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Anne Working Overtime Ch. 15

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AWO15. – A new perspective

Anne leaned back in her comfortable leather chair and yawned. She was tired. Very tired. There was a clear tendency she got too little sleep these days, and once again she reminded herself she should try to do something about it. This thing about beauty sleep, wasn’t it?

Only it wasn’t that easy to get to sleep in the night with the kind of life she was living these days. Not at all! Her service was desperately wanted and needed all over the place, all the time. And her clients certainly were of the demanding kind, no question about that.

Exactly the way she wanted it! More and more often she had to remind herself that she was actually living in her own dream. In a world of sweet femininity, demanding ladies, passion, love and submission. In the paradise of her own fantasies! And how many people could say something like that… and really mean it?!?

But still… it was the real world… definitely. And a real world still was different from an ideal erotic fantasy. It had real people with real personalities… and with real differences. And not to mention a real limited number of hours in one day. Very limited. And that seemed to be just as much of a problem as those personal conflict-things. Sure enough Jean didn’t mind that she dropped off from time to time. Not at all really, not even at her desk. As long as she was not seen by any of their clients. However she was encouraged to take refuge in one of the service rooms when things got too bad. But having her office far down the corridor behind the front desk and the conference room certainly was an advantage when those long nights took their toll.

Right now it didn’t feel that bad though; more like physical exhaustion. Almost comfortable in a way. After all it all came from doing what she did and loved most of all.

There sure had been some hectic months; a lot of work and a lot of excitement. New people, new environments and new experiences. Some of them extremely nice and inspiring, others more of the exhausting kind. A while back she discovered that she actually started having problems remembering all her different contacts. And that really was something, considering how close and intimate she had been with all of them. So even though she could hardly believe it, it really looked like even a life like this could become a routine of some kind… eventually.

Some of her clients made a stronger impression than others of course, and she had to warn herself not to succumb to any kind of favouritism with the ones that gave her the biggest physical and mental thrills. Still there was no doubt that clients like for example Ms. Kyle and Ms. Ellisby were awesome… and of course Ms. Sommers, the client she visited just last night! That lady was nothing but unique… in that special way! Lately she’d been visiting her office several times a week. And even a few evenings, as she was taking care of her beloved daughter Lana as well.

Last week she accompanied her on a 3 days business trip alone though. And last night had also been just the two of them. And the lady had been demanding to say the least. Still distinguished, still elegant, but most insistent about her need for thorough satisfaction. Despite all her training, Anne’s tongue and jaws felt so weary that she had serious doubts about being able to deliver even the most straight forward basic service today.

Anne yawned again. She could actually feel a faint taste of pussy on her lips, even though she had washed up as properly as always and applied lotions and makeup just the way Jean had recommended already way back.

Another trademark of Ms. Lauren Sommers! The lady had left her marks on her in more ways than one! Taken her closer than with all the other clients. Almost as close as Jean… and Carol. And the thing with Lana certainly had put an extra dimension to it, like a kind of extension of her own personality… that powerful will, that passion and relentless craving. All those things that made Anne melt like butter in baking sunshine. What made her feel so good… so passionate, so wanted and needed… and dominated! Oh no! It wasn’t that easy to be professional in all situations. Not in this job! This obviously was a clear case of favouritism!

She let her thought drift away. Back to the first time she had the taste. The first stamp of property right onto her heated mind. All back to that hotel room evening when she had the exercises with the two of them. The first one.

That certainly was one hell of an evening… Oh yeah! Another door-opener, into yet another dimension of her life in this magnificent dream- like world.

She remembered everything like it should have been just yesterday. The hotel room, the champagne, the elegant furniture, the sleeping-mask she wore to make things easier for the girl as she brought her to her first shattering climax. The first orgasm on a service girl’s tongue. With her mother sitting at her side. Fully dressed. Holding casino şirketleri her hand! Whispering encouragements and instructions…

The awkwardness of the situation was enough to make her heart beat faster even now. Who could even imagine a scene like that!? A mother and a daughter in such a situation… together?

Up until that night she thought she had seen almost anything. Even in this peculiar world! She would just work on perfecting her skills with her cast of self conceited and demanding ladies. Keep on exceeding their wildest expectations, time and time again. Crushing their well- established front of cool self confidence and distinguished class. Transforming them into uncontrolled animals yelling out their most primitive passion, flooding her throat with their sweet juices, trashing about in senseless rapture… until they could take no more. Until they would beg for mercy, plead for her to release them from her overwhelming grasp.

That was what she enjoyed more than anything. What she could do day and night… all around the clock. As long as her strength could carry her on. And sometimes even beyond!

But she had never left one single client unsatisfied. Not ever! Quite on the contrary! Most of them had been satisfied to the point of near devastation! Some could hardly stagger over to the ladies room on shaky legs afterwards. Others would drop off in sheer exhaustion just the way they were sitting or laying. She had lost count of how many times she had left quietly after putting a soft blanket over a soundly sleeping mistress.

So many times. And she knew it so well. She was really getting the feel of it; already convinced that there was nothing in this world she couldn’t do!

All up until Ms. Sommers showed up and introduced her to this other part… this young part. Something so totally different, even though it was actually the same thing. At least that’s how everybody else would think of it. Well, not everybody actually… for sure not everybody!

Anne had to chuckle. No no! Everybody but her, to be correct. Everybody but her. Maybe her ‘colleague’ Mandy. The girl mentioned a similar situation a while back. But Anne got the distinct impression that even she preferred clients of the ‘appropriate’ age.

She closed her eyes as she memorised that first, violent climax. The thin shriek as the young body stiffened.

And how she failed to ease the stimulation enough for the girl to be able to survive her touch through the letdown.

Maybe that was the reason why she was so knocked out afterwards? The stimulation had just been too much to take? Because she was so extremely sensitive? Or because it was her very first time? Or both? Or maybe just because she was so much younger??

Lana had slipped powerlessly back down on her couch, and was once again more laying than sitting, holding her mother’s tissue over her pussy, breathing heavily as she recovered from the overwhelming experience. Her mother, still sitting on her haunches at Anne’s side, looked over at her and gave Anne another amused and approving smile. Then she bent forward and crawled on her hands and knees back towards the couch. In doing so she turned the full front of her skirt-clad behind against Anne, bringing her attention to how glorious that tail actually was. As she moved forward, the voluminous globes rolled softly against each other, making the skirt texture strain and relax in a breathtakingly erotic rhythm. The split in the back almost reached up to her crotch from this angle, and Anne felt the familiar flush of heat running through her chest at the awesome sight. She could see the deliciously looking lacy straps holding up her stockings, probably connected to the most erotic of garter belts up there somewhere in a paradise of unparalleled femininity. As she was finally able to have this proper look, she realised that this actually was a butt almost up to Carol’s standards! And accompanied by such elegant beauty on face, tits and legs… and the intriguing personality. Incredible!!

Lana jumped lightly as her mother’s light shoulder touch brought her out of her state of dreamless bliss. As the woman bent down to kiss her, she met her with eager lips, even draping one arm over her jacket-clad shoulder to pull her down. It was clear to Anne that the introduction to pussy servitude seemed to have brought mother and daughter closer than the woman had even dared hoping for.

Lauren’s dark blond hair covered most of their faces, and their lips almost touched as they kept whispering each other things that Anne couldn’t quite catch. Then the woman turned her head, brushed away her hair and looked over in her direction. And those wonderful big brown eyes told her exactly what was wanted of her now… like a silent command!

Anne immediately proceeded to crawl back in between the young thighs, and gently put the silky tissue away to get access to the sensitive pleasure source once again. As she carefully casino firmalari let her sweet lips zoom in on the ultimate goal, Lauren grasped her daughter’s cheek and went down for another deep kiss.

As Anne planted her lips on the top of the pubic bone, she felt the body jerk slightly in a mixture of exhaustion and anticipation. Letting her hands slide lovingly up and down the outer side of the soft thighs, she made a slow and patient path with lips and tongue down towards the sensitive clit area. As she approached the hood, she felt the body tense nervously. A kind of self-protective reflex. Mobilising all her senses, she continued downwards, letting her tongue play ever so gently around the silky grooves and outer lips, carefully building the trust and confidence that she would avoid touching the sore clit. As she reached the entrance to the love channel and started a passionate tongue slide along the length of the sweet slit, she felt the girl relax again, indicating that she had gained the trust she needed to move on further.

It took a long time and a lot of very skilled stimulation to get the girl over the sensitive stage. Much longer than Anne was used to. Again she wondered if this had something to do with age or experience. But Lauren was probably right. The girl would come along nicely with some more experience. At least most of the shyness seemed to have vanished by now. As those waves of pleasure once again started playing havoc all throughout the young body, the lady bent her head down to follow Anne’s gentle tongue work with hot, almost glowing eyes. So Anne soon faced a situation where four heated eyes met her each time she lifted her gaze to look for some appropriate responses to her stimulations, or maybe some further guidance or instructions.

It hadn’t been many minutes until the girl cracked off the first time. Now everything was much more controlled and balanced… much more predictable and technically easy to Anne. She worked patiently and rhythmically, using her silky tongue to search out the more lasting sensitivity spots, learning as much as she could on the way. Finding out what to look for with the more inexperienced ones. Extending her skills and knowledge even further.

As the pubic bone got more restless under her ministration, both mother and daughter were breathing heavily from rising passion. As did Anne too. Some kind of trembling waves went throughout the young body as the hormones let seriously loose and passion took control once again. Anne could tell immediately by the way those hips responded to her stimulation. Instead of tensing in nervous uncertainty as her tongue came near the clit, she was now met with a lightly shuddering pressure against her hard working mouth.

So, no more worries about sensitivity! Anne focused on the task, and picked up a lazy rhythm with slow tongue circles around the clit, varied with powerful flicks over the urethra. After about ten minutes the girl was again quivering and gasping well on her way towards another climax.

At some point Anne realised that Ms. Lauren’s dark blond head was right in front of her, resting on the cheek over the armrest as she followed the work with intense concentration. Then she whispered so low that it could almost not be heard;

“Why don’t you try those deep penetrations of yours? I would love to see the effect of that on Lana!”

Anne was stunned. The thought hadn’t even crossed her mind! Somehow the whole body… this young girl, seemed too weak… too fragile in a way… fore something like that. In her mind she had built a notion that such kind of treatment was something for a strong, robust and well adapted lady. One who would open wide and enjoy a proper tongue screw until her dam burst! With an ironic smile on her face! But not a girl like this. Not a girl like Lana…

Anne moved to withdraw her tongue to answer, but was immediately held back by an almost desperate grasp with both hand on the back of her head. She almost had to let out a thin yelp of pain!

So; no answer then! Shouldn’t be necessary either. But she definitely felt the time was not right for this. Not yet. If she could talk, she would have told her to hang on till the next go. Then maybe…

No, certainly not the right time yet! This was for patient and rhythmic work. Skilled and predictable. Taking an inexperienced body the right way to the right kind of orgasm.

And another five minutes of that rhythmic circling and flicking was what it took to bring on the second explosion of the night. Lana let out a sharp, thin shriek as her body stiffened once again. So different from the more voluminous cries of ecstasy she had heard so often from her more mature clients. But just as thrilling in its own special way. Her movements were sharper, her shuddering wilder, her trashing more violent, bringing more of a kind of explosive energy into it, somehow. A more youthful kind of energy perhaps.

Anne grasped the tiny güvenilir casino waist and hung on with all her strength to follow the girl with maximum intensity through her shattering orgasm, relentlessly flicking the clit with a stiffened tongue tip.

In the corner of her eye she saw Lauren lean back in an instinctive move to protect herself against the trashing legs. Then she swiftly moved to grasp the girl’s hand before she dove down for another deep kiss on her lips as the orgasm started fading.

Anne concentrated intensely. She was not going to blow it once again! Oh no… Ms. Sommers was about to see who was the best also in the area of learning from one’s mistakes – or rather one’s slight imperfections.

As she felt the first faint signs of post-orgasmic tensions in the body over her, she reduced the intensity of her tongue stroke down to almost nothing, directing them in a concise pattern away from the clit and down to the lower slit, moving along the length of it almost up to the urethra. But not quite. Just enough to generate the optimal mixture of relaxed pleasure and light tension. But retaining the confidence in her skills, first and foremost.

That was the crucial thing – For her, that is.

Suddenly she got aware of Lauren’s face right in front of her once again. The woman put a gentle hand under her cheek as she started wiping pussy juice off her face with one of her nice smelling tissues. Those brown eyes felt like they drilled all the way into the depths of her soul. Again the awesome personality of a real lady overwhelmed her to the point where her entire body felt almost lame.

Then the woman suddenly grasped her shoulders and shook her lightly.

“Anne dear… I can’t take this any longer… please…”

With a resolute movement she wrung her elegant jacket off her shoulders and threw it across the floor, crouched her back and let herself roll backwards down onto the floor. Then she got up on her elbows to grasp the back pillow off of the other deep chair and swiftly put it down under her back.

Next her hands went up under her skirt in a flash to find the waistband of her panties to swish them down the nylons of her legs. With a well-practised hip bounce they were down under her bum. As she swung her legs up to slip them over her calves and heels, Anne caught a glimpse of the lacy white underskirt and her garter- belt. The flexible stocking straps dug deliciously into the peachy skin of her ass globes as she tipped the white piece of silk over her almost stiletto-like heel.

For a split second even the juicy pussy lips flashed against her in the deep shadow between her upper legs.

“Please…. Anne! Come and help me… help… me… I’m burning!… Ooooohhh!!

Anne had seen enough. Still struggling to draw her breath from the new visual impact, she almost threw herself in between the opening legs! As soon as she was in position, she grasped the upper thighs in order to pull herself in even closer. And as those thighs continued their gracious spread, she was exposed to a sight so fantastic she felt her body tremble! The extremely sexy lacy under skirt, the white, elegant garter belt, the fine stocking with the rose-paletted upper frames in a delicious grey-brown tone… and the soft skin, the tan line through the crotch, the well- trimmed pubic bush, those incredibly huge and juicy pussy lips, a sweet perky little asshole. All this femininity! All this welcoming delight… just for her to dive in and enjoy. As much as she would ever want. As long as she would ever want it.

The lady was more than eager to let her to the treasures. Her body was trembling in anticipation as Anne moved in the last few inches. The lewdly pouting pussy lips burst apart the very moment she went to seal her lips over them. Luring her directly into the sweet depths of femininity. Back in where she belonged! Where her world was perfect in every way!!

She searched for a few seconds until she found the erect clitoris, and started massaging it with powerful tongue strokes back and forth. No point to be gentle or patient now. This was nothing but an express ride to ecstasy. A mindless rush for the thunderous orgasm! ‘Cus this was something she knew! A lady in desperate needed for relief. Right here! Right now! Those gentle caresses could be saved for later. They had all evening and all night! All the time in the world for an experience that might topple anything she had done up until now. And that was something, wasn’t it?

The raw silk of the stockings rubbed almost painfully along Anne’s cheeks as the lady scraped her sharp heels aimlessly back and forth all over the carpet. The tucked-up skirt fell down into her face, covering her eyes. For a moment she felt like moving to push it away, but then she remembered that all of this was for Lauren’s enjoyment, not her own. Although the view through that sweet pubic bush was one of the most delightful once she had ever enjoyed. No, her mistress would hike it back up herself if she felt like it. If she noticed at all, that is. Up until the moment her view was blocked, the wonderful lady was busy massaging her full tits through the soft fabric of her shirt, seemingly oblivious to anything else around her.

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