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Annie’s Undoing

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This piece is a commission. All characters are over 18. It involves themes such as foot fetish, cuckolding, ahegao, hypnosis, non-con, and the mormon church. If you find any of that offensive or it doesn’t tick your boxes this is probably not the story for you. I’ll be using this account to upload commission pieces that have been requested of me. Generally, these are stories that I have typed in a few hours so are not as polished as something I might have spent a full week laboring over. Still, I hope if this is your thing that you enjoy it!


The heavy slaps of her sneakers beating across the asphalt was the only sound save her own panting ragged breath. It was 4:30pm and school had let out an hour and a half ago, but Annie was still working her way around the track. The state meet was in two short weeks and she was determined to shave another 20 seconds off her time. There was, after all, a scholarship depending on it. When she finally came around the last bend she saw a figure on the horizon who seemed to be waving her in, “Hey, babe…” a male voice called out, one that she instantly recognized as her boyfriend, Jason.

Annie’s face lit up and she ran the home stretch and came toe to toe with the boy in question, “What are you doing here?” She beamed, blue eyes sparkling, as her hands slipped up to cup his cheeks and impart an innocent kiss to the corner of his mouth.

“I thought we could catch a movie?” His hand spidered down to the plump rounded curve of her backside, thick fingers dimpling the flesh.

It was a move that would cause Annie to lift off on the tips of her toes and spin away from him with a teasing wag of one solitary chastising finger, “Nu uh, no funny stuff.” Her bottom lip vanished beneath a row of sparkling white teeth as she teased the supple flesh, “Anyway, I can’t today… have plans….”

“Awh, really? What plans? What plans are more important than accompanying your boyfriend to the movies?” His hand was still chasing after her pert backside which she maneuvered away with expert dexterity, causing a frown to pull down the corners of his lips.

Annie’s eyes fluttered skyward with a small sigh, “It’s a church thing. I can’t miss it or my Mom will kill me. I guess the elders think I need to be more involved and they want to have a meeting with me this afternoon?” Rubber soles scuffed against asphalt as she folded back into Jason’s grasp, a few wayward strands of sandy blond hair falling across her face, “Don’t be mad, ok? I’ll make it up to you.”

“Oh? You’re going to make it up to me, hrm? And how’s that?” His face pushed into the crook of her neck as the scent of shampoo and coconut scent body lotion invaded his nostrils, a little nibble was imparted to the delicate stem and Annie squirmed with a giggle.

“I don’t know. Think about it? Anything you want… I have to run though, it’s getting late and I’m supposed to be there at 5, ok?” With that she was pulling away yet again giving Jason one last look at her pert bottom bouncing in those tiny gym shorts, maybe they weren’t supposed to fit so small, but a recent growth spurt had them seeming to shrink until the bottom cusp of her ass seemed to peak out when she ran. “I’ll call you!” She called back, vanishing into the parking lot.


When Annie showed up at the Temple it was relatively quiet. She was still dressed in her track clothes; shorts, a fitted t-shirt, a pair of Nikes, and some white socks that just barely peaked over the edge of her sneakers. Her hair was pulled into a loose ponytail who’s end swished between her shoulder blades when she walked. Otherwise, she was cute, but relatively plain. There was no make up, no nail polish; just a smear of chapstick and she was good to go. Of course, this was expected of a Mormon girl and she knew better than to flout the rules when meeting with the elders.

As she pushed into the administrative building she glanced around; no one. Just a bell sitting on the reception desk which she rang before finding a seat. Somewhere in the back of the building, deeping within the offices she could hear the soft low mumbling of male voices. Her eyes flicked towards the clock as the minute hand inched towards five o’clock; just as it turned over a door opened somewhere, foot steps, and then standing before her was one of the elders, Mr. Garris.

There were four of them all together. Mr Garris was in his early 40’s, fit, tall and slender with neat, dark hair that swept to one side and piercings brown eyes. Mr. Hansen was the youngest in his mid-30’s standing at just about 6 feet with broad shoulders, buzzed blond hair and eyes that matched Annie’s in their cool blue hue. Mr. Olsen was roughly 50, shorter than the other two with a stock build and a thick swatch of dark chest hair that bloomed from his button up shirt. Mr. Olsen was of dark complexion with almost jet black mane and coarse hair that covered his forearms. Finally, was Mr. Rigby. Mr. Rigby was the oldest, a man well into his 60’s if not his 70’s. His hair was grey, his eyes had lost their youthful luster and the green hue almost seemed foggy in batman seks hikayeleri his later years. His face was full of character; crows feet and wrinkles abounding.

“Right on time, Annie,” Mr. Garris remarked, beckoning her down a long hallway. He moved with a slow easy stride as the girl in question unfolded herself from a chair in the waiting room and padded along behind him in her track-worn sneakers.

“Is Ms. Julie out today?” She queried, fast on his heels. She’d never actually been there without the receptionist so it seemed strange to not see her smiling face behind the desk when she came in.

“Has the afternoon off. I think she had to take her mother to the doctor,” his tone was dismissive as he led her into a meeting room where the other three sat around a large oval table above which hung a projector which was pointed to a white screen in the back of the room. “You can sit there,” he gestured to a spot at the head of the table and Annie took her seat.

“So,” her fingers drummed at the wooden ledge before her as she looked around to the several faces staring back at her, “You wanted to speak with me?”

There was something almost ominous in the air, though she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. It was the first time she’d had a meeting with all of the elders before. Now and again, of course, she’d spoken to one or maybe two but the fact that all four of them were there left her feeling as though she were in some kind of trouble. Across the room, Mr. Hansen shifted in his seat, his hand dropped to his lap as though he were adjusting something, “Indeed, we do.”

Mr. Ribgy took over at that point and her gaze would shift from the face of the younger man to the eldest in the room who was leaning across the table, fingers steepled beneath his chin, “How do you think your performance in the church has been, Annie? Do you think you could be doing more? Being more involved?”

A small wave of anxiety rushed over the girl and in the hot sweaty confines of her sneakers her toes scrunched up, “I don’t know, maybe? Should I be?” Just then Mr. Garrris slid behind her, his heavy hands settling on her shoulders as he began to gently massage them.

He leaned down there to whisper in her ear, “You can always be doing more, Annie, and there’s no time to start like the present…” For a second, she almost thought she was imagining it, the way his hand crept down with the tips of his digits brushing over the cusp of her breast.

“W.. what?” Her heart beat faster as she craned her head back, glancing towards the man whose fingers were creeping lower and lower until one large palm had fully claimed her breast, “I..” Annie squirmed in her seat as fight or flight response seat in, “I think I should go…” though when she attempted to push herself out of her chair there was still one strong hand clamped on her shoulder which kept her firmly in place.

“You’re not going anywhere, Annie. Take your clothes off,” Mr. Olsen, who had been quiet until now, rose from his seat. He was unbuttoning his shirt as though it was the most normal thing in the world, his broad chest coming into view bit by bit.

“I don’t understand,” the girl was beginning to panic. Her mouth went dry and her palms began to sweat as Mr. Garris reached low to catch the hem of her shirt and tug it over her head. A flurry of slender willowy limbs fought to keep it on, but the attempt was futile and a second later she found herself in her sports bra – arms criss crossed over her chest.

They were like wolves, the men. The other two climbed from their chairs and began to undress. The sound of leather pulling against leather and the soft shink of the metal teeth of zippers pulling down around her filled the air. Annie tried to look away, but it was almost impossible as one and then another, and then another fat cock came into view. Mr. Rigby stroked himself with a wrinkled hand, “This is a blessing, Annie. You’ve been chosen to satisfy the needs of the leaders. Would you shirk that kind of responsibility?”

Olsen and.Hasen continued their approach until one flanked her on either side, clasping her forearms and holding them tight to the chair. At her back Mr. Garris placed a hand on her head, tilting it back until the crown was nestled against his abdomen, “I was hoping we wouldn’t have to go this route, but…” he pulled a small remote from his pocket and the projector whirred to life over head, projecting an image on the screen, “Look at the screen, Annie…” His tone was flat, almost soothing in that it lacked any sense of excitement.

“No, wait… what?” Before her images began to appear as she struggled to free her arms from the grasp of the men, “Wait, please…” Her chest heaved with deep uneven breaths, her heart was practically skipping beats as every alarm bell in her head seemed to be going off at the same time, “What are you doing?” As she struggled, her eyes grew damp and tears threatened to spill down hot pink cheeks, “Please, let…” the words slowed as before her shapes became swirls, deep purple swirls that seemed to spin in an endless cycle, “Let me…” the struggling slowed as her muscles began to relax, head no longer fighting Mr. Garris’ grasp as it seemed to easily rest against his stomach now.

“Let you what?” Mr. Garris uttered with a laugh that sounded rather sinister, “Stay? Take off your shorts and panties? Remove your bra? Kick off your sneakers and peel off your socks? Is that what you were going to say?”

The hands that held her down eased their hold as Annie’s expression relaxed. Her delicate chin went slack as her eyelids began to fall to half mast, pupils swirling in the icy blue depth of her gaze, “I want to do that, yes…” she uttered, her voice lacking the high pitched emotion that it held just moments ago as she hoisted herself from her seat and hooked her thumb into the band of her panties, “I want to be good,” she murmured and shoved her shorts and panties south in one fluid push before stepping out of the pool of fabric and kicking off her sneakers. Socks were then caught between thumb and index as she pinched them off her feet, the acrid scent of her sweat soles instantly filling the room. A hand then snaked behind her back as she pinched the clasp of her bra, undoing it with a twist of her fingers that would send the straps to spill over her shoulders as she allowed it to slide down her arms, exposing perky pink capped breasts to the room.

Garris stepped forward and captured the slender girl by the waist before lifting her onto the conference table, “Very good, Annie. Now, this is very important. Are you listening?”

Hansen and Olsen were still at her side though now each one of them had a thigh that they were gently easing apart until her pink slit bloomed under Garris’ gaze, “Yes, Mr. Garris…” Her voice sounded almost like a monotonous droning as she complied. The men at her sides had drawn her bare feet to their faces. Mr. Olsen buried his nose between Annie’s damp toes which flexed and splayed reactively as he inhaled deep enough to send a cool gust between the little pink nubs.

“Oh, fuck, her feet smell so good. I knew when she showed up in those gym clothes,” his hand was furiously stroking his cock as her toes vanished between his lips.

Mr. Garris, whom seemed only to fall in the line of authority behind Mr. Rigby, chuckled as he reached out to drag his thumb over her moist slit, “When I snap my fingers you will fall out of hypnosis and when I snap them again you will go back under…” Drawing his hand back he undid his belt buckle before working through the button and zipper of his trousers. His cock, already at half mast, fell free of his restraint. Somewhere off to the side Mr. Rigby was watching, jerking off in long slow strokes, the corruption of Annie Jensen.

“Yes, Mr. Garris,” and she was tipped back on the table, splayed open and ready. Mr. Olsen, at this point, was already rubbing her moist wrinkled sole against the underside of his cock, groaning now again when her toes would curl over it’s bulbous head. Annie’s back arched when Mr. Garris butted the heat of his cock against her unused cunt, her folds parting as he inched the tip of his cock until the strangling tight confines of her virgin slit.

“This won’t even hurt,” Mr. Garris uttered, submitting that thought of her subconscious, “You’ll love every minute of it when I deflower you as these other two gentlemen defile your perfect feet..” From the back of the room Mr. Rigby was rummaging around for something, cock still in hand as he finally produced from a cabinet a small leather mask and began to approach the table.


Back at school Jason was climbing into his car when he noticed that Annie had left her notebook in the passenger seat. Knowing she would need it he cut on the engine and began driving towards the church. It wasn’t over far from the school, just a few short blocks and he was pulling into the all but empty parking lot. He noted her car along with a small handful of others though that wasn’t unusually for a weekday afternoon. “Forgetful…” he chuckled, but he knew she’d had a lot on her mind as he snatched it up and began walking towards the administration building. He was just coming around the corner when he glanced into one of the windows, the blinds pulled up halfway, and saw something that almost made his heart stop.

There spread eagle and naked on a conference room table was Annie surrounded by four men. Two of them were using her feet; one with her toes plunged into her mouth, the other stroking his cock against her soft sole. Another man held his cock poised at the entrance of her slit, his hand creeping up to clasp her slender shoulder as he prepared to sheath himself in her tight slit. At the back, an older man held something black which he was in the process of tugging down over her head, “What the fuck…” A flash of anger and then jealousy welled in the young man, the notebook falling from his grasp as he shoved himself between thick bushes.

Jason could hardly believe his eyes; there lay his sweet, innocent girlfriend in the throes of what looked like some kind of gangbang. His heart pounded wildly in his chest; he’d never even seen her bare chest before and certainly not her tender pink folds. Her feet he’d seen a few times, but usually when she was changing out of her sneakers and it was never anything quite like this, “Oh my god…” he uttered. Outside, it was dark making him almost impossible to spot just beyond the window, a fact that left him free to gaze helplessly from his position in the bushes. “Uhng…” A mixture of disgust and arousal stirred within him as he felt his cock stiffen knowing full well that he couldn’t just burst in there and drag her away.


Back inside the conference room Mr. Rigby was pulling a gimp mask over Annie’s head and carefully inching down the zipper so as not to catch her straw colored hair in it’s teeth. It left her face largely obscured minus two holes of her eyes and one for her perfect pink mouth, a mouth that was summarily stuffed with Mr. Rigby’s cock as he angled her head towards himself. “Mmnff, good girl…” his gruff voice rang out amongst the sound of soft shuffling and the wet sucking of her cunt being probed my Mr. Garris’ cock who. Garris was currently clasping her hips as he pinned her to the table, sheathing himself within her inch by inch until he was butting up against the wall of her hymen.

“Urgghhnn….” Garris groaned as he gave one final shove that claimed her virginity and left him fully enveloped balls deep in the tight, warm confines of her canal, “Fuck, she’s so tight…” For Annie, the moment was pure ecstasy and she moaned hotly around the thick meat that was lodged in her mouth.

“Mnfff,” she huffed, as Mr. Olsen continued to grind his cock against her foot, using it like a little cunt all it’s own. His fingers wrapped around the top of her arch as his thumbs pressed against the topside of his cock, trapping it there as he worked in back and forth over the irritated sweaty flesh of her sole, “Ahh, fuck, we should have done this so much sooner…” he growled, her lithe body bouncing agains the table as Garris continued plowing away, each stroke pulling out a little streak of pink as her tight hole gripped his cock and was tugged with it, in and out.

“That little asshole is mine,” Mr. Rigby grunted as he continued to piston in and out of her mouth, deeper and deeper until he felt her throat begin to give way, “Ahhh…” His hand crept around to clamp onto the back of her head, his fingers working against the leather that encased her head, as so to pin her in place while he raped her pretty little mouth.

“Mmff,” Mr. Hansen still had her toes trapped in his mouth as he twirled his tongue around each one and worked it in between as though collecting any residual sweat that had collected there. Now and again he would pull her foot free and crush it against his face to drag his tongue lewdly across her sole. The scent was intense. There had been other girl’s before Annie, for as long as the temple existed they’d always had one, a chosen girl who sated all their needs until she inevitably moved away for college or got married only to be replaced a short while later. They’d had their eye on Annie for a while. Mr. Hansen had picked her out specifically when he caught her changing out of her sneakers in the back of the church one evening before youth group and caught the vinegary scent of her unwashed feet, it was more pungent than any he’d ever smelled before and even then all those years ago he’d stroked himself often thinking about the day he’d have her. Moreover, her feet didn’t just pong; they were perfectly cute. The creamy almond hue of her flesh, the delicate arch, the well rounded shape of her heel and those elegant toes that were so nimble he’d seen her once snatch a pencil up off the floor with them before laughing when she saw she’d been caught. Now, she was at his disposal.

Mr. Hansen was still grinding this cock into the vice like grip of her well stuffed pussy when he lifted a hand and snapped his fingers bringing Annie out of her hypnosis. Suddenly, there she was on the table surrounded by men she’d known her whole life though they were abusing every inch of her young body, a muffled scream escaped from around Mr. Rigby’s cock as her eyes went wide, pupil’s dilating, “Mmpffh!” She groaned, nipples turning to pink stiff peaks as her hands slid out to clasp each side of the table beneath her. Mr. Olsen was still grinding against her sole when a guttural growl filtered past his lips as she’d feel a hot surge of cum jet between her toes, “Mmphh!” She huffed, her hips rocking to and fro as she was split around Garris’ cock.

Suddenly, she felt a rush of heat between her thighs. It was like fireworks were being set off in the cradle of her hips, a static jolt of ecstasy rippled through her small body as she was forced to orgasm, just in time for Mr. Rigby to drag his cock from her mouth and across her tongue which was left draped down over her chin, hanging out as a dopey smile turned up the corners of her lips, “Awwhh, ahh…” she squealed, her eyes crossing as a fat glob of cum erupted from the cock at the side of her head and painted the gimp mask with several milky ropes that sprayed into her mouth and dribbled down her cheek. “Mmph, yes, fuck, yes!” She cried, her naked toes curling – even the one still being devoured by Mr. Olsen.

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