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Atonement! G

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Arriving at her apartment that evening he noticed her shiver and worried a little so he decided a shower would not do. Soaking in the tub would ward off any bug, hopefully, that came knocking at her door. He had started the water running and returned to the living room to find her dozing on an old gold colored love seat. Knowing he’d be lowering her into the tub himself he bent to change her position to one that he could pick up easily. He took her glasses off and then to the kitchen sink where he rinsed off the drying semen deposits. When he returned to the living room to set down her glasses Lynette entered the front door having just finished parking the car. She also looked tired, and she looked upon her friend sleepily lazing on the chair. As he stood there she walked over to him and edged into his arms for a hug. She looked up and whispered “Thank you.” And then put her arms around him and moved up into a kiss. They muffled the sounds of their brief make out to the tiniest smacks as lips parted, then Lynette stepped out of her heels. When she bent to pick them up she pressed against him with her hip and rotated a bit so that he felt a bounce against his crotch from her soft cheek. She left it at that and went to her room, leaving him with a raised eyebrow. He decided that he should attend to the shorter girl. He moved her hair away from the back of her neck and was able to get it clear of the neck of her outfit. The floppy iridescent one piece was loose enough to pull that back out from behind her to free it from her neck. This loosened the whole top and exposed her breasts entirely with ease. Her hair falling back into place showed him that a few strands of her dark bangs were encrusted in semen. It would surely wash out, but it was rock hard for the moment and it made him think. The idea for the next step of her atonement sparked then, but would need quite a bit of work. Okay.

She sleepily reached out and took his left hand. Without opening her eyes she brought it to her face and stroked it on her cheek ending with a kiss above his knuckles. He started to rise, but was stayed when she didn’t let go; instead she used her tongue to stroke the space where his middle and forefingers met his hand. That was new, but the moist warm pressure raised his arousal again. He let her do this almost a minute, but had to gently stand erect to go and check the tub.

He rounded the doorway to the bathroom and saw that the tub was already full enough for a bath.

“The water’s perfect for her.” Lynette murmured.

His second realization was that the tall thin girl was in the bathroom kneeling by the tub with a colorful bottle of bath oil, and then finally he caught that she was entirely naked. Now that he could see the roomie’s whole form he was reminded of a sports car — built for speed. Her gently swayed back brought accent to her soft butt resting on her heels. Her small, sharp nippled breasts were projected forward noticeably by that curvature, too. He was stopped in his tracks, taken aback. She looked up at him with her eyes — that is without raising her head — and slightly parted her lips with her tongue while he asked, “He, Hey, uh, what’re you doing? I mean in the woods was hot and…”

“And,” she cut him off, “It’s just the right temperature,” she put down the bottle and dipped her hand into the water. “Come see.”

He peered around the corner back to the living room where she for whom the warm bath was intended lolled in her doze. One hand had fallen across a breast, cupping.

“Come see,” he heard again, “and shut the door.” He did as she bade and knelt by the tub where she still traced slow figure eights.

He dipped his hand in and found it was just right. Her hand smoothed against his and with her other she poured her peach-red oils. The colors revolved as the water from the tap mixed the oils in and she leaned in to whisper in his ear. “I don’t want to steal you from her.” Her little voice tickled his ear.

“But what are you doing now, then?” he asked.

“I, well, I got a taste of that big cock in the woods, and I want it, too.” Still in his ear, “I want you to wreck my tiny pussy. It makes me want to gape all over you.”


“Shhh, Gaziantep Fetiş Escort I know, but you know what? I think every girl needs it, a big one like yours. Every woman needs a few good poundings with what you’ve got. If she can handle you she’s a real woman. I need what you’ve got, and I know she does, too. I’m willing to share you. I don’t want to steal you. I just want to fuck you, so…” She turned off the tap and repositioned herself, “…get to it, please.”

He was slow on the pick up as he needed to make sense of this. Lynette’s new position with her bare ass out for the taking spoke volumes and made his loins cry out. She was resting her head on her arms on the side of the tub and looked back at him with one eye open. Her small back was straight now and he could see one breast hang ever so slightly toward the floor. Mayeb a little impatiently she rocked her ass to left and to right a tiny bit as though her sex sought him out. Or perhaps it beckoned ‘where are you?’ “And if ever you think you’ll stop giving it to her,” Lynette purred, “I’ll keep you coming around — if not for her then for this.”

He touched her back and started to glide over her skin. “Ah, that’s nice baby, but don’t waste our time, jump in for a swim.”

So he tok off his pants by rolling on his butt on the floor. “Fan,” She said curtly and he reached up to flick on the switch that would drown out some of the noise. He pulled his shirt up and off while she said, “She’ll sleep through anything, I even felt her up once, but let’s just be cautious.”

As he finished undressing he had to ask, “You felt her up, in her sleep?”

“Yeah,” her tiny ass waved again and she repositioned her knees turning her legs out a bit which rolled her taut labia into view. Her lips were so tight and pert that her clit and inner opening peaked through. He placed his hand on her hip and started to poke with a finger — he wanted to test the waters, so to speak. Rocking to the left her ass carried her twat away from his finger, “C’mon no time. Don’t worry about my being ready, get in there. Anyways, yeah, David talked about how wet and wide she gets and how soft and big her boobs are, so I had to see. Are you there?”

“Yes,” he replied as he used his hand to hold his penis up while he set it against her opening. There it rested a moment, even with a little pressure he bent a little before it started to slowly part her labia more and open her vagina.

“Okay,” she said breathily as if getting set to concentrate on a task. Her pussy was not ready — not nearly moist — in contrast to how her roomie’s would have been. “Okay,” as he kept trying to push in, “Okay.” He backed off a bit to stroke hoping to spread some inner moisture. “Noooo, just push it iiiinn.” She had stopped him from rearing back with her hand. She reached back for him from underneath and grabbed his shaft. “Nooo,” She was now pushing back against him steadily, “just go iiinn.” She strained as he did what she urged him to, but pushing forward gained him only and inch or so. Then his penis bent as if he’d topped her small pussy off. They knew from before there was more room and she greedily moaned for it. Her hand left his penis and snaked around seeking his wrist. She pried it off her hip and pulled against it. Her urgency and tightness combined to stoke his desire and duly his cock throbbed wider still just as she pulled in more, and she moaned more, “oooh, Ooohh! Yesss.” She hissed between her teeth and she pulled harder saying wreck this pussy, go!” And he just kept trying to press in. “No, fuck it, go!” and he took the cue to begin rocking in and out. Still dry around his cock the motion pulled and pushed her whole form. As he did gain a little more ground her button clitoris was folded up mostly inside her hole, and that finally brought a hint of her lubrication. To this point they both thought they’d come out raw, but now he could feel a little slide. The slippyness spread down from her inner recesses and within a minute he was full sliding at her opening. Though she was a bit raw, she wanted to get him in dry, to feel the hard rub and let it add to her sensation. Now, though, she was just enthralled at the fully engaged sex and she started “Ah, ah” with their mutual strokes. Then she raised her torso up and held herself up that way, with her straight arms on the side of the tub. His first thrust in this position banged against the top wall of her stretched vaginal sleeve, and she peaked an immediate orgasm that surprised her into a yell, “Ah, Ha!” Her eyes and mouth remained wide open. She collapsed after two more thrusts to lean back onto her crossed arms on the side of the tub. He first felt, but now could see that, though he was fucking into all that she had, at least an inch of him still could not fit in. “Fuck, baby, fuck it up, fuck fuck fuck!” she chanted with each in-stroke, taking no heed how loud she got.

“Hey,” he hissed a bit, “what about…”

“Don’t… worry… she… asleep… not… gonna… wake…up! Stays… asleep.” She answered with each bouncing stroke. She had begun slamming her ass up and down to help his strokes and in each head-on collision of these long strokes he felt his shaft pounded back at his own body as he crashed into her final wall. Another dozen of these strokes and he felt his orgasm being coaxed forth. Her tight raw twat drew it forth as if pulling it hand-over-hand with a rope. She raised up with the side of the tub again to be fully spired and mounted on him. She came again and held her position, pressing pressing pressing as hard against him as she could. “Ow, Ow, Ow!”

At that third ‘Ow’ he managed to stop and take hold of her with concern.

“No, Don’t stop!” she said with her head cocked askew, “OK, ow yes, ow yes! Ow yessss!” She was hissing through her teeth again, and she trilled at her second orgasm as it leapt into her. She felt him engorge again, felt his every blood vessel raise, felt his head swell and immediately her orgasmic waves radiated from the place where they were joined. This time his throbs drove each wave of warmth through her. She could feel each thick emission escape his hot cock and squeeze around his shaft as his thrusts picked up again in rhythm with his pulses.

She open mouthedly said a long “Ahhhhhn” with a hiccuppy hitch of sound as each of his slowing thrusts still landed home at the top of her narrow space. His last thrust came and she basically sat in his lap. No longer using her arms nor even really using her legs his spear held her aloft, but lowered her gently as in a moment it softened. She slid onto his lap facing him and put her arms around his shoulders.

“Hold me tight, tight tight.” And he squeezed her firmly around the middle. “Oh” she received his grip and as it loosened she said, “One of these times I’m going to get that thing all the way in, ooh I promise.” And she frenched him while purring “Mmm.” A few moments of that and she rose from his lap. “I’m going to get it in up to here.” She joked drawing a line with her hand that came to her nipples. She was still standing but bent over to reach the hot water tap which brought her hind parts close to his head as he was gathering his clothes. He had a clear view of the rawness at the tops of her thighs and around the inside of her lips. She had turned on the water to warm the bath kindly for her friend and didn’t see him watch with awe as he body movements closed her gapped pussy. She suspected he was watching. He pulled his shirt on while she reached down to scoop the cum that was ejecting from her closing hole. As he pulled his pants on she licked, “Mmmm,” it off her fingers at length.

“Is it really that good?” he asked with an eyebrow raised not realizing that she was making a show of it for his benefit.

“It is after a good hot fuck.” She wiped her labia again and brought it up to her face, but hesitated. She giggle and strutted her long legs over his sitting form. Prancing with a big grin and laughing, she was pursued into the living room. There, what she was thinking of that was so funny — it made her even double over still holding long cummy fingers away from herself. He caught on as he saw behind Lynette the sleeping half-naked roommate. The latter had moved only a tiny bit; her right hand now cupped her right nipple a different way and her legs were now splayed a bit. At his moment of ‘ah-ha’ Lynette’s eyes widened, as did her mischievous grin. The sleeper stirred, lolling her head and pinching her nipple between her fingers. Her mouth opened a bit, but her eyes remained shut. She continued to roll her nipple absently as Lynette, a perfect nude prankish nymph, raised one finger to her lips in a silent ‘shush’ and pantomimed large tiptoes across the rest of the room to her sleeping friend.

“No, no!” he mouthed severely. Seductive and sultry as the pose was, he was sure she didn’t deserve this sort of rude awakening, or this kind of midnight sleeper’s surprise.

“Oh, yes!” with a big nod came the mouthed reply. Another “TeeHee” escaped her lips, and she put on a thoughtful face.

He tried to creep nearer to stop the shenanigans. She stopped him with a wave of her soaked fingers over the form in the chair. She put a finger up with an idea. The finger turned and pointed dramatically, and Lynette’s form bent to comedically follow it, until it nearly touched her intended victim’s boob where the fingers gave one more gentle roll before resting.

“No,” he mouthed again. She pouted teasingly and stood hand on hip. She used that hand again on her own crotch to gather more of their mingled juices which she merged into her other hand. He crept closer. With a grin she lowered her messy hand to near the place where the sleeper’s splayed legs held her jumper dress open. He stopped and waved his hands before him and Lynette pouted again. A barest touch of her fingertip on the sleeping beauty’s thigh brought a round of activity. She lolled again, moving a hand to between her thighs and closing her legs on it as she turned to her side. Her mouth moved as she murmured something, and then she stopped with her mouth poutily pressed open.

“Ah, ha” whispered Lynette sharply as she suddenly moved. He moved to stop her and grabbed at the backs of her elbows. Too slowly, too late as Lynette got her hand to the pretty little mouth and tipped the glob in. The young lips parted and face turned, sensing the touch, to receive the slippy load. As the spry nymphet wiped her fingers clean on her friend’s lower lip both lips rose in an instinctive gentle kiss. He got Lynette’s waist and hauled her off her feet and she giggled and kicked. This time she was louder, and as he pulled her away they both stopped in place as his preferred nymphomaniac again shifted, smacked her lips and stirred more seriously. Her hand rode up her thigh and pushed up the hem of her outfit until it contacted her pubic mound. Her breasts jumbled together and her lips moved, “Mmm, it’s creamy, mmm.” She kissed space with her goopy lips and started to lick them. Dreamy, peaceful softness moved from her features as her eyes experimentally opened, but caught sight of nothing. He put Lynette down, and she bounded off giggling, naked to her room. He swatted at her rear, but she pranced away. More sound came from the sofa, and he turned to see hands sleepily rubbing her crotch and fingering her lip. She stirred more when she tried the stuff on her mouth and really opened her eyes. She rolled it around in her mouth and said “He- … hey!” around the glob. Not angrily, but confused she sat up. “Did … did you do that?” She puzzled, still not disposing of the load, but looking up at him.

“No,” he tried, “it was more a prank by Lynette.” Who giggled again from her room. She swallowed it finally as she looked down to meet her exposed breasts, where one nipple was hard, and her hiked up outfit. “Hey, are you sure?” She looked at him and sort of brought her legs together and crossed her breasts with one arm.

“Yes, look I’ve made you a bath, and I was coming back to put you in it, and that’s when she smeared your lips.”

“Oh, um, oh.” She rose a bit and he reached for her. “I could use a bath — little bit cold,” she shivered again and stepped forward and pushing encrusted hairs off her face, she let herself be led. Fortunately she was still too sleepy to question where or why Lynette had a wad of semen to play a joke with. She glided behind him like a spirit and stepped high to allow her flouncy iridescent raiment fall past her ankles. “Did, did you get your rocks off on me on the love seat? I mean, it’s OK if you did, but did you?”

“No,” this information was good to know, “just Lynette playing a gag.” He helped lower her into the tub, where she sat squinting in the bright light.

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