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Arthur and Family… Ch. 1

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Ava Addams

As related in an earlier series, I had just turned 18. While out with my folks and brother, his girlfriend Jean had taken my cock out and masturbated me and then left me high and dry. Being a horny lad I ended up letting some stranger suck it off later, then went back again to plug his ass. Being interested in what it felt like to have something in my ass, I went home and experimented. Dad caught me and one thing led to another and my own Dad took my virgin asshole. Mom eventually joined us and then I met a new girl who also loved to fuck. I brought her home to the parents and we all had a wonderful time.

After about a dozen cums in two days, I got a bit of a rest. Sammi (my girl) and I enjoyed each other and my parents again several times. But mostly we just hung out and talked, when not fucking. I told her about Jean and how bad I wanted to get in her pants. Sammi agreed to help, as she was looking forward to seeing if my brother Colin had as good equipment as Dad and I.

About two weeks later, Mom and Dad, Colin and Jean, and Sammi and I went out for dinner. There was a lot of groping going on under the table let me tell you. I was between Sammi and Jean. Sammi kept her hand in my lap most of the time. I know Jean saw her, and she kept trying to sneak looks. I pulled the tablecloth over my crotch, and opened my fly. Sammi had a good time masturbating me now and then through dinner. Jean’s curiosity was aroused when she could no longer see because of the table cloth. I felt her hand at one point on my thigh. It began to travel up. My balls were out of my fly also, so they were the first thing she ran into. She gave a gasp and her hand retreated. I turned and winked at her. After awhile, she was back. Sammi was slowly jacking me and Jean was touching on my balls. She felt Sammi’s hand and stopped and looked at her. Sammi just grinned. They continued playing with me on and off. I didn’t realize that Sammi also had my dads dick out and she and mom were also giving it attention now and then. Needless to say, the 5 of us were pretty horny by the time dinner was over.

We went to a club after and got pretty hot dancing and pretty drunk. We got a cab to take us home as none of us were in any shape to drive. We were kinda packed in. Mom and dad were up front, and Sammi kinda sat on top of the rest of us in the back. Jean was trying to get Colin in the swing of things and was massaging his cock thru his pants. He just sat back and enjoyed it. After a bit, she unzipped him and pulled his rod out. He looked kinda shocked, but saw that Sammi was doing the same to me. He just leaned back again and let Jean masturbate him. After a few minutes, Sammi leaned over Jean and took Colin’s dick in her mouth. Colin just sighed and let it happen. I don’t think he realized at that point it was Sammi. I was fingering Sammi’s cunt and asshole, and Jean had a hand on both our cocks. Too soon, the ride was over and we were at the house. I zipped up and got out. Colin got out, but didn’t realize he was still poking out for the world to see. Sammi and Jean just giggled. We made it into the house, and Colin was still poking out. My mom went up to him and took his rod in her hand and asked him if he was gonna do anything with that piece of meat. You should have seen his face. He tried to back up, sputtering and stammering, but mom did not release her grip. Sammi piped up that she was to blame for his state, as she had been sucking him off in the cab.

Colin looked Casibom at her blankly and just stood there. Mom told us that there was no use letting the poor guy stay in that condition, and promptly fell to her knees and engulfed him. Poor Colin just stood there shell-shocked. After a minute, he kinda regained some senses, in his dick anyway, and began to start thrusting a little at moms face. That was all we needed. With the exception of Jean, we all began to peel out of our clothes. Jean soon followed suit. Dad and I sported growing erections, and Sammi latched on to his with her mouth. That just left my cock for Jean. She just stared at me, unsure what to do. I solved that problem. I walked up to her, pinched a nipple and stuck my tongue in her mouth. She tried to push away, but I held her tight with my other arm. I pressed my swollen member against her trimmed bush and continued tweaking those hardening nipples. She began responding. I took my tongue out of her mouth and whispered in her ear “you owe me bitch”. She looked confused, and I told her she owed me a blowjob for that day at the bar when she jacked me and then left me high and dry. I think for a sec she was pissed and gonna refuse, but with my fingers on her tits, and my rigid rod poking at her snatch, desire was more powerful. I put my hand on her head and pushed her down. This time she went to her knees. I watched my rod being swallowed by my brothers’ hot girlfriend, and felt it swell even more. Jean did a pretty good job on my dick and even took my balls in her mouth. I fell back on the couch, joining dad, who was being fellated by Sammi. Both of us just laid back and enjoyed the two females servicing our fuckpoles.

A few minutes later we heard Colin start to bellow. He was trying to tell mom he was cumming, and obviously he didn’t think it proper to cum in her mouth. Mom, cum-hungry as I now knew her to be, had different ideas. She pushed him back to a chair and took him in her mouth again. She went at him with a passion. Colin was so close, but still trying to not shoot his sperm in his own mothers mouth. Mom dipped a finger in her pussy and then shoved it up Colin’s ass. Well, that did it for Colin. He began shooting his juice into his mothers mouth. He kept pumping and pumping and mom was working hard to swallow all her son’s seed as it rushed out into the back of her throat.

Sammi proceeded to get up and sit down on my dads dick. He reached around her to play with those long beautiful nipples. He began pinching and then pulling hard on them. I knew Sammi could cum just from nipple attention, and sure enough, it didn’t take long. Colin was glued to the sight of watching Dad fuck Sammi. Mom still had her face in his lap, cleaning up his limp dick and fingering herself. Sammi began to cum long and loud. Dad was fucking up at her, and she was bouncing up and down on his cock and you could see the cum coating his cock as it was exposed, and when she sat back down on it you could hear the wet noises it made. Dads balls were covered in her cum. She quit bouncing and laid back against him as he continued massaging her nipples.

Meanwhile, I was getting some good head. Maybe being mostly drunk kept me from erupting. Whatever, I just sat there and enjoyed having Jean take my dick in her throat. Sammi began to revive and move a bit on my dad, and he stood up, put her on all fours, and knelt behind her. I knew what was coming. I was just like my dad. An ass man. Sure enough, he poked Casibom Giriş his thickness at her butthole and popped the head in. Sammi began to moan and started fucking back at him taking more and more of his tool up her ass until he was balls deep. She begged him to fuck the shit out of her and my dad did his best.

Colin meanwhile realized what his girlfriend was doing, and I invited him over and told him to fillup her pussy with his growing dick. He thought a moment and then came over and pulled her ass off the floor and began rubbing his cock all over her pussy lips. Mom came over and scooted her twat up under Sammi’s face. That girl didn’t need a hint, She hungrily started licking that bald smooth pussy. Watching my girlfriend tongue my mothers pussy gave my cock a renewed sense of urgency. I began pounding away at Jeans face and my brother was pounding away at her pussy. I decided I wanted to put my fucking dick up Jean’s fucking asshole when I came. I moved away and let Colin hump his girl for a minute. I stood there watching while I pulled on my cock, keeping it warm while Colin attended to Jean. I wanted her hot and ready for me to stick my hot throbbing tool up her backside. After I got tired of beating my own meat, I pulled Colin off Jean and told him to lie down and let Jean sit on him. No problem, they complied eagerly. I watched Jean fucking my brother, and reached into the endtable drawer to get something. I opened the tube of lube I had put there earlier and began to stroke my eager cock. I put a big dollup on the head of my dick and then got up behind Jean. I told Colin to be still and hold her a sec. He complied. I moved up behind Jean and put my throbbing hardon on her asshole and smeared some of the lube around. Jean went wild. Not with pleasure though. She began squirming trying to move and calling me names and telling me I was NOT going to put my rod in her virgin asshole. All her moving around excited Colin and he just held on to her. I pushed a finger in and began to massage the lube around in her butt. She was cursing and trying to move away from my intruding finger. She was so damn tight. I couldn’t believe Colin had never plundered this sweet bud. My dick was waving around thinking of being the first in her butt. I took my finger out, got some more lube and stuck two fingers up her anus. She started squealing. It just turned me on more. Colin had started to fuck up into her again, and I just kept moving my fingers around in her butt. After a few minutes I decided she was ready for my guy to take his first trip up her rectum. I greased up some more ( I didn’t want to hurt her), and put my dick at the entrance to her ass. I pushed forward and kept pushing till I felt my dick head pop inside her chute. She went absolutely still. I just held it there a minute. She started whining then, begging me not to fuck her butt. She pleaded for me to take it out. I responded by leaning into her and pushing my dick a little farther in. Her moans were low now, she was still pleading, but not quite as sincerely now. I began to rock into her gently. Colin began to push up into her too. I was now about halfway in. I began to rock harder. She was still protesting, but she was also begin to move on us. I hollered over to Sammi that I was in. Sammi was getting her butt poked well and eating my mom as she began to cum again. Dad just kept pumping as she got her rocks off.

Then Dad eased out of her butt, and came to stand in front of Casibom Güncel Giriş Jean. He pulled her hair and made her face come up so she was looking directly at his one-eyed monster. Colin and I finally established a workable rhythm and I was balls deep inside Jeans rectum. Jean was no longer crying out in anything but pleasure. My dad stood there holding jeans head up and stroking his pole. Finally he moved forward and put his cock against her lips. She didn’t open her mouth. He just circled it around and over her lips. I decided to help the situation and pulled out leaving just my cockhead lodged in her ass. I looked at Dad, winked and then shoved my straining rod all the way to the hilt. She plunged froward and opened her mouth to scream. Dad cut the scream off as he fucked to the back of her throat. She gagged and he backed up a bit and then began to fuck her face. I was lodged at her ass and Colin was rubbing my dick while he fucked his abused girlfriend’s cunt.

I was just banging away, lost in sensation. Colin’s dick felt good as we set up a rhythm again. I watched my dad start fucking Jeans face with is cock fresh out of Sammi’s ass, who was still busy eating my mom. Actually they were in a 69, and mom had her fingers pinching and pulling on those inch long nipples as she ate Sammi’s slit and drank the cum from her ass. I felt the fire begin to burn in my dick as I got ready to shoot my seed up into Jeans gut. It was even better than I thought it would be. My balls contracted and I began to shoot my first load of the night up into Jean’s sweet butt. I hollered to Colin to let go and cum in her as I was cumming in her ass, and he gave a grunt and fucked up in her a few times and began to unload his sperm into her. Dad bucked at her face a few times and then bellowed that he was cumming, too. As the first spray of jizz hit the back of her throat, Jean clamped down on our dicks and began her own sweet orgasm. From the sounds across the room, Mom and Sammi were also in the throes of their own cums. My dick stayed hard a minute and I continued to pump her ass as I watched the scene. Finally it began to go down, and I felt Jean’s rectum pushing my flaccid member out. I leaned back and watched the cum drip down her pussy onto Colin’s balls.

Finally everyone kinda separated and we were just lying around catching our breaths. Sammi crawled over to me and began to lick my cum covered dick. Mom did the same to Dad, and Jean just laid there next to Colin, still stunned. After cleaning dad up with her mouth, mom got up and went to get us something to drink and clean up with. Colin was the only one with clothes on, his dick, limp, but hangin out his pants. We started busting him for it and he sheepishly peeled off his shirt. Sammi went over to help him out of his pants. She licked at his flaccid member as she pulled them off. Jean got up and headed for the bathroom. She was still uncertain about how to react to what had happened to her I guess. Mom arrived with something to drink, and again warm towels for us to clean up with. Finally Jean came out and we all sat back and made small talk while we drank. I had plans for the next act. Colin had yet to take a cock up his ass I was sure. I was also sure it was going to be deflowered tonight, and hopefully by me. But for the time being I was content to just enjoy the family camaraderie. The best thing was just sitting there knowing I had been up my mothers cunt and ass, been in her mouth, my dads mouth and that he had taken my virgin asshole. It was a delicious feeling. Of course I loved the feel of my new girls hand always on my cock. It was a dream come true. A loving family and a woman who couldn’t get enough of me. And as always, more to cum…

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