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Apartment Complex Stories Ch. 3

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For those who have not read the first two parts, Rick has spent an enjoyable day and night with Krista. It started with a chance meeting at the pool, which led to a very enjoyable Jacuzzi excursion, finally leading up to an enjoyable night in bed with Krista.

* * * * *

Rick rolled over, finding that he was alone in bed. He opened his eyes to see Krista getting dressed back into her bikini. She blew him a kiss saying, “Come by when you get off work, apt 23b.” She left the room, and a few minutes later, he heard the front door open and close.

Rick fell back to sleep, Krista dominating his dreams till the alarm rudely woke him up at 6 am.

Well, Rick could hardly get through his day at work, Krista kept occupying his thoughts. He had to excuse himself few times to go to the bathroom to hide his raging erection, thinking about his next meeting with Krista. And what about Kelli; her roommate, who he wouldn’t admit it Krista, but Kelli turned him on too. She had long brown hair, a model’s body, and he noticed that; at the pool, a very transparent bikini top that accentuated her perfect breasts.

Finally the work day ended, and Rick raced home. He changed clothes and started his search for apt 23b. He walked up the stairs to the apartment, bursa escort and hesitantly knocked on the door. The door opened a crack and he saw Krista, dressed only in bra and panties. A big smile appeared on her face and she opened the door saying, “Come on in.”

Krista opened the door, revealing the black lace bra and panty set she was wearing. “We were just exercising,” she said.

Rick walked through the door and saw not one, but two angels, both dressed in lingerie. “Rick, meet Kelli.” Rick nodded to Kelli, who did not bother to hide her near nakedness to him. “Hi Rick, nice to meet you,” Kelli said. Rick fumbling over his words managed to return the greeting.

“Let’s go back to my bedroom,” Krista said. Rick followed her. Once there, she took him in her arms. He felt her soft skin in his arms, his hands wandered down, cupping her ass, his lips and tongue exploring her mouth. Rick gently laid her down on the bed,

Rick licked her sweet breasts, tonguing her hard nipples, and slowly moving down her body. He grabbed her panties with his teeth and slowly pulled them down. Krista squealed with delight as Rick slowly started to tongue her pussy. Krista started to squirm below him, moaning, his hands cupping her ass, pulling her body up to him. Rick bursa escort bayan hears a moan coming from behind him. The once closed door is now open; Rick turns his head and sees Kelli’s, bra now gone, with her hand inside her panties. Kelli is watching intently, slowly rubbing herself as she watched Rick go down on her roommate.

Rick licked intently, his tongue slowly massaging her pussy, slowly tracing his tongue up and down occasionally teasing her clit. Krista moaned, her hand guiding Rick’s mouth against her. Krista started to buck her hips, needing to feel his tongue against her; pushing her pussy roughly against his mouth. “Ohhh god, you’re making me cum, baby”, she said, humping against his mouth. Rick felt the bed shift as if some one else had joined them. He looked up to see the brown hole of Kelli’s ass staring him in the face. Kelli had climbed on top of Krista, her body pressed against Krista’s mouth.

Rick was in heaven; here he was with two gorgeous girls, eating out one as the other humped his girl’s face. Rick moved up, straddling Krista, licked his fingers and started to massage Kelli’s asshole. Kelli helped him by raising her ass slightly, just enough so she didn’t lose contact with Krista’s tongue. Rick rubbed Kelli’s ass, gently escort bursa pushing his finger inside her. Rick rose up and slowly inserted his long hard dick into Kelli’s ass.

OOHH, MY GOD, MMMMM, was Kelli’s reply as he sank his cock slowly inch by inch into her. Rick reached behind him and, while his cock plunged in and out of Kelli’s ass, he started to finger Krista’s pussy. He rubbed Krista’s clit in rhythm with his strokes in Kelli’s ass. The room was filled with the smell of wanton sex. Rick couldn’t take any more, he moaned,” I’m gonna cum.”

“Nooo, not yet!!,” Krista exclaimed, pushing Kelli off her; at the same time dislodging Rick from Kelli. Krista then leaned up and caught Rick’s cock in her mouth, “Give it to me,” Krista moaned. At the same time, Kelli shifted so she could lick Rick’s balls.

Rick groaned, feeling both girls’ tongues on his cock, and let loose. His cum spurting down Krista’s throat, Rick moaned in pleasure. Kelli grabbed his cock and pulled it out of Krista’s mouth with a pop and caught the last remaining streams of cum in her mouth. Rick fell back, totally drained by these two women, his last thought before drifting off to sleep was how lucky he was to be here.

Rick woke a few hours later, a girl in each arm, both heads resting on his chest. Staring at the ceiling, he thinks to himself… Life is good.


Want to hear more of Rick’s adventures? And what about Krista and Kelli? More to the story coming soon….Maybe…..

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