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Asian Adventures Ch. 03

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This is a series about the erotic encounters of an American businessman in various locations in Asia (with a few in other places with Asian women). While there are some similarities to actual events, this is a work of fantasy and fiction. Names have been changed — as always — to protect the innocent. Hope you enjoy!

Asian Erotic Adventures — Chapter 3

** Mel returns – Weekend in Malaysia **

** Finally the schedules meld **

I was again planning an Asian trip, this time with stops in Hong Kong and the Philippines; but with most of the time in Malaysia. While most of the big players had factories in Penang or Kuala Lumpur, I would be visiting two subcontractors in the relatively small town of Ipo. For those who have some idea of the Malaysian geography, Ipo is located along the highway running between Penang and KL, almost exactly at the halfway point. While there was an airport in Ipo, there were only a few commercial flights in or out each day. It made more sense to fly into one or the other major port and take a car to Ipo, as it was a beautiful three hour drive through the lush green Malaysian countryside.

It had been nearly a year since I spent any time with Mel, although we had been in almost constant contact via e-mail and the occasional phone call. Her modeling assignments were keeping her on the go, with shoots all over Asia and even down to New Zealand and Australia. This time it appeared we might have an opportunity, as she would be in Singapore on a shoot during the time I would be in Ipo. We decided not to set our expectations too high, and just play it by ear. I told her I would hold the weekend free, and gave her my hotel information. All the way up through Thursday things looked good; but still nothing definite. Friday morning I stopped by the Concierge at the hotel to let them know that I might have a visitor, what her name was, and asked that they give her access to my room if she were to arrive. It was all I could do, hoping that Mel would find a way.

Friday went as scheduled and I walked back into the hotel lobby at half-past five, walking toward the Concierge desk to check on ‘things’. As I approached the counter, the lovely woman (who knew me by now) gave me a wink and nodded toward the elevator with a smile. I did my best not to trip over my own feet in my haste to get up to the room. When I got there the door was locked, so I slipped my key in and opened the door. On the bed was the large leather travel bag I had given her when she started traveling a lot. She was here. I glanced around the room, noting some of her clothing hanging in the closet; but she was not here. Then I noticed the folded note atop one of the pillows on the bed. Inside was a very short note. Meet you in the bar. Mahal Kita, Mel it said. I pulled off my clothes and ran into the bathroom, taking a quick shower before shaving and splashing on her favorite cologne. I donned a clean pair of khakis and a lightweight shirt, leaving the front unbuttoned halfway down. A quick brush of my hair and I was ready, grabbing my wallet, passport, and room key on my way out the door.

** Fun in the bar **

I tried to remain cool and collected as I approached the door to the hotel’s lounge, and should have been expecting what I found. Mel was seated on a bar stool, dressed in painted-on blue jeans and a very colorful blouse. Surrounding her in a semi-circle were a half-dozen men, all vying for her attention. In front of her on the bar were an equal number of drinks, only one having been tapped. I stood back for a few moments, watching my beautiful Filipina friend work that room perfectly, teasing the men as only a woman with her personal skills could do. She had seen me come in and given me a wink; but she was enjoying this as much as I was enjoying watching, so we both let it go on for several minutes.

When neither of us could stand it any more, she held up her hands to the crowd. “Sorry boys; but my man has arrived.” she said, smiling broadly. “Thanks so much for your drinks and your kind company. Makes a girl feel good you know.” she told them. Through the groans she hopped from the bar stool and ran to me, throwing her arms around me, pressing her body against mine and nuzzling my neck before pressing her lips to mine. We kissed passionately to the whistles and catcalls, then finally tore our lips apart. “Mahal na mahal na mahal kita Rob.” Mel whispered.

Author’s note: ‘Mahal Kita’ means ‘I Love You’ in Tagalog. The ‘na’ adds ‘very much’ to the phrase.

“I love you too darling. It is so wonderful to be in your arms again.” I told her, holding her close. She pulled me to the bar and hopped up on her stool, leaving her arms around my neck so she could pull me in for another kiss. More whistles and catcalls as our lips feasted hungrily on each other. When it was clear we couldn’t go further in that location I gently pushed her away, looking into her smoldering eyes. “We should cool it a little here baby. I need a beer.” I told her softly. She smiled, glancing güvenilir bahis over to the bartender and snapping her fingers. Moments later there was a cold beer in front of me. “Salamat!” I said (‘thank you’), taking a long drink. I watched as she picked up her drink, taking a sip before turning to the crowd. “Salamat!” she said to the men with a smile.

We could barely keep our hands off one another as we finished our drinks. Her fingers traced my inner thigh, in clear view of the salivating group. “I want you honey.” Mel whispered in my ear, nibbling on my ear lobe. “Before dinner.” she added, her fingers gently roaming over my semi-erect cock through my khakis. Without further delay I gave the bartender my room number to cover the tab and we headed out the door to more whistles and catcalls. Mel thanked the Concierge as we passed the desk on our way to the elevator. The woman gave me a wink and a wave.

Inside the room Mel jumped up on me, wrapping her legs around my hips and her arms around my neck, pressing her lips to mine in a feast of raw lust as we grunted into each others’ mouths. I walked to the bed and laid her back on it, my fingers deftly unfastening her blouse and jeans as the kiss continued. She did the same, pushing my shirt back to expose my chest and tugging the khakis to my knees. She reached inside my boxers to pull my penis free, then broke the kiss and gave me suggestive smile. “Chupang.” (‘blow job’) she giggled, leaning forward to take my organ into her mouth. She sucked hungrily, her fingers tickling my balls as her lips worked up and down my shaft. I stepped out of the khakis that had fallen to my ankles, and pulled my arms free of the shirt, standing next to the bed with her mouth working magic on my cock. She pulled free of my meat and looked up at me. “Fuck my mouth lover, FUCK ME.” she growled, taking my hands in hers and pulling them behind her head. I did as she asked, grasping her hair and thrusting my penis into her throat. She mewled softly as I began skewering in and out of her beautiful face. But I had to taste her…

I pushed her away, reaching down to pull of her blouse, then tugging her jeans down and off over her feet. I was kneeling between her legs, and couldn’t wait any longer. I looked in her beautiful eyes and smiled. “My turn honey.” I told her, diving down to kiss her hot pussy through the thin fabric of her panties. I deftly inserted a finger under the crotch band and pulled the flimsy garment aside, my senses assaulted by the fragrant musk of her womanhood. “Mmm… you smell so incredible baby.” I told her, lowering my head to slip my tongue between her sensitive folds, flicking it up and down along the damp slit until I found the erect little nub of her clit. She shuddered as I began working my tongue on her pussy, sliding it inside the wet cauldron of her cunt, then up and around her pleasure center. I brought a finger up and gently slipped it inside her, pushing it in all the way and hooking it back to find her G-spot. She squealed, her body trembling with lust now as I wrapped my lips around her clit and stimulated both of her hot spots at once. Her first orgasm came without warning, her squeals and groans certainly loud enough to be heard in the hallway or either of the adjoining rooms. I had to back off a little so she didn’t buck herself onto the floor; but I maintained the intimate contact until she pushed me away.

“Oh god that was so good baby. I’ve needed that since the last time.” Mel told me, her fingers running through my hair as her breathing slowly returned to normal. “Sorry I was so quick, I just couldn’t help it.” she said, giggling softly.

“No apologies honey. It was wonderful.” I told her, kissing her soft thighs.

Mel glanced down and noticed my still-erect cock. She turned over and positioned herself on her knees, her gorgeous ass right at the edge of the bed. She turned her head around to look at me. “Fuck me, right now. I want your cum inside of me.” she begged, reaching back to open herself for me.

Without answering, I stood up and moved forward, positioning the bulbous head at her wet folds. “Ready baby?” I asked. She nodded and I pushed, my cock easily penetrating her cunt halfway. She moaned, her hips writhing slowly around my intruder.

“Fuck me Rob. Fuck me hard.” Mel pleaded, pushing her hips back to take another inch of my organ inside her.

I grasped her hips and slammed the remaining three inches into her belly, bringing a loud grunt from my lover. My hips involuntarily began pounding into her velvet heat, filling her up then pulling out until just the head was inside, then filling her up again. I looked down and saw the dark star of her anus, remembering that she didn’t care for that contact. It could wait until later. I needed to empty my load — in a bad way — and picked up the pace as I fucked my little Filipina doll while standing next to the bed. It was always something exciting with her, never just ‘straight screwing’ on the bed. It was exciting, and made our lovemaking a special canlı bahis occasion each and every time. I looked around, enjoying the view out the large picture windows that looked out toward the hills. Then I felt a clenching spasm inside her vaginal tract and realized she was going to cum again. The spasms began to grow in strength and frequency as I approached my own climax. My hands left red welts in her flesh as I pounded into her. I think my orgasm began a few moments before hers; but it was very close to simultaneous. I poured what felt like a gallon of my seed inside her, my cock twitching for a good five minutes afterward as our breathing slowly returned to normal.

Even though I had achieved an intense climax, my cock remained hard inside the wet oven of her pussy, her muscles gently clenching at my organ. I let my fingers drift slowly down her back, then withdrew gently. “Mahal kita, Mel. ” I told her, leaning down to plant a warm kiss on her upthrust behind. Then a collapsed next to her on the bed, pulling her over to me. “I’ve missed you darling, so much.” I said softly. We held each other and even nodded off for thirty minutes, still in each others arms.

I awoke with her soft hands running over my chest. My eyes fluttered open to see hers staring at me. “Hi there lover. Are you hungry?” she asked. I nodded, and she reached over me to grab the room service menu. The hotel had a very good restaurant that also served room service, so we had a first-rate menu to choose from. She propped up a couple of pillows for each of us and we sat up in bed, holding the menu between us and talking about the choices. She decided on steamed fish with sautéed vegetables and steamed rice, while I wanted curry prawns with the same sides. We ordered, then got up and took a quick mutual shower before donning comfortable clothes we could relax in. She had selected a very sexy sundress, and unbeknownst to me was not wearing anything under it. I went out to the private veranda to check things out. There was a small table suitable for serving dinner, and the sounds and view created a nice ambience.

A knock came at the door and Mel responded, welcoming the room service attendant inside. The attendant showed the contents. Everything looked fine, so I signed the tab and handed her generous gratuity. We rolled the cart out to the veranda and relaxed.

** Dinner and Sex on the Patio **

The meal was excellent, and the wine Mel had chosen worked well with our seafood entrees. She told me about her latest exploits, traveling all over south Asia and throughout the New Zealand and Australian continents as well. She’d seen places I hadn’t seen, and had brought an album with some pictures to share. Included in the albums were a few from her assignments, and I had to admit she was incredible. One of the pics that had been on the cover of one of Japan’s premiere fashion magazines was of Mel in a brightly colored bikini, her hair blowing in a stiff breeze as the sun set behind her. She pulled it out of the album and handed it to me. “For you.” she said softly. “So you don’t forget.”

I laughed. “I can never forget you baby. Some other girls maybe; but not you.” I told her, adding “Mahal na mahal na mahal kita.” That seemed to do it for her, and before I could say anything Mel was on her knees under the table, her fingers hastily unfastening my pants and pulling out my cock. In a flash I felt the warmth of her mouth surrounding me, her tongue gently swirling around my manhood as it grew to full erection. I was sitting in a comfortable chair, outside on a warm evening, and a beautiful woman was pleasuring me — what could possibly be better… I could not see any part of her; but the sensations in my loins could not be denied. The delicious sounds emanating from my lap were a stimulus of their own, and I was quickly approaching the edge — too quickly. I reached under the table and stopped her head from moving. “Not this way baby…” I said softly, my fingers tugging at her ears. It took a few contortions; but she managed to withdraw from me without bumping her head on the underside of the table.

Her face appeared just to the right of my lap, her beautiful smile warming the evening air even further. She giggled, wrapping her soft fingers around my cock. “Sex?” she said playfully. I returned her smile and motioned with my hands for her to come up. Mel crawled out from under the table as I pushed my chair back enough so she could climb aboard. She straddled my lap, facing me and kissing me softly. “Sexxxxxx.” she whispered, lowering her pussy onto my penis. “Ahhhhhhhhh…. Fuck me slow…”

I really had no choice, as to fuck her fast would have meant instant climax for me after her expert fellatio. The heat of her pussy was even more intense than her mouth, and her vaginal muscles gripped my cock like a velvet sheath lubricated with the juices of Venus herself. My fingers roamed her body, fondling her firm breasts before making their way around her sides and down her spine. She nuzzled my neck as her hips undulated bahis siteleri slowly in my lap. When our lips finally met it was incredibly hot, our bodies joining in the constant motion fueled by raw passion. Nothing else mattered, there were no others to be considered. We were as one, and this togetherness lasted a very long time, maybe an hour, perhaps longer.

So intense was the emotion of the coupling that neither of us thought orgasm to be a priority. This was not about physical gratification, it was about being inside each other and driving the other one’s pleasure. Every moment that passed was an eternity filled with happiness. I could not know what she was feeling; but I knew what I was feeling, and it was beautiful. In their travels one of my fingers found her clit and briefly brushed against it, bringing a sudden start from her. She pulled away from the kiss, her hands twirling my hair. “You want to cum now?” she asked. “You should stop that if you don’t; because I will explode if you touch me there again.” she laughed softly. “And if I explode… you will too..” she added, beginning the sinuous motion of her hips again.

Without answering her verbally I allowed my fingers to move between us again. With a single touch her body tensed, her vaginal muscles clenching in violent spasms around my penis. I held her tight and whispered in her ear. “Yesssss… baby… yessss….”, running my hands over the taut skin of her back as our loins worked together in the perfect release. I pressed my lips to hers before her squeals began, holding the back of her head to keep her from disturbing the neighbors as we pumped against each other in the throes of passions release. So complete was our bond that our spasms were completely synchronous, bringing a sense of completion far beyond anything either of us had ever experienced. Our bodies simply flowed together up and over the crest and down into the Valley of Glow.

Our breathing returned to normal; but Mel was still astride my lap, my still turgid organ remaining inside her heated tunnel. She was planting small kisses all over my face and neck, her fingers grasping my shoulders as she held her hips completely still. She stopped kissing and smiled as only a satiated woman can. “That….” she began. “Was incredible..”

** Mel tries anal for the very first time **

We finally disengaged our bodies and poured another glass of the wine, moving to the more comfortably padded love seat to relax a bit. Both of us were drained from the intense pleasure, and just needed a break before whatever was to come next. “Would you like to go down to the bar for an evening drink?” I asked.

Mel laughed. “You just want to watch me tease those poor guys again.” she replied, swatting my leg playfully. “Actually no, we can do that tomorrow night. Tonight I just want YOU” she told me, leaning close to kiss me.

We sat together for a while, taking in the sounds of the Malaysian evening as we sipped our wine. Mel was resting her head on my shoulder, her fingers roaming over my chest and down my belly. “You know…” she began. “There is something I’ve never really tried…” her voice became soft and subdued. “I want you to have my bottom… if you want it.”

“Mel honey…” I started to say.

“Only if you promise to stop if it hurts.” she blurted out.

“Oh babe, I promise not to begin if there’s even a chance of that.” I told her, adding “And I’m not in any rush baby.”

Mel got up and headed for the door. “I’ll be back, I’m just going to freshen up for you.” she told me, padding softly into the room. I watched her sexy round behind as she walked away from me, her cheeks pressing against the sundress as she moved. My cock stirred with just the thought of taking her anal cherry, and I squirmed in my seat as my eyes closed with that vision. I’d had a finger in there, and even my thumb once; but honestly never expected to enjoy her snug little star any other way. I finished my wine and stood up, heading back into the room to find the tube of lubricant I had packed ‘just in case’. I gave some thought to how I could make this as pleasurable as possible for her, as I really wanted her to enjoy it as much as I surely would.

I decided to make use of the large, sturdy dining table and cleared it off. I went outside and grabbed the body-length cushion from one of the lounges, placing it on top of the table before draping one of the extra bed sheets over it and adding a bed pillow. I dimmed the lights and lit several of the incense candles around the room, creating a sensual ambience for my lover. I found some soft, soothing music on the radio and poured two more glasses of wine. I was ready when she emerged from the bathroom…

Mel came into the room in the beautiful pink satin robe I’d given her back in the Philippines, wearing nothing beneath which became obvious as she moved. I could smell her fragrance — my favorite White Diamonds – wafting through the room as she walked toward me without a sound. She looked around silently, taking in the romantic ambience I’d created for her, a sexy smile growing on her lovely face. Still silent, she walked to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling our lips together for another one of those amazing kisses…

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