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Babysitting for my Uncle Ch. 03

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My cousin (Jace) drives me over to his house and we walk in. Two little munchkins run over to me and hug my legs. I pick up the tiny one and carry him to the kitchen where my uncle is. I set him down so I can get a hug.

“Hey! I’m here to babysit.” I say with a wink. The little kids cheer and my uncle fake cheers. “So, isn’t it about time these munchkins take a nap?” I ask. They sigh in unison and walk towards their room.

When they are out of sight, my uncle pulls me in for a kiss and I hear my cousin walk down the hall. He must not have liked watching that. I kiss him again and then go to tuck in the kids. Jace was kneeling at the side of one of the beds tucking in a little one. I tucked in the other and kissed him on the forehead. They started drifting off to sleep immediately so Jace and I walk out of the room. I shut the door and pin him against the wall. I kiss him and touch him tenderly. I whisper in his ear “are you sure you can handle watching us?”

“As long as I get you after in my room.” He says and kisses me again.

I nod and we walk to the main room. Uncle is sitting on the couch and I go and straddle his lap. He enjoys this.

“I’m going to my room. Have fun.” My cousin says.

I kiss my uncle to distract from Jace sneaking into his dad’s room. I told him of the dark corner of the room that has a blanket in it. He is to sit in the corner under the blanket and watch us silently.

We make out for a few minutes so Jace can get settled. Then I pull away and tell him for us to take it to his room. He agrees and slaps my ass the whole way there. I flop onto the bed and wait for him to do something. He takes his shirt off and I spread my legs and touch myself. He grins as he takes his pants off. He wasn’t wearing underwear so his cock sprung to life. I gasped and giggled. He gives it a few tugs to make it fully erect before stepping forward and removing my shoes, socks, and my panties. He pulls on my legs and brings my ass to the end of the bed. My legs are spread and I am completely exposed. I watch as his mouth nears my cunt. I feel his warm breath against me and I shiver in anticipation. His fingers lightly touch my wetness and slide into my pussy. I gasp as his fingers curl inside of me. My head rolls to the side and I catch a small glance of Jace before my body jerks ferociously as my uncle finds my G spot. I didn’t know this spot existed inside of me until this moment.

“Oh Uncle! Mmmmmhmmm!” I shout as my body writhes under his touch.

He said some dirty things to me but I was focused on keeping eye contact with Jace. He is jerking off under the blanket he is hiding with. The eye contact triggers something in me and I feel tingles deep inside.

“I…I…I’m gonna cum!” I breathe out heavily.

My pussy walls clamp around his fingers and I see Jace get ready to cum too. My mouth opens signaling my release, but Jace’s didn’t. I feel a different pressure inside my pussy, and then I squirt in my Uncle’s face. I gasp and so does he. My body goes limp and my Uncle licks up my juices.

“I’m gonna go shower hun. You can join when you want.” He says and kisses my forehead.

He saunters off to the bathroom with a deflated cock. I figure he came somewhere on the floor, and when I sit up to put on my panties, I see he came in my panties. Like father like son.

I stand up naked and feel light headed. I sit down on the floor and crawl to my cousin. Bakırköy Escort I kiss him and remove his blanket. His cock shows that he’s still hard. I put his cock between my legs and rub my pussy along the length. He pulls one of my breasts into his mouth. My nipple hardens instantly and I get lost in the feeling of ecstasy.

“I just squirted Jace…” I whisper. “How did that happen?”

I feel his cock start to move on it’s own while in my hand. I know he’s gonna burst so I push his tip into my pussy and he erupts inside of me. I stand up with his cum running down my legs and go to the bathroom. I step into the shower with my uncle and let the rest of my cousin’s cum dribble out.

My uncle is facing away from me so I sneakily hug him from behind. My boobs press into his back and my arms wrap around his waist.

“Uncle? How did you learn to do that?” I ask him.

“Oh my little darling… you don’t wanna know the amount of women I’ve been with. I’ve been with some seedy women and some women who just want my seed.” He tells me as he attempts a really bad and sexual dad joke. I don’t laugh so he continues. “I learned it from your aunt… she really enjoyed sex, hence her running off with a guy 10 years younger than her and leaving me with the kids.”

“Well look at you Uncle… you’re with a girl that’s almost half your age… doesn’t that make you feel desirable?” I say as I grip his cock and start jacking his hardening prick off. “I don’t know why she would leave you… you’re so talented and experienced… the way you make my toes curl and my dreams dirty… mmmmm… I just can’t comprehend why she wouldn’t want you inside of her every night.”

At that moment, my Uncle turns around, picks me up, and pins me to the shower wall. His lips meet mine and we make out passionately. His hands grab at my ass and massage it. I reach between us and find his cock. I try pushing it in, but I’m at the wrong angle.

Uncle takes matters into his own hands and puts himself inside of me. I slowly slide down his shaft and moan. He holds me against the wall as he slowly fucks me.

“You’re my slutty little niece. I love it.” He whispers as he pushes deep inside.

I moan my approval because I can’t talk from my brains being scrambled while I orgasm. He inserts a few more times before he erupts again and sets me down. We finish in the shower as we tease each other and wash up.

“I’m gonna nap. You can join me if you want.” He suggests as we wrap our bodies in towels.

“No thanks. I think I’m going to go catch up with Jace. I haven’t seen him in a while. I’ll be back up when the boy’s nap is over.”

“Okay. Have fun. See you in a bit.” He says and lays in his bed naked and still somewhat damp.

I grab my bag from the kitchen and take it downstairs with me. Before I go to my cousin, I put on a comfy outfit. I then make my way to where Jace is sitting on his couch. I plop down beside him and look up at him with puppy dog eyes.

“Jacey… can we pwetty pweese just cuddle? I’m exhausted…” I beg in a childish voice. “Uncle wore me out. We can still do things tonight… I’ll sleep down here with you?” I try to bargain.

“Fine, but you owe me a blowjob with that magical mouth of yours.”

“Deal! Can we cuddle right now?”

He nods and leads me to the bed. He lays down and I snuggle into his side. Başakşehir Escort I feel so cozy that I decide to kiss him. Kissing leads to making out. Making out leads to touching. Touching leads to him grinding his cock on my pussy. This sends me and him over the edge.

“Damn… do you not get much at college? I’m surprised how fast you finished.”

“I was playing with myself waiting for you.” He says with a wink.

We then cuddle for a half hour while everyone else naps.

When times up, I reluctantly climb out of Jace’s arms and go upstairs to wake up the boys. The little ones sleepily make their way to the living room to gradually wake up and then play with their toys. I head to uncle’s room and climb on his bed. I jump up and down and he eventually wakes up smiling at me. I plop down and kiss him.

“Good morning Uncle. The boys are up and apparently so is your boy. Take care of that because I have a surprise for you tonight.”

“Another surprise? You’re gonna give this old man a heart attack.”

I bound out of his room and cook some dinner for everyone while the boys played outside with uncle.

We all ate the delicious dinner I made and then the boys sat down for a movie night with Jace. They were happy to have their big brother back for a bit.

Uncle and I retreated to the bedroom. I have stashed my bag in his bathroom while they were outside playing. Uncle sits on the bed and waits for me. I go to the bathroom to change.

I slip on some lingerie I stole from my mom and look at myself in the mirror. The red satin and black lace make me look sexier than I ever have before. I feel my nipples harden as I roll up the stockings and attach them to the garter belt. Uncle has no idea what is waiting for him on this side of the door. I then proceed to find the song I want to play for this lap dance and strip tease. Candy Shop by 50 cent. It’s on a speaker in the bedroom but is quiet enough that the little boys can’t hear it over their movie. I press play and open the door.

His jaw drops as I step out and sway my hips to the music. As soon as I get in front of him, the lyrics start and so do I. I drop straight down and pop back up. I swivel around and shake my ass in his face. I sway back around and shake my big tits in his face. He loves this and then I pay my pussy and back up. I start unclipping my stockings one clip at a time. One fell, then I stepped out of it. I did the other one to the same beat. Then I shake my ass at him a bit more. He had gotten extremely hard in his shorts. I grab his hands and put them on my hips. I smirk at him and whisper “take them off birthday boy”. He slips them off to reveal my fully shaven pussy but like he likes it. I push him back on the bed and straddle his waist as I grind on his lap. His member jumps slightly and I get off. I drop to my knees and release his cock. He immediately reacts to my touch. I suck his cock to the beat of the song. Down. Up. Lick the tip. He smirked at me and let me do my thing. He started taking my bra off tho. He really likes my perky D cup tits. With me completely undressed and him thoroughly turned on, he pulled me on his lap and proceeded to kiss me. I was attempting to sit on his cock, but he stopped me.

“You’re amazing. But, wanna know what this birthday boy wants?”

“What does uncle want besides being fucked?”

“I don’t Bebek Escort want to fuck right now. I want to go to bed knowing my son got laid.”

It took me a minute but then I smiled.

“Do you think he’d go for that?” I ask as if I don’t already know.

“Look at you, you’re gorgeous, he’s a horny boy, yes. He’ll definitely go for it. Go seduce him on the couch. I wanna watch.”

I nod and put the lingerie back on. Then slide on a hoodie and some shorts to hide my lingerie. I sneak out to the couch and see them all asleep. I carry the boys to bed one by one and then kiss Jace awake. He immediately kisses back and smiles at me.

“Wanna go fuck? Your dad knows I’m doing this.” I whisper in his ear.

He smirks and nods. We go down stairs and he lays on the bed while I strip.

“Holy… that’s some sexy lingerie.”

“Shut up and take it off of me!” I demand and he complies.

I am butt naked now and he is shirtless. I proceed to take off his pants and his cock springs up. It’s as beautiful as I remembered. I shove it in my mouth and prepare to deep throat it. Uncle didn’t teach me, but since Jace has a bit less girth, I bet I can do it.

I slide my mouth up and down and listen to his moans. As I go down as far as I can, I hear his breathing stop and as I came up he breathed out “oh fuck me…” so I did it again. He was not close to cumming at this point, so I knew we were finally gonna fuck.

“Eat my pussy” I say and flop on the bed.

He hungrily kneels before me and licks my slit. I was soaking wet already. He ate me out expertly and made me cum once. He used his magic tongue to slide in and out of my folds. He sucked my clit till my toes curled. He teased my pussy by lightly kissing my thighs. He makes me cum as he locks his mouth around my clit and sucked for his life. I jolted up as electricity shit through my body and saw my uncle watching us and playing with himself. This sent me even further over the edge and I fell backwards on the bed.

That’s when he got on top and prepared to fuck me. I had waited for this all day. He pressed the tip in. Then one more inch. And another. And finally, I opened up to swallow his length. I moaned loudly as he bottomed out. He knows how to use his cock better than his dad already. As he fucks me, he talks to me.

He said things like “how’s that feel little cousin?” and “‘mmm your pussy feels so good around my cock.”

His words turned me on a lot. I drowned most of it out tho because it’s hard to concentrate on words when you’re orgasming multiple times.

He sucked my tits as I reached my third orgasm. It felt like I was dying but it was mixed with pleasure. My body was on fire, my heart was pounding, I was sweating and shaking, but it all felt so amazing because of the orgasms. He looked concerned for me but he was so lost in the pleasure that he didn’t speak. My pussy convulsed around his cock sucking him further into me. This pushed him over the edge. He slowed down his movements and flooded my womb with his cum.

He kissed me and rolled to the side. “So… was that as good for you as it was for me?” He asks with a chuckle.

“It was amazing. Did you feel how many times I came?”

“More than one, that’s what I know haha.”

We lie there in silence holding hands as we catch our breaths.

“So… my dad knew this is what you were coming to do?” He asks out of nowhere.

“He suggested it yeah.”

“Does he want to have his way with you after me?”

“I don’t think so… and I’m too tired anyways. I only have enough energy to shower.”

“Me too.”

So we showered and fell asleep in each other’s arms. I didn’t tell him that uncle was watching us fuck earlier. I’m scared he’ll find that creepy but I liked it. A lot.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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