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Back to School

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This is my first submission. Totally fiction.


My name is Mila, I am 27, 5’11, thick African American woman. About size 12/ 14 depending on the cut. I’m gay, I slept with a few men before I came out. I allowed myself to be just me and came out as a lesbian. I love women, they are the best. I would consider myself a switch but most of the time I am a top. I work in a office, I had stopped following my dreams for a while. I recently started college classes again as to follow my dream of being a middle school Science teacher. That is where I met Avery. This is not a love story! This is a story about my week with Avery.

Let me take you back a few months when I walked in to my first college class in over 5 years. I was super nervous as you could imagine. I picked a sit in the front of my evening Chemistry class, I have no desire to fail. The professor warned the class was hard and suggested a study group. After class I talked to a few girls who were interested in forming one. Avery was one of them. She was a sorority girl along with one other girl in our 4 person group. Avery is a beautiful girl 21, 5’8, a size 6, dirty blonde, and amazing green eyes, Caucasian. She had an average size chest, 34 B, a round ass, and amazing thighs.

We become good friends over the months of study, the four of us. We spent a lot of time studying at the sorority house, or my place. I have a small one bedroom a few blocks from the busy downtown area I lived in. All the girls were straight, as they told me. They of course had kissed girls a few times on drunk nights, but other than that they loved cock. We were all pretty single. Avery had her ” male friends” and I had my “female friends”. But Avery was the kind of friend that if they ever gave you the chance you would fuck the hell out of them.

Avery and I had just finished our final in chemistry so we headed back to the sorority house. We had a three week break before our next semester. I had requested 5 days off of work to rest. Going to school and working took its toll. I need some time to rest, relax, and catch up on some Netflix. We had discussed each other plans, she was just going to chill by the pool for a few weeks and relax. I told her she was more than welcomed to come join me in my netflix binges. Avery suggested that we do some shots since finals were over. I am not a big drinker, I don’t normally like shots. I do like the birthday cake shot which is what she made. The first one was fine, then it turned into shot after shot. I don’t remember falling asleep. I’m sure I passed out. Remind me not to try to keep up with 21 year old sorority girls and their drinking.

When I woke up I was in this tied down doggy style position. I was for sure on a bed, I could tell I was on the end. It was a full size bed. My legs were tied in place with rope and there was one of those wedge sex pillows under me. My hand were handcuff, not the kind with the safety latch either. The handcuffs that if you lose the key you are fucked. Avery climbed on to the bed in front of me.

“I wanted to do this for a while. Remember that time I borrowed your laptop to finish my paper?! You see you need to hide your porn better. Look I’ve known for a while you have a crush on me. You are very obvious escort bayan about it. All the porn on your computer is lesbian bdsm fantasies. We have had some honest conversations about sex. I know you get pleasure from giving pleasure. Which made me sure that you are a submissive little cunt. I know you imagined yourself being fucked by all this mistress. The thing you didn’t know about me is fucking women, topping women is what I do for fun. Men are great but so boring sometimes. I love taking a strong women bending her over and fucking the hell of them. Right now you have the option of being fucked how you always dreamed. Being spanked and taken like all that porn you watch. Or being forced to make that fantasies a reality. You can do this willingly or I will gag you and do whatever the fuck I want.” Avery said.

She has this smile and glow in her eye, she has never looked happier. Which is so sad to say. I have never seen my friend as happy as when she is about to take advantage of me. I don’t even know how to feel. She is wearing a strapon, it is a little more than average about 7 inches and not too thick. And a ball gag in her hand.

“Ok, so you are asking me to be your what right now, willing sex slave? Or be your forced sex slave? Those are my options??!!” I asked

“Exactly. There will be rules and guidelines. And you will be used for my pleasure and whoever I chose to share you with. I know you are into this. So stop fighting it. Say yes and I can be training that virgin ass of yours for use. The anal I am sure you are curious about.”

“Okay, but NO anal. I’m not that curious. ” I replied. She was a little right I was curious about anal. But I wanted to be able to control it. Be able to decide what and when something went in my ass. I do get off watching bdsm porn but that doesn’t at all mean you want to do it in real life.

“Let me explain the rules cunt, you were so wonderful to take 5 days off of work so we get 7 days including the weekend. Rule 1 all holes are open and available to use for me and my soroity sisters and friends. I can either be nice and slowly train your ass to take my many size cocks or shove it in. Your choice. By day three I will be fucking your ass though. All of this is on a strike system. Every three strikes is a bigger size plug in your ass, every five strikes is ten hits with a paddle, every 20 strikes you lose a day of training. Nod if you understand so far.”

I nod.

“Good, you see my ultimate goal for this week is to gangbang you. I would charge admission of course, someone needs to pay me for my time. As you know college isn’t cheap. It would be easier for you to take all the strapons if your holes are all trained. Plus I can charge more money for admission if your ass is included. Nod if you understand.”

I nod. She took the gag she had been holding and strapped in around my head.

“You will earn one strike for a few offense, not saying yes mistress or yes ma’am when spoken to, being disrespectful, teeth markers on any dildo, biting in general. And crying, I hate when bitches cry. Two strikes will be earned if you cum without my permission, if you push a dick out of your mouth, if you have a lazy tongue when eating pussy. Haven’t decided if I will blindfold izmit eve gelen escort you or not. Anyway the rules can be added on because you know you are the slave, not me.

“Yes mistress” I muffled in reply.

“I normally like to spank my slaves when I first get them. It makes me so wet seeing the red marks on their ass when I’m fucking them. ”

She grabs a paddle from the wall, she rubs my ass with it first. “These five are a welcome to you my sex slave. Count them off bitch.!”

Whack. “One” That wasn’t so bad. “Two.” that hurt. “Three” damn they are getting worst. “Four” mouthfucker, i so want to scream. And then nothing happens for a second.

“I will make sure your ass hurts in the morning.” With all her strength “Five”

Tears are streaming down my face, I’m sniffling. How did I even get here. Strapped to bed with a gag in my mouth. She comes around to face me. ” I hate when cunts cry. Strike one.” Avery says with this glow in her eye again.

“You are so wet. Who needs lubes.” I felt a hand on my ass as she rubbed the tip of the strapon between my lips. “On the count of three. ONE, ONE IN A HALF,” Avery shouted before shoved the whole cock in me. “I don’t wait for a countdown and your comfort level is not my concern. I don’t care if you are in pain, this is about my pleasure” She slowly started fucking me, then harder and harder. She was as deep as she could go, i thought. I was wrong! She spread my ass cheeks and shoved the dick in. This horrible, wonderful mix of pleasure and pain. From the stringing I am still feeling from that spanking and the pleasure of her fucking me. She had been fucking me for maybe four minutes when the need to cum was already strong. In my defense I haven’t been fucked in a long time, i forgot how amazing it feels.

Six minutes in and I’m trying to cum, I have one strike and i have no desire to have my ass touched. “May I cum?” I ask, almost begging really. “No cunt, I haven’t been fucking you that long, hold it.”? Avery replies.

I try, I think over everything else in the world to try to get my mind of what is building up in my body. I thinking about puppies and airplanes. Anything everything to take mind after the need to cum. Maybe if I call her mistress this time. “Mistress please may I come?” I am begging now.

“No, you fucking cunt, say another word. God damn it you can’t even make it 10 minutes, you are sad.” She does the worst possible thing she grabs my ponytail, and fucks harder. It turns me on so much when someone grabs my hair when fucking me. She leans into my ear “Cunt, you don’t cum unless I tell you too. Do you understand me bitch?!”

“Yes mistress” is all i can squeak out because I cum. I try my hardest not to moan or move or let it show. Fuck, my virgin ass will get a dildo shoved up it for this. For a second I think I am safe and she doesn’t know. Because for a second I forgot I can be a bit of a squirter. Oh shit she just pulled out of me. WHACK. She hits me with her bare hand. That hurts and stings when your ass cheeks are already raw from the paddle.

“You fucking bitch, didn’t I just tell you not to cum? I’m so happy you are a squirter because I will always know when you do. Three strikes izmit otele gelen escort already, you really do want me to rape that ass. I was going to be nice and start your ass off with a finger or two. I have the perfect six inch plug for your ass.”

She unties me and walks me to the bathroom. I use the facilities, which is painful when you ass stings. I for sure now that the room I’ve been tied up in for who know how long was at one time a garage. I do my business and she marches me back to that “dungeon room”.

I’m pushed down and tied down to the bed, same as before. She heads over to the didlo rack. That one doesn’t look too bad. She put on gloves and lubes up her hands and the dildo. She walks behind me. A finger tires to enter my ass.

“You need to open that ass up, this is going in no matter what. Better. I was going to wait to start training this ass but you had to come didn’t you. So much work needs to be done, cunt I don’t think we have enough time to make you a proper sex slave. It takes time and training to get all your holes to be ready at all times.”

She starts put the plug in my ass. It hurts like a bitch, if i wasn’t tied down I would run. She has stop pushing, it is fullness that is so weird. It is also not all bad when the pain stop. She is slowly pushing it in and out my ass.

“I’m going to leave that in there for a while” She comes around to face me. “I’m going to take the gag out, don’t scream. No one can hear you anyway.”

She takes the gag off and kisses me. If it wasn’t for the semi forced sex you have no other option this would be the best kiss of my life. “You are going to suck my dick and then eat pussy. Understood?”

“Why do I need to suck your dick if it isn’t real?”

“Strike number 4, do not question me. It is power thing. You need to know that I am your mistress and you are nothing but a cute girl with three holes for my use. You are my fuck toy, slave. You are a cunt, do not question me again. Plus when we gangbang you I will make sure your are air tight. Have to make sure you can suck dick.” Avery replies.

“Yes miss…” I couldn’t even finish talking before she shoved her fake cock in my mouth. It tasted like my pussy. I never understood sucking dick. In and out she shoved her cock in my mouth. She put her cock in and held it there, I have strong gag reflexes and this isn’t helping. Five minutes of almost gagging and she started to take the strapon off. She climbs on the bed and puts her pussy in front of me.

“I was about to cum earlier from pounding you but you ruined it with your cumming. Eat me out bitch, you better make me cum or so help me god I whip your ass and let my soroity sisters have their fun with you already.”

I ate her pussy with all the effort and desire I could if this was a normal situation and hadn’t just been threatened with gang rape. I love eating pussy. My favorite activity really. It was 3 minutes before she came. She was already really wet.

“Good job slave, she looked at her watch, it is 1 am. All those shots knocked you out for a few hours. We were day drinking. We have been playing for two hours or so. I had to help carry your fat ass in here. I’m going to bed. I’m going to leave you just the way you are. Who know maybe you will be woke up with a bigger dick in your pussy. Good night you fucking cunt. And yes that plug is staying in your ass.” She kissed me again. Why is this crazy women an amazing kisser.

This was just the first day I guess, so many more days to go.

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