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Anna Ch. 02

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Malcolm scooped four sweets into his pockets and then ran upstairs to his room. There his mother, the teaching sub, was opening his window.

‘What you doing mum?’ He pondered.

‘Your room stinks of cum, that’s all.’ She explained.

‘Oh.’ He said taking out his four sweets and dumping them onto his desk. One seemed to fall without making any sound he noticed. Upon closer inspection he found one sweet wrapper with no sweet inside. What kind of magic was that?

‘Did you eat my sweet while it was in my pants?’ He accused her. ‘No.’ She replied.

‘Ok.’ He said pigeon toe walking up close till he stood over her. She was a tiny midget but one was shaped like an adolescent pear. He must have been quite intimidating for her at times, especially since his growth spurt only came alive last summer; that’s when he grew like a freak. It caught Anna by surprise, but she adjusted quickly. The only change that was apparent was that he was physically superior in every way and could use this to his advantage anytime he felt; like now.

She continued to dust the fairly clean desk despite his proximity, which had never been a problem in the past and nor could she imagine in the future. Without doubt, she had not failed to take note of intentions after the mistake of yesterday. She had not slept well during the night, as she was consumed by the thoughts of her actions. For a mother to stroke her son’s large cock with her own feet was one thing but to not recognise she had stepped over the line for a full 10 minutes of stroking had her dumbfounded.

Malcolm bunched her hair at the back into one ponytail but her hair was too short and full-bodied for such a style; had he a ribbon to hold it in place. She tried not to look in the dashboard mirror as his massive hands engulfed her slender neck. She felt a tingling around the jugular and under her chin. She could hear the buzz of a hedge-cutter from a neighbour’s distant lawn and feel the slap of his hand as it spanked her ass. She jerked slightly not expected it.

‘Mum?’ Malcolm muttered under his ragged breath.

‘Are you finishing up here?’ He asked. She was acting like a real busy body. Her brows pinched and eyes and mind on keeping the house clean. After her birthday treat she had been acting up, like it was a mistake; maybe it was, but he had seen the look on her face and observed the expressions of lust on her face. He knew she was game. The whole experience was unexpected; and he had never felt so worked up before. But his mum’s flirtatious behaviour was merely a red herring because she left him in the lurch, dick looking up to the heavens, before he even began oozing any pre-cum.

The number she wore today was sporty and in line with the basking sun outside. He had his hands rested on her tiny shoulders, with digits on the straps of her white vest; tight and hanging low at the neck. A bra helped to create a nice bust. For bottoms, she wore a pair of blue tights that wrapped her lower body well. Anna knew her ass was sexy and wanted to show it off any chance she got, although admittedly she had not banked on Malcolm seeing it as an object of erotic desire. He smacked his mother’s hot ass again; there was a nice THAPP! Sound from that spank. The cheek wobbled before settling.

‘Malcolm!’ She said annoyed.

‘You know what?’ He said holding the underside of her face.

‘Huh?’ She squirmed uncomfortably.

He put his thumbs into the hem of her waistband, inside her hips and tugged it down a little, maybe an inch.

‘You blow hot and cold.’ He told her, tugging down some more. He just had to see it again. Her pussy was calling to him and he could not let the mind shut him down again. But her behaviour was quickly readjusting and he loosened his hold on her as a result.

She put her hands on his and leaned her head back onto his chest. She wanted to explain it to her son, how they could not consummate their lust for each other, but he was so strong and powerful that she feared his reaction. Even now as she was trying to remove his hands, to stop him from peeling her stretchy jogging pants down, he was not budging. She looked at herself in the mirror on the desk and saw this ripped beast of a young stud, with his shirt off, trying to get into her pants, and she had dreamed of such moments in the past. The only difference was that they were not dreams that involved Malcolm.

She watched as her pants lowered slowly down to her thatch. He had promised to shave it. His lips pressed against her neck and he sniffed the aroma from her body. It was so enticing and erotic. She loosened up and turned about to face him; her face tilted up to greet his eyes. His hands slipped into her pants until they each held one ass cheek.

‘Nice! Mum! Your butt is mine!’

‘Ok.’ She accepted.

‘It’s so fucking soft!’ He said deliriously excited as he squeezed and pressed on her pillows. She gasped and felt herself blush as her son helped himself to his mother’s naked bum with his rough builder’s hands. casino siteleri It wasn’t what she wanted at all and could not think of how to stop him; he was far too strong. But then he seemed to be really enjoying himself and she had to admit it was infectious.

She seemed to be warming to his touch and after a while he could hear her breathing irregularly. ‘I’m not cold.’ She told him.

‘No, mum, you’re hot!’ He laughed squeezing her gyrating butt.

She gave a sexy smile, batted her eyelids and lifted her feet up to stand on her toes; stretched out with her lips in an ‘O’ he dipped low to receive a motherly kiss. It started with a cautious incestuous peck on the lips and gradually became more and more intense as the afternoon wore on.

‘Mmmm Yum!’ Anna moaned as Malcolm bore down on her.

Mwahhh! Lick!! Lick!! Suck!!

‘Yeahh Mum!’ He groaned as he took half her face in his mouth.

Suck!! Suck!! Suck!!

The slow exploration of each other was not halted by the creeping light of the sun that beamed out from the window. But as it enveloped them entirely, they readjusted their footing and migrated somewhat away.

She bit his chin playfully and grinned like a maniac, thus drawing her in to bite him on the neck and his nipples.

‘Mmmmmm.’ She moaned as they made out. In between kisses she muttered requests such as for the odd buddy tap.

He squeezed her spongy ass; slapped it, lifted it, scrunched it, he loved it; Anna’s hot sexy mom’s ass. She moaned or giggled depending on what he did and sometimes as they kissed she would bare her teeth after a smile. She opened them to let his tongue dive in.

Lumn! Lumn! Lumn!

‘Oh Malcolm!’ She grunted.

‘Oh Baby!’

‘Oh cupcake!’

Lumn! Lumn! Mwah! Mwah!

Suck! Suck!

She took his tongue in her mouth and sucked on it like it was his dick. She kissed and licked on it and sucked and sucked with a lot of drive and energy. A humming sound came from her through and heavy breathing through her nose as she extracted strings of saliva from her son. She wanted him to fuck the shit out of her.

‘You.. Lumn… taste…Lumn Lumn…. So good!’ She moaned.

She lifted herself up so he could spank her ass and then he eased her into him further so she could feel his bulge propping out.

‘Oh Malcolm you cheeky cheeky boy.’ She beamed in copious delight.

What a horny little sexy incest bitch she was. A sex demon without the horns and sent from hell to fuck her son so that he could join her down there. Her hands roamed all over his hair and face, sometimes settling on his shoulders. He lifted her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist. Now she was looking down on him as she lay into him with her sticky, horny lips. She smiled at the way he lifted her so effortlessly, she was impressed by his Herculean strength and his muscles; she loved those.

‘God! You’re SUCH a beast!’ She cooed.

‘He kissed her little neck and carried her out of the room and down the corridor.

‘Where are you talking me lover?’ She said in a half daze.

‘Gonna do something about your pubes.’ He announced.

He opened the bathroom door and deposited his mother onto the floor. He pulled off her pants and vest and removed his clothes. He was really excited. Anna just sat there like a patient on a doctor’s bed about to be examined. He left her for a moment and returned with some warm water and a shaving blade.

‘Aah, it’s that time is it.’ She said easing her legs apart.

They continued to disperse until her legs were wide open and her wet vagina was hoping it had tentacles so it could grab his dick and insert it inside her pussy.

‘Is this good for you Malcolm?’ She groaned. Her big toes wiggled on their own approvingly. She had a habit of doing that a lot; wiggling those sexy toes. It was like someone who had a nervous tick, except with her it was toes and feet and the more excited she was the more she ticked.

He smiled and blushed with her; it felt wrong at times, when they’re eyes would meet and linger. Not able to clarify what was happening and what was acceptable from what wasn’t. He had already forced himself on her and she had conceded, but had she resisted further he was not certain what would have happened. As it stood, the pink lips of her pussy were uncovered and inviting, as was the expression of its keeper.

He pressed her chest so that she leaned back and scuttled close to sit in front of her on the shiny tiled floor; Anna herself was planted on a small green rug, completely relaxed and an un-removable smile on her lips.

‘Don’t you ever shave?’ He asked.

‘I don’t know; I like a hairy pussy.’ She explained giving him a really cute shrug of her chin.

‘Guy’s normally like it bald; or with a trimmed design. Like a big V or a vertical line heading up from the clitoris.’ He explained with hand signals that made her laugh. He was just being technical with his porn.

‘Honey, you can do ANYTHING you want.’ canlı casino She said opening her legs even more, her toes wiggling faster, like someone was tickling the underside of her feet with an invisible feather.

He held one of her thighs for support as he brought the blade down for a sweep of her pubes from below her naval area. Anna twitched and gyrated her hips at a slow rhythm. He dipped the first swipe into the bowl of warm water to shake it clear of her pubes and swiped again; down and then from an angle following V line. Several swipes on and her naval area was becoming visible.

‘I love you Malcolm. Do you love mummy too?’ She moaned.

‘Oh yes!’ He said shaving his mother’s pussy.

He applied some gel and rubbed it in to her mound thoroughly until it turned a foamy white, with her curly hair all in a mousse. She looked at him and blew him a dreamy maternal kiss.

‘Even you weren’t immune from my charms.’ He said waving the foamy blade at her.

‘No, I wasn’t. No one can resist you; especially not me.’ She said with a dirty grin.

Swipe! Swipe! Swipe!

He stroked the upper part of her mound and it felt amazing; wet and slick. She lay down on her back and her legs were open 180 degrees as he went about his business of creating a trimmed taco. He gave her a long vertical line.

‘Mmmm you should shave me more often.’ She suggested. It was a good idea. They were both so horny, it was easy to accept any suggestion, except anything to do with doorbells. This time if it rang, he somehow was confident she would not want to open it.

Swipe! Swipe! Swipe!

‘That’s it baby yeahh! That’s it!’ She moaned.

‘I like it like that!’ She said touching her wet, hairless mound.

He opened the crack between her cheeks and shaved that area last. She really was a hairy assed bitch he thought. But it made him horny. He slapped her ass and she yelped joyfully.

‘That’s right – spank mummy! Spank her hard!’ She ordered.

Swipe! Swipe! Swipe!

Malcolm had finished. He dropped the blade into the bowl and looked at his masterpiece; a spread-eagled horny mum, with a trimmed pussy. Not a bad day’s work!

‘So…’ He began, slapping both her upper thighs ‘let’s clean up and start fucking.’

She agreed and he helped her to her feet. They waltzed over to the shower cubicle and he pulled out the nozzle. She got in like a good girl and water sprinkled out through the head. He aimed at her pussy and she brushed down with her hands to help remove any clung bits of hair. They tongued each other at the same time, both heads cocked out. Her lips tasted good; like ice cream. She ate that a lot. He considered feeding her some later on. She was so submissive anything was possible.

He finished washing her off and then towelled her down as they both walked out of the bathroom naked and hand in hand.

He noticed she was blushing. ‘What’s wrong mum?’ ‘Nothing… I just feel like…. You know… You’re my boyfriend.’ She said averting her daze. He smiled and kissed her on the head.

‘Sally’s my girlfriend silly.’ He said.

They went back to his room and he sat down on his swivelling chair with Anna on his lap, facing him. She seemed somewhat hurt by his comments and moved away when he tried to kiss her.

‘You’re my mum… and… that’s how I want to keep it. What do you say?’ He suggested.

She shrugged and curled her toes, only one side of her face in his line of sight. She liked to shift her lower body weight from her hips and also her face by using the muscles in her neck. That was part of her appeal; her inability to keep still. It stimulated his cock no end.

She tapped his shoulder with one finger habitually. If he was wearing a collar, she would be twirling it between her finger and thumb affectionately. All of her motherly mannerisms were still switched on and she applied them just as much as before, now that she had the green light to seduce him.

Her wet pussy was dripping and finding its way onto his lap. She was hornier than any girl he had seen naked before him, and he had seen many; even older women. They normally knew how to make the sex last longer, which is why he preferred to fuck a woman as opposed to a girl. Sally was like that; naïve and up for it, but still really inexperienced. He would call her after this; invite her round, see if a threesome was on the cards.

He often did think ahead of himself but it was something he couldn’t help. Everyone thought he was great and it was hard not to believe it.

He swivelled around in his chair and buddy tapped the top of his mother’s ass cheeks. She was a typical mother; she just didn’t want to share him with anyone else. He brought her face up by pushing up her chin and stroked her soft face.

‘You can only be my mother, understand?’ He told her.

She shrugged again with her eyes gleaming but she could not look at him.

‘I think… the only reason you make me so… horny, is because you’re so fucking annoying. That’s kaçak casino why I want to fuck you. Otherwise, I’m not interested in you.’

It was a blow to the stomach but she recovered quickly. She wiped away her tears and he wiped her nose.

‘Kiss me.’ He demanded.

She leaned forward like a seasoned slave and planted her soft, sweet sticky lips against his. She was very obedient. She kissed his neck, his chin and lips, applying constant pecks over and over. Suddenly he was feeling very instructional and what allowed this to happen was Anna. His mother had become this clingy incest nymph that was addicted to the scent of her son’s cock, but he wasn’t complaining.

The chair creaked as he leaned back further into it; his weight created a lull in the setting and sunk down a little as a result. Anna adjusted her ass on Malcolm’s thighs.

‘Can you be my daddy?’ She asked politely, placing a finger to her lips..

‘Sure I can hon.’ He said to his mother combing her short hair back and drawing her in to him. She pressed her bald cunt into him; let it rub against his thigh as she cocked forward with tongue primed for assault like a pro; her hands cupped his smooth balls as she had saucy mouth sex with him.

The chair wheezed as he launched up, carrying her off the floor; they’re mouth’s performing lots of horny exchanges. ‘Mmmm!’ She giggled as strings of saliva stretched out between them. She was hot and steamy and had a trimmed pussy, all of the signs of a woman who needed to be satisfied, even if she was his mother.

Lumn! Lumn! Mwah! Mwah! Suck! Lumn! Mwah!

He hurled her onto his bed and she bounced a few times before settling on her back. She put her knees up and closed her legs. Malcolm cast an eye over his window momentarily; the neighbours across the street might get a nice surprise if they were perverted enough. He was normally quite careful about these things, especially after his long and eventful history of masturbating; quite illustrious to say the least. But now he was so horny he didn’t care.

‘You’ve been caught before.’ His mother teased, reminded him of the time he was stroking his cock in the garage with some slick oil and she propped her head through the door to say hi. At the time she just thought it was what boys did, and he had his back to her so she never did catch a glimpse but certainly heard the strokes and the moaning.

Malcolm brushed his big tool to show her what a beast it was and clambered up to her.

‘Do you still want that cake, bitch?’ He grinned.

She liked it when he called her bitch. She wondered what else she liked as he peeled her legs apart.

‘Hmmmm.’ She moaned as her legs were up in the air and her son was in between them. Her cunt was glistening and begging for his huge meat pole to slide in.

‘Baby?’ She moaned.

‘Yes ma?’ He replied.

‘Fuck mummy.’ She whispered erotically.

He stroked the full length of both his mum’s thighs, further stretching her pink cunt lips. The dark trimmed pubic line looked glorious. He had wanked off to many pictures online of babes that posed like this. He had even put his mothers face on such women and posted them online. Having horny strangers beat off on his mother was quite a feeling. The whole idea of humiliating her systematically was very appealing.

‘Not yet.’ He said inserting a finger all the way inside her vagina. She squirmed and placed her hands near her pussy, inching closer and closer to it in an attempt to contain the internal throbbing.

‘Hmmmm.’ She moaned, licking her lips, occasionally tossing her head from left to right.

‘Please.’ She begged. ‘I need your cock baby, I need your cock.’ She moaned. Malcolm rubbed his pre-cum on her thigh and collapsed on top of his tiny mother. She all but disappeared under him. He manoeuvred up and started working on her lips.

Lumn! Lumn! Mwah! Mwah! Suck! Lumn! Mwah!

Her little body was strong and squirmed like a snake against him; it knew how to grind and even control the way he moved.

There was no question, she simply had to have her son one way or another; she had to have his cock in her or she would kill him.

She ruffled his hair as he began a descent; his lips trailing from hers to her neck and flat chest. He stationed himself there for a while sucking on her pointy nipples like a hungry boy, making the kind of sucking sounds he would find her making outside of intercourse. She didn’t understand his problem; after all, it was normal to peel open her lips after a every few seconds in her mind. Certainly the sound of her peeling lips might have been a tad loud and distracting but now she figured he wouldn’t mind so much.

As she played with his hair she was reminded of her position in the family; as a mother and sex slave and nothing more. She was disappointed as she wanted some romance; she wanted to be his lover and his mother.

Suck! Suck! Suck! Suck!

‘Oh baby!’ ‘Oh baby yeahh!’

He looked up and gave a dirty smile as his tongue gave her nipple an ice-cream lick. He was thinking ‘God! I’m actually fucking my mum!’ and she was thinking ‘I love being my son’s whore.’ As the toes, at the far end of her pointy legs wiggled joyously.

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