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Auntie Dearest

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Bobbie Sue Adams lay on her back, naked, with her long dirty-blonde hair splayed out around her head. Her butt was perched just over the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide and her feet planted firmly on the floor. She could feel herself trembling as he moved towards her, just like she always did when he came for her. She watched him drop to his knees in front of her. He was moving slowly, allowing the anticipation to build before finally allowing his cock to press up against the gates of her womanhood. And when he eased himself into her she sighed, melting into the softness of the bedspread as he began pistoning in and out of her.

He worked her slowly at first, savoring the power he held over her, before slowly picking up the pace — in, out, in, out. Soon she was sweating, gasping as she grabbed a handful of bedspread, clutching it tightly as he continued to work her. Soon he was groaning with her, his motions becoming a bit more hurried with each passing second.

And then her orgasm struck and she screamed out in pleasure, even as he was grabbing her waist hard and shooting his wad into her.

When it was over he collapsed on top of her, panting as he struggled to gather himself. She gave him the time he needed, tracing her fingertips lightly over his back. When he recovered, she placed her hands on each side of his head and pulled his lips to hers, opening her mouth to allow his tongue to slide in and mingle with hers. Finally, she pushed his head away, looked into his eyes and smiled.

He smiled back, then crawled further onto the bed, collapsing onto his back. She joined him a second later, lying atop him, her left leg sliding between his, her “C” cup breasts pressing against his chest.

“Are you sure there’s no way we can get out of it?” she asked in a quiet voice. “She’ll ruin everything.”

Billy ran his fingers slowly through his sister’s hair and smiled. “You know there isn’t, Sis. She’s family. And besides, it won’t be forever. As soon as she finds a job and collects a couple paychecks she’s out of here. Believe me, she doesn’t want to live here any more than we want her to.”

The ‘she’ they were referring to was Aunt Paula, their mother’s younger sister, who would soon be moving into the small three bedroom ranch house that the siblings now shared.

“But it’s not fair,” Bobbie Sue whined, resting her head against her brother’s chest and snuggling a bit closer. “I finally get you all to myself, and then she comes along.”

* * *

The product of a broken home in rural America, Bobbie Sue and Billy Adams developed a close bond at an early age; a bond that grew stronger with each passing year. Neither child had any memories of their father, having been abandoned by him when Billy was not quite two and Bobbie Sue was still a newborn.

With their mother working two jobs at a time to make ends meet, the siblings were on their own from a fairly early age. Billy, as the oldest, took it upon himself to look out for his baby sister, a self-imposed obligation that stayed with him throughout his school years, not even fading when he graduated from high school and moved ninety miles down the freeway to find work.

Billy ended up with a good paying job as an electrician’s apprentice. He realized almost immediately that paying rent was like flushing money down the toilet and made up his mind to buy something as soon as he could scrape together a down payment. Accordingly, a month before the second year was up on his apartment lease, he settled on a nice, albeit small, 3 bedroom ranch just outside of town.

Although Billy had always been a hard worker, he’d never been accused of being the sharpest tool in the box. His sister, on the other hand, rarely brought home less that an ‘A’ on her report cards. It came as absolutely no surprise to anyone when she received generous scholarship offers from several colleges. Unfortunately none of them covered room and board, an expense that her mother simply couldn’t afford. That left student loans, but even they would not have been enough if Billy, who happened to live near the college Bobbie Sue ultimately settled on, hadn’t taken her in, charging her nothing for the room and not much more than that for food and household expenses.

It was Labor Day weekend when Bobbie Sue moved in with her older brother, six months to the day after her eighteenth birthday, and sixty-two days before they would first make love.

* * *

Billy walked in the door, exhausted from his long day at work and in no mood for anything but a cold beer and a quiet half-hour in his chair. He got neither.

“I’ve had it!” Bobbie Sue said as she barged into the kitchen before her brother could even reach the refrigerator. “She’s only been here two weeks but it feels like a year. She nags me, bosses me around and questions everything I do. It’s like I’m in junior high school all over again!”

“Come on, Bobbie Sue. It can’t be that bad.”

“It can’t, can’t it?” she shot back. “Then what about her going through all my drawers while I was in class today? And what about her trying to ground me this Ankara escort afternoon because she doesn’t think I’ve been studying hard enough? Who does she think she is, anyway?”

“She went through your drawers?” he asked, the surprise in his voice evident. “And tried to ground you?”

“Not to mention being a general all around bitch!”

Billy took a long, slow, deep breath. “Okay. We’ll have a talk with her right after I have a beer.”

“No, now!” Bobbie Sue countered firmly. “Before I have a chance to calm down.”

Billy took one last, longing look at the refrigerator, then turned back to his sister and nodded his head. A moment later he was knocking on his aunt’s bedroom door.

“Aunt Paula,” he said through the closed door. “We need to talk.”

The door swung open to reveal an obviously agitated woman, her not yet fully brushed brunette hair falling just to the base of her neck. “Talk fast,” she huffed, turning away from the door and moving back to her dresser. “I’m on my way out.”

Billy stepped into the room with Bobbie Sue close on his heels. “It’s about you and Bobbie Sue,” he started. “You just can’t . . .” But he never finished the thought as Aunt Paula turned sharply and cut him off.

“I can do whatever I want,” she retorted. “I’m the adult here. I promised your mother I’d look out for her baby girl and that’s just what I intend to do. Now get the hell out of my room!”

When Billy looked back on that moment later, he couldn’t say exactly what it was that put him over the edge. Maybe it was her overall shitty attitude. Maybe it was the way she’d interrupted him. Maybe it was her condescending attitude. Most likely, however, it was her ordering him to get out of her room!

Her room like hell! It was his house, not hers! It was by his good graces that she was there at all! And if she wasn’t careful, she just might find her ass out on the street!

“Now you hold on right there, woman!” he blurted out, taking a threatening step towards his aunt. “This is my house, not yours. I’m the Master here, not you. In fact, in this house you’re nothing. Bobbie Sue is my sister, my roommate and my friend. She’s far more the Mistress of the house then you’ll ever be! You’re a houseguest; nothing more, nothing less. And if you don’t start behaving like one you won’t even be that for long!” he paused, taking a brief moment to catch his breath. “Now, is there any part of that you don’t understand?”

“How dare you talk to me like that, young man!” Aunt Paula spat back. “Now you apologize right this minute, or else!”

“Or else what?” Billy countered.

Paula hesitated ever so briefly, searching for the right reply. “Or else I’ll be having a nice long conversation with your mother, that’s what!”

“You’ll tell my mother?” Billy replied sarcastically. Then he shook his head slowly, a semi-disgusted look on his face. “I’ve got to tell you, Aunt Paula. This is just about the most immature behavior I’ve ever witnessed from an adult. First you stick your nose in where it doesn’t belong, trying to run other people’s business. Then instead of discussing things rationally you go off the deep end and throw a little temper tantrum. And now you’re threatening to tell my Mommy?”

He paused briefly, taking a quick glance in his sister’s direction before continuing. “I guess there’s nothing else to it, Aunt Paula. If you’re going to act like a child, I’m going to have to treat you like one.”

And before she could react he reached out, grabbed hold of her arms and twisted her so her back was towards him.

“Let go of me this instant,” she ordered angrily as he forced her to her knees at the foot of the bed before pushing her forward so her torso lay prone atop her bed.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she bellowed, even as Billy was pulling her arms together at the base of her back and pinning them firmly against her. It wasn’t until he had her completely under his control that he answered.

“What I think I’m doing,’ he said, “is preparing to give a spoiled brat the spanking she deserves.”

“Unhand me right now!” she demanded, struggling in vain to break free.

But he ignored her, turning instead towards his sister. “If you don’t mind, Bobbie Sue,” he said in an overly sweet, sarcastic voice, “how about pulling her pants down. We wouldn’t want them absorbing any of the pain, now would we?”

It took a moment for the look of stunned disbelief to leave Bobbie Sue’s face. “Billy, are you sure you . . .” But she stopped in mid-sentence as the early traces of a smile began to form on her lips. Soon the biggest shit-eating grin he’d ever seen was spreading across her face as she dropped to her knees without another word. She reached for the elastic waistband of her aunt’s jogging pants and jerked them over her ass. A moment later the thin fabric of her panties joined her pants just below mid-thigh, leaving her pretty, milky white butt cheeks on full display.

“How dare you?” Aunt Paula screamed out as she struggled in vain to escape her nephew’s grasp. “You just wait ’til I get my hands on you!”

And Ankara escort bayan then the first blow landed.


Followed an instant later by the second.


“Nooooooooo!” she cried out, startled at least as much by the sound of the slap on her bottom and the humiliation of her situation as she was by any actual pain.

Billy then rested his hand on her bare ass and leaned forward to speak softly into his aunt’s ear. “My dear Aunt Paula,” he whispered in mock tenderness. “I’m afraid this is for your own good, and will continue until you’ve not only learned your lesson, but apologize to your niece as well.”

And then . . .


“Ow, ow!” she cried out as the blows landed. “Let me up this instant!”

“Are you ready to apologize to Bobbie Sue?” Billy asked.

“Never!” came the terse response.

“Have it your way,” he replied before . . .


And three more blows landed on her already red fanny before he stopped and turned to his sister. “How about it, Bobbie Sue? You’re the injured party; would you like to take a few shots?”

Her gleeful affirmative response was drowned out by her Aunt’s screams as she made yet another attempt to break free.

Then, after slightly shifting her position, Bobbie Sue began her attack.








Paula heard herself gasp as each of the blows landed, before finally slumping helplessly to the bed. “Please stop,” she sobbed between breaths.

“Are you ready to apologize?” Bobbie Sue shot back. And when her aunt’s response wasn’t immediately forthcoming she resumed her assault.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Paula screamed out. “Just stop. Please!”

But before Bobbie Sue acknowledged her screams she delivered three more swift, hard blows.



And then there was silence, broken only by Aunt Paula’s soft moans of relief as her niece’s hand began caressing her naked ass. Bobbie Sue let several seconds pass before leaning towards Aunt Paula’s head. “I’m waiting for your apology,” she said, still rubbing her ass softly. “Unless you’d like a little more, that is.”

“No!” she responded desperately, even as Bobbie Sue was withdrawing her hand. “Please, no more. I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” Bobbie Sue challenged.

“For what?”

“Yeah,” Bobbie Sue replied. “I’d like to know just what, exactly, you’re sorry for.”

It was several moments before Aunt Paula responded. “I’m sorry I went through your things. And I’m sorry I yelled at you.”

Bobbie Sue smiled at her brother as her hand returned to her aunt’s rear end, stroking it softly, caressing it tenderly. “And you’re sorry you were such a bitch, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” her aunt replied without hesitation.

But then Bobbie Sue withdrew her hand and, WHACK!, landed another blow to her unprepared aunt’s ass. “Don’t just agree with me,” she barked. “Say it!”

“I’m sorry I was such a bitch,” her aunt gasped without hesitation as the sting of the latest blow spread through her derriere.

“That’s better,” Bobbie Sue said softly. And as her hand went back to work massaging Aunt Paula’s butt, her mind began to wonder just how far she could push her clearly distraught aunt.

“You see, it can be nice and pleasant, like this,” she whispered, rubbing her hand tenderly over her aunt’s ass. “Or it can be hard and painful, like this.”



“It’s really up to you,” Bobbie Sue teased, continuing to press her advantage. “You just tell me what you’d prefer, the spankings or the soft, tender caresses.”

And after her aunt remained silent for several moments, Bobbie Sue leaned even closer. “I’m waiting for your answer, Auntie dear. What do you prefer, the spankings or the soft, tender caresses?

“The caresses,” she finally answered, her voice barely more than a whisper.

“Then ask me nicely to caress your ass,” she instructed. And when several seconds passed without a response, she withdrew her hand. “Or would you rather go back to the spankings?”

This time the response came quickly. “Please caress my ass.”

Bobbie Sue smiled as she returned her hand to her aunt’s rear end. “Now, just relax and let Bobbie Sue make your tender bottom all better,” she said in a syrupy sweet voice. But it wasn’t until Paula slumped further onto the bed and a soft moan escaped her lips that Bobbie Sue realized just how much control she truly held over her aunt. And with that realization came the thought that maybe, just maybe, she could push her totally over the edge. The smile on her face grew even bigger as she turned to face her brother while sliding her hand down her aunt’s butt-crack and onto her pussy.

“Nooooooo!” Paula gasped, her body going rigid as her niece’s hand slid over her pussy. She even lifted her head off the bed in protest, if only an inch and only for a second. But then her Escort Ankara head settled back to the bed and a soft sigh escaped her lips.

“Well, well, well,” Bobbie Sue said in mock surprise as she turned back to her aunt. “It seems your pussy is all wet, Auntie. If I didn’t know better I’d say you were excited.” She hesitated, leaning close to her captive’s ear as she continued rubbing her aroused pussy. “You aren’t excited, are you Auntie?”

“Nooooooo,” she whispered again as she made another half-hearted attempt to break free, before once again collapsing onto the bed.

But in point of fact Aunt Paula wasn’t quite sure how she felt. First, her underlings had challenged her superiority before manhandling her and baring her bottom. Then they’d spanked her, taking her to the point of submission and beyond, before changing tactics and continuing their assault with soft, gentle caresses. And now, on top of everything else, her own niece was running her hands over her pussy, and the captive woman found herself unable to control her body’s reaction. And once again she tried to focus her will, lifting her head from the bed.

“Please stop,” she pleaded in a soft whimper. But Bobbie Sue couldn’t help but notice that despite her words, her aunt’s pussy was most definitely responding to her touch.

With her head still close to Aunt Paula’s ear, Bobbie Sue spoke again. “You keep saying stop, Auntie dear, but your naughty little pussy seems to be betraying you. Maybe I should be spanking that naughty pussy of yours instead of your ass, huh?” And before her aunt had a chance to respond, Bobbie Sue withdrew her hand a few inches, and then began a series of soft little slaps, tap-tap-tapping her hand against the increasingly wet lips.

“Oh shit!” Paula gasped, arching her back and lifting her head from the bed, even as she pushed herself back against the attacking hand. “Oh shit! Ohhhhh Sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . .”

“You like this, don’t you Auntie?” Bobbie whispered into her ear. But as her hand continued it’s tap-tap-tapping on her pussy, the only answer she received were more moans. That was when she withdrew her hand and delivered another solid blow to the ass.


“I asked you a question, and I expect an answer!” she said in a raised voice directly into her aunt’s ear.

“Yes!’ Aunt Paula said in a gasp, “Yes, I like it.” And just like that it was over, her surrender complete. And when her niece’s hand returned to her pussy, the tap-tap-tapping was replaced by two fingers diving into her wet hole, pounding her in, then out, then in again, over and over until the defeated woman could stand it no more and her body exploded in orgasm.

Billy had watched the events of the previous several minutes unfold in stunned silence. That Aunt Paula would give in was never really in doubt. Indeed, with the control he’d held over her as his sister and he had assaulted her, any other outcome would have been highly unlikely. But what he was seeing now in his aunt was nothing short of surrender — sexual surrender! And when he saw Bobbie Sue lower her eyes to Aunt Paula’s ass before raising them back to his and nodding briefly, he knew just what to do.

He released his grip on Aunt Paula’s arms, even as Bobbie Sue was moving her free hand to replace it. Next, he slid back just enough to grab hold of the pants that were bunched up around Aunt Paula’s lower thighs and push them the rest of the way to the floor. He was only slightly surprised when a simple tap of his aunt’s leg was all that was needed for her to lift her knees from the floor, thus allowing him to slide the pants and panties the rest of the way down her legs. A moment later they were in a pile in the corner.

As soon as the pants were discarded Billy slid forward and took hold of her shoulders, pulling her torso from the bed. A brief look in his sister’s direction was all either of them needed to know what to do next, with Billy taking hold of the hands his sister had just released and lifting them in the air while Bobbie Sue took hold of the bottom of Aunt Paula’s shirt and slid it up her body, pausing just long enough for Billy to release his Aunt’s arms, before she slid the garment the rest of the way off. And with a still stunned Aunt Paula making absolutely no move to resist, Bobbie Sue reached for the back of her bra, unclasped it and slid it down her arms. Only then did Billy retake his grip on her arms, once again bringing them together behind her back as he took hold of them with his right hand.

And then there was silence, disturbed only by the heavy breathing coming from the naked middle-aged woman on her knees at the foot of the bed, and the equally heavy breathing coming from the two young adults that surrounded her.

Even now there was still a part of Paula that tried to regain her sanity, that wanted to scream out in revolt against what was happening, to beg her niece and nephew to stop this craziness. She even found the strength to turn towards Billy and open her mouth to protest. But when she felt his hand slide onto her “B” cup breast even as her niece’s hand was sliding over her still tingling pussy, the only sound that came out was an unintelligible moan. And for several moments there was more silence, broken only by heavy breathing and sighs as the two youngsters continued their petting and stroking.

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