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Armitage Family Loving Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Helen had found Frank to be wearing his usual ‘at home’ attire, his robe. He had decided at the last moment to put a pair of underpants on but of course Helen was not to know that.

At this moment they were sitting on Frank’s sofa, toasting one another with Champagne. Frank slipped his right arm around her. She did not resist, if anything she leaned a little closer.

“I hope that this Champagne doesn’t make me squiffy,” she giggled, already feeling the effects. She was feeling no pain whatsoever!

“Why should it,” said Frank, squeezing Helen’s shoulder. “Even if it does, what does it matter?”

“I suppose it doesn’t. It’s just that I’m nervous anyway, being here alone with you.”

Frank removed his arm.

“Don’t be afraid, darling girl. You can leave any time you want to. Whatever made you want to call on a randy old man like me anyway?”

Helen smiled at him. “You’re not old, well not to me anyway. I think that you’re very handsome, sort of rugged and virile. I’m er, glad, that er, you’re feeling randy anyway!”

Frank put his hand back around her neck and Helen definitely snuggled closer this time. Frank’s fingers crept slowly into the top of her pale blue silk blouse. Helen turned and raised her face and they kissed for the first time. By the time the kiss ended Frank’s right hand was cupping a firm warm breast with a hard nipple tickling his palm. His cock was rigid, threatening to pop out of his pants.

“More Champagne?” he said.

“Why not,” giggled Helen? “I love the taste. It’s the first time I’ve had it!”

“First time?” questioned Frank with a wicked grin.

Helen blushed furiously. “Champagne I mean!”

Frank unfastened Helen’s blouse buttons and pulled it out of her waistband. He deftly unclipped her bra and gazed on her magnificent breasts.

“Wow!” he said. “I may have been able to feast my eyes on many pairs of tits in my time but Helen my darling, yours are the most loveable, suckable and fuckable breasts I have ever seen! To celebrate my first time I’m going to drink Champagne off them and suck those delectable nipples. How about that?”

“That sounds really lovely,” she almost whispered. “No one has ever said that they want to make love to my breasts before. Boys usually just grab them and make them sore.”

Frank knelt beside her as she now lay along the sofa cushions. He tipped his Champagne glass carefully and watched as the bubbly liquid flowed over her slopes and down into the valley between. He lowered his head, his tongue out and began to lick.

Helen had never felt anything like it. She was on fire. Frank poured some more grinning at her with his wet face. He opened his robe and began to lick again and Helen now began to feel his wiry grey haired chest and stomach hairs gently tickling her tummy. As a consequence she didn’t feel Frank’s hand on her thigh until it arrived at her wet pussy. He raised his head again.

“Oh my gosh,” he said. “You’re all wet down here! Has the Champagne trickled all the way down from your tummy? Why don’t you take your skirt and panties off?”

Helen smiled to herself. She knew where they were going now. She reached down and rubbed her palm over the mountain in Frank’s pants.

“If I’m going to show you my treasure I want to see yours too please Frank.”

Frank grinned and peeled his pants off. His rock hard cock slapped his belly as it was released and Helen reached for it. He looked down to see her long slender fingers wrapped around his shaft.

“Oh my God Helen,” he gasped, “beautiful fingers like yours were made to play with cocks.”

“You are very big Frank. Everyone said that you were. I shall have a job to get it all in my mouth. You did say that you were going to lick up my wet juice though, didn’t you?”

Frank applied his lips to the task. Helen was beautifully shaved, almost as if she had done it this morning specially, which of course she had. Perhaps she did, thought Frank as he slipped his tongue inside her vagina and began to lick and suck. She was very sweet and soon began to make juice. As some of her juice began to trickle past Frank’s mouth he directed it between her thighs and onto her anus. He carefully inserted a finger in there.

Helen felt his invasion of her rear end. She was already in ecstasy from his licking and from having such a huge cock to play with. She had managed to get his knob end in her mouth but needed more space in which to operate. She decided to await developments, keeping his cock end in her mouth. Frank’s pre cum tasted quite nice she decided.

Helen also thought that Frank was definitely interested in her arsehole. His finger felt pretty good in there! He was making her want to come and she thought that it would not be long now!

Now she licked all over Frank’s cock from top to bottom, from root to tip. She could feel him throbbing as she wanked him. Maybe he would shoot off all over her face she thought. She wanted to taste his cum so much!

Frank had his tongue deep inside her cunt and one of his thumbs was rubbing her slippery clitty. He still had a long middle bursa bayan eskort finger deep in her arse and she was going to cum, definitely. Now!

Helen ejected Frank’s cock from her mouth and squealed as she came. Her vagina filled with juice, making Frank’s face totally wet. His reaction was to move his cock from her face, swivel around, and push his ramrod to her juicy cunt. Despite his size his knob end popped into Helen’s cunt like it lived there!

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!” she shouted. “Oh my God! Oh my God! That’s wonderful; that’s fucking wonderful!”

Frank stopped thrusting, looking down at his young prize. Oh my God he thought, Caro sent this girl down here. She knows what I’m doing to her. He couldn’t help it; he pushed his rod to the top of Helen’s cunt and stopped.

“How does that feel Helen? I’m not too big for you, I hope!”

Helen looked up at her new lover with big wide eyes.

“This is a hundred times better than I thought it would be,” she moaned. “Your cock is splitting me in two and it’s marvellous! Do I feel nice to you?”

“Nice! Nice! You feel fuckin’ wonderful. I wish I could keep my cock in you forever! Your tight pussy is going to make me come soon for sure!”

“You come Frank; I want to feel your hot spunk fire into me. I want you to drown me with your cum. Go on, fuck me now; fuck me hard!”

Frank groaned and began to pump in and out of this new tight pussy. As he reached the top of Helen’s cunt each time he shouted “fuck” every time. Soon he was ready. His balls prepared his delivery and he felt it travel up his piss tube.

“Now Helen, now!” he shouted as his hot white spunk jetted out of his cock and into her waiting receptacle. Helen screamed in pleasure as she felt herself inundated with Frank’s seed. She loved it and felt that she wanted Frank to come forever.

He kissed her and she kissed him, their age difference immaterial. He finally withdrew and she marvelled at his size, even when it was shrinking from its exertions. She took it in her mouth, sucking their combined juices off him before kissing him again to share their excretions.

Frank took her to bed in his spare room and they kissed each other all over. In the end they took a rest although Frank was still playing with Helen’s lovely big breasts and she still had his cock in her hands.

“That was lovely, thank you,” she said, kissing his knob end. “I hope we can do it again sometime.”

“Whenever you like,” said Frank, pulling gently on her long nipples. “There is much more that we can do.”

Helen giggled, “yes please!”

“You obviously weren’t a virgin when you came in here today,” said Frank, stroking her pussy lips. Helen rolled over on top of Frank, squashing her breasts to his chest. “Where did you get your experience? Don’t tell me if you don’t want to.”

“I don’t mind, I’ll tell you anything you want to know.”

Frank began to stroke Helens’s bum cheeks and she spread her thighs to help him. He began to feel down her crack.

“I have to tell you Frank, my first experience of sex was with my dad. I know, I know, it’s the old story but it’s true. I was only fourteen but these titties were quite big even then. Dad had been having a feel of them for a while and I liked it. Then one day when mum was out shopping he showed me his penis. It was hard with his excitement and he got me to touch him and stroke it.”

“I liked the feel of it and he certainly liked me touching him. He exposed my tits and groaned as he spunked all over them. In no time at all he was hard again and he stripped me. I didn’t know what it was all about at that time. He hurt me when he stuck his prick in me but after a while it felt great. We used to do it every time we got the chance after that. Then Mum caught us one day; she came back because she had forgotten her purse. Dad jumped off the bed, spraying his cream everywhere!”

“What happened after that,” asked Frank. His questing fingers had found Helen’s arsehole and were caressing it.

“Put your fingers up my bum,” said Helen. “It feels nice; no one has done it before, except Mandy does it a bit. Well, Mum made a big scene but she didn’t throw Dad out, she didn’t want a big row with all the neighbours finding out that he, we, had committed incest. We still managed to do it now and again but mum watched him like a hawk. Oooo! That’s feels awfully nice Frank. Are you going to put your cock in there too?”

“Would you like me to? I must admit that I want to!”

“I can tell! Your cock is big and hard again. Do you think that you can get it in me?”

“Your rectum will spread to allow me in. I must get you all juicy and get my cock slippery too. Then I will put two fingers in and then a third. After that I shall open your hole with my fingers and slowly push inside you. Do you still want to try it?”

“You do this with Caroline, don’t you?”

“Yes but she’s been used to it before. She told me that her husband used to fuck her arsehole quite often. Are you ready?”

“As I’ll ever be,” said Helen. “I’m in your bursa evi olan escort hands.”

“Kneel down with your bum in the air,” instructed Frank. “For this first time this way is easier.”

Helen knelt as instructed, exposing her cunt and arsehole. Frank frigged her pussy, spreading her juice to her arse, sliding in one two and then three fingers. Helen stayed silent, her tongue between her teeth. When he judged that she was wet enough he knelt behind her and pushed his hard cock into her cunt. Now Helen groaned.

“Here we go sweetheart,” said Frank as he pulled Helen’s arsehole open with his thumbs. Her anus opened and he pushed his knob at the hole. Her heat beckoned him and he pushed harder. Magically his shaft began to disappear despite the fact that this was the first time her rear entry had been breached, and by a huge cock at that!

“How does that feel darling,” panted Frank.

“Fuckin’ Hell,” gasped Helen. “That feels big Frank, fucking big! Wait a minute, don’t move please.”

“I won’t Helen. I can tell you though that I won’t last long in your tight arse. It won’t be long before you feel a tide of hot spunk in there!”

“Okay,” groaned Helen at last. “I think I’m ready now Frank. Go slow at first, won’t you. Go on, fuck my arse now!”

Frank groaned as he gripped Helen’s hips and began to thrust into her arse. She grunted each time he thrust into her and after a moment or two Frank realised that he was moving more freely. Then he noticed that she was pushing back up his shaft. Helen was enjoying it!

He had been right about coming quickly. In less than two minutes he was ready to fire. By this time they were really fucking hard. He reached around Helen and rubbed her clit. That did it!

“Owwww fuckin’ hell! Shoot your load Frank! Fill my arse! Fuck my arsehole! Give me your hot cream! Ohhhh yessss! Ohhhh yessss! Ohhhh yessss!”

Frank really creamed her, pumping and pumping his semen deep up her rectum.

Afterwards Helen leaked for quite a while. She grinned and said that his cream was soothing her. She never said a word about not doing it again.

“I need to pee and then I should go,” she said eventually. “Mandy and Sue will be waiting for me.”

“For you to report back I suppose. Don’t worry, I don’t mind sweetheart. You know about this family but you have had a similar experience so you know that we have to keep our secrets. Let’s have a shower together before you go. We can piss in there!”

Frank and Helen enjoyed their shower and their pee. Helen wrapped her slender fingers around his shaft and felt his hot stream passing through it. Frank knelt before Helen as she peed, putting his hands into her hot stream. This erected his cock again so as they towelled each other down Helen began to see how much of Frank’s cock she could get into her mouth. She had heard about deep throating but had never tried it before.

Frank’s cock head was into her throat when the internal phone rang. Frank could just reach the instrument.

“Gramps,” said Mandy’s voice, “tell Helen that when you’ve finished with her Sue and I are in my apartment now. We had a lovely time with Caro and Abby and we’re having a rest before we go to the club.”

Frank groaned as he discharged his third come of the session down Helen’s throat. She swallowed hard.

“What’s going on there Gramps,” asked Mandy “Are you two all right?”

Frank explained and Mandy laughed loudly as she hung up.

After Helen left she went up to see Mandy and Sue. She told them about her session with Frank, leaving nothing out. The girls got very excited about the arse fuck, insisting that Helen strip off again and show them her hole.

“Wow,” said Mandy, “you’ve still got quite a big hole there! I wonder when it will shrink back to normal.”

“It takes about twenty four hours,” said Sue. “At least, that’s what it took mine.”

“Oh I forgot,” giggled Mandy, “you’re not an arsehole virgin, are you?” Sue smiled wanly; she hadn’t enjoyed her experience. Helen’s experience had been much better she decided. For the first time she began to consider letting Mandy’s granddad have her bum. Maybe he would do the two, or even three, of them at the same time. She mentioned it.

“Cool,” said Mandy enthusiastically. “He can have my anal cherry first and then he can have you two while I’m writhing on the ground clutching my arse!”

“It won’t be like that Mandy,” said Helen, putting her panties on. “Frank is very considerate; I loved his cock in my bum!”


Meanwhile Frank had phoned Caro.

“Thank you for my ‘present’ darling. She was delightful!”

“Did you fuck her arse?” asked Caro bluntly. She was almost jealous. Correction, she was jealous!

“Yes darling, I have to admit that my penis has been inside all of her holes. I will be having her again in due course, so please don’t be jealous!”

“You can tell, can’t you,” sobbed Caro. “I’m sorry Daddy, it’s just that I’ve only just found you and now I feel bursa rus escort that I will lose you!”

“Never,” said Frank soothingly. “You are my number one darling and will always be so. Come and see me when you return from work tomorrow and I’ll show you what I mean.”

“All three holes?” sniffled Caro.

“All three holes,” said her father.


Everyone but Frank and his father went to work the next day. The senior Armitage called in on Frank mid morning.

“I told you I could still straddle ’em, didn’t I? That widow lady I had here yesterday knew what she was here for, I can tell you!”

“Should you be telling me this Dad?” asked Frank. He was however, curious to know what had happened.

“Why not?” said the oldster. “She can’t hear me. She was very good; she had a really hot wet twat! She was ready for it a second time too. They love the sex films these old girls!”

“Just don’t get into any trouble with the families Dad,” warned Frank. “I don’t want to be dealing with any angry sons and daughters.”

“OK! OK!” said Armitage senior. “I won’t embarrass you. How about you? Are you getting enough?”

“Quite enough thank you,” laughed Frank.


Rob had called Abby that morning.

“I know I saw you only yesterday morning darling but I want to see you again. How about a quickie at lunchtime?”

“OK, twelve thirty, my place!” said Abby and disconnected.

At twelve twenty nine Rob rang Abbey’s doorbell. He heard her shout, “Come in”. He locked the door behind him and went in search of her.

Abby was in her bedroom. She had pulled the covers off and was laid on her bed, her legs spread wide apart. She was naked!

“Will I do for you sir?” she smiled coquettishly. Her naked pussy seemed to wink at Rob but it was just the fact that her vagina was full of juice.

Rob ripped off his clothes. His cock bounced and slapped his belly as he flung his pants across the room. He jumped on to the bed.

Abby reached for him.

“Let me touch you all over first,” she said quietly. “We’re in good time. I bet I can get you to come twice before your next meeting. Mnnn, I love your skin darling, especially this bit here, and here, and here!”

Abby loved her man all over, finishing in position for him to mount her. She was gripping his penis, pointing it at her pussy. Two fingers of her other hand were on his arsehole, pulling him down on top of her.

Rob moaned and lowered himself into Abby’s molten wet hole! She grabbed his arse, slipping one of her fingers up into his rectum. He groaned and pumped hard. Soon his hot seed splashed on to her cervix. She felt it search her crevices as she added her slippery cum to the mix.

Ten minutes later Abby was mounted on top of a supine Rob. She was rubbing her soaking pussy along his growing shaft.

“Do you remember when I used to do this to you Rob darling. I hadn’t grown my pussy hair then and you just loved my naked crack. Just like you love my shaved pussy now, don’t you?”

“Oh yes Abby darling, don’t stop doing that. I love it! I want to come again!”

“Not yet brother dear! You remember when I used to come to you at night when Caro was asleep. After I had wet your cock with my pussy juice I used to lift up, like this, and slide your hard cock up into my cunt. Then I used to fuck you and suck your cream up into my cunt. Aren’t I a dirty little sister then?”

“Yes you are but you are what I need!” gasped Rob as he thrust upwards into Abby’s hot wet tunnel. “I want to give you my love cream again!”

“That’s what I want too darling! Come on, let’s fuck and come!”

They did just that. Abbey had to shower before she went back to work. Rob stood there and watched her as she soaped between her legs and saw her pale yellow pee join the hot soapy water as it drained away.

“There,” she said as she stepped out. “You can go in now. Make sure you lock up now and I’ll see you later in the week.”


Caro was ashamed of her jealous feelings about Helen and Frank. She called Abby and they talked it over.

“Helen will be fine, you know,” said Abby. “Mandy told me that she was involved with her dad sexually. That started when she was underage so she’s not going to say anything. I think Sue has a history too so we can relax. When are you going to see Daddy again?”

“In about two hours,” sighed Caroline. “He’s promised to fuck all my holes again. I keep leaking with excitement!”

“I was leaking about an hour ago,” laughed Abby. “Rob and I had a little lunchtime session. Good job I had a shower before I came back to work or his cum would be running down my leg right now!”

“Ohhhh Abby, you’ve got me wanting to fuck Rob again now!”

“Feel free sister dear! I shall fuck Daddy again first chance I get!”

“I wish you were here right now Abby; I would play with your breasts!”

“Go and play with Mandy’s,” laughed Abby and disconnected.


After thinking over Abby’s last remark Caro ‘walked the store’, stopping to chat a little with staff in their departments and also to customers around the store. The staff and Caroline had devised a little signal to warn Caroline of customers who should be cultivated. Finally she arrived at her destination, the lingerie section.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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