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Babysitter On Camera

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It can be a bit rough being a single father and I appreciate the times when I can take a night off and go to the pub with a few friends. I don’t get many of them. Fortunately I have access to a decent babysitter.

Marlene is nineteen, very attractive and owns her own car. That is a definite plus as it means I don’t have to worry about taking her home after being at the pub all evening.

One Friday I’d been out, come home happy, saw Marlene off and went to bed content. The next morning I’d dropped the kids at various appointments they’d set up and came home and decided to hop on the internet for an hour or so before I went racing around picking up children again.

Now there was one site I was interested in, but I couldn’t remember its name and I hadn’t bookmarked the damn thing. No problems. I just called up my history as I knew when I’d last visited the site. Found it without any problems and jumped over to it and did the stuff I wanted to do.

However, while glancing through the history I noticed that the previous evening I’d been spending some time on Imgur, and I was damned if I could remember doing that. I’m sure I wasn’t that tipsy when I got home.

Going back to the history, I clicked on the last visit to Imgur to see what was doing.

What was there was a very nice GIF file of a naked young woman swivelling her hips. Superb figure, blonde hair, nicely shaped boobs, clean shaven in interesting places and masked so you couldn’t identify her. I looked quickly through the album. There were half a dozen more photos of the young lady, displaying all her charms, although all the other pictures were just JPG files.

Now there was no way that I would have forgotten looking at pictures like that, so that left either the kids, who were too young to worry about that sort of thing, or Marlene, who I would have thought was too straight laced.

Marlene had always seemed to project the image of a prim and proper young woman who wouldn’t recognise a sexual advance if it bit her on the bottom. If these were the sort of pictures that she liked looking at then maybe I was mistaken. It could be she was a lesbian. Not that that worried me. She was showing really good taste in the pictures she looked at and I assumed that she wouldn’t let the kids see them.

Now I am a healthy male with all the male appreciation for a nice female figure, especially a naked female figure. That’s the only reason I can give for not immediately noticing something that was really incidental to the focal point of the pictures.

I’d turned back to the first picture, the gyrating nude, enjoying the superb hip swivelling action when I spotted an odd little detail. When the dancer’s hips moved to the left they revealed a little table against the wall. Just like the one against the wall behind me.

Just like that everything clicked into focus. Ignoring the dancer, I was looking at my own office on the screen. Flicking back through the other photos demonstrated the same thing. Marlene hadn’t been looking at these photos. She’d been taking them and posting them.

If she’d had a friend come by to do that sort of photography in my house I was going to kill her. Probably by fucking her to death, I thought, looking at her dancing.

I examined a couple of the photos and worked out where the camera had to be. Marlene must have been using my own webcam for the photos, but she used it a damn sight better than I ever did. I could never get such clear crisp shots out of it.

A quick check of my PC showed that the originals were no longer on it, not even in the Recycle Bin. Have bursa escort bayan you ever come across that nifty little program called Recuva? It will bring back all sorts of things that you thought gone forever. I ran it, looking for JPG and GIF files on my C drive and a whole bunch of old photos popped up.

I scrubbed all the old junky ones and had Recuva dump the remainder in a directory titled Marlene. From the look of it, Marlene had been taking time for some photo sessions a number of times while babysitting for me.

I then rang Marlene and asked if she could babysit for me that night. She apparently had nothing on and agreed quite happily.

That night I admitted her, tucked the kids into bed and said goodnight to them and then went down to the pub for an hour or so. I wasn’t drinking, just passing some time so that the kids would fall asleep and Marlene would feel the time was right to hop onto the computer.

The new Marlene directory was right in the middle of the screen, standing out all by itself. There was no way she could miss it. And she wouldn’t be human if she didn’t open it to see why there was a folder with her name on it.

About ten I headed on home. As soon as I came through the door Marlene was there, red of face and indicating that it was time for her to go. I shook my head.

“There’s something I’d like to discuss with you first,” I told her.

Marlene reluctantly followed me into my office, her eyes darting over to the computer as we entered. I glanced at it as well, noting that the Marlene folder was now gone.

“I assume you deleted the folder and emptied the Recycle Bin?” I asked.

Marlene nodded, looking defiant.

“And did you think to defrag the disk to reduce the likelihood of the photos being recovered?” I asked. “You didn’t after previous sessions. That’s how I was able to recover all those photos.”

Her shoulders sagged slightly, answering that one.

“Marlene, you will find that a lot of the photos that you posted on Imgur have been reposted, saved and reposted yet again. They’ll turn up on a dozen different sites.

May I say in passing, you have a superb body and show quite a talent for photography. I assume you used Photoshop for the dancing GIF?”

At her nod, I nodded as well.

“Thought so. You’re really quite talented with computers. But didn’t you realise that sooner or later you’d get caught?”

“I’m wearing the mask at all times,” Marlene protested. “No-one can tell it’s me.”

“I could,” I pointed out, “and any boyfriends who’ve seen you naked might make a good guess if they come across them. As a matter of curiosity, have you ever considered doing porn? With a body like that you’d make a mint.”

She blushed bright red at that one. Her answer was a bit incoherent but I gathered death before dishonour would be the order of the day.

“If I’d stumbled across those photos and just happened to recognise you, I’ll admit I would probably have made a serious pass at you to try to coax you into bed with me. Finding them on my PC and knowing what you’ve been doing here is another matter.”

I smiled and waited, knowing she’d have to ask.

“Um, what do you mean?”

“I mean that you may feel free to take your clothes off now while I watch. When you’re naked, I’m going to take you to bed and ravish you until you can’t stand. And then I’ll probably ravish you some more.”

Marlene swallowed. “And if I don’t?” she asked in a very small voice.

“Then I will be seriously disappointed,” I said calmly.

She blinked at that. “And?” gorukle escort she asked cautiously.

“I will warn you that I’m going to make a serious effort to seduce you,” I told her. “I’ve been wanting to drag you into bed from the moment I first saw you but thought it smarter to have a good babysitter on tap. Now that I’ve seen you naked I’ve decided that I’d much rather have you in my bed than have you as a babysitter.

Are you going to get undressed now?” I added.

“No, I’m not,” Marlene snapped. “And don’t beat about the bush. What are you going to do in regards to the photos. You know damn well that you’re going to use them to blackmail me into bed.”

“Actually, I know nothing of the sort,” I replied. “I will admit that I considered using them to blackmail you, but then I decided that I didn’t really want to find myself making love to an unresponsive and reluctant wooden doll. So I just used then to get your attention.

Um, I’m still hoping for you to take your clothes off, you know.”

“So you’re saying that if I just say no, that’s it? You’re not going to coerce me into bed with you?” Marlene seemed to have a hard idea understanding this little fact.

“No, that won’t be it and no, I’m not going to coerce you into bed. Coercing you would be the same as rape and I don’t want to rape you. Actually, I’ll correct that. After seeing that dancing GIF I’d have loved to have raped you right there and then, but I decided that’s not what I want right now.

Right now I just want you to take your clothes off so I can haul you into my bed. You’re taking a long time deciding to do it, you know.”

“I’ve already said no, I’m not going to. You’re not going to coerce me so why should I?”

“Because you want to,” I pointed out. “I’ve seen those photos of you and you’re feeling excited. If I’d threatened you, you’d already be naked and wailing about how I’m forcing you. Now that I’m not forcing you you’re just not sure how to say yes. Will it help if I take off your clothes for you?”

“You’re deluded. I can assure you I don’t want to go to bed with you. I think it’s time for me to leave.”

I looked thoughtfully at her. She was going to be difficult it seemed. Still, she was standing in easy reach and wearing yoga pants. I like yoga pants. They come off so easily.

I reached over, hooked my thumbs over the waist band of her yoga pants and pulled them down. They slid down quite smoothly, revealing a pair of lacy green panties. Marlene just stood there, mouth agape, not believing I’d done that. Which was fortunate as it gave me time to draw her panties down as well.

“Lift your foot,” I told her, and when she did I slipped yoga pants and panties off. Her other foot just lifted naturally, and Marlene was standing there half nude.

“You said you weren’t going to coerce me,” she protested.

“And neither I am,” I protested right back. “All I’ve done is help you start getting undressed. I haven’t used any force or threats. Lift your arms.”

Marlene lifted her arms, seeming to be hypnotised by the fact that I was just proceeding to undress her. I lifted her top up and off and now she was reduce to her bra.

“Turn around,” I told her, and she finally rebelled.

“I can do it,” she snapped, reaching around and unhooking it. Taking it off she held it in one hand, daring me to say anything. I did.

“Much, much better than the pictures. You’re a work of art.”

Standing up, I took her arm and turned her towards the door. Fingers lightly resting under her elbow I steered her down to bursa merkez escort bayan my bedroom.

“I swore I wouldn’t do this no matter what you threatened,” she muttered. “As soon as I opened that folder and saw the pictures I just knew you’d attempt to use them to get me into bed and I just wasn’t going to do it. I was going to say the photos were all fakes.

So why am I naked and about to go to bed with you?” she finished with a slight wail.

“Because I want you to and because you want to and because the photos are irrelevant to what we want and we both know it.”

I pushed open the door to my bedroom and entered, drawing Marlene after me. I walked her over to the bed and coaxed her onto it. Then I undressed, and there was no mistaking my desire for her.

“I don’t have a hope in hell of stopping you taking me now, do I?” said Marlene, her voice half laugh and half sob.

I settled onto the bed next to her, shaking my head and smiling.

“Then you can do something for me,” Marlene grumbled. Noting my raised eyebrows, she continued. “Take me hard and fast. Ravish me. I saw those photos almost as soon as you went out this evening and for the past three hours I’ve been expecting this. I need you to just take me, and take me hard.”

If that’s what she wanted, then that’s what she’d get. I threw my leg roughly between hers, driving them apart. Moving between her thighs, I spread her lips and poised my cock above them. She was watching, waiting for me to drive into her. I waited a moment longer and Marlene hissed at me.

“Do it. Why are you waiting?”

I wasn’t. I drove into her, striking deep with one firm thrust, helped by Marlene lifting her hips joyfully to meet me. She gave a cry as I drove in, loud enough that I was worried it might wake the kids. Then all outside considerations were forgotten as I started loving her, ravishing her as required.

I ravished her, pounding hard against her, driving into her and subjugating her. She was mine to do with as I wished and I was demonstrating it on her body.

This is not to say that Marlene tamely accepted my dominance. Her body duelled with mine, flinging itself eagerly into battle. If I was ravishing her, she was damned well going to do her best to ravish right back.

We were rough with each other, taking our pleasure in a joyful collision of bodies, coming together repeatedly, separating, and then slamming back together again. Being on top and in the dominant position only meant I could drive down harder, and I did so, putting force behind it and deliberately pounding my cock hard against Marlene’s softer flesh.

Softer and yielding to my driving need, but not surrendering. Rather meeting me and taking what I was giving, accepting it as her right.

I was surprised we lasted as long as we did. Even so it seemed to me all too soon when I felt myself getting ready to come inside Marlene. Marlene seemed to sense my need and was pushing back even harder, eager to take my seed and wanting her own climax as well.

I exploded into her and Marlene screamed and shuddered beneath me, surrendering finally to the driving need of her own body.

Lying next to her, I waited for her to gather her senses. Finally she stirred.

“Um, do you mind if I have a quick shower before I go?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said.


“I said, yes, I mind. What we just had was an introductory special for you. I couldn’t possibly let you go without giving you a repeat performance to make sure you know what you’ll be getting next time you have to baby sit. You can have your shower, by all means, but after I think you should hop back in bed so that we can try again, a little slower.”

Marlene just took a big breath and snuggled closer to me. It appeared that she had no objection to a repeat performance. I’d just have to make sure my mouth wasn’t larger than my cock.

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