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At Shauna’s Feet Ch. 3

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Slut’s moans of mixed agony and pleasure were music to Shauna’s ears. Rubbing her stockinged foot in his face, shoving it in his mouth, she knew he was in ecstasy. LIkewise the act of stroking his pulsating erection with her other stocking was giving him pleasure at both ends. But, what gave her pleasure, was not only having her stockinged foot worshipped by slut, but the control she exerted over him. Everything she was doing to him was driving him relentlessly toward orgasm, but he was denying himself that pleasure, that sublime release, simply because she forbade it. It was only a matter of time before the begging began.

“Please, Goddess…….may I come now?” And there it was, almost on cue.

“No, slut……keep sucking my foot. I’m having fun with your cock in my stocking. I’ll let you know when you can come.”

Shauna laid on her side next to slut, so she could now use both feet, one stockinged and one bare, on his face. She rubbed them mercilessly all over his reddening face, while she was equally merciless on his penis. Now she added verbal fuel to the fire.

“How are my feet, slut? You enjoying them? They smell sweet enough for you?”

“Oh, Goddess, your feet are so divine…..please let me stay your stocking slut forever?”

“Oh, that you are and that you’ll always be…as long as you continue to please and obey me.”

“Thank you so much, Goddess…..may I please come now?”

“No, slut. I’m having way too much fun here. I told you, I’ll let you know when you can come.”

“PLEASE, Goddess! I’ll do anything for you….please let me come.”

Slut’s pleading made the itching and burning at Shauna’s crotch more intense, and she could hold back no longer. She needed his tongue immediately.

“Slut, I’m going to sit on your face now. I want you to lick me better than you’ve ever licked me before. If you give me the best orgasm I’ve ever had, I’ll let you come. But don’t you dare come before I do. I don’t want you to lose interest in giving me my best orgasm ever. Do you understand me, slut? Don’t you dare come until after I do. When I come, I’ll give you permission to do the same. Wait for me to give you permission. Understood, slut?”

“Yes, Goddess. I promise I’ll lick you really well. Please sit on my face, Goddess. PLEASE!!”

With no further words, Shauna swung her leg over slut and sat on his head, facing his legs. His mouth began immediately to lick and suck between her thighs. She continued to stroke his penis throughout. She took the stocking off his penis and put her hand inside it in its place. She then used her nylon-covered hand to stroke and squeeze his testicles. With her other hand she stroked his shaft. To add the final torturous touch, she licked all around his throbbing head. He moaned, and tiny droplets of pre-come glistened on the tip. She delighted in the agony he must be going through wanting to come so badly and yet waiting for her okay to do so. With him in her total power, she could enjoy playing with his member for as long as she wanted to without fear of his orgasm ruining things. His cock was her toy. She loved playing with it….and she further enjoyed being orally serviced while she did.

Slut’s moans now filtered through her dripping sex, which she had pressed firmly and roughly into his face. He was trying to lick her furiously, hitting all her favorite spots, hoping she’d come quickly and then so could he. But, this too, she took control of. She mashed her pussy into his face so hard that he couldn’t lick it well at all. In her excitement she had given up on the finer techniques of oral pleasure and simply used slut’s face as a sex toy, trying to quell the burning between her swollen lips.

To his credit, slut tried valiantly to lick her, but her grinding on his face mostly hindered that. Shauna slid herself back so that slut’s nose slipped easily into her slickened slit. She rode his nose as if it were a tiny penis, bouncing on it with gusto and grinding herself into it. Slut could hardly breathe, but his only concern now was Shauna’s orgasm. With his nose embedded in her pussy, he tried valiantly to flick his tongue at her burning clit, but her uncontrolled humping of his face, and his own need to breathe, made this very, very difficult.

His mouth blindly searched for a way to bring Shauna to climax…and as luck would have it, he found it. Shauna’s humping of his nose finally brought her clit within striking distance of his mouth. His tongue found it purely by luck. Once he realized he’d captured the prize, he flicked his tongue rapidly at it, and Shauna’s grinding on his face intensified. She ground herself into his face as if doing so was the only way she could scratch a deep, nagging itch. Slut took quick breaths of air whenever he could, but never stopped his lips and tongue on her clit, praying she’d come soon.

Shauna was now sucking on her personal cock-toy, driving slut crazy. She knew that the more he craved orgasm, the harder he’d work to give her one. She stroked and sucked and licked his penis, her stockinged hand squeezing bilecik seks hikayeleri and lightly caressing his testicles. He was squirming in exquisite agony as she drove him to the brink. First her tongue, and then her stockinged fingers, teased the very tip of his throbbing helmet, her other hand squeezing testicles and shaft without mercy. She wanted him more eager to please her than to do any other thing in life.

Slut cleverly remembered Shauna’s love of all things anal, and his hands desperately sought her forbidden orifice. As she wriggled on his face, sliding back now to press her sensitive clit into his mouth, she started a rhythmic up and down movement of her hips, which got more and more rapid as things progressed.

Slut’s fingers managed to spread Shauna’s regal cheeks, and the first finger of each hand dove blindly between them. They found her pouting sphincter and played with it. Shauna’s grinding humping of slut’s face intensified yet again…..and now she was moaning. When slut’s first finger entered her, she all but lost interest in her oral manipulation of his penis. But she still stroked it and tortured his testicles.

Her head was flung back and her mouth opened wide in a long, continuous moan. Her crotch was attacking slut’s face furiously, but he continued to suck at her clit as best he could. She sat on his face with her full weight now, the pounding of her sex nearly shoving her clit down his throat.

When slut’s second finger found its way into her orifice, Shauna no longer ground into his face, but began to bounce on it. It was all slut could do to continue to suck at her bulb and finger her anus. His face being so mashed by Shauna’s crotch, he couldn’t actually see where his fingers were, but he knew enough to keep them where they needed to be. What he was doing was working just fine, and he would’ve rode naked into Hell to give Shauna an orgasm right now.

He entered her deeply with both probing fingers, and the result was instantaneous. She was now pounding his face like a living jackhammer, moving her groin in every possible direction, forward and back, up and down, grinding in powerful circular motions. She was doing no less than assaulting his face with her dripping sex. And whenever he could catch it, slut still licked and sucked at her clit, even letting his teeth bite at it if he got the opportunity. All through this, his fingers never stopped their internal exploration of her “rosebud”.

Shauna squeezed slut’s cock hard when she came. Luckily, the hand clutching his testicles had joined her other hand on his tortured shaft or some damage might have been done. She rode his face with her head flung back, her neck stretched to its limits, still gripping his manhood in both hands. She pounded his face beneath her as she came. During her orgasm, slut breathed very little, but rejoiced in the fact that Shauna was finally climaxing, and that he might soon be allowed to do the same.

Shauna bucked and screamed, creaming all around slut’s nose and mouth, and his still desperately moving tongue. Her back arched and she rode on waves of pure sexual ecstasy. Her hands released their choking hold on his erection and found her breasts, and she found herself squeezing and pinching her own nipples as she came. One movement of her hips was so fast and unexpected that it nearly broke slut’s still burrowing fingers before they could escape from within her sphincter.

Shauna rode those waves of pleasure until she was completely satisfied and totally exhausted. Her drenched pussy slowly stopped its mauling of slut’s face as her orgasm ebbed. She slumped down on top of him, still fondling her own breasts, but more gently and with less urgency, and still with her crotch and bottom on his face. She lay there several minutes until her breathing returned to normal. Then she sat up and sighed, feeling sated and happy. She sighed and smiled ecstatically up at the sky, stretching her arms upward and shouting out her bliss to any and all who would listen.

Eventually, she remembered slut, and looked down at him. She smiled, because she had slid forward on his face just enough that his nose and eyes peeked up at her from between her sweat-dripping cheeks. Her juices were dribbling from her crotch down onto his chin – which she couldn’t see, but felt quite distinctly – and what she could see of his face was shiny and wet with the fruits of her orgasm. Even his hair was matted to his head. She adored the entire picture.

Seeing slut’s eyes between her buttocks gave her one last cruel idea.

“Would you like your orgasm now, my little stocking slut?” She lifted herself off his face barely an inch, to allow him to reply.

“Yes, please, Goddess,” he pleaded again, his face a mask of total agony.

“Then there’s one last thing you have to do for me.”

He groaned. She laughed.

“This will be it, slut. After you do this, you can have your pleasure.”

“Then, please let me do it for you now, Goddess.”

“Mmmm….I like it when you’re eager to please me. That’s why I deny you your pleasure, slut…to keep you just that eager to please me. Now, here’s what I want you to do. I’m going to lay on top of you and continue to play with your cock. I want you to kiss and lick between my cheeks like you’ve been trained to do. I want to really feel you working hard at it. When I decide you’ve worshipped my bottom long enough, I’ll give you permission to come. How’s that, slut? You want your orgasm or not?”

“Oh, yes, please, Goddess. I’ll do anything….please…”

Smiling, Shauna laid down on him, with her behind at just the right position for its servicing. Her intention was to get slut to associate his upcoming orgasm with his oral servicing of her bottom. She wanted him to equate his excitement and climax with licking her bottom. She was training him like Pavlov’s dog so that he would be eager to orally service even her behind. She didn’t want him merely cooperative, she wanted him to always be eager to please her in any and every way. So she decided that the one thing he hesitated to do for her would be the one thing that would allow his orgasm.

“You may begin, slut. Remember….work hard….show me your true worship of me, and your total desire to please me.”

“Yes, Goddess,” he said hurriedly, anxious to please her enough to collect his reward.

Shauna’s theory worked better than she dreamed. Not only did slut not hesitate a single second, but he pushed his lips and tongue into her crevice eagerly, energetically, and with single-minded desire to impress and please her.

Shauna stroked him again, teased his swollen testicles, licked his frustrated head. Again the tiny drops of pre-cum glistened and escaped from within his tiny slit.

“Lick harder, slut,” she ordered, her face flush with the excitement of her success. He licked harder.

“Suck it, slut!” He sucked.

“Lick faster if you want your orgasm,” she added cruelly. His head bobbed furiously with his effort. She was pleased….very pleased.

“Now, slut, spread me wide and kiss my opening…and tell it how much you worship it.”

Without hesitation, he did as she instructed. He was practically shouting at her bottom when he told it he worshipped it. Then he planted a long, hot kiss right on her rosette. Shauna was beside herself.

“Very good, slut. You may come now,” she almost laughed maniacally with the power she felt at that moment. To make a man come on command…such control…such total power over that which he holds most dear. She was giddy as she leaned back to wait for the inevitable.

No sooner had the words left Shauna’s mouth than slut’s penis jerked in her hands. Stream after stream of pent-up desire exploded from his tortured cock. Shauna could almost see the testicles expand and contract, delivering their load to his firing cannon. His orgasm lasted longer than any she could remember.

He groaned and moaned and came near to screaming, his hands leaving Shauna’s bottom to cover his eyes as he spasmed on his back on the floor. He was still weakly spurting and dribbling several minutes later, much to Shauna’s – and his – surprise. The release was tremendous…..and he thought he’d pass out from it.

When he was finished, and lay there spent, Shauna sat next to him and rubbed his stomach and belly, then his limp member, just to tease. She smiled down at her stocking slut, and then began to reminisce about the origin of that name…..how he became her stocking slut. She laughed to herself as she recalled how making him her stocking slut took a bit of work. She had had to bring it out of him. Oh, he had admitted

to his love of nylons early on, but she had taken that desire and made it suit her need to control him….made it suit all her needs. She played with his still trembling body for several minutes, allowing him to return to normal.

When she felt he’d recovered enough, she ordered slut to get off the floor and lay by the sofa. She told him he could use the pillow if he wanted to. He got up, shakily, and complied. He walked slowly to the sofa, naked and tired. He laid the pillow on the floor at one end of the sofa and laid down with his head on it, facing the ceiling. Shauna walked over to the sofa after him. She sat on the sofa with a thud, tired herself. She put her feet on slut’s chest at first, until she had situated herself. She leaned down and smiled at him.

“You always have been the most comfy footstool, my little stocking slut. I’m going to sit here and relax for a while. You just lay there and keep me comfortable.” As an afterthought, she added, “I trust you enjoyed the gift I gave you…..your orgasm?”

“Yes, Goddess, very much,” and then wisely he added, “Thank you.”

With that, Shauna leaned back into the comfy cushions once again. She wanted to be

completely comfortable when she reminisced about turning a mere foot slave into a total stocking slut. She sunk into the cushions and relaxed. Then, with a cruel smile on her face, she repositioned her feet. She moved them up slut’s chest, over his neck and from there to his face. She left them there. While his chest was a more comfortable place to rest her feet, using his face as a footstool made much more of a statement.

And that was what she was all about. In her mind, her feet deserved their comfort, but she as a true Goddess deserved nothing but the best. And what better way to put slut perpetually beneath her – symbolically as well

as physically – than by having his upturned face beneath the soles of her feet? What an unmistakable statement she was making to him!

She rubbed her feet around on his face until she’d found the most comfortable positions for them. Then she said to him, “While I relax, slut, I want you to rub the tops of my feet with your hands. Be nice and gentle. While your face keeps my soles comfortable, I want your hands to pamper my insteps. I’ll let you know when you can stop.”

“Yes, Goddess,” came his slightly muffled response from below, his warm breath tickling the soles of her feet.

When slut started rubbing, she closed her eyes. The warmth beneath her feet, and the gentle strokes on top of them made her smile. Yes, perfect conditions for her memories of training her stocking slut…

With the soles of her feet on either side of slut’s face, and his hands busy rubbing her insteps and the tops of her toes, Shauna drifted back many months. She had made him her foot slave immediately on that first night that they’d met, but molding him into her stocking slut…..well, she considered that her finest hour. It went beyond simple foot fetish and worship. His love for the female foot made it easy to break him and recreate him into her foot slave. But his love had always been for a woman’s feet when they were clean and fresh, pristine and beautiful. Shauna felt that was selfish of him, and thought he should adore her feet no matter what condition they might be in. That was the first hurdle they’d have to overcome….as far as his worship of her feet, of course.

Secondly, Shauna expected his worship of her feet to extend beyond the times that they were together. It was all well and good he immediately took his position at her feet whenever he was in her presence, and that’s as it should be. However, she wanted him to be her slave every waking moment of his day…not just when he was physically at her feet. She wanted him to desire to be at her feet when he wasn’t with her, and she wanted some way to constantly remind him of her hold over him whether he was in her presence or not.

Sam, as he was called in his previous life, had always liked when women wore sexy stockings. Sheer stockings in erotic, open-toed footwear turned him on. But his fantasies had been for those sexy stockings and shoes to be removed by him and then the lovely, sweet feet adored. Again, Shauna expected more than that from him….much more.

Shauna always loved wearing sexy hose and heels, and wanted her personal foot slave to worship her shoes and hosiery as much as he did her feet. She loved wearing them, so he should love worshipping them. They touched her regal feet, and so they too deserved his unconditional adoration.

Getting her slave to worship her shoes was relatively easy, happening even on that first night, though only to a small extent. Shauna felt he needed to worship her shoes much more. Likewise her stockings.

Since she wasn’t wearing stockings that first night, his training in this area had to wait. Besides, she had so many other things for him to do for her that first night that she was content to save her stocking training for later. But one night, five days after her first meeting with Sam, the stocking training began…..

Sam had taken Shauna out to dinner that night, massaging her feet throughout the meal. She smiled to herself when she remembered making Sam kiss her shoes before he took them off of her, then also kiss her stockinged toes – all ten of them – right there at the restaurant table. After dinner, he had to again kiss her toes and shoes before putting her shoes back on her feet and leaving the restaurant.

After the dinner, Sam had to go shoe shopping with her, helping her try on all types of sexy shoes. She made him kneel before her and take off her old shoes, put the new shoes on her feet, and then tell her how sexy her feet looked in each pair. Along the way, Sam had gotten several erections, making his kneeling and then

getting up for the next pair of shoes and then kneeling again quite difficult for him…and amusing for Shauna. That night, Sam had bought three pairs of shoes for her, shoes Shauna planned to have him worshipping in due time.

Next, Shauna insisted on going to an out of the way nightclub where they could dance the night away…as part of her plan, of course. As with the first night they’d met, Shauna found the least crowded section of the club to continue her molding of her stocking slut. She had Sam dance with her on and off for a good portion of the night, both slow dance and fast. She loved dancing and Sam was pretty good at it……and, it fit well into her plan. After about fifteen minutes of nonstop dancing, she told Sam she wanted to sit and relax again.

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