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Aunt Edna’s Needs Ch. 03

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Chapter Three

I lay beside her, relaxed, my hand lightly touching, continuing to explore. I traced the circle of her areola, lightly brushing the light dusting of hair there. Then I stroked her armpit, smoothing the hair there. I stroked the soft down around her navel and then down to the thicker, longer hair of her pubic mound. I was petting her like a cat and absolutely fascinated with her body.

“I’ve always hated it, you know,” she said, very softly, her eyes open and looking straight up at the ceiling. It was like a barrier had been breached and she could finally start talking.

“Puberty struck when I was very young,” she said, her voice just a bit above a whisper. “I was 11 when I had my first period and the body hair started coming in immediately. Then came 7th grade and gym class and locker rooms and I was pretty much constantly teased.”

I watched, fascinated as a tear overflowed her right eye and ran down the side of her face, wetting the hair of her temple, and realized that this was probably the first time she had said any of this to anyone.

“When your Uncle John proposed and I said ‘yes,’ in part it was to escape the teasing,” she went on after a long pause. “And you’ve seen how the women in the church dress. But every day I could see it in the mirror and wondered if I could get rid of it. But it would have been so expensive to get rid of, and I didn’t have anything like that kind of money.”

She finally turned her head to look at me.

“If I’m too disgusting and you want to leave now, well, I understand, Davey,” she said. “You’ve done enough for a crazy old woman.”

I lost it.

I was howling with laughter. The only thing close to this was the few times I had gotten the giggles when I was high on pot and had laughed so hard I couldn’t stop myself.

And she was suddenly angry. “What the fuck,” she screamed, “you think this is funny?”

I wrapped her in a bearhug, more a boxer’s clinch than an embrace, holding her tight so her punches couldn’t gain power.

I couldn’t stop laughing. It had all come together so suddenly. Here I was, thinking how beautiful, how exotic, how goddam purely sexy she was and she had started talking about how ashamed she was of precisely what I found so damn erotic.

“Stop,” I managed, at last, laughing and holding onto her under her hail of ineffective punches, “stop hitting me.”

I hung on and she kept going like that for some time, I really have no idea how long, while I got myself under control.

Finally, I got my hands Lefkoşa Escort between us and pushed her away enough to look into her eyes.

“Stop it,” I said again, a kind of combined laugh/yell, “and let me tell you EXACTLY why it’s funny.”

I’m not sure if it was my command voice or just the fact that she was tiring anyway, but she stopped.

“What IS funny,” I said, “is how completely, absolutely, utterly, astonishingly backward you have it.”

I captured her wrists, as I had last night as part of our sex play, and pulled them up so they were straight up over her head and that glorious mat of hair was displayed at its fullest.

“This,” and here I stroked her armpit, smoothing the hair like I was grooming her, “is what sets you apart, what makes you unique. There is NOTHING unattractive here, Edna,” I said, “or here,” and I lightly brushed the halo of fine hair around her nipples, “or here,” and I stroked the long, very fine hair of her forearms, “or here,” and I ran my fingertip across the light dusting of hair on the backs of her fingers.

“You,” and I kissed her, “are,” and I kissed her again, “unique,” one more kiss, “and I can’t wait to dress you properly to show off how lucky I am.”

She was crying now, not sobbing or bawling, but simply weeping softly, tears running down her temples. Her nose was running too, thin clear mucus running down her mouth across her upper lip.

I kissed her again, a good kiss, tear salt and snot slick and all. A VERY good kiss.

When I broke the kiss and pulled away thin silvery threads of mucus and saliva kept us connected.

“I’m going to get you short skirts and sleeveless blouses and the tiniest bikini that’s legal to show you off,” I said and kissed her again. And I was mildly surprised to feel myself getting hard again.

So I smiled at her, moved around to get my knees between hers slipped into her. We fit so well I didn’t need to guide myself or anything like that.

I held myself, supported on my extended arms, looking down into her eyes.

I liked the way she smiled as she wrapped her legs around mine, locking us together at the knees.

“Do you mean it?” she asked.

“Oh sweety,” I said, “I can’t WAIT to show the world the new you. You are so damn gorgeous, you deserve to be in the spotlight.”

“Tell me you love me,” she said, “at least a little.”

I smiled and said, “I love you,” and delivered another of those salty, snotty kisses.

“A lot,” I added and she came, suddenly, Girne Escort powerfully. Her knees were locked with mine and she had leverage while she thrust her hips in her release. She was very liquid as her pussy squeezed in hard muscular contractions, almost painful the way she clamped down. Her mouth was open, her breath in hard little gasps, and her pussy pumped waves of her love nectar, soaking my balls and the sheets under her ass.

When she relaxed I started a slow rhythm again and she sort of moaned, “Oh Jesus.”

I kept her going like that for some measurable fraction of eternity. She wasn’t exactly cumming, but she wasn’t exactly not cumming either. I could feel her flowing, feel her squeeze and release, feel her body suddenly tense and relax, feel her gasp a breath and then hiss it out.

It was very good sex.

I hadn’t been in any hurry and I lasted nicely. I have no idea how many times she had those little mini orgasms I could feel in her body. Certainly, it was in the hundreds. She was reduced to panting and sort of whimpering with each one when my own climax came.

And like hers, it was somewhere in between. I could feel myself flowing, but there were none of the hard muscular contractions that would pump my seed deep into her.

Finally, I was spent. I held that position as long as I could, wanting to keep our bodies merged. I latched onto her hard nipple and suckled like a hungry baby, massaging it against the roof of my mouth as I imagined her milk flowing.

Nature won in the end, and I slipped out with an odd little liquid splash.

“Oh Jesus,” she was softly sighing, “Oh, God.”

The afterplay was nice too. We lay together, kissing softly, touching, still exploring.

“I could get used to this, Davey,” she said softly after we had our breathing under control.

“Oh, Edna,” I said, “you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.”

We were kissing gently, sharing a pillow, our lips touching, every tiny movement becoming a kiss in itself. My hands were stroking lightly and I was absolutely captivated by the feeling of that soft down against my sensitive palm. Where the hair was thick enough like it was at the base of her spine, I would tug very gently, making her giggle.

When we were both satisfied, relaxing, down to soft touches and little kisses, I rolled out of bed and headed into the bathroom. I started the water in the shower to get it hot, and then went to the toilet and peed. I can’t say I was surprised when I felt her against my back Magosa Escort and her hand reaching around to aim me. I lifted my hand and said, “be careful, you’re cleaning up any messes.” She just giggled.

When she sat I kissed her as she peed and then folded a couple of feet of toilet paper into a pad and wiped her.

She giggled again.

I held her hand and led her to the shower.

The shower was almost as interesting as the sex had been.

I started with her face, carefully scrubbing it with a washcloth, well soaped. I did her forehead first, and then the rest of her face, her cheeks, her chin, her nose, her lips, her ears. I was very careful with her eyelids. I scrubbed her ears and behind her ears muttering something about growing potatoes and making her laugh.

Then I started on the great mass of her hair. Wet and straight, it hung well down her back, almost brushing her ass when she turned her face up into the water. It felt amazing, thick ropes of hair, slick with the foamy shampoo, my fingers were lost in it and I didn’t want to let go. But I finally did, and then worked her conditioner in before I started on her body.

And again her body hair captivated me. Her upper arms had a very fine, sparse covering and her lower arms were covered by a thicker coat of darker hair. In the same way, her armpits were thick with hair that dwindled to being sparse down her sides and the insides of her arms. When she turned around, her back was just as fascinating. There was a relatively thin line down her spine where the hair was relatively thick and long although still very light, that ran down and spread into a delta at the base of her spine. The roundness of her cheeks was smooth, covered by the sparsest hair while at the gluteal sulcus, the line where ass meets the tops of thighs, she had that darker and thicker hair. The very tops of her thighs had that same dark hair, her thighs were almost smooth, just a light down, and her calves had very thick hair.

Jesus, she was sexy. I wanted to shampoo her whole body.

I turned her and did her front as thoroughly.

When it was her turn she pretty much mirrored what I had done. She washed my face, shampooed my hair, and washed my body, giggling when I got hard again and smiling as she cupped my scrotum and washed down there. When she did my ass she delighted in the way I squirmed when her fingertip found my anus and probed.

Finally, clean and dry we got in the car and I headed for Limon. I put the top down and her hair was loose and flowing. I thought she looked like some barbarian queen, standing athwart the bow of her longboat as her boatload of Vikings set off for conquest. Limon’s a much bigger town, although hardly qualifying as a “city.” It did have a Penney’s store, though, and we absolutely HAD to get her some different clothes.

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