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Another Sexual Shenanigans of the Trump Regime

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Late 2018

Mike Pompeo arrived in Beijing on a special kind of vacation reserved to the men of his status and connections, which needless to say were numerous and well maintained. The purpose of the trip to the capital of China was to see several women hang by the neck until dead, women sentenced to die on gallows for drug trafficking. Pompeo, being a man of spiritual, as well as physical exploration, took interest in Mainland hangings, for one of his friends , Peter Navarro, had already gone to China and witnessed the hanging of a young woman, which he described as unforgettable experience.

Before the flight to China, Pompeo gathered all data he could about their methods of execution, and was surprised to find out that several European females were already hung, while another ten or twenty waited for their appointment with the noose. Sitting in the first class seat aboard A380 nonstop flight, Pompeo drank champagne and examined several photos of the hanged women, brought to him by his friend and confidant Nancy Pelosi. It surprised Pompeo that several hanged women were naked. Glancing at the date on the back of the photograph, he noticed that the photo was done in the mid eighties. It was possible, he mused, that they now hang the chicks clothed for the sake of decency. But then again, Mainland hangings were always done in secret. No one saw them except the prison guards. Pompeo felt that he was lucky. His Iranian friend Qasem Soleimani made special arrangement for him through President Xi, who was happy to show his western friend how justice was done in his beloved country.

At Beijing Capital Airport, Pompeo was met by a young Asian man of Chinese origin, who introduced himself as Nathan Law Kwun-chung, special executive. The young man, an immigrant from Hong Kong, was very pleasant. During the limousine ride to the prison, where Pompeo was to witness the executions, she answered all his questions without reservations. Pompeo was curious about the peculiarities of the hangings.

“As you know,” Nathan explained, “We have very strict rules concerning drugs in our country. Hanging is the best, most efficient method of punishing for the crimes, since the victims do not die quickly. We hang everyone using short drop without exceptions.”

“Does everyone hanged naked?” Pompeo asked.

“Not necessarily,” Nathan smiled. “That depends on severity of the crime. I saw once a Chinese woman about thirty years old being hanged naked for trying to smuggle a luggage, full of heroin. Tell me, how stupid is that?”

“Definite deathwish,” Pompeo laughed izmit escort politely.

“She was hung naked,” Nathan said lighting a cigarette. “She had a good body too. It took six guards to restrain her and drag her to the gallows. She pissed herself when we strung her up. It took time for her to die, but I noticed a curious thing. Most of the hanged women strangle in the noose in such way, that you almost believe they are having sex with invisible partner.”

“Do you believe that?” Pompeo asked.

“Well,” he said thoughtfully, men ejaculate when they die on gallows. I believe its the same with women. By the way we are almost to the prison now.” The limousine entered an underground garage and they were greeted by a uniformed captain and two armed guards.

“This is Captain Meng,” Nathan said introducing the man. “Captain Meng is in charge of prison security.”

“I hope that none of your pretty prisoners had escaped, Pompeo joked.

“The prison is escape proof,” the captain smiled thinly. “Please follow me. Today’s execution is very special. Today we are hanging a young woman from Japan and a Thai teenager.”

“Fascinating,” Pompeo said shaking his head.

“Right now they are having their last meal,” The captain explained. “We will bring them to the gallows chamber in one hour.”

The gallows chamber was a large room with fifteen foot ceiling and a thick metal beam running along its length. Five nooses, made out of specially coated steel cable were positioned at regular intervals along the beam, secured to five thick, metal rings.

“So this is where they will die,” Pompeo said nodding his approval. Simple and efficient. We used to hang people back in the old days too you know.”

“Of course,” Nathan nodded. “indicating at row of padded chairs just a few feet away from the gallows. “Please, make yourself comfortable.”

“Thanks,” Pompeo said placing himself in a chair. “Will you hang them both at the same time?”

“No,” Nathan shook her head. “The Japanese woman will be hanged first. We granted her a special privilege of being hung clothed. But don’t worry. You’ll be able to see her face. Hanging loses its meaning if you can’t see justice done properly eh?”

The chamber was slowly filled with a few important spectators, wishing to see the execution. The tension in the room was high when the young Japanese woman was escorted into the room, wearing white canvas trousers and shirt. She was very young, no more than twenty. Her oval face was pretty and her skin porcelain white. Pompeo paid special attention at her throat. She yahya kaptan escort had a small, soft neck, very tender and smooth. Her brown almond shaped eyes looked slowly around the room, until they focused on the nooses. The young Japanese swallowed hard and turned away.

“Her name is Sabuko Umachi,” Nathan said to Pompeo. “Twenty year old student from Osaka. Stupid enough to get caught with hundred grams of dope.”

The prison doctor came into the room and began to examine the Japanese woman. He carefully checked her throat muscles, listened to her heartbeat with a stethoscope before nodding to the guards. The woman’s hands were already shackled behind her back. Her bare feet were left free. Following two guards in front of her and two behind, she mounted the scaffold and stood directly under the noose. Very slowly, the guard placed the thin cable around her head, until it slipped gracefully around her slim, graceful neck. The knot was positioned on the side to make sure the young woman died slowly. She could still breathe, but not for long. The young Japanese begun to sweat. Pompeo wondered what was going on in her mind right now. Part of him felt sorry for her, but another part of him would clearly enjoy what was about to happen. The automatic camera positioned on a tripod facing the scaffold begun to roll. The chief executioner gave the nod and trap opened, dropping the woman’s body two feet, before arresting her fall about five feet from the ground.

“Ghrrk… hark… nhhrhk…” gurgled the young Japanese as noose tightened around her throat. Everyone sighed with excitement. This was the moment few were privileged to experience in their lifetime. The young woman’s creamy face slowly turned bright red and her entire body went into powerful convulsions, her fingers clenching and unclenching behind her back, her feet kicking and trembling as if she was shot with electric current. Her tongue was forced out all the way from her mouth, pouring saliva from it.

Her features slowly turned more engorged with blood, the face becoming dark purple. Pompeo was the first to notice the yellow urine stain forming on her trousers, and second later her bladder relaxed, releasing its contents onto the concrete floor. Pompeo heard a few satisfied grunts inside the chamber. Clearly the act of urination on the gallows was something people liked here even if it meant to endure the smell of it. For ten long minutes the young woman strangled in the noose until finally all movement ceased and her convulsions stopped. They waited another five minutes gebze escort and then the body was taken down and the noose removed from the dead girl’s neck. Pompeo saw the girl’s head roll back, exposing a perfect deep cable burn on her throat, separating her milky white body from her purplish face.

“She still looks beautiful even now,” he commented to Nathan. “She is,” the young Mainland woman replied with a nod. “Now we will see how the teen from Thailand pays for her crimes. She will be hung naked, and she won’t like it very much.”

The guards entered the execution chamber with a young girl with raven hair and resigned expression on her attractive face. She was totally naked and the eyes of all men in the room followed her to the scaffold. When he reached the steps of the scaffold, he noticed a pool of urine from the previous execution and wrinkled her nose in disgust.

The prison doctor approached her and examined her body from head to toe, clearly enjoying the experience. The young girl was very young, sixteen or seventeen at most and with smooth tanned skin. Her breasts were small, but Pompeo was fascinated at the utter perfection of her young body. He leaned toward Nathan and whispered: “I have a request to make Nathan. Is it possible for me to make love to this Thai girl after the execution? In private.” Nathan thought for a moment and nodded understandingly.

“I can arrange that,” he said with a sly smile. “If you promise to make love to me after we go back to your hotel.”

“You’ve got a deal madam,” Pompeo smiled crossing his legs. For now, let us enjoy the show.”

Unlike Japanese woman before her, the Thai teenager possessed a very strong stamina. When the trap door opened and her body was suspended by the neck, she fought the noose with strength never seen before. It took seven long minutes for her to lose control of her body, and another two to force her tongue out from her mouth. she jerked and spasmed for another five minutes, the movement of her dying body deliciously sexual and arousing. In the end of course, gravity and the noose won, and after giving one final jerk in death reflex, she hung still. “At least this little bitch died clean,” Nathan observed with satisfaction. “They will bring her to the postmortem examination room in ten minutes. You’ll have one hour to have fun with her.” Pompeo enjoyed making love to the young Thai girl. In death, she was more serene than she could ever be in life.

That evening, on the king-size bed in his five star hotel; he mounted on top of Nathan, enjoying a doggy and then received an oral. Before he went to sleep from exhaustion, Pompeo knew that he would come back to China again, to witness something few of the privileged were allowed to see and enjoy. Death by hanging.

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