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Asian Guy and Cheating Girlfriend

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This story focuses around a few major fetishes: cuckold/cheating, raceplay, wmaf and small penis humiliation. All characters are fictional and over 18.


My name is Justin and I am dating a girl called Anna.

We met in college and started our relationship as we graduated and started working. She is a rather conservative asian girl: 5’4 (165cm) tall, slim waist, small b-sized breasts and long black hair. I am also asian, 5’11 (180cm) tall and muscular. People often say our looks and physiques compliment each other.

The relationship was a lot of fun at first, and we had sex regularly. I loved thrusting inside her tight pussy as it swallowed my penis whole, grinding inside her. However, I had never made her cum. I tried communicating about what made her feel good, gave her oral and a variety of different methods, but it never happened.

In the end, I suspected that it was because of the size of my penis, as it is smaller than average. She has only had one other guy before me and he was average; she also let slip that she had cummed before from sex.

As the months passed, the frequency of sex has dropped significantly. We got used to everyday life.

Anna recently started at a new company, one where a culture of drinking and partying is encouraged. She often went to socials after work, and came home late after a night of partying. I slowly grew suspicious and insecure of what’s happening during those nights.

I heard from Anna that they are going clubbing on one of the nights, and decided that I want to see what happens there.

I got the location from Anna’s phone, and snuck into the club looking for her. I’m not used to clubbing, so I stand around the dance floor, swaying awkwardly, waiting for her to show up.

After a bit, I catch Anna dancing with her co-workers. She’s wearing a tight little black dress, barely covering her upper thighs. I don’t think she’s wearing a bra either, as her nipples stood out from her dress. I move myself so she cannot spot me, and watch.

Soon she starts moving into the crowd, and a white guy approaches her, grabbing her hands to dance.

Anna refuses and pushes him away, crossing her arms to show disapproval. However, he grabs her hand and drags her onto his chest, while placing his other hand on her hip. Anna relents, and starts dancing with the stranger.

As I feared, the more they dance, the more sexual it got. His hands run up and down her body and chest. Anna tries to push his hands away, but he is too big and simply shrugs off her attempts or moves right back onto another part of her body. He leans in and sucks on her neck and ears, making Anna shudder.

Taking this opportunity, his hand goes up her dress and between her legs, while the other goes down her cleavage and against her nipples. Anna tries to run away, but the stranger simply pulls her in via his grasp on her breasts and crotch.

Anna shouts no, but it is not heard by anyone over the loud music and I only see her mouth form the words. A strange urge rushes over me. I decide to do nothing.

Her hips are pressed into his crotch, and I can see the bulge in his pants. Beginning at the root of his crotch and spanning down his pant leg. It is already much bigger than mine could ever be.

Anna felt this bulge, and looked down. Her eyes widen as she realizes how big it is. Her hand instinctively reach out and touches the bulge, rubbing it.

The stranger takes his hands out of her dress, and I can see it is covered with her juices. He starts leading her away from the dance floor and to the washroom. While Anna tries to run, it is not a half-hearted effort. She slowly walks behind him into the washroom. I immediately follow. Once into the washroom, tokat seks hikayeleri I can hear clearly now. They apparently got into one of the stalls.

“Stop. Oh my god what the fuck are you doing?!” Shouts Anna’s voice.

“Don’t be coy. I know you want this cock.” Says the stranger.

“NO I DON’T! I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. Let go of me RIGHT NOW!” Responds Anna angrily.

“Does he know you are dancing at a club bra-less and looking for dick? And what about how wet you are?”

“You.. urghhh.. let me.. ahhh hmmm..” Anna let out a moan.

I enter an adjacent stall. Finding a crack in the wall, I can get a minimal glance at what’s happening on the other side.

The stranger is kissing and licking her all over, while his hand is inside her dress again.

“I bet your boyfriend would looove to hear this. Why don’t you call him right now?” The stranger taunts.

Anna is silent except for the soft moaning.

“If you won’t call him, then get down on your knees.” The stranger commands.

Anna slowly got onto her knees.

“Take it out.”

“NO! I will not cheat on my boyfriend and touch another man’s cock. I’m loyal to him, and a good girl..” Anna responds.

“Take it out you asian slut.”

Anna shivers at the word slut, and starts to unbuckle his belt and take out his cock. As she does, his erect cock springs out and smacks her in the face.

Anna is stunned.. and she whispers out: “it’s.. HUGE”

The stranger laughs and replies “You’ve never seen one this big? I don’t blame you, it is much larger than average.”

Anna says nothing.. instead, grabbing onto the huge cock. She stares at it in awe, then slowly starts to lick it.

“Do you know how big it is? Come on, take a guess” Says the stranger.

Anna shakes her head.

He takes his cock away from her, “if you don’t answer my questions, then you don’t get to touch this cock.”

Anna looks distraught, then she slowly says,

“..8? 8 inches?”

“Wrong!” The stranger says as he slaps his big cock across her face again.

“It’s 10 inches. And it’s all going inside your pussy”. The stranger announces.

Anna takes a sharp breath, flustered.

She then swallows the head of his cock. Less than half of his cock is fully in her mouth.

“How big is your boyfriend’s cock? Slut.”

Anna remains silent.

As the stranger starts to withdraw his cock, Anna wraps her hand around the base of his cock, stopping him.

She points to where her point finger is, “This is how long my boyfriend is..”

My cock grows hard at the mention of my size.

“Wow hahaha, that’s like, one third the size of my cock. He’s asian isn’t he?” The stranger asks.

My girlfriend nods without saying anything.

“Of course hahaha. That’s what you get for dating an asian guy. Although isn’t it a bit too small even for asians? That’s almost like a micropenis. You should go back and measure him to make sure haha.”

Anna chokes as he pushes his cock deeper into her mouth.

“But it does explain why you are such a cheating slut, and why you love big white cocks so much hahaha. You’d never be satisfied with his small asian cock.”

Anna says nothing as her mouth is filled with the huge cock. Her hands are busy touching herself between her dress.

The stranger strips her dress off half way, revealing her small breasts, groping them harshly and teases her nipples.

I am overwhelmed with shame, yet the sight of my girlfriend sucking on a big white cock is making me as hard as I’ve ever been. I say and do nothing as I start stroking my cock with my fingers.

The stranger suddenly starts slamming his cock hard into Anna’s throat, making it hard for her to breathe. After a bit of pounding, he pulls out his cock and Anna makes use of the chance to take a big breath.

While Anna catches her breath, her small breasts rising up and down, the stranger grabbed his cock and slapped it hard across Anna’s face. The length and width of it made his cock quite heavy, and the slap slightly stunned Anna.

“So, what do you think of this white cock? Is it better than the asian cocks you’ve had before?” The stranger says, as he drags his cock across Anna’s face, smearing his precum all over her beautiful mouth.

Anna’s tongue instinctively reaches out to lick the cock. However, he quickly withdrew it.

“No no no, you don’t get to touch this big white cock by remaining silent. When your white master asks you a question, you, as an asian slut, will answer.”

Anna shivers again, and slowly says “..ye..yes, sir”

The stranger slaps her across the face. “Well? What do you think?”

Anna covers her face, but instead of getting angry, she looks even more aroused. She starts speaking: “I.. I’ve never had a white..cock. before.” She seems flustered about saying the word cock. “I never knew they were so big. It’s so hot to look at.. and touch.. and suck on.. “

“Never? Well you’ve been missing out. I’ll make sure to feed you a lot.” Anna starts touching and licking the white cock as if it’s a treasure.

“Now, how does it compare to the other cocks you’ve had? A hot girl like you must have had a lot.”

“I’ve.. I’ve only had 2 other cocks, and they were both asian. And small. The first guy was about half of your size.” Anna says as she licked up and down his shaft, kissing the head and swallowing it.

“Hahaha that sounds like it’s above average for an asian dick. Were you ever satisfied with it?” The stranger says as he shoved Anna’s head further.

“Well.. hmmp. I was never really fully satisfied.. mmm. There were a few times.. I imagined I was being fucked by a big white cock, ahh.. and I was able to cum. ” Anna says between breath as she struggled to swallow his big cock.

“And.. with my current boyfriend, even imagining a big white cock doesn’t do it.. he’s just too small.”

I stroke faster and harder hearing Anna say that.

“And now you finally get to suck on an actual white cock, you asian slut.”

Anna moans as her fingers dance across her pussy and her tongue dances around his cock.

The stranger pulls out and lifts Anna up like she’s nothing, pressing her against the wall. His big white cock presses against her tight pussy. Anna yells in surprise and grabs onto his big frame.

She then presses her hands against him, saying “No.. This.. this is for my boyfriend only..”

After a moment of hesitation and lip biting, Anna says, “Ok.. just.. just this once to try it. But we should use a condom.. do you have one?”

“Fuck condoms. You need to beg me for this big white cock to fuck you raw, you asian whore.”

Anna looks like she almost came right there, then she says “I’m sorry sir.. Please fuck me raw with your huge white cock sir.. please.. this asian slut needs your white cock deep inside her, not her asian boyfriend’s.”

As she did, the stranger rams his cock HARD into her pussy, and Anna screams. Her body twitches. Only about 2/3 of his cock went inside her, and she’s grabbing onto his body tight.

“FUCK, you are so fucking tight. It feels like you are a fucking virgin.” The stranger says.

“Well.. I am kind of a virgin for you sir.. The dicks I’ve had are much thinner than yours, so I am extra tight for you. And they’ve never reached the bottom, so the deeper parts of my pussy are all for your white cock sir.” Anna answers.

“Hahaha, too bad for those asian guys that don’t have a big enough dick to properly use a hot piece of ass like you. Now let me teach you what a real cock feels like.”

The stranger starts thrusting, pounding hard into her. His huge cock hitting all the way into the bottom of her pussy with every thrust. I can see the bulge his cock makes in her stomach as he thrusts, and Anna is moaning loudly with every push.

The stranger asks Anna, “Do you like big cocks?”

Anna breathes, “Yes!”

“Asian girls love big cocks, don’t they?”

“Yes.. we.. do..” Anna says as her pussy is pounded

“Why do you keep fucking asian guys and their small dicks then?”

“We.. we shouldn’t.. asian girls.. should.. only fuck.. white guys..”

The stranger spanks her hard.

Anna continues, “belong to white guys.. and belong to big white cocks”

“Good girl. And that’s why you asian sluts belong to white men. You all love big cocks too much. Now say it again.”

“I’m.. I’m an asian slut.. and I love big white cocks.. soooo muchhhhh fuuuck”

Anna drags on as his 10 inch cock is now fully buried inside her pussy, pounding through her.

” Yes.. yes.. fill my tight asian pussy with your huuuuge white cock, sirrrr.. I.. I belong to you.. to your big white cock.. all asian girls belong to white cock..” Anna is screaming words that I’ve never heard her say, showing a face of ecstasy I’ve never seen her make, as she is filled full of a stranger’s cock.

“fuuuuck you are sooooo deeeeeep.. and soooo thick fuckkkk.. sooo much bigger than my boyfriend ahhhhh.” Anna starts shaking, gripping onto him.

“I.. I.. can’t.. ahh fuck I’m cumming sir… your big white cock is making me cummmmm.” Anna shakes violently, her muscles spasming as she cums hard.

This is the first time I’ve seen my girlfriend cum, and it is with another man’s huge cock inside her pussy.

As Anna recovers, she realizes that the stranger had his phone out and pointed towards her. Before she could get angry, he rams hard into her pussy, making her unable to suppress her moan.

“You have something to say about your white master filming you, asian slut?”

“No sir.. of course not.. I’m.. this asian slut is just your property. Please use me as much as you want…”

“Good slut.” The stranger says as he started slamming into Anna’s tight pussy again. “You will take my cock whenever I command, and you will fuck all the cocks I command you to.”

“Yes sir.. I’ll be happy to.”

“And you’ll break up with your pathetic small dicked boyfriend.” As the words left his mouth, I froze.

“I.. I.. I’m sorry sir.. I can’t do that… He’s still.. my boyfriend..”

“Surpringly loyal, huh? In all the wrong areas haha. Ok. You don’t have to break up, but you will start making fun and humiliate him for his small cock until he breaks up with you. And bring up how much you love a big white cock as often as you can. I wonder how long he’s going to last hahaha.”

“I.. o.. ok.. I’ll do it sir..”

“Alright, I’ve had enough fun. I’m going to cum inside you now”

“No! Please sir.. please cum outside!”

What Anna got was a slap across the face, and the stranger starts speeding up. Anna yells as she approaches climax again: “Nooo sir please.. I.. I can’t be filled with cum from a white cock.. I’m a good asian girl.. I.. I can’t cum to a big white cock.. I can’t.. I can’t.. I.. I can’ttttt” Anna screams as she cums, and the stranger cums inside her at the same time, filling her tight asian pussy with his white cum.

“You’ve been a good cum dumpster. What’s your name?”

“…Anna” She spits out.

” Here’s my number, you better write it down if you wanna get fucked like that again.”

Anna stumbles trying to find her phone, noting down his number.

I sneak out of the bathroom, grabbing an uber to get back home before Anna does.

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