could sense a second coming. I flicked my tongue in faster and faster motions across her vagina, stopping every now and then to tickle her clitoris. And within minutes, a second orgasm. It was a little bit more drawn out but lasted a little longer, although lacking in the previous intensity. In two minutes, her breathing begin to slow again. She drew in deeper breaths, as she began to relax in the wake. I got up, my face covered in her juices. I leaned forward to kiss her lips gently. Her hands in mine, we shared a tender moment, we kissed softly with our eyes closed. “That was wonderful my dear,” I said. “Yes it was” she replied. “My turn now mister.”

“Oooh…you seem to have something down there for me.” She fondled my erection under my pants and kissed me deeply. We kissed hungrily and our tongues danced in a frenzy together.

Her hands unbuttoned my trousers and she quickly get on he knees to help me out of my trousers. My cock stood to attention under my boxers, the center pole of a big tent. “What have we got here?” she said and eagerly pulled my boxers down to my knees. “WOW!!” She licked the throbbing end of my cock and the sides. She started towards the head and suddenly stopped as an idea struck her. “Get out of those clothes!” she ordered and I hastily took off my pants and boxers and stood before her naked. She went to the fridge and got a pint of ice cream out of the freezer. “Come with me!” she said, and grabbing a hold of my cock, led me to the bedroom.

“Oh, I forgot something,” she said. “Gimme a minute.” She went out again and I stood there playing with myself for a couple of minutes till she returned with a large towel in hand and laid it on the bed. “Lie down now! On the towel!” I lay down on my back. She opened the jar of ice cream and proceeded to smear it all over my cock and my balls and my thighs. “Ow! That’s cold!” I shouted in tingling excitement. Then she get a cherry, placed it right on the tip of my penis and stopped for a moment to examine her creation. My cock stood proudly in a layer of white cream, crowned by the cherry. “I do love a banana split,” she said as she fondled my balls and swallowed my cock in one motion. “AHHH! That feels so good, hun,” I moaned as she sucked hungrily on my cock. My body started to twitch in pleasure as her mouth moved up and down my shaft. I bucked to get more of my cock into her warm and wet mouth. “Oh, suck my cock, baby! That feels so good!! Do you like sucking my cock?” “Mmm, yes,” she mumbled in reply as she worked her mouth on my cock.

She then proceeded to lick the ice cream off the sides of my cock. Slowly, the cover of ice cream vanished and was replaced by the dark contours of my erection. “You like this don’t you?” she asked me naughtily looking into my eyes and licking the base of my shaft. “Ohh yes, that feels great!” “Maybe you’d like this then…” she broke off as she suddenly sucked on my left ball. I gasp in pleasure as her tongue licked my balls one after another and she sucked them deeply. “Yesss!! Ohh yes!!” She methodically moved further down and licked the ice cream off my inner thighs. I bent my legs and splayed them outwards to help her. The warmth of her mouth and the cold of the ice cream combined to titillate me to a high. “C’mon now. Let me see if I can get all of you in my mouth,” she said. I got up off the bed, and she grabbed my cock and slowly pushed it into her mouth. The girth of my shaft meant the last inch was very hard to swallow and I could feel my cock touching the walls of her throat. But just looking at her, in her naked sexiness, devouring my cock whole, sent my pulse skyrocketing. I grabbed her head and thrust my cock back and forth into her warm mouth, as an explosion builds up in my loins. “Not yet,” I said and I took several deep breaths to slow down the oncoming flood.

I pulled her up and kissed her hard. Then I collapsed back on the bed. “Sit on my face now!” I told her. She proceeded to straddle my face. I grabbed her hips and moved my head up to kiss her wetness. Then I tongue lashed her labia as she reached forward for my head and pressed it against herself. I kissed her clit and sucked on it as it began to respond to my tongue and lips. I looked up at her gorgeous form right over my face. I admired the dark erect nipples, the curve of her belly, the pleasure in her eyes and the contours of her pussy as she ground her pussy over my face. I reached up to fondle her breasts and pinch her nipples. I inserted a finger into her mouth and she sucked it deeply. She leaned back, arched backwards and pushed her pussy on to my mouth. I sucked her labia and probed the delicious walls of her pussy. Eagerly, she thrust her pelvis harder against my face. “Mmm, eat me!!” she moan. As I responded in kind, licking the base of her pussy, her grinding brought her butthole to my tongue. I didn’t stop and my tongue flashed across your gorgeous hole. “Ahh, what was that?” she reacted to the newly tingling nerve endings. I grabbed a hold of her butt and pulled her towards my face. As her butthole positioned itself right over my tongue, I went to work with enthusiasm, rimming her. “Ohh, you are so nasty. But I love it!” she screamed. “Worship my ass, you nasty boy” she said as she leaned forwards and put the full weight of her body on my face. My tongue probed her sphincter, I kissed your butt and made love to it.

She suddenly got up, turned around and planted her ass on my face again. As I resumed rimming, she noticed my throbbing cock and leaned forward and began to suck on my dick. This sent a new rush of blood to my head. I ran my tongue back and forth between her clit, her pussy, and her ass. We continued in this sixty nine for a few moments. I arched my back again to allow her to swallow my cock to its base. At the same time, my tongue and lips were making love to her in a frenzy. She sat up again and her hands now moved to her clit to rub them. I felt her thighs tremble, I pushed a couple of fingers into her wet pussy as I continued to rim her. My fingers began to fuck her pussy, my mouth drenched her butt in saliva, and as she continued to rub her pussy, her legs tightened around my neck in a squeeze. “Ohh, I am coming, I am coming” she screamed as a new flood of your essence came gushing out and drenched my face. There was a first great convulsion, then another, and then another, as she progressed through a drawn out climax.

She got up and hugged me and we kissed again, our wet bodies in thrall. “That ass of yours is beautiful,” I said. “Oh yeah, so what are you gonna do about it?” she asked naughtily. In response, I turned and opened the bedside drawer and pulled out a red buttplug. “I think this will look very good inside your butt. Wanna try?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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