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Atlanta Flight

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Gosh I love computers. I had just got the new large screen Apple laptop and I was flying to Atlanta, Georgia.

When she brushed past me to take the window seat I really didn’t pay that much attention, other than to notice her musk perfume as I breathed in her fragrance.

“Wow,” I heard her say as she looked at my computer, “that’s a big screen.”

Leaning over to get a closer look, I felt her firm breast touch my arm, and looking at her I saw the prettiest eyes I had ever seen.

“Does it play movies?” she asked. “Yes,” I replied, as I took in her beauty. She was probably 18, with dirty blonde hair, and a very cute figure.

After we had exchanged introductions, Ann told me she was visiting Atlanta on her very first vacation by herself. I replied that I was going to model on a photo shoot, and would only be in Atlanta for the weekend.

“Do you have any movies on there?” she asked, as she leaned against my arm trying to get a better look.

Hesitating, I said “yes but they’re adult movies and only with women.” “Can I see?” she asked excitedly.

As I turned the sound down, I opened a video of me with another woman over my knee that I was spanking.

Feeling her breast press harder against my arm, I asked, “do you like that?” Almost in a whisper, she said “yes.”

As she squirmed in the seat I allowed my free hand to reach under my arm so that my fingers brushed against her breast and touched kocaeli escort her nipple which was as hard as a rock.

As the part in the video reached where I was caressing the woman’s pussy I cupped her breast, and asked her, “would you like me to do that to you?”

Her voice was almost inaudible as she whispered, “I’ve never done that before, but yes I would love it. I’ve had a fantasy about being spanked by a beautiful woman.”

In the darkened cabin of the airplane I reached my arm to draw her close and kissed her.

After we had retrieved our bags from the baggage claim, I told the taxi to take us to the Holiday Inn-Midtown.

As soon as I had closed the door to my room I kissed her again, wrapping my arms around her allowing my hands to cup her beautiful tight ass cheeks.

Taking her by the hand I lead her to the bed. Hiking up my skirt, and then sitting on the edge of the bed, I turned her over my knee.

Allowing my hand to caress every inch of her beautiful ass as I raised her skirt, my eyes fell upon her beautiful pink panties.

Raising my arm, and holding her tight I started to spank her lightly on each ass cheek. Increasing the strength of my spanks. “Have you been a naughty girl” I asked, as I spanked harder. “Yes,” she replied. “Count the spanks” I told her, as my hand came crashing down on her panty clad ass cheeks.

Resting for a moment, I slipped my fingers under the elastic kocaeli escort bayan of her panties, and slipped them down and completely off.

“It’s getting warm in here” I said, as I slipped my top and bra off. I could see her watching me in the mirror, as I took my hand and parted her thighs.

I could see the moistness on her neatly trimmed fur as I raised my hand again to give her more punishment. Spanking again as her ass cheeks turned from a pretty pink to a bright red.

Pressing my hand against her ass cheek I could see the outline it made from my hand.

Caressing her inner thigh I started to spank and slap as she counted. Her voice strangely changing from pain to what I recognized as passion.

As she squirmed on my lap I too was getting excited. Allowing my spanks to stop, I drew my fingers lightly over her moist pussy, as she moaned. “yes please.”

Holding her tightly my middle finger drew lazy circles over her pussy till I allowed it to enter her hot pussy.

“Is this what you want?” I asked. “Yes, fuck me,” she said through her tears. Leaning over so my breasts rested on her ass I plunged my finger in deep.

Then a second finger alongside the first. Finger fucking her my hand moved like a machine, as I started to kiss and lick her sore red ass cheeks.

Dragging my tongue along the crack of her ass, her moans got louder. As my tongue approached her tiny asshole izmit sınırsız escort I made it pointed to tongue fuck her ass as I finger fucked her pussy.

I could tell she was getting close so I replaced my fingers with my tongue and probed her pussy walls as my fingers patted her swollen clit.

Screaming, she said, “yes I’m cumming,” and I was rewarded with her gushing in my mouth of her sweet girl honey.

Never stopping I continued to tongue fuck her as my fingers cuddled her wet swollen clit and rubbed it and flicked it with my fingernail.

Again and again she climaxed, till it was time for me to be satisfied.

“Now it’s my turn,” I told her, as I pulled her to the floor kneeling in front of me on all fours. “I’ve never done this before,” she said, as her face drew closer to my shaved pussy.

“Now’s the time to start,” I said, as I picked up my hairbrush. As her tongue touched my hot wet pussy I started to bring the hairbrush up over my head. As it crashed down on her tender ass she started to lick. The harder the hairbrush connected with her tender ass the harder and faster she licked. The harder I hit the closer I got to having an orgasm.

I was on the edge but I couldn’t get off, till I picked up the whip. As I started to whip her ass and back I knew it would only be moments.

Whipping as hard as I could it happened, cumming into her tiny young virgin mouth. Again and again my pussy came, having multiples, till finally the only thing I could do was pee in her mouth.

She never stopped licking and sucking. Drinking down my honey and bodily wine.

As she slept I couldn’t help but to think how the rest of the weekend would turn out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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