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Andrew , Elsa: The Knickers Kink

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Big Dicks

Part 1: The Tease

The day began innocently enough, but quickly turned into one of the best days ever. I woke up to find myself alone in bed. Elsa was often up later than I was simply because of our work patterns, so rolling over to wrap my arm around and give her a good morning kiss, but finding nobody there, was a surprise.

I didn’t worry about it though; I just stretched and woke up a little more before I went downstairs to find Elsa. I followed my nose which was led by an intoxicating scent that made my mouth water and stomach grumble.

“Good morning babe!” Elsa said brightly as she stood over the cooker, a pan of bacon sizzling as she turned the rashers over.

“Good morning gorgeous, you’re up early,” I commented and stepped up behind Elsa, wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing her neck lovingly as she focused on breakfast.

“I know. I couldn’t sleep properly, besides it’s a lovely morning so I thought you deserved a treat today,” Elsa smiled as she turned her head and kissed me, a tender peck on the lips.

“You won’t hear me complaining. Today promises to be a very boring day,” I commented as I thought about what I had to do today, which was nothing more than a mountain of paperwork that I had to finish before I came home again. That was the worst part of working at a law firm, the huge reams of filing that were involved.

“Aww poor baby,” Elsa teased, which made me chuckle and kiss her neck again whilst squeezing her in my arms. The material of her bathrobe felt so soft but still allowed me to feel her curvy body underneath. She told me to take a seat at the table so she could get my breakfast finished, but I lingered a little longer and held Elsa against me. It’s still amazing to me that I never tire of having my arms wrapped around her even after so long together.

“Go sit down, you don’t have time for that this morning!” Elsa giggled but I felt her press her arse back against me despite her words, looking back that was the first signal she was giving me for what the day held in store, but at the time I didn’t think anything of it.

I laughed and gave her a final kiss on the neck before I let my arms slip from around her body and sat at the dinner table just as Elsa started buttering a couple of slices of bread while the bacon finished cooking.

“There, now you eat that while I go get ready,” Elsa smiled after placing my sandwich in front of me and kissing the top of my head. She often did that if I was sitting down, I think because it is the only time she is actually taller than I am so she takes advantage.

Again I probably should have picked up on her words, she had said ‘get ready’ as opposed to ‘get dressed’ which she’d normally say in the same situation, but I was too busy thinking about the monotonous day I had ahead of me at work so it just passed me by. Within a few hours I would be thinking of those words properly though, and hearing them in a totally different context.

I ate my breakfast happily, and despite the coming boredom I was dreading, I was in a good mood thanks to Elsa. That is the advantage of having an amazing partner, no matter what you face, they make you feel good about it. By the time I left for the office after finishing my bacon sandwich I was smiling.

I wish I could say the smile lasted, but within five minutes of getting to work I had lost my good mood. As soon as I walked through the door my secretary Cassidy informed me that the senior partners had pushed my deadline up on an important case so I had to rush the paperwork on it to today. Given I already had a mounting pile to finish, this was just what I didn’t want to hear.

As I went to my office to make a start I couldn’t help but think of the last time I’d had a stressful day at work. Afterward, I had gone home and relived my frustrations with Elsa. The thought of her sucking my hard cock from her knees in the kitchen and tying her hands behind her back with my tie as I fucked her and released my pent up tension had me throbbing in my pants as I sat at my desk, but I pushed those images away. I needed to focus on work.

That was easier said than done however. I found it hard to focus on what I was reading and signing. My brain just simply kept pulling me back to that day, and I could almost feel Elsa’s soft lips sliding along my hard cock as she knelt on the kitchen floor with my fingers pushed into her hair, guiding her head back and forth as I groaned and planned what I was going to do next, which turned out to be taking her upstairs and tying her up before I fucked her hard.

We both still talked about that day sometimes. It was probably the most intense fuck we’d had during our time together and I did sometimes jokingly warn her that she’d better be ready if I ever had a day like that again. Elsa would always smile knowingly and place a kiss on my lips before whispering “anytime” with a wink.

As aroused as I felt thinking about my sexual adventures with Elsa, once I dragged my attention to my work again the next hour killed my mood entirely. görükle escort Filling in forms, signing papers and generally stressing out are not what I need to keep me in the mood, and so by the time my phone alerted me that I’d gotten a text message from Elsa at 10am I had resigned myself to a day of drudgery.

I opened my messages expecting Elsa to be asking if I’d arrived safe or something like that. What she’d actually sent me was a picture message and for a few seconds I completely forgot that I was on a deadline with my paperwork.

My eyes fixed on my phone screen which was filled with a picture of Elsa posing for me wearing just a pair of white frilly knickers. Other than that small flimsy garment she was completely naked and stood facing the camera, her legs slightly apart and one hand teasingly covering her tits and the other her crotch, while she smiled at me.

I instantly felt my cock twitch in my pants as I took in the sexy scene. Elsa was, and is, gorgeous and I love her curvy body which I’ve seen everyday for the past three years, but there was something about her teasingly covering herself with her hands and wearing a pair of lacy knickers that caught my attention more than if she’d been fully naked.

My eyes moved from her blonde hair that she’d platted and had hung over her right shoulder, down to her tits which I could see most of. The big mounds of supple soft flesh were lifted and looking so impressive thanks to Elsa’s arm over them, covering her nipples from my view, but that only served to arouse me more.

I lingered my gaze on her chest for a while, and the longer I did the more my cock stiffened under my desk. If Cassidy had walked in I was sure I wouldn’t have noticed until she spoke to me, and it would be a very good thing there was a big piece of wood covering my crotch.

After I’d spent some time longingly admiring Elsa’s tits, I left the beautiful teasingly coveted mounds and let my eyes eagerly drop down to what her other hand was concealing.

My cock jerked as it fully stiffened now, my pants tented up as I took in the exciting sight of Elsa’s hand resting over her crotch, fingers splayed like she was shyly trying to conceal as much of herself as possible, but not succeeding at all. It was the knickers she was wearing that had me so turned on.

I’ve always had a thing for knickers. Show me a sexy woman in a pair of underwear and I get hot and bothered; show me Elsa in a pair of frilly white knickers posing for my pleasure and I am ready to throw caution to the wind.

That was how I felt in that moment as I sat in my office at work looking at the incredibly arousing picture Elsa had sent me. It was honestly a struggle to not unzip my pants and stroke my throbbing cock as I kept on looking at those frilly knickers and the way Elsa’s hand tried and failed to conceal them from my view.

I knew that was the point; she obviously wanted to turn me on and knew that playing shy whilst actually giving me just what I wanted would do it. Elsa knew me so well. She could turn me on in a heartbeat in a thousand different ways, from a simple smile to just straight up climbing on my lap and wrapping her arms around my neck, and today she was doing an excellent job of getting me going by with a bit of teasing.

In my head I could imagine being there with Elsa right now. I could almost imagine myself being the one taking the picture on my phone as she posed for me, then after I’d snapped a few photos she’d walk over to me and straddle my lap, bringing those big tits, topped by her hard nipples, to my lips so I could kiss and lick them whilst she ground her covered wet pussy against my hard cock, her juices seeping into the gusset as she grew more aroused and making it lovely and moist, just how I love them.

I groaned out loud as my cock throbbed at that thought. I really shouldn’t have thought of Elsa riding me in her knickers, her arousal dripping from her pussy and soaking into them, because it made the urge to actually take myself in hand and get a bit of relief so much harder to control. It was too dangerous to do something like that right now, but I was so tempted as I looked at the picture once again.

I have no idea how long it was before my phone alerted me to the second message that arrived. As far as I was concerned time didn’t exist in my office, but in reality it was probably no more than a minute.

My mobile beeped and vibrated in my hand and as much as I was loath to stop looking at the incredible picture Elsa had sent me, my curiosity got the better of me and I closed it to check what she’d sent me now.

“Oh fuck!” I exclaimed out loud as I opened the next text and found it was a second picture.

This time Elsa was facing away from the camera, her arse was fully on show and she was bent forward to give me a much better view of it, her legs were also parted to expose between her thighs slightly but everything was still covered by those frilly white knickers which were tight against her bare skin thanks to how they were stretched by the bursa merkez escort way she was standing.

I noticed suddenly that Elsa had a hand on her left arse cheek too, almost like she was caressing the soft material that was covering her flesh when the timer had gone off on whatever device she’d used to take the pictures and thinking that sent my imagination into overdrive.

I imagined her rubbing her knicker covered arse as she wiggled it in front of me, giggling as I moaned but under instructions not to touch. Elsa giving me a show before we got down to action, showing off her body for my enjoyment and really getting me ready before she peeled off her wet garment slowly and exposed herself and handed me her soaked knickers to play with as she played with me.

It was whilst I was looking at that picture and once again thinking just how much I wished I was at home, that my phone beeped again and the third picture arrived. This time I didn’t hesitate in opening it. Those first two knicker pics, as I came to call them, had turned me on so fast and so much and I was sure that this third message would be yet another one. I was correct, and Elsa had outdone herself with what she’d sent me.

“Oh my God!” I gasped as I took in the new picture and without even thinking, my free hand dropped below the table and squeezed my hard cock that was throbbing so hard now it was almost painful.

The picture that had me so shocked was Elsa laid on her back, she’d obviously changed location for this one because I recognized the living room behind her in the previous ones, but now she was on our bed, with her legs spread wide open and knees bent back toward her chest. She had her head up and was looking with a grin at the camera through her open thighs, although her big tits were obscuring the lower part of her face.

Again she still had her knickers on, something that if anything was turning me on more than if she’d been naked, but I could see the outline of her pussy lips under the thin white material that covered it. I was sure I could also see what I assume was the beginning of a damp patch on the gusset.

My eyes were wide and my cock was pulsing in my pants as I took in this gloriously wanton sight of her laying with legs wide open. I could try and explain just how aroused I was by looking at Elsa’s knicker covered pussy as she showed it off for me, but I couldn’t do it justice. All I can tell you is that I had never been closer to wanking at work than I was on that morning. I was focused on her crotch, those slightly wet knickers had my attention and I could imagine burying my face between those wonderful thighs, inhaling that tantalising scent of Elsa’s cunt as I felt the soft fabric of the white fabric on my skin.

I snapped back to reality when my phone began to ring. For a brief second I thought it was another picture from Elsa, but my brain clicked and I realised it was alerting me to an incoming call rather than a text message.

Elsa has her own ringtone on my phone so I knew it was her calling me as I sat behind my desk with my cock rock hard and straining in my pants, and my heart thundered in my chest at the possibilities of what she could be calling me for. After sending those sexy knicker pictures and getting me so worked up, I did hope she was calling to finish me off.

Before I accepted the call my mind flashed to the time Elsa had dressed as a client and came to see me at work. We’d fucked right here on my chair and over my desk with my secretary Cassidy right outside the door in what I can only describe as an unforgettable encounter. Elsa had been so convincing that she’d fooled my secretary completely and we still joked about how Cassidy had been convinced I’d been having an affair with my gorgeous client before the ruse was revealed.

I loved thinking about our sexual adventures, but this wasn’t the time, so I took a deep breath and answered the call, hearing Elsa speak in a husky and very arousing voice as soon as we were connected.

“Did you get my pictures?”


“Did you enjoy them?”

I could hear the teasing tone in Elsa’s voice and it made my cock pulse all the more in my pants. My wife is brilliant at arousing me with just the way she speaks. She was obviously enjoying herself, and I knew that she already knew the answer to her question.

“Of course they did, you know how much I love seeing you in just your knickers!”

Elsa laughed, a light giggle of amusement that only served to turn me on more.

“I’m still in them, in fact they are all I am wearing! And I’m sure you’ll enjoy knowing that taking those pictures got me so wet that they are all damp right now!”

I couldn’t help but groan loudly, and hearing me made Elsa laugh even harder. There was something incredibly exciting for me to have my wife inform me at work that she was naked except a pair of knickers, and more so that they were dirty right now because she was so turned on.

“You are doing this on purpose!”

Elsa laugh again bursa sınırsız escort and then cooed in a sweet, low and sexy voice, that of course she was.

“You do know I have a stack of paperwork I should be doing, and yet all I can think about now is you in your wet knickers and how much I want to rip them off!”

Again Elsa gave me that sexy giggle that was part amusement and part signal of her own pleasure. She liked to know how easily she got me going just as much as I enjoyed her doing it.

“Oh really? Well I’ve got another surprise for you but you’ve got to be good and wait until your lunch break to receive it.”

I sat up in my chair at the prospect of another surprise, and suddenly my mind was racing. Was she planning on another visit for some office romance? Did she want me to meet her somewhere like on the Underground where we’d had some alfresco fun once upon a time? Or did Elsa have some different idea planned?

“Are you going to tell me what it is? The suspense is going to kill me,” I said truthfully, my cock was already straining against my pants and I just knew that if I had to wait another two hours to find out what Elsa had planned I would be hard pressed to focus on my work and not on that.

“You, my darling, are just going to have to wait… and you have to promise me you’ll not get too carried away in your office and be naughty too, I want you very ready when you get home, so promise!” Elsa said and I could tell this was important to her.

“I promise, I won’t do anything at work… but when I get home I can’t make the same promise,” I grinned as Elsa have a little moan of arousal at the implied suggestion that when I got home she was in for a very fun time.

“Good, now you get on with your paperwork and at 11:55am tell Cassidy you’re taking lunch in your office and you are not to be disturbed, and until then just remember I love you!” Elsa gave me the instruction and then made a kissing sound through the phone and hung up.

I sat back in my chair and tried to calm down a little bit once the call was over. My cock was throbbing and my head was spinning but I knew I had to get myself under control. But I also couldn’t help but to take a last look at the pictures I’d received one more time, my eyes automatically focusing on Elsa’s knickers as I thought about what she’d said about them being wet right now, I can’t describe how much I would have loved to peel them off her take a deep breath of the alluring, intoxicating scent.

It was a great effort, but I did do at least some of the paperwork I needed to finish. Yes, my mind kept drifting but I didn’t make any errors that I could see and I knew I could get everything looked over before it was filed just to be sure. I did even manage to not keep checking the time every two seconds as I waited for 11:55am to roll around.

Finally I did look at my phone and saw the time was six minutes to noon, close enough I decided, especially since I had just finished a rather long report and if I was honest I didn’t think my eyes could take another second of staring at what seemed to be an endless supply of meaningless words which all amounted to the same thing.

I closed my PC down and pressed down on my intercom, calling out to my secretary who was in her seat just outside my office.


“Yes Mr. Bennet, can I do something for you?”

“I’m going to take lunch now, and I am not going out today, going to eat in my office, so please make sure I am not disturbed please.”

“No problem Mr. Bennet, I will make sure nobody interrupts your lunch.”

I took my finger off the intercom button and settled back in my plush office chair. I now had a whole hour to myself, but that wasn’t what I was thinking of, in my head I was again wondering what Elsa had in store for me? She’d sent me some sexy pictures already, so I doubted it would be more, but if not than what could it be?

I waited several minutes, but at exactly noon my phone pinged to let me know that I had a message from Elsa, and I didn’t hesitate to open it.

‘Check your emails, your surprise is attached to a message there… remember no getting over excited though’

I read the text and felt my excitement grow, if she’d attached whatever it was she’d sent me to an email rather than sent it directly to my phone it meant it was a file too big to attach to a text, that opened up several possibilities and all of them had my cock once again stiffening.

It only took me a few seconds to open my email app on my phone and locate the message from Elsa. It was titled ‘Feeling Naughty’ and just reading that had my heart racing, when Elsa was feeling naughty anything could be on the cards.

I opened the message and saw there was just one line of text saying “Remember your promise… no getting there before you’re home!” and an attached audio file, which judging from the time stamp on it, Elsa had recorded it just after our phone conversation.

My heartbeat doubled as I thought about the last time Elsa had sent me an audio in this way. It had been quite early on while we were dating, and had consisted of several minutes of her moaning and groaning as she rubbed her clit for me to listen to. I must have listened to her playing with herself in that audio dozens of times in the next few weeks.

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