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Angel Ch. 01

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All characters are above the age of eighteen. Here’s chapter one of this story. Should I continue? Let me know what you think.


I stared out the window of the bus I was on. Nothing but endless desert. Nothing but sand, dried up plants, dangerous animals, and the hot sun for 10 years.

My name is Angel Valenzuela. I’m on a bus headed for the Texas Federal State Prison. Your probably wondering how I got 10 years in prison, I’ll tell you.

January 22, 2016

“Angel I’m just gonna put on a movie.”

Nick said.

I looked at him with a disappointed look.

“Don’t fucking look at me like that. I’m not going out with you, you don’t like it I’ll just fucking leave.”

I sighed,

“Alright I’m sorry.”

I was just trying to get Nick to go to the park with me so we could lay in the grass together talk and spend some time outdoors like a real couple. I looked down at my feet and forced the tears the were trying to fall not to.

“Where are your movies?”

“There in the cabinet under the Tv Nick.”

Nick was my boyfriend at the time. We met during my senior in highschool when I was walking through the hall and he bumped into me making trip.

He helped me up and apologized and that led to a good friendship that didn’t take long to turn into a relationship.

The relationship was always kept a secret because nick wasn’t ready to come out. I wasn’t out either but I was willing to come out for Nick.

Nick was 6′ 3″ to my 5’10”. He had warm brown eyes and short black hair. He had a stocky build with light Mexican skin.

He was very sweet and romantic in the beginning. He always would joke around with me and I loved it. In public Nick would pretend not to know me but when know ones looking he would wink at me.

A few months after graduation things started to change. Nick would barely call me and when he did he just wanted to hook up. Sometimes I would call and ask him to go out with me but he would find a way out of it.

At first I thought he was playing hard to get so I asked again when I was at his house and he yelled and got really mad and made me leave.

Sometimes I would see him in public with his friends and I would hope for one of his winks but when he saw me he said something to his friend and looked away. His friend turned around and yelled,

“Faggot!” And started laughing loudly.

I turned as my eyes watered up and walked away as fast as possible. That happened a week ago. This is the first time we were together since.

He went through my movies and found one and put It on. He sat on the couch next to me. 30 minutes into the movie I was falling asleep and my head was leaning onto his shoulder.

Right when my head touched his shoulder he threw his shoulder up and it made me wake up and my head jerk in the other direction.

“Ow” I said quietly and rubbed my neck.

“Shut up, I barley even moved.” he said immediately.

I tried to scoot closer to him but he said,

“fuck give me some space you fucking cocksucker”

I moved away from him my feelings hurt badly. I couldn’t stop the tears this time.

“Fucking cry baby ill give you something to cry about!” Right when he said it he slapped me hard the sound ringing in my ears.

The hit caused a sob to escape from my mouth and that got him angrier and he hit me again. I got out of his reach and ran up stairs to my room and locked the door. Nick was banging on the door yelling at me to open it. I heard the door start to crack. I opened the window and jumped onto the roof.

I was walking up the roof when nick grabbed my ankle and pulled it out from under me. I fell into my hands and knees on all the fiber glass roof. Me and nick were know struggling on the roof.

“Nick please stop.” I said while crying.

We stood and Nick grabbed my throat. He started choking me and I grabbed onto almanbahis yeni giriş his wrists. I looked into his eyes and no longer saw the Nick I once knew. My vision started to fade.

I used the last of my strength to try push Nick off. He barely moved but it made him slip and it gave me leverage so I pushed him as hard as I could.

My neighbors were having a party at the time and right when I pushed him everyone noticed what was going on. Nick fell off the roof onto the cement with a sickening crack. I looked down at him and yelled his name.


February 1, 2016

Now I’m on bus headed for a 10 year vacation at the federal state prison.

My neighbors that witnessed what happened only pointed out that they saw me roughly push him off the roof.

So they sentenced me 10 years. My parents disowned me after they found out I killed my “best friend”. They really liked Nick for some reason. He was really polite around them.

Now they just look at me with hate and disgust. Arriving at the prison I was very scared and nervous. I’m only 18 not skinny but I’m not fat either.

Walking through the hallways of the prison the men would shout dirty things to me. I just kept my head straight and tried to ignore them. The guard that was escorting me stopped and opened a cell door.

“Get in.” He said.

I went into my cell and the guard shirt and locked the cell for behind me. So this is it. Two beds a sink and a toilet. Wait two beds… I started to scare myself thinking about who my cellmate could be. I fell asleep on the top bunk thinking about it.


February 2, 2016

I woke up to the cell for bench unlocked. Here we go I thought, this is probably my cell mate. When the door opened I was looking at the same guard.

“Get up. Time to eat.”

Reality came crashing on me like a ton of bricks. Lunch, lunch tables, social clicks. It was like very scary highschool all over again. When I was getting my food there were so many scary looking dudes. Some would stare at me while others would mad dog me.

I had my tray in my hand and looked around for an empty table. Thank god I saw one. I started for the table when a big hand roughly grabbed my shoulder. He turned me around. He was slim with some muscle and missing some teeth.

“A your new huh?”

My voice came out shaky and weak

“Y- y-eah,”

He looked at me for a sec then said,

“Then I guess this here is mine.”

Then he grabbed my tray and started to pull. I pulled back and he immediately had a sharpened cafeteria spoon pointed at me. I let go of the tray and he laughed in my face and walked away with it.

I looked toward one of the guards but he looked away as though he saw nothing. I felt the tears starting to come so I got out of their and went back to my cell. I cried myself to sleep.

I never get a full night of sleep anymore. I have nightmares about Nick. I have dreams of him falling from the roof or sometimes I just see his parents crying and they start to yell how much they hate hate me.

Tonight I was the one that got pushed off the roof. I was on the floor looking up at a smiling Nick. I shot up in my bed sweating like I just got done running a mile. I went to the little metal sink and washed my face.

I looked at myself in the fake glass mirror and several things dawned on me. I killed my boyfriend. I killed their parents hopes and dreams for their son. I killed the love my parents once had for me. And now I’m stuck in prison haunted, scared, and sleepless for 10 years. Great…


February 3, 2016

The next morning I was woken up by the bed shaking. I opened my eyes immediately when I remembered where I was. I heard my cell door close. I looked and the guard on the other side of the door and he was silently laughing at me.

I immediately thought that someone almanbahis giriş else was in the cell with me and I wasn’t wrong. I closed my eyes and began praying to god that nothing bad would happen to me. Mid prayer he said,

“Hey, you awake?”

My whole body froze. He had a rough deep voice that gave my body chills.

“Y-yea” I forced out.

“What are you in for?”

I stopped and thought about what I should say.

“Ughh- I accidentally pushed my bo-… My friend off my roof and he …di-died”

The cell was very quiet after I said that. I silently started crying. That was the first time I had said what I’d done out loud. When he finally broke the silence he suprised me by what he said.

“Well… I’m sorry to hear that. At least we’ve been blessed enough to be able to say it was an accident… I know your wondering what I did so I’ll tell you. I was very drunk and I decided that my life was done and I was going to kill myself. I got in my car and started heading for the bridge so I could jump…”

He took a deep breath.

“On the way there it was raining and the roads were slippery. There was a girl crossing the street and I couldn’t stop. I hit her and she died. After I hit her I swerved and the car stopped against the bridge railing. I was staring at the bloody windshield in shock. When I realized what I’d done I called the police and turned myself in… Now I’m in a cell talking to you…”

I didn’t know what to say to all that. I just said what he said to me.

“I’m sorry to h-hear that”

Right when I said it he got up from his bunk making me get as close to the wall and as far away from him as possible. I was afraid to look at him so I shut my eyes.

“Look at me.” his deep voice said.

Out of fear I did what he said. When I saw what he looked like I couldn’t help but gasp a little. He had deep brown eyes with a nice scruffy beard and dark but light skin if that makes any sense. His eyes were starting into mine.

“Don’t be.”

He said with a serious expression. He reached his muscular arm or towards me holding his hand out.

“My names Joey.”

I grabbed his incredibly warm hand and squeezed and he squeezed back. His hand was warm.


He chuckled a deep chuckle and said,

“Don’t be afraid of me angel I won’t hurt you. Were gonna be roommates for a while so might as well be on good terms.”

The whole time he said that he was still holding my hand firmly. He let go and said,

“Still got like 3 hours till they fucking feed us like animals. Might as well get some shut eye.”

With that said we both went to sleep.


We woke up to the guard opening the cell door.

“Get up time to eat.”

I was out of the cell first. When Joey walked out the guard grabbed his beefy arm and said,

“No fighting today Palucci.”

Joey just looked the guard in the eye and grunted. I walked ahead a little faster than I normally would walk. I looked back at Joey and his eyes quickly moved up and meet mine.

When I looked at him I wasn’t looking ahead of me and I bumped into another inmate. I quickly backed up and apologized,


The big black man turned around and said,

“Watch where your going little man not everyone in this place is as nice as me.”

He turned and kept walking in front of me. I was staring at his wide back and his huge round bubble butt. The line of inmates on the way to the cafeteria would stop and go so the guard could let out more instead from the cells.

On one of the stops the big black man talked to me.

“The names Ed, yours?”

“Angel,” I said.

I didn’t feel all that uncomfortable when talking to Ed. I don’t know what it was but he seemed genuinely nice.

“So, Angel what’s a cute little thing you doing in place like this?”

I smiled at the almanbahis güvenilirmi flirting and just shook my head. He lightly laughed and smiled back. The line continued moving. I was thinking about what Ed said about me being cute.

When I realized that I was attracted to him just like I was with Joey and… Nick.

Bad thoughts started to make me think what these men in here could really do to me.

The line stopped again but Ed was talking to and older looking black man. I turned around and Joey was looking at the scars on his hands. This man is obviously known for fighting. By the way the guard said it, it sounds like he starts them. He looked up at me and smiled.

“Ugly aren’t they?” He said

“No there fine.” I quickly said to him.

He chuckled then said,

“Angel, don’t be scared to talk to me, it’s gonna be you and me in here for awhile. Alright?”

I shook my head and said,


When we finally got into the cafeteria and got our food I wasn’t sure where to sit. I stopped and just looked at the tables filled with scary looking inmates. Joey put his hand on my back and said,

“C’mon over here Angel you can sit with me.”

I followed Joey until we stopped in front of a table with one open seat. Joey sat down and looked around the table.

“Yo, James you mind letting Angel sit down?” Joey asked.

“Yea, he can sit down on this dick!” James said laughing.

Joey stood up.

“Say it again.” he said while staring down James down.

“Jeez bitch, I was just fucking with you.”

James said while moving from the seat.

I awkwardly sat down in the spot James was in next to some scary looking guys.

I looked at my plate the whole time I ate.

The whole table was talking to each other at the same time when someone said,

“A Joey, your bitch suck good dick or what?”

“Shut the fuck up Louie. Nobody’s anybody’s bitch.” Joey said.

“Yea right, I know your gonna tap that ass as soon as you get the chance.”

Joey stood up with his empty tray.

“C’mon Angel lets go.”

I stood up and followed Joey. While walking away the whole table was laughing. We dumped our trays and we went back to our cell.

“Sorry about that Angel those guys can be real dicks sometimes.”

“It’s alright.” I quietly said.

Joey started going through some stuff in his little dresser.

“Do you drink angel?”


“Good cause I got something that well both enjoy then.”

He pulled out a clear jar with liquid inside that looked like water. He opened it and smiled at me.

“100% moonshine.”

Then he took a swig and handed the jar to me.

“Try some. It’s strong but it’s good.”

I hesitated at first and looked into Joey eyes and he looked serious as always. I put the jar to my lips and took a quick gulp. After I swallowed it I started coughing and choking. I could hear Joey deeply chuckling and his big hand patting my back.

“Not bad huh?” Joey said.

I couldn’t reply I was still coughing. Joey just laughed louder. The rest of our day was spent taking chugs from the moonshine jar and playing cards. At night I fell asleep on my bunk.

Joey looked at me sleep for a second then went to his bed and feel asleep deep in thought.

Sometime during the night I was having a nightmare and was crying in my sleep. I was on the roof again. This time Nick pushed me off. When I was falling it felt like slow motion.

I was looking up at Nick and he was smiling down at me. I blinked just before I hit the ground and instead of Nick looking down at me it was Joey with a evil angry face. I shot up in my bed screaming and sweating heavily. I started to cry uncontrollably.

Joey got up from his bed and just looked at me. He got close to pull me into a hug but I flinched. His face turned hurt for a second then he whispered,

“Don’t be afraid of me Angel, I won’t hurt you.”

He went to hug me again and this time I just let him. He pulled my head to his chest and held me there. I just started crying harder. I ended up crying myself to sleep in Joey’s strong arms and chest.


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