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Awakening of Mrs. Anjelina Wright

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It started with a simple question.

“What does swinging mean?” I asked.

I sat at my computer on a Saturday morning wearing sweats and a wrinkled T-shirt.

My husband, Bill, was reading the newspaper at the kitchen table.

“What?” he asked, a surprised set of eyebrows poked over the top of the folded black and white page.

“I’m surfing the Internet and up pops this ad about swinging. It’s clearly an adult ad and,” I glanced somewhat accusatorily in my husband’s direction, “it’s not the first time I’ve seen this particular ad pop up”

I sat cross-legged and must’ve looked as naïve as a schoolgirl.

“I delete it every time, but…” I continued. “You really must load some parental controls. Anyway, I’ve just never heard this word before, that’s all.”

“Angelina, Baby, you’re serious?” Bill asked, now putting down his paper, his broad, athletic shoulders showing beneath his worn-thin college T-shirt.

“Serious as a heart attack.”

In so many awkward words, my husband calmly explained swinging to me. He said it was for liberated couples, who choose to share partners, usually with other married couples, to spice up their sex lives. He said sometimes committed couples, once they’re settled down and have all the children they want, might decide to indulge in some swapping with one or more other couples, just for fun.

“No way!” I said. “You think that really happens?” My slender, proportionate body tingled with shock, maybe a small amount of excitement, too.

“Yes, I think it happens all the time,” he said sincerely. “It’s just recreational sex. But I suspect it can only work, if ever, when the couple is truly in love,… when they trust one another implicitly,… and there’s no jealousy,… none whatsoever,… and they don’t take sex too seriously,… but they both sincerely want the other to have fun.”

I laughed with embarrassment, thinking quietly to myself “You want me to have fun, no?”

You see, I am a small town girl from a conservative, tight-knit family. I met Bill through mutual friends and, after a brief courtship, we fell in love and, eight years ago, got married. Our lives together have been happy, but much the same as everyone else we know: early thirties, two small children under the age of six, a cute mutt of a dog for a pet and, after eight years together, straight missionary sex once a week. Don’t get me wrong, when I asked Bill about swinging I really was happy and, as unbelievable as it may now sound, I truly had no clue what the word “swinging” really meant. I was in denial and, frankly, I was probably just blissfully happy because I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Recently, however, something happened that changed my life with Bill forever. So much so, that I wanted to share my story with someone but, in this small town, I am both too close to too many people and not really close enough to anyone to risk entrusting my deepest secrets with anyone I know. So, when I came across your website and read a few of your stories, I knew I had discovered the perfect way for me to share at least one story of my own.

I work out of my home and make a living as a freelance fashion critic on the panel of a few well-known fashion magazines. While my husband travels frequently for work, I have preferred being a homebody and go out only when I have an assignment that requires me to leave the safe confines of my home. Bill works in the marketing department of a company that sells hospital equipment.

Bill and I are close friends with another couple, Jenna and Dave. Dave works in marketing for a major diagnostic imaging company and, with so much in common professionally, Dave and Bill have become close friends. Since my husband met Dave at a trade show three years ago, the two of them have become thick as thieves and they frequently talk on the phone about their industry’s most cutting edge information. Whether in town or out of town, they stay in touch and promote one another to clients.

Dave is taller than Bill, probably 6’1″, with an attractive, masculine built. He is well mannered, has a happy disposition and an infectious smile. His wife, Jenna, is an easy going, stunning blond — 5’6″, well-endowed with a voluptuous body. Wherever she goes, she is definitely the head-turner. Because Jenna is so confident and easy to talk to, she and I get along almost as famously as our husbands. And since Dave makes good money, Jenna does not work outside the home, which means she is able to come over to my house from time to time for some quality time when I don’t feel like going out.

On occasion, we do accompany our husbands when they travel out of town for business, mostly to sleep in fancy hotel rooms, try on expensive clothes, sip expensive coffee and enjoy our husband’s expense accounts. But, mostly, I stay home.

Jenna often came over to borrow DVDs to take home and watch. We both have a sizeable collection of movies, mine mostly classics, hers mostly new romantics, which we freely swap. A few days ago, Jenna returned a stack of old DVDs that she Escort bayan had borrowed. After she returned them, the stack sat unnoticed on a bookshelf in the den for a couple of days before I decided to return them to their rightful spots among my collection. As I ticked through in alphabetical order, I noticed one of Jenna’s DVD cases had no title on it.

“What have we here?” I asked myself, with half a thought to set aside the unlabeled DVD until I could ask Jenna directly.

But the children were at school and I was alone with nothing to do, so I decided to slip it in the DVD player and check it out.

As soon as it started playing, I was astonished to see explicit sex scenes of Dave and Jenna flicker across the flatscreen in front of me. It was a compilation, almost one hour in duration, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen until I had seen the whole unedited production in one sitting.

It started with Jenna lying down on their bed and Dave placing two pillows under her ass. Propped up this way, her perfect little pussy shown like a ripe peach. Dave stepped into frame, sporting a well-endowed cock at least 9 inches long and quite thick. In fact, it looked too long and too cylindrical to be real. Its size made me recall a comment Bill once made that porn stars will sometimes put extenders on their penises to make them look monstrously huge. It occurred to me that Bill could be wearing such an extender, although his tool certainly looked genuine enough. Jenna took it with both her small hands and kissed it. Dave tried shoving it in her mouth, but she could not swallow even half of it. She rotated it in her mouth in a circular motion. Dave moaned with pleasure.

After receiving a bit of oral, Dave got back to real action, he placed his cock on the tip of Jenna’s vagina and rotated it in tight circles. Jenna began to moan and push her pussy upwards to swallow Dave’s cock in her folds. He teased and titillated her until she could not wait any longer.

“Oh Jesus,” Jenna moaned, “Fuck meeeee!!! Shove it in now and fuck me hard.”

Honestly, I was taken aback by Jenna’s aggressive, explicit pleas. I felt like I knew her well, but I never had heard her talk like that before.

With a bellow, Dave pushed forward, sinking his ramrod deep into her hole. Seconds later, both of them were thrashing and groaning.

The screen flickered to black before switching to another encounter. I sat dumbfounded on the floor in front of the screen, cross-legged as an Indian, my own pussy now awakened, waiting more.

In the next scene Jenna lay on her back on a low table, her legs lifted and held in her hands. Along side her were strewn a bunch of sex toys, dildos of different type, vibrators and an array of other gadgets. Dave’s lower body appeared in the scene and his cock crammed its way inside Jenna’s tight pussy.

“Sweetie, you think there is place for another one?” he asked. I imagined his winning smile staring down at her.

“Yeah, sure why not?” Jenna beamed.

“Well, which one?” asked Dave?

“You know I would rather have another real one than one of these toys,” she admitted.

“Okay, I’ll see if I can make that happen for you another day, perhaps,” he replied, “but let’s just imagine that this is another man’s hungry, large cock for now, okay? Look, it wants to fuck you so badly.”

And, with that, along side his own cock, Dave squeezed one of the dildos into Jenna’s screaming tight hole. I was amazed that she was able to take both his cock and the large, life-like toy at the same time.

Watching intently, I slipped my fingers into my own wet snatch to see whether my vagina could accommodate such a feat. I was sure that it couldn’t.

“Honey,” Dave continued, “we will fulfill your favorite fantasy some day real soon. I promise.”

“I’m can’t wait,” Jenna answered.

For a minute, Dave worked both his dick and the dildo in and out of Jenna’s gapping hole at the same time. She squirmed with delight, her eyes closed as she focused on her own private fantasy. I tried to imagine what she was thinking, what she was feeling, as I watched Dave’s dick and dildo competing for the same tiny real estate.

Dave then reclined on the bed and Jenna climbed on top of him, squatting on his shaft and taking support from his hands. She thrust her pussy on his cock, moving up and down. After a while, Dave came as he pulled out his cock and splashed cum all over Jenna’s pussy and breasts.

In yet another episode, Jenna placed a blindfold on Dave. She stretched out on the bed then put chocolate at a few points along her body, including her belly button, breasts, pussy, hips and so on. Blindfolded, Dave searched for the chocolate spots with his tongue. He started at her belly, traveled to her belly button, licked it clean and then explored her body until he reached her breasts. He sucked them clean and then traveled down to her pussy. Jenna moaned in ecstasy. She put her hands on his head, pressed him downward to guide his tongue to the spot where Escort she needed it most.

“Oh, fuck, Baby. That’s it. Fuck, that’s it,” she purred.

With a loud shriek, she exploded with a torrential orgasm.

“Oh, God,” I thought to myself, “Look how much fun they’re having. I never realized sex could be such fun.”

There were many more sex scenes, probably ten total, with Dave and Jenna bAngelng away, bumping nasties, in almost every conceivable position and saying some unbelievably raunchy things to one another. To say that I was hot and bothered would have been the understatement of the century. I watched the entire recording and then just sat in the middle of my floor stunned, not knowing what to do.

I thought that I would tell Bill about it, but I was not sure how he would take it. All day, I was in a heightened state of sexual arousal and kept thinking about the DVD. It would not leave my mind, not even for a second. Later that night, I could hardly sleep. Images of Dave and Jenna kept dancing before my eyes. I wondered what Jenna meant by saying that she wanted to have another real dick fuck her with Dave. It was all very confusing,… challenging to my preconditioned ideas,… but one thing was undeniable: as I rolled the images over in my mind, clinging to Bill in the night, I was able to privately massage my swollen clit and bring myself to orgasm more times than I could count.

The next day, when the children left for school, I sat naked on my leather sofa and played the DVD again from beginning to the end. I replayed it again for a second time and, again, a third time. I shuffled the scenes, fast-forwarded to see what excited me most. For the entire week, I watched the DVD every day. I was so sexually charged and excited that the blend of images remained on my mind at all times. Whenever I slipped my fingers down to check whether my panties were soiled, I instantly exploded. My face was flushed all the time, such that Bill even noticed.

“Honey, do you have a fever?” he asked, “You look lost most of the time these days. Is everything alright?” He seemed sincerely concerned about my wellbeing.

I knew I needed to tell Bill about the DVD, but I simply could not work up the nerve or decide when and how, so I kept my little secret to myself for a while, hoping that Jenna wouldn’t ask me if I’d found one of their home movies in the meantime.

Summer vacation was coming up and we decided to send the children to their grandparents for the week. Bill’s parents and sister lived in a town close by so it was easy to send the children away for a week of fun with their grandparents and cousins. If I’m honest with myself, I felt liberated the moment they picked up the children and whisked them away.

“Okay, girlie, now’s your one and only opportunity to come clean,” I told myself.

When Bill hit the bed that night, I exited the closet in a sheer pink nightie that Bill bought for me a long time ago. In my left hand, trembling with nerves, I held Dave and Jenna’s exposé.

“Wow,” Bill said appreciatively. “What’s that?” he added, nodding toward my hand.

I couldn’t bring myself to speak, so I simply dropped the DVD in the bedroom DVD player and let the moving pictures speak for themselves.

“Honey,” Bill exclaimed, “where did you get this?”

“Jenna gave it to me by mistake,” I confessed.

Honestly, he wasn’t listening to my response because Jenna’s pussy was staring him right in the face on the 42″ screen at the foot of the bed. I could see Bill’s penis spring to life beneath the sheets.

We sat quietly and watched the movie play. I basically had it memorized by now. When we got to the scene where Jenna was getting stuffed by two dicks, one real and one fake, I asked Bill about it.

“Double penetration? I suspect a lot of women have a fancy about double penetration,” he explained. “You know, if one is good, two must be better. That kind of thing?”

“Yeah, I suppose,” I said sheepishly.

As he explained, Bill put his hand on my pussy and slipped two fingers inside. My pussy was thoroughly wet and throbbing and, after a week of masturbating every chance I had, my quivering hole probably could have accepted ten fingers at the same time. I took no time for me to climax, and I reached an orgasm as soon as he began moving his hand against my swollen clit.

“Oh, yeah. Fuck, yeah,” I said, probably the first time I’d used those kinds of words ever in our relationship. It felt empowering. “Use my pussy, baby, use me.”

“Honey, I don’t know what’s gotten in to you,” Bill said, “but I like it.”

That night Bill and I had sex many times and, when we finally fell asleep, we slept totally entwined with one another.

“Bill, should we return the DVD,” I asked in the middle of the night.

“I don’t know. Geez, it’s Dave and Jenna for Pete’s sake. Wouldn’t they be embarrassed? They’re such good friends, wouldn’t they just die?”

The next two nights we played the DVD again and again. We could hardly sleep, Bayan escort as sex and watching Dave and Jenna have sex — was the only thing on our minds. We acted like a newly married couple. We screwed like rabbits.

Later that week, Bill left town on business. That evening, I got a call from Jenna informing me that Dave had been out of town for the past two days, too, that she didn’t know when he would get back and that she was bored.

“You wanna spend the night together at my house?” she asked.

“Sure, why not,” I agreed.

“Okay then, I’ll pick you up around seven thirty.”

Jenna was prompt as usual.

“Wait a few minutes,” I called down, “I just need to grab a few things.”

“Don’t bother with nightwear,” she replied. “I have plenty. I’m sure we can manage.”

After stuffing a few necessities in an overnight bag, soon we left in her car. On the way I got a call on my cell phone from Bill. I told him that, since Dave was out, too, I was going to spend the night with Jenna. He said that would be okay and that he was not likely to return home for another couple of days.

At Jenna’s house, we gossiped for a while, ordered a pizza for dinner and had a couple of glasses of wine. After we ate, we moved to the master bedroom to get comfortable and watch some TV the same bedroom that I had seen in the DVD with a king size bed and bedside tables on both sides. We put the near empty bottle of wine and empty wine glasses on one bedside table, I dropped my purse beside the bed, and then we walked to the adjoining dressing room and bathroom.

“Here, let’s find you something to wear tonight,” Jenna offered sweetly.

Her wardrobe included a huge collection of sexy lingerie, babydoll dresses, camisoles, chemises, knickers, bustiers, etc. A lot of it looked very fancy, wild and sexy. Some of her dresses were made of sheer, barely-there fabric.

“Wow, girlfriend, so much trashy lingerie! What do you do with all this?”

“Honey, when you spend two-thirds of your life in the bedroom, why not?”

She offered this explanation as a simple matter of fact.

“So, what would you like to wear?”

“I don’t know. Most nights, I wear a cotton pajama set,” I said meekly, the words sounding even too shamefaced for me.

“Well, not tonight,” Jenna said. “Tonight, why don’t you try on something sexy? Here, take off your clothes while I pick out some lingerie for you.”

I stripped down to my bra and panties and stood there while Jenna rifled through her wardrobe like she worked at a laundry mat. She made a few selections and then turned to give them to me.

“Sweetheart,” she ticked, staring at my underwear, “you’re a fashion critic, aren’t you? That will never do.”

I looked down at myself and had to agree that I hadn’t worn my best set of bra and panties.

Jenna put her clothes on the dressing table, grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around. With the skill of a professional dresser, she unsnapped my bra and pulled my panties to the floor in a series of lightning quick motions. The room temperature air felt chilly on my exposed skin. Goosebumps pricked up all over.

“Okay, try these,” Jenna said, offering me a stack of nighties.

I tried on a few long, silky dresses and then an expensive set of French lingerie — flesh-colored bra, knickers and see through, front-open camisole. Very sheer, very erotic.

“This is too revealing,” I thought to myself.

“Why don’t you give me something else?” I asked.

“Love, you’ve reached your limit. This looks fantastic on your perky little body, trust me.”

I searched for one last line of excuses.

“But, I don’t usually wear a bra at night,” I argued weakly.

“Okay, so don’t wear the bra. Just wear the knickers with the camisole. That will look perfect on you.”

Jenna’s expression told me she wouldn’t accept “no” for an answer.

“Why so shy? There is no one here except you and me, remember?”

“Okay,” I submitted.

Jenna turned me again and removed my bra.

“There, perfect,” she declared.

Once I was dressed, Jenna stripped off her day clothes. In an instant, they ended up in a pile on the floor. I watched her graceful body move around the room as she searched for something to wear. She had large, firm breasts and pretty pink nipples. Her stomach was flat and skin smooth with just a hint of light blond fuzz, leading downward to her blond and sparsely haired pubic mound. The sight of her flawless body gave me a twinge of conditioned response — a tingle of memory of her home movie showing her having intercourse with Dave over and over again.

After a picking a few alternatives, Jenna finally selected a sexy, sky blue silk robe, full-length and totally transparent, with nothing to wear underneath.

We moved to the bedroom, and Jenna went for the wine.

“Dang, almost out,” she murmured. “Let me grab another, even better bottle. I’ll be right back.”

She disappeared through the bedroom door and headed down the hallway toward the kitchen. I scanned the room to fill in all my memories, then hopped up on the bed and waited for her to return. There was a wooden wall unit on the wall facing the bed. There was a TV and on the top shelf, a video camera mounted on a folded tripod.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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