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An Unusual Family Ch. 03

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Jacqueline Warren, Lisa’s mom, like most mornings, woke anxiously Saturday morning. As was usual for her, her first thought was she hoped she hadn’t overslept. She automatically reached over to give her husband, Pete, his usual poke to wake him up – he’d get angry and slap her when he woke, if she didn’t. And heaven help her if she missed the time he had specified.

Pete’s opinion? Why waste money on an alarm clock when you already had a wife.

But then, relieved, she remembered that her husband hadn’t bothered coming home last night. They’d gotten into an argument at the party they were at. Pete had taken off, Jackie couldn’t help but notice, with a pretty red-head from the I.T. Department of her husband’s company. She did not care. In fact she had smiled with relief.

She’d had to call a cab home, but she hadn’t had to endure Pete’s driving after having drinks and one of Pete’s maulings of her last night. One of their, to Jackie, painful couplings that passed for sex. Their usual fight would be postponed today.

As regards the night before, her daughter was going on her first date with a boy and Jackie would have preferred to be home in case her daughter needed something, advice or maybe just a hug. But when Pete ordered her to get ready for a party she just blindly obeyed. It was easier than fighting with him and risking his violence.

Accompanying her husband was all for show because more and more their marriage had become only a shell, a marriage in name only, although her husband still fucked her from time to time. Pete’s company emphasized family values so it helped his position in the company to have a wife to show off at company functions.

At one of the company parties a while back, she had been introduced to a sexy looking woman named Roberta Montgomery. (Please, call me Bobbie). Jackie had never seen her before at any other company functions. She had no idea whose husband she might have been and the woman had skillfully avoided all questions on the subject. Jackie, of course, had heard her daughter talk about her friend, Mary-Jane Montgomery, but she just did not put it together and neither did Roberta when she first heard Jackie’s last name. Maybe a touch too much wine for both the women.

Irregardless, the two women had hit it off splendidly and talked the night away in pleasant conversation about anything under the sun. But, as the evening wore on and the conversation got round to kids, their kids, each woman finally realized who the other was. It was kind of a funny moment and both women felt really silly. All night the they had been talking like strangers while their daughters were best friends.

Jackie knew Bobbie’s daughter, Mary-Jane, all right. She thought she was just as cute as the dickens, although with the pride of motherhood, she thought her not nearly as beautiful as her own gorgeous Lisa.

Bobbie had warmly been holding her hand as they talked and as she looked now deep into the brown pools of Jackie’s eyes, had told her how glad she was to finally meet the mom of her daughter’s best friend. Jackie had felt warm and tingly with this lady holding her hand. She wasn’t sure why, but days later she could still feel the sexy woman’s touch. She still got very funny-feeling inside when she thought about the gorgeous and sexy blonde and she realized she might like to feel her touches some more.

Jackie also couldn’t help noticing Roberta seemed very happy and contented. Like she was ‘really’ happy and ‘really’ contented. Very different than the fake happiness and contentment that she had to put on for appearances sake. Jackie wondered if Roberta was able to see through her. She thought that given Bobbie’s obvious happiness, her life must be quite like paradise compared to her own.

Starting soon after Lisa was born, when her husband Pete was horny, he would just grab Jackie, give her boobs a short, quick squeeze, then, if she wasn’t quick enough, using her ankles, he would wrench her legs apart, give his cock a couple of stokes and plunge right in, not caring if Jackie was lubed up to receive him or if her dryness might cause her pain. Mercifully, usually it only took Pete a couple of strokes. Jackie had learned how to have her cunt squeeze Pete’s cock hard, to rush him along and he would blow a load and the ordeal would be over. He’d grin at her, wink, tell her, ’til next time, babe!’, roll over and start snoring.

While she loved her daughter with all her heart, no way would Jackie consider bringing another child into the world with Pete. So after these unpleasant couplings she would go to bathroom, sit on the can and squeeze out all the cum she could. She’d douche, spray some spermicidal foam that she kept hidden and pray that not enough of Pete’s cum was left around give her a problem. Of course, even as she sat there trying to clean all the cum away, she knew at this point, if it was gonna happen, it might have happened already but she felt she had to try.

She also knew her biology izmit escort and realized it only took one sperm that eluded her to do the deed. But to date, someone was smiling on her because she’d never gotten pregnant again. She’d tried to persuade Pete to wear a condom once and she’d tried wearing a diaphragm one time but any mention of preventing conception sent Pete into one of his rages and she’d get slapped silly for her efforts. She never forgot the slapping she’d had to endure the time her husband had found some birth control pills in her drawer.

Pete didn’t really care if he had another kid, he found his daughter quite incomprehensible, but he had some mania, some phobia, about what was supposed to happen should happen and no dumb wife, who, in his opinion, had more tits than brains, was going to interfere with the natural order of things.

Jackie once wondered if she couldn’t fake some sickness, get herself in the hospital and get her tubes tied but she really didn’t want to do that. If she could ever figure a way to get away from Pete, she thought she could maybe find a sperm donor of some sort and maybe have another child. She thought she might like that. Once she was away from Pete!

She knew Pete would never voluntarily give her a divorce. She was afraid to even mention the word to him. So she worked around her husband’s occasional sperm deposits best she could. She went through her post-fuck ritual and just prayed no sperm were left that could find her egg if she had indeed ovulated one. (Jackie figured Pete’s sperm were pretty dumb, like him, but they had done their job correctly once!) Fortunately, Pete was getting enough fucking, outside the marital bed, that these assaults on her body were few and far between.

Once she had satisfied herself that she had done her best to avoid another pregnancy with Pete, Jacqueline Warren would give herself the pleasure she never got in bed. She’d close her eyes and rub her pussy ’til she had some relief. Her relief was usually accompanied by a gush of cream from her cunt and Jackie always hoped maybe that too helped wash out the last of Pete’s cum.

Sometimes when she was pussy-rubbing, the image of her beautiful daughter would come into her mind. That bothered Jackie, thinking of Lisa while she masturbated, but she couldn’t help it. More and more lately though, almost always in fact, when she was giving herself pussy-thrills it wasn’t her daughter in her fantasy. It was another woman. A woman she had met at a party. A sexy blonde. It was Bobbie Montgomery.

Jackie had never been with a woman so she wasn’t really sure why images of women, (least of all her own daughter!), were in her head when she masturbated. But she’d never really sat down to analyze her feelings about it. Today though, on this particular lovely Saturday morning, Jackie never even considered masturbating. Alone in her bed, Jacqueline Warren started to cry.


In stark contrast to the Warren house, three very happy women were waking up at the comfortable Montgomery home. Bobbie, Lisa and Mary-Jane were all still cuddled together in the big, cozy bed, just as they had fallen asleep.

Of course, waking up together meant lots of lovely morning kisses. All three women had morning pussy-mouth but none of them cared. Because all three loved the taste of cunt, even Mary-Jane and Lisa, who had each tasted pussy last night for the first time. The two young girls knew that they were absolutely hooked on it forever now. And each other!

Bobbie beamed at the thought. Made a mother proud. She just hoped that Lisa’s mom would be happy also. Some moms might have a problem with their daughter engaging in sexual activities with other women. On the other hand, Bobbie reflected, a smart-thinking mom, even if she wasn’t wild about the idea that her daughter might be a lesbian, still might be glad that, if there was going to be sex, that at least there was no penis involved. Lisa’s mom had told her of her fear of her daughter getting pregnant.

First up, at the Montgomery household this morning, now that they’d actually dragged themselves out of the bed, was shower-time. Bobbie had a wonderful bathroom. There was an enormous sunken bathtub along one wall, a toilet against another, and a counter containing a couple of sinks along the third wall. From the last wall, opposite the bathtub, protruded a couple of shower nozzles. The entire room including the floor was totally finished in black shower tile and it had been designed so that everything could get wet. It was custom designed for occupants to stay naked in, to have fun in.

For the next hour or so the three women did just that. First Bobbie started filling the tub with lovely warm water, dumping in a generous amount of her scented bubble-bath. When the tub was full, Bobbie claimed it first and lay back in the bubbles, soaking luxuriously, watching with glee as Lisa and Mary-Jane frolicked in the shower. It was quite the sight watching the two gorgeous girls izmit kendi evi olan escort soaping up each others wonderful teen-age body with Bobbie’s fragrant liquid body wash and then rubbing their hands all over the slippery skin of each other. Lisa and Mary-Jane also took lots of time for long, slow kisses, really wet kisses, holding each others head, while the warm water sprayed down on them.

Of course, watching this sexy scene, Bobbie’s hands, under the bubbles, were busy in her crotch. After she’d jazzed herself to a lovely morning cum, she called to the girls, “Hey, you two love-birds. I hate to interrupt but I’m getting lonely over here. Did you forget about me? Who’s going to wash my back?”

Giggling, carefully so not to slip, Lisa and Mary-Jane skipped over to the tub and slid in the wonderful water with Bobbie. Custom built to be big enough, there was lots of room even for the three of them in the wonderful big tub. The warm water and soapy, fragrant bubbles felt wonderful. They both slid up next to Mary-Jane’s mom and gave her some kisses. Most of her boobs were under the water but the horny girls found they could lift them high enough so they could give her big, brown nipples some sucks and kisses. The always horny mom cuddled the girls close and they spent a long time just snuggled in the bubbly water having kisses while the girls played with Bobbie’s boobs.

But soon they were hungry and, you’ll laugh, but for food, not each other. So they drained the tub, had a quick last rinse in the shower, turned off the water and dried each other with wonderfully soft, fluffy pink towels from a cupboard in the wall. Drying each other took a long time because, of course, there had to be still more kissing, some titty-fondling and other fun stuff.

The big bed beckoned, but the woman, thanks mostly to Bobbie putting her foot down, somehow resisted falling into it for more fun and games and instead they stripped the sheets and made up the bed with dreamy, new satin sheets Bobbie had picked up. For the moment their hunger was winning out over their screaming desire for more dreamy cums with each other but they all figured they’d be back in that bed soon. In the meantime, what the hell, they were alone, so naked, laughing and giggling, the three trooped downstairs. The girls were rubbing off on her, Bobbie thought, because she was feeling a little like a teenager herself.

Since Bobbie was going to whip up some breakfast, sensibly she covered her nakedness with an apron. The apron had a picture on it of a very large, fry-cook woman along with a saying — Never Trust a Skinny Cook. Lisa and Mary-Jane thought that was hilarious. MJ’s mom wasn’t fat by any means but also by no stretch of the imagination could anyone with eyes ever accuse her of being skinny. Voluptuous was the word most applied to Bobbie Montgomery!

The girls couldn’t keep from laughing as the apron fought a losing battle to keep their cook covered up. Her big 38s, one or the other, or both, kept poking out from behind the apron bib and the younger girls would giggle, lean across the table and kiss. Bobbie would sigh, then giggle too and hoist the offending boob back into place behind the bib.

“Lisa,” Bobbie said once the coffee maker was doing its job and she was taking eggs from the fridge, “Don’t you think you should call your Mom? Let her know where you are and that you are OK? Invite her over, dear. I think we need to have a talk with her.”

Secretly, Bobbie had been looking forward to seeing lovely Jackie Warren again. Except for the pussy-whacking she’d done when she was heated up by listening to Lisa and Mary-Jane make love, Lisa’s mom had been the star of most of her masturbatory fantasies ever since the night they had met at a party. A party that she only had attended with some guy who needed a date and she owed a favor to because he had fixed her car.

Because he didn’t know Bobbie that well, he thought he might even get laid out of the deal but in reality she’d only agreed to attend the party to see the company owner’s wife. She’d had a torrid interlude with the woman and her 20-something daughter only last week. The daughter was missing from this party but Bobbie and the woman had managed to sneak off for one little grope session. However, that got interrupted before any real action could take place. After that misfire, most of that night Bobbie had spent chatting with Lisa’s Mom after they’d been introduced and, just maybe, falling a little in love with her. Certainly, developing all kinds of lust for her.

Lisa used her phone, called her mom. When she was finished she announced, “Mom just got up. I gave her the address and she says to give her some time and she’ll come on over. Ms. Montgomery, why don’t you hold off on cooking for a bit, ’til she gets here? She said she wouldn’t be long and we can all brunch together.”

“Bobbie, dear, Bobbie!” she reminded Lisa. “What a lovely idea, sweetie.” Her back was https://hususu.com/escort/izmit-escort-bayan to the kitchen table as she turned off the stove.

When she turned back around she saw Lisa, on her knees, her head between Mary-Jane’s thighs. ‘Oh, having desert first, are we?’ she thought as she went to her daughter, dropped her apron and gave Mary-Jane a big, fat titty to suck on while her daughter’s girlfriend was working on her cunt. When both her nipples were glistening with MJ’s saliva, she leaned down and she and Mary-Jane shared wonderful kisses. Bobbie held her daughter tightly as she started to shudder and shake. The sexy teen squealed and whined, her ass wriggling all over the chair. Bobbie knew that Lisa was bringing her daughter off in style.

Left solely up to the teens, perhaps the sex-session would have just continued on all day. But Bobbie, being older, and supposedly a responsible adult, had a little more self-control than the horny girls. She realized they were soon having company and they better get prepared. So she put her foot down again.

“Ok dolls, enough!” she finally told them sternly. “Lisa! Get your beautiful head out of MJ’s lap. You two are too much. Now, scoot those beautiful asses upstairs and get some clothes on. Why don’t you put on bikinis and you can swim after we brunch. Mary-Jane, bring me down a shirt from my closet. That’s all I’ll need. This apron,” she said picking it up off the floor, “will cover my bottom half. Come on! Chop-chop! Lisa’s Mom should be here soon!

“And when she gets here,” she cautioned the girls, “Not a word about what on here last night. I’ll handle that. Right, girls?”


Meantime, Jacqueline Warren was just stepping out of the shower. In contrast to her crying jag an hour ago, she was now excited. She’d gotten a call from her daughter and Pete was still nowhere to be seen. Until her cell had rang, interrupting her cry, Jackie hadn’t even known that her daughter had never made it home.

It was fortuitous that she hadn’t realized that Lisa hadn’t come home. She would have immediately panicked, and would have never gotten any sleep, picturing Lisa in bed with that awful Johnny and Johnny filling her daughter with his sperm. When Lisa informed her that she was at her friend Mary-Jane’s, Jackie breathed a deep sigh of relief. And now she was going to the Montgomery’s to pick up her daughter.

She dried herself and donning her robe sat at her dressing table. She’d had her good cry and, more importantly, in the shower, had made a bold decision. No longer was she going to live such a sheltered life, maintaining appearances for Pete’s sake, or even Lisa’s. She was entitled to some fun, wasn’t she? She just wasn’t quite sure of what that fun might consist. But burning in her mind was the image of her daughter’s friend’s mother.

As Jackie sat and brushed her hair, she studied her reflection. Lisa’s hair was a pale, platinum blonde, looking almost white when the sun hit it just right. Jackie’s hair was dark brown and while Lisa’s was straight and long, down her back, Jackie’s had a natural, beautiful wave to it and she kept it trimmed shoulder length. Slowly, carefully, sensually, Jackie applied strawberry lip gloss to her full lush lips. Her facial features were maybe cute rather than beautiful, but her face was certainly not hard to look at. She finished making up her eyes, then stood and dropped her robe to the floor to see all of herself in her mirror.

She was proud of her breasts which were full and lovely and hung perfectly on her chest, topping out at 40 inches. Fat, pink nipples topped those beauties and as Jackie stroked them now, they hardened out nicely as she day-dreamed of Roberta Montgomery maybe giving each of her sensitive tit-peaks a lovely kiss.

‘Now where did that picture come from?’ Jackie asked herself as she stood for a moment longer and her inspection continued to include her narrow waist, wonderful hips and her generous bottom with nice, jiggly ass-cheeks, separating out to form two shapely legs. Jackie was not tall, only 5′ 5″, but somehow those legs seemed longer.

‘What to wear, what to wear?’ she thought, desperately wanting to look good for this — what the hell was this — a date? Was she, a married woman, about to go on a breakfast date? Jackie didn’t know. She’d only been on one date in her life, in her early teens, with Pete.

She had butterflies in her stomach like she was going on a first date but, no, no, no, she told herself, how could a simple invitation to come over to the house of the best friend of her daughter and pick her up, be construed as a date? Even with brunch thrown in.

Jackie, of course, had no idea just how good of friends Lisa and Mary-Jane had become.

Truth was, all she wanted was to look as pretty and sexy as she could for Bobbie Montgomery. And she wasn’t even sure why.

Jackie settled on a pretty one-piece, bright colored, flowery sun-dress. It was simple yet elegant and she thought, with satisfaction, that it showed off her boobs and legs rather nicely without being obvious and slutty. Jackie didn’t know much about such things but she supposed there was a time and a place for slutty. But Saturday morning at the house of her daughter’s friend surely wasn’t it.

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