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Anal Alice Act 02

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Preface – PLEASE READ!:

This is the SECOND part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest are MAJOR themes of this story.

This is not as dirty as my popular series, Daddy’s Dirty Buttslut. There will be less to zero scatological content. But that does not mean it will not be obscene!

You may want to not read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, extreme sodomy, objectification and degradation, and semi-nonconsensual/reluctance themes.

All characters involved are 18 or older.

I’m sorry for SUCH a long wait. In order to remedy that, there’ll be a third part following hot on the heels of this part!

Again, I am thankful for all my readers, patient fans, and especially comments, ratings and emails. Hopefully one day, with your help, I may get one of my stories rated high enough to be ‘Hot’. Very close but no cigar!

P.S. The fantasy is everything.


Alice woke up to the feeling of something pressing forcefully against her bottom, and her butthole opening up to it. She didn’t understand what was going on, still half asleep, and it was a few seconds after she felt the discomforting, strange sensation of something large pushing inside her bottom that she realised her brother was once more entering her behind.

‘What are you doing . . .’ she groaned blearily, blinking in the morning light that forced its way through the crack in the blinds just as her brother was forcing inside her own crack.

‘No need to thank me,’ Mike said from behind her. ‘I knew you’d love to be woken up with a big cock in your ass.’

‘Take it outtt,’ Alice said, trying to shift away. ‘It was just a one-time thing to help you sleep. And I didn’t really want to do it even then.’ Her brother’s cock started to slip out of her bottom as she sleepily tried to escape him, but he pulled her in closer again, and his large penis went even further inside this time.

‘Sure you did,’ Mike murmured. ‘You can’t fool me. Pretending to be just a good helpful little sister helping me sleep. But really you’ll take any excuse to get fucked in your big teen ass.’ He pushed the arm he was resting on under her body and slid it up under her pyjama top, where he gripped and squeezed her big breasts.

‘You shouldn’t be doing this again,’ Alice whined. She tried to pull away again but his arm around her stopped her and the only result was she ended up grinding his cock in her ass. ‘I’m your sister. You shouldn’t be having sex with me.’

‘We’re not having sex, silly slut. I’m just putting it in your ass that’s all. And you have to expect it what with your fat fuckable ass that guys are gonna want to put their dicks in it.’

Alice grunted as Mike’s thick cock bottomed out inside her. He must have been rubbing it against her asshole for some time, she figured, for it to have already started going in before she woke up properly. And it hadn’t really hurt, either. In fact it already felt kinda wet, but as she didn’t really understand about pre-cum she just assumed it was down to how sweaty her ass was. If anything, the morning was even hotter than the night, and it was only getting hotter. She longed to be out of these sticky sheets; being so close to her brother in this temperature felt like being in a sauna.

Alice started to moan slightly as Mike began to thrust his dick in and out of her bottom, both hands now mauling her teenage tits which overflowed his grip. ‘Take it out . . . Mom and . . . and dad . . . will hear,’ she said, in between heavy breathing.

‘They’re probably still asleep. But if not, you better keep quiet then hadn’t you. Mom and dad won’t be pleased to know how much of a slut you’re being right now. They’ll shout at you for tempting me with your tight sexy ass.’

‘But it was you . . .’ whined Alice. ‘I didn’t do anything. I’m not a slut at all.’

‘As if any of us believe that,’ Mike said. ‘Prancing around with your big tits and your big round ass stuck so far out, wearing next to nothing. We all know you’re a pretty little whore. It won’t surprise mom and dad to know you take it in your ass.’

‘But I don’tttt!’

‘Then what’s this then?’ Mike said, starting to pound her butt in earnest. She felt his hot breath in her ear, felt the sweat dripping off her breasts and flushed face and especially off her bumcheeks. Her asshole was beginning to feel very wet indeed as the anal picked up, and the sounds of assfucking started to fill Hatay Escort the room. Her pussy was soaking and she felt that strange pleasurable feeling in her ass increase as her brother slipped in and out of her relaxed butthole.

‘You’re such a natural buttslut,’ groaned Mike. ‘I can’t wait to tell Dan.’

‘Don’t – don’t tell Dan!’ Alice cried in between moans. ‘He’ll want to put it in my bottom too!’

‘Of course he will. We’re both going to fuck your slutty tight ass every chance we get. Well, I say tight, but it opens up so fucking sexily when a dick’s pushed into it. Me and Dan are gonna have so much fun with it.’

‘But I don’t want you tooo!’

‘A busty little slut with a sexy fucking face and a big fat ass that’s begging for dick doesn’t want it up her butt? Pull the other one sis, I can tell right now by how easily you’re taking my big cock that you’re a born anal girl. Dan won’t be able to wait to try out your perfect tight asshole.’

‘Please don’t tell him!’

‘Okay, okay,’ Mike said. ‘Maybe I won’t for a while. You gotta be really good though.’

‘I will!’ Alice blurted out, relieved that she could be spared the embarrassment of this getting out to anyone else, especially Dan. She didn’t really think he’d seriously want to put it in her ass, despite how often he’d joked about it – at least, she hadn’t thought so until Mike had said so. Now she wasn’t so sure. Maybe Dan would be more sensible than Mike. Still, better nobody else knew.

‘There we go. I knew I was right about you. I’m gonna use your ass so hard.’ Mike was fucking her bottom so deep and hard now that she was struggling to draw breath. Her face was burning.

‘Fuck sis,’ Mike grunted as he mauled her breasts, pounding her from behind as she whimpered. ‘Your ass was made to take cock. And you were made to take cock in your ass.’

‘That’s not what I’m for!’ Alice wailed.

‘Sure it is, that’s what guys think of when they look at you.’

‘No they don’t!’

‘They look at you and think, fuck, what an ass whore. I’d love to bend her over and give her one up the butt. Face it little sis, that’s your purpose in life. To take guys’ dicks up your ass and have them fill it up with cum. You’re an anal cumdump.’

‘That’s so mean,’ Alice said, though her pussy was on fire and the uncomfortable pleasure in her ass was reaching a crescendo. ‘I’m not a cumdump! Take it back!’

‘An anal cumdump,’ Mike corrected. ‘That’s all guys want from you. To use your hot fucking ass to get off. It’s okay sis, it’s a good role to have, and you’re already fucking excellent at it. You’re so pretty, and you’re such a great assfuck.’

‘Umm, thanks, I guess,’ Alice said. She was confused, not knowing if she should be annoyed, upset or complimented, or all three. ‘Do you mean it?’

‘Of course, you’re a born natural. More than that, I’d say you’re the best assfuck I’ve ever had, by a long long way. You’re a perfect anal only girl.’

‘Mmmm. Really? Thank you . . . That’s nice . . .’ Alice didn’t like the idea of being an “anal only girl”, but she couldn’t help but feel complimented and kinda proud of being so good at it. Say one thing for her brothers, they always knew how to make her blush and feel special.

It was then that Mike gripped her hard, and she felt him release himself once more inside her, as he bucked against her, groaning. They lay side by side for a moment, panting, before Mike slipped out of her and stood up.

‘Cheers sis, your butt is great,’ Mike said. ‘I’m gonna get a shower.’ And without another word he walked off, his erection fading but his hanging cock no less intimidating to her as she looked at it. She couldn’t believe it had fit inside her.

She twitched, and a glob of cum dripped out her asshole. She hoped none of this would happen again, or she might have to tell her parents. One time was one thing, but two times was going a bit too far, especially as Mike seemed to be paying no attention to her desire to stop him.


Soon Mike was out the trailer, going to see one of his friends. Alice had fallen back asleep. When she woke, later in the morning, she was alone in the trailer.

Alice had washed her very sweaty self in the shower (with most of her attention spent soaping and moisturising her slightly tender asshole) and got dressed. She only had a handful of clothes to herself, and they’d been lasting her a long time. One cleavage-heavy cut-off crop top and miniskirt she’d had since she was 14. Nothing really fit her that well, especially given how much her figure had blossomed since then. Her breasts and bottom were always falling Hatay Escort Bayan out of things. Her mom would tut and shake her head in disapproval, and sometimes she caught her dad staring at her with a strange look on his face. They couldn’t afford any new clothes for her though (or so her dad said), so she had to make do with what she had. At least her nipples and pussy were usually covered; they were the most important bits. Today she’d squeezed herself into her tiny crop top and a pair of booty shorts she’d had since she was 16 that very closely outlined the contours of her butt, yet were also thankfully stretchy enough to get on and off without too much trouble. The only downside to that was that it was made easy for her brothers to slip their hands down them and give a quick grope of her ass, if they were feeling especially inappropriate.

She entered the kitchen to see a whole load of dirty plates stacked up on the side. They were a messy family, and sometimes it seemed she was the only one who washed up. Her dad was usually at work, her mom was usually out, doing whatever it was she did, and her brothers – well, her brothers were too busy messing around being silly.

Alice went over to the sink and filled it up with hot soapy water, tipping a number of the dishes and cutlery in. She bent over slightly and began to scrub.

The trailer door banged open. She turned and saw Dan coming in, grinning to himself. He was taller than Mike, and the muscles you could see outside his vest were glistening with sweat.

‘Hey Alice,’ he said. ‘You look hot.’

‘Hey Dan,’ she smiled back. ‘And I know, it’s such a warm day! I’ve been sweating all night and morning.’

‘Yeah? How’d the sleep with Mike go?’

Alice froze. ‘You’ve spoken to him today?’

‘Just briefly, we passed. He said it was one hot night and morning too.’

‘Mmm,’ Alice said. She relaxed. Mike probably didn’t tell Dan what happened. She was glad it was all over with.

Dan walked behind her and whistled. ‘Wow, sis, you look amazing today.’

Alice blushed, but didn’t turn around. She was up to her arms in washing up. The sink was pretty low down (which suited her petite height), and she was bending over more to get the stuff sitting at the bottom of the water. ‘Thanks Dan,’ she said. ‘I don’t think so though. I don’t think anyone looks good doing the washing up.’

‘Nuh-huh,’ Dan said. ‘You definitely do. I mean fuck, if only my girlfriend was this sexy. Look at that booty!’

Alice giggled. Compared to Mike’s antics, Dan’s slightly inappropriate compliments were a happy relief. She kind of welcomed them today. ‘You’re just saying that because I’m your sister,’ Alice said, scrubbing hard at a coffee-stained mug. ‘Your girlfriend is much prettier.’

‘She’s pretty, like in an elegant kinda way. But she’s not fucking sexy like you. She doesn’t look like a hot little whore.’

‘Um,’ Alice said, getting mixed signals inside again. ‘Thank you,’ she said eventually, deciding that Dan meant it in a nice way. You should accept their compliments more often, she told herself. You know how fond they are of you.

‘I’ll prove it,’ Dan said. She heard a rustle of clothes, and when she glanced back her mouth fell open. ‘Dan!’

‘What?’ he said, gripping his fattening cock in his hand and pulling on it slowly. ‘I’m proving how sexy you are just standing there. You don’t even have to do anything and I can jack off to you. I could never do that to my girlfriend. I could cum just looking at you.’

Alice blushed. She was complimented, but she also knew Dan hadn’t done this before – at least, she didn’t think he had. He’d grinded against her before when he had an erection in his jeans, and he’d played with his bulge many times in front of her. She’d even caught him masturbating in the dark a few times (‘Like what you see sis?’ he’s said, before she’d hurriedly closed the door) . . . But she didn’t remember him ever just whipping it out and masturbating to her.

‘Put it away . . .’ she said, feeling a little awkward now.

‘Not now you’ve got me all worked up,’ Dan said. ‘Relax, I’m not gonna try anything. I just wanna prove what I said.’

Alice glanced back, and saw his hand now moving fast on himself. His cock looked so big. It was a similar size to Mike’s, maybe a little smaller in length, but even thicker. He was staring lustfully at her ass, and Alice felt an uncertain twinge of pride that just standing there washing up she could be so enticing to her brother.

‘Why don’t you suck me off?’ Dan said.

‘What do you mean?’ Alice said. He’d said similar things before, when Escort Hatay he was trying to be funny, but he’d never really explained himself.

‘Get on your knees and put your mouth on my dick and give it a suck.’

Alice’s eyes opened wide, and then she giggled. ‘Don’t be silly, I’m not going to do that.’

‘Come on,’ Dan repeated, under his breath.

Alice suddenly saw a way out. ‘I can’t be that sexy,’ she said, ‘if you need me to suck you off just to cum. I thought you said you could cum just looking at me?’

Dan grunted. ‘Fine,’ he said.

Alice smiled to herself, her back to Dan so he couldn’t see. She didn’t often get one up on her brothers, but when she did it was very satisfying.

Dan came close behind her, and she heard his heavy breathing getting harsher. She felt him bounce and rub his penis against her buttocks and her naked side that her top cut short of covering, before he resumed vigorously jacking off, his knuckles brushing up and down her hips and waist and pressing into her booty shorts.

After a minute Alice heard Dan groan. She concentrated intently on the washing up, and when she looked back Dan had grabbed a cloth and was giving her butt a quick wipe. From what little she could see, there were wet smears all over her booty shorts.

She frowned at him. ‘I hope you haven’t ruined them.’

Dan was tucking his cock back into his pants. ‘It suits them. They’ll look good when the stains dry white.’

Alice tried to twist around but couldn’t get a good view of her ass. ‘I dunno,’ she said. ‘Stains aren’t good.’

‘Trust me,’ Dan said. ‘Hell, if me and Mike do it often we could turn them entirely white. It’d be like a free dye job with a cool effect to it.’

Alice considered this. She did always want white booty shorts, but she wasn’t sure this would be a good way to go about it.

Dan flopped back down on the couch ‘So I hear you’ve been giving your ass up,’ he said casually. ‘About time.’

Alice let a plate drop back down into the water. ‘Noooo! I told him not to! And not to tell you!’

Dan laughed. ‘Yeah, he told me how you let him assfuck you.’

‘It was just an accidenttt,’ Alice whined, stamping one of her feet. ‘It just slipped in a couple of times!

‘Just slipped in,’ Dan repeated, smiling. ‘Relax sis, it’s fine. It’s cool. You know, I think it’s really great that you take it in the ass.’

‘But I don’t!’ she wailed. ‘It was just that one time! Well, two times, but -‘

‘One time, two times, all the time, what’s the difference,’ he grinned. ‘But most girls wouldn’t think of doing that. Usually only the dirty sluts take it up the backdoor.’

‘I’m not a dirty slut!’

‘Hey calm down, I never said you were. You’re just a great little sister who doesn’t mind pleasing her big brothers when they need it, aren’t you?’

She pouted. ‘Hmm.’

‘So, how about it?’

‘How about what?’

‘Letting me in that sweet fat ass too.’ Dan grinned again.

‘You have a girlfriend!’

He sighed. ‘She’s never let me take her there. She’s such a prude. Besides, she’s being a real bitch at the moment. I don’t know why I still go back there. She’s so unreasonable.’

Alice frowned. ‘I don’t think that’s right.’

‘Can I fuck your ass or not?’

‘Noooo! I don’t take it there. It was just supposed to be the once, just to help him sleep and stop him pestering me.’

‘It’ll stop me pestering you too,’ Dan grinned.

‘No!’ She felt herself getting a little worked up and upset.

Dan saw her face and let it go. ‘Alright alright, take a chill pill sis. I’m just messing.’

He grinned at her until she finally smiled too.

‘Although,’ he said, ‘I’m afraid I’m sleeping back there tonight at least. I need some time away from the girlfriend. Some space.’

‘What! There’s no space at ours since we moved. You can go on the couch.’

Dan snorted. ‘No way. I’ve seen that thing. I’m going in the bed.’

‘You can’t, that’s where me and Mike sleep.’

‘There’s room for one more.’

‘There isn’t! It’s only meant for one person!’

‘Don’t be a bed hog sis. I told Mike and he’s totally cool with it.’

‘But -‘

‘I’ll ask mom and dad,’ he grinned, and stood up and walked out the trailer. ‘Seeya later.’

Alice put her head in her hand. She knew her parents would agree to it without any fuss. They never saw a problem with sharing. It was fine for them, she thought. They have a double bed!

She hung her head and sat down on the couch, not relishing the prospect of being sandwiched between her brothers later tonight, on what would surely prove to be an even hotter and sweatier night than the last. The only upside, she thought, was that at least there wouldn’t be a repeat incident of last night. Neither of them would be able to put themselves in her bottom while the other one was there.

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