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Aphrodisiac Transformation Ch. 04

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*** This story is a continuation on Aphrodisiac Transformation, Parts one, two and three. Don’t worry though, it stands alone without needing to read the others, unless you want to! It would help to know that this chapter and the previous one take place on a cruise ship, where an ancient and effective aphrodisiac powder has been sprinkled into the desert and coffee. Its effect is primarily on females, God bless their lovely soles. I urge you to read it with a loved one and watch the fireworks start. Please see my note after the story and by all means, enjoy! *** FitofJealousy


Jimmy Green didn’t want to bring his wife’s sister, Adrienne, or Addy as they called her, on this cruise. He was looking forward to some much needed and well deserved down-time with his wife, and had relaxation punctuated with plenty of sex in mind.

But no matter, Ginger wanted to bring her sister, and get her over her latest “heart ache,” Richard Steel. Rich was a pretty descent guy, Jimmy thought. Smart, funny, and of course, very successful. Just the type Addy always went for. And why not? She was a nice looking woman – very nice looking. Not as voluptuous as Ginger, but very attractive.

She could be a hell of a lot more attractive if she’s give up the conservative clothes and the ‘better than thou’ attitude, Jimmy smirked to himself.

The most relationship-damaging part of that attitude was her perception of sex as something dirty, something that should only be done by husband and wife to create children. As much as he liked her, there was only so much of that shit Richard could take and then, like all the rest of the clean cut corporate suits and professionals Addy had dated, he was on his was to greener pastures without looking back. Addy, of course, was devastated and could not figure out what went wrong. Was she not attractive, desirable company? Smart, assertive, ambitious – the ideal trophy wife? A life partner and mother?

‘It’s the sex, stupid,’ Jimmy thought every time she tearfully explained another breakup to her sympathetic sister.

Ginger, like Jimmy, loved every aspect of sex. Loved to be fucked hard, loved to have her pussy sucked, her nipples squeezed. Ginger loved a good, hard cock in her mouth. When the timing was right and the liquor flowing, she even loved to have her ass reamed by my big one. As for Addy, Ginger knew the problems, of course, but respected her sister’s differences and just hoped Adrienne would find a like-minded man soon.

After dinner, the three of them retired to their rooms. Jimmy and Ginger, hopefully, to have some quick, sweaty sex. Addy to refresh herself for a little while, perhaps read a chapter of her latest book on finance. Then they’d all meet up on deck later for a stroll and to listen to the band over late-night cocktails – that was the plan.

On the way back to her room, Ginger felt her pussy start to tingle a bit. She blinked her eyes hard a few times, just as she saw her sister do, and her head seemed to clear a little from its mini-stupor. ‘Got to watch those rich foods,’ she thought. ‘Too much sugar.’

By the time they got back to their room though, Ginger felt herself breathing a little harder. Her pussy was buzzing more noticeably and her nipples, thick and erect now, were starting to tingle as well. She hadn’t had that much to drink, and didn’t quite know why she felt so…frisky. Jimmy went into the bathroom to grab a quick shower. He was singing in there, oblivious to the condition his wife was in, unaware of her quickly mounting desperation.

Ginger felt herself starting to lose control somehow. She began to perspire just a little, feeling her lower back get damp. One of the last clear thoughts she had was to check on her sister, who could be reached through the adjoining door, and see if she was at all effected the same way. She knocked on the small door. Curiously getting no response, she turned the handle and found it unlocked. Turning the door, she walked through and received the shock of a lifetime.

As soon as Ginger walked in, she knew that something was amiss. The room lights were low, not at all optimum for reading, and – that smell. The room purely reeked of the unmistakable aroma of vaginal fluid – pussy juice. Looking straight ahead, Ginger saw that Addy was on her bed, her naked body laying across the pillows which where strewn about as though a fight or robbery had taken place.

She could clearly see the middle finger of her sister’s left hand furiously pumping in and out of her pussy. Looking closer, Ginger saw the juices just flowing out of her. Rivulets of liquid rolling down the inside of her thighs, wetting the sheets. Addy’s other hand was squeezing her nipple and rolling it between her fingers.

Ginger stared, speechless. For one thing, she hadn’t seen her sister’s naked body in many years. She couldn’t believe how gorgeous it had become. Slender and tight, with long, tan runner’s legs. Cebeci Escort Just lovely. Her tummy was flat and toned. And her breasts, which were barely noticeable in her conservative attire, were larger and much rounder and fuller than they appeared, with dark brown quarter-size nipples. Overall, she had the figure of a model or professional female athlete.

It was her sister’s eyes that threw her, though. They seemed – otherworldly. Instead of their usual lovely, subdued blue color and look of complete control, they burned a bright blue, simmering with a fiery, desperate animal look. It was a look that indicated – clearly – that Addy had indeed lost control, too.

Although Ginger’s first response to what she saw was shock and surprise, the second emotion was quite different. She didn’t see the writhing, sweating, masturbating woman on the bed as her sister, but as an object of incredible desire and attraction. She could feel the sweat forming on her forehead and neck.

Her own pussy went from moist, to damp, to dripping wet. Her legs began to tremble, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to stand much longer. And the worst part was, she couldn’t explain it at all. She was so overwhelmed that she forgot to close the cabin door, and made her way unsteadily towards the bed.

Addy looked up at Ginger with a helpless expression. “I don’t know why…” she stammered. “I’ve never even touched myself before, Ginny. I’m just feeling so, so incredibly aroused that I have to…try and put it out…”

“I understand, Addy,” Ginger replied, taking a position next to her sister on the bed. “I feel the same way and I…don’t know why either.” It was then that Ginger surprised them both. She reached out and took Addy’s other nipple between her fingers, squeezing and pulling on it.

“Oh God…pleeeze,” Addy moaned, sounding just the way she did as a child when they would wrestle on the living room floor and Ginger, stronger and faster, would pin her arms and sit on them, torturing her with tickling. “I’m already so…oh no…please help me cum, Ginny…MAKE me cum.”

Ginger had never touched another women before, but she sure as hell knew how Jimmy made her cum hard when she was this hot. She rubbed her index finger in Addy’s steaming pussy juices, then rubbed it around her sister’s anus, wetting it for a small journey. Addy was moaning and shaking. Her mouth was wide open, but no words were emerging.

Then Addy smelled it, the female juices leaking out of her sister. The effect of that smell had a primitive effect on her somehow. It went into her nose and directly into her arousal nerve center, bypassing thought, logic and intelligence. Yes, the smell of her sister’s pussy juices drove Addy totally over the edge and past the point of no return.

Ginger could sense her sister’s apex of arousal. Perhaps it was a sister connection, something in the genes. Perhaps it was a woman’s perspective, guessing what another female might be feeling. More likely, it was one impossibly horny girl knowing that another had hit the wall and was ready to do anything.

Ginger took her wet, lubricated finger and plunged it into Addy’s welcome ass. Addy’s eyes opened wide for a moment in…was it shock? No. Almost immediately, they half-closed as the sensation hit with the strength and violence of a tropical storm. Her hips began to gyrate and then buck, her ass actually leaving the bed and then crashing down again. She was rubbing her pussy with ferocious energy.

“Ohh Gg…Oh Ggg…Goddddd!” she blurted out, her lips quivering along with the rest of her body, which was being wracked by an orgasm such as she had never experienced before. In fact, Addy never knew that such a feeling was possible…that it even existed.

“Fucking Adrienne,” Jimmy said to himself, drying off as he exited the shower and grabbed his towel, “I don’t know why I let Ginger talk me into letting her come along. She’s suck a damn bore, such a stick in the mud.” Jimmy was drying his balls now, his thick cock beginning to rise on its own in anticipation of putting the wood to his strikingly lovely wife.

“She looks good, I’ll give her that,” he continued, angry at Addy and yet attracted to her at the same time. “What a colossal waste of a nice looking lady. What she needs is a good fuck – and good hard cock in her – but she’d never let that happen, never even admit to it. What a fucking waste,” he repeated as he shook his head.

Walking into the bedroom from the bathroom naked, Jimmy was disappointed to see that Ginger wasn’t there. He wondered where she would have gone. Hearing a noise, he looked up to see that the adjoining cabin door was open. Moving closer to the door, Jimmy thought he heard Adrienne crying.

“Just fucking great,” he thought. “ Not only is she wasting her time coming on this ‘pleasure cruise’, she’s fucking up our good time too, singing the blues to her sister, when Kolej Escort I should have my cock stuck in her right about now. Fuck it, I’m going to shut the door. I don’t care if ‘Mary Poppins’ sees me naked. Let her get a good long look at what she’s missing. Let her…”

Jimmy stopped at the door and did a double take, shocked beyond speech.

His Ginny was lying naked with her sister, using three fingers of her left hand like a rip saw, easily moving in and out of her sisters pussy, while with her right hand she rubbed her own dripping box. What was most eerie, though, was the girls’ eyes, filled with what appeared to be a combination of desperation and…raw lust. They didn’t flinch for a minute at being discovered, didn’t slow down for a second.

Jimmy was astounded, dumbstruck. This was perhaps the hottest, most erotic thing he’d ever seen, and he just couldn’t believe who was doing it. Addy. Stuck up, puritanical, prudish Addy. Oh, and one more thing. He wanted in.

Jimmy walked in and assumed control without a peep of protest from the frolicking sisters. He lay Ginny on the bed and positioned Addy above her, so that Ginny was lapping greedily at Addy’s pussy. Jimmy got on top of Ginny and placed his cock at the entrance to her tunnel. As he began to lick Addy’s already moist asshole, he let his pole slide into his wife’s slick hole, eliciting a heavy gasp from her.

“Yeah that’s it, oooh,” she sighed, “let me have it, honey. Fill me up with your beautiful cock.”

Jimmy gladly obliged, rhythmically fucking his wife’s pussy while his tongue lavished attention on Addy’s lovely anus. He licked around the clean hole in circles, then flicked his tongue in the loosened crevice, finally, using it like a small penis and entering her sphincter with it.

“Mmm, yes,” Addy whined, “Oh God that feels so good, Jimmy, keep it up. “I’ve always…” she confessed, “always wanted to be with you.” Jimmy was flattered to hear it, but he wasn’t surprised. He wondered how Ginny would react, not realizing that she was much too horny to care.

Underneath Jimmy, Ginny began her own ascent into climax, beginning to buck uncontrollably as her husband’s cock stretched her already quivering pussy. As though someone was turning up the heat, the feeling came over her stronger, ever stronger, until she shook and moaned in a stunning peak.

“Oh Ggggdddd…” she wailed. “I’m cum…cumming…so fucking…hard…baby.” Ginny’s hips slammed up and down with lighting speed, her mouth wide open and her eyelids fluttering.

When her gyrations subsided, Jimmy wasted no time. ‘This is rich’, he thought, as he stared at Addy’s ass, which quite frankly was gorgeous. He didn’t take time to ponder what was causing this bizarre behavior. No, he was not one to over-think a good thing. He looked over at her and saw her remarkably nice tits hanging below her chest, her flat stomach firm and taught. It was a lovely sight. He pulled his pulsating cock out of his wife. It was slick and shiny from her juices, the blue veins protruding like small serpants. Placing it at the opening of Addy’s asshole, his held onto her hips and let it rip. It slid into her tight, velvety virgin sheath easier than he would have thought possible.

Addy’s senses took a moment to adjust to the magnitude of this foreign stimulation. It sent bolts of pleasure and pain throughout her body in equal installments. Proof positive that a little pain, when not accompanied by blood or intense discomfort, can be a good thing. A really good thing. Within moments, she had adjusted to the feeling, which was making her nipples itch and her neck tingle, and was pushing her ass back against his ramrod cock.

“I…I…” she stammered, each of his thrusts impacting her entire body, making her tingle and glow.

“Yes darling?” Jimmy replied, mocking her only slightly.

“I…love it – don’t stop, Jimmy – don’t stop!” She turned back to look at him, her blue eyes as vibrant as a laser beam, melting Jimmy like an ice cream cone in the Nevada desert. He’d never seen eyes so full of unabated lust, not even on Ginny. “Fuck my ass, Jimmy, fuck it, darling. Take that big cock of your and do some damage. This is what I’ve always wanted, Jimmy, for you to violate me. So fuck my ass and make me cum.”

“You got it, baby cakes,” Jimmy replied obediently, increasing the pace. Below him, Ginny began to alternate licking Addy’s impossibly swollen pussy lips and tonguing her husband’s balls and asshole. When she got it good and wet, Ginny stuck the tip of her pinkie in Jimmy’s anus. It set off a chain reaction so explosive, it might have rocked the ship, if it weren’t rocking anyway. And the sea was calm.

Jimmy began to fuck Addy’s ass with even greater speed and force. Addy grunted and moaned in increasingly louder cycles. Though it seemed like longer, in reality it didn’t last more than a minute or two. Addy began Rus Escort to scream her impending orgasm.

“I’m cumming…I’m…Oh God in heaven this is so intense, this is…too intense, I can’t take it…I’m…Oh Jimmy…fuck meeee…” Addy’s mouth was stuck in the open position, her head shaking and her eyes rolled up so high they were nearly white – like she was possessed. The orgasm rocked her hard.

Then Jimmy felt it, the first signs of his imminent ejaculation. That incredible feeling that begins so innocently, and ends with volcanic fervor. It started as a warm, tingly vibration in his tummy, then quickly spread and intensified, giving him that overall feeling of well-being that is the hallmark of climax. In the final stages of course, it marshaled all of its energy and shot like a laser beam out of his balls and through his stiff shaft.

“I’m gonna cum too, Addy…here I cum…”

Jimmy took his hands off of her hips and pulled his cock out just seconds before the first blast. Pumping his cock with his hand, he shot thick streams of white cream first onto Addy’s upper back, then onto her lower back and ass, where it pooled and then dripped like a small stream from her lower ass, down the crack and eventually onto the lovely gray Egyptian cotton sheets.

The three related lovers huddled together, panting and sweating from their gymnastics. It was Addy who spoke first.

“I don’t know what…what’s come over me. I’ve never…done anything like that in my life, Jimmy. Ginger, you know that.” And yet, before she could even coordinate her thoughts to put into words, before she could even begin to comprehend what had just happened, the feeling began to unmercifully build again within her and Ginger.
Her nipples began to harden and a faint tingle buzzing began deep within her groin.

‘Oh, no,’ she thought momentarily. Though the smile that began to form on her lips betrayed anything but reluctance. If nature was turning her into some kind of whore, she was at least enjoying the ride.

“I don’t know either, Addy.” Jimmy replied. “But I don’t think you’ll have boyfriend trouble any more.”

“Don’t need one anymore,” Addy said in a smoky voice, turning to Jimmy and kissing his neck, as she reached over and fondled her sister’s nipple.


Marine Lieutenant Mark Capshaw hadn’t seen his beloved wife in over a year. Overseas duty was tough on any marriage, and his was no different. He’d read the letters from Maggie, knew how lonely she was. But serving his country was important, too, and he loved the Marines. Loved the discipline, loved the challenges, loved the honor of serving his country. When he was off base in uniform, he took no small measure of pride at the admiring glances he received from admiring women and men alike. He was a U.S. Marine officer, the best his country could produce, and he looked the part. Six foot three, with closely cropped light brown hair, square jaw and steel blue eyes. Not an ounce of fat on “Cap,” as his friends called him. You could bounce quarters off his muscular stomach.

But there was a soft side to the man as well. He deeply loved his wife, and missed her with a longing that was greater than any physical pain he knew. He justified his guilt at leaving her alone for so long with the desire to fulfill his duty to his country, as three generations of Capshaw men had done from Normandy to Hanoi to Kuwait.

Yet, he could so vividly remember the smell of her freshly shampooed blonde hair, her slightly freckled complexion and the way her green eyes would light up when she laughed. Ah, that infectious laugh. You couldn’t help but laugh along with her. He had loved her since high school and his feelings for Maggie, like his patriotism, never wavered. To keep from going crazy out of pent-up sexual frustration, Cap worked his anxiety off with ten mile runs and two hour gym workouts.

Maggie wasn’t a small girl, at five foot seven. In high school, she’d been a statuesque beauty. But that was ten years ago and now, honestly, she was a good thirty-five pounds overweight, the result of too many sweets and not enough exercise. Some of that weight was in her face and ass, some in her hips, and a good deal in her huge tits. Cap didn’t mind the flub as much as Maggie did. After all, she wasn’t in the Marines, and Cap thought of her as more voluptuous than chubby.

And the nights with Maggie. His memories of them kept him company through many a long, lonely night. The smell of her sweat and sounds of her moans when they would wrinkle the sheets together. She’d look him in the eyes and hold on tight as he gave her what she loved, with long, hard strokes.

Maggie loved to be fucked hard, loved to climax. She adored her husband and would do anything to please her man. She especially loved sucking his cock and licking his balls until he shot streams of cum down her throat or all over her neck and tits. She could practically take the whole thing down her throat. She gladly took his big cock in her tight back door, and she had grown to like it more than she admitted. A little pain didn’t bother Maggie, as long as it was mixed in with pleasure.

As much as she looked the part of the sweet, pure girl next door, she was actually quite a sensual dynamo.

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