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Backyard Fun with Brendan

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I’m not sure exactly why my friend Bree first introduced me to her younger brother Brendan over drinks that fateful January two years ago. She probably thought he had a bit in common with me. Brendan was definitely a geek; he loved computers and Dungeons we loved drinking it, and we loved brewing our own! He seemed socially-awkward and not terribly outgoing. I doubt he’d been with a woman in his life.

Brendan was studying his way through community college, trying to figure out if he wanted to be a computer coder or a real estate broker. He was 28 by now, around 5’6″ and a chubby 200 pounds. His matted black hair contrasted with his fair skin and his pearly white, grinning teeth. He usually dressed in t-shirts and dungarees; he worked as a stock boy between classes and certainly dressed the part.

I’ve been curious about playing with men for the last few years, but my wife would never accept that if I told her about it. My growing curiosity for tasting and feeling a cock was kept in check by watching plenty of porn featuring hung guys. Yet the kind of guys who aroused me the most weren’t the clean-shaven, muscular stars of gay porn. No, they were average guys with a bit of flab, hairy guys with average cocks. Guys like Brendan!

Last week I had Brendan over to brew some beer while my wife was away on vacation. He arrived with a smile on his face and helped tremendously as we boiled and stirred wort in the kitchen. Afterwards we sat on the couch to watch NCIS as he sipped a cold beer from the fridge and affectionately rubbed my cat, who’d jumped on his lap to greet him. As I reclined in the couch to Brendan’s right, Brendan took his near arm and stretched it behind me, along the top of the couch. “What could he mean by that?” I wondered. He couldn’t stay long, so he got up and started to put his shoes on.

“Thanks for coming over, Brendan!” I said. “This beer’s gonna turn out great, and I couldn’t have done kaçak iddaa it without you.”

“No problem, man!” Brendan replied. “It was fun!”

“Say,” I interjected, “what are your plans for this weekend?”

“Oh, I can’t get together. I have to plant some trees in the backyard.”

“I can help with that!” I offered, not knowing exactly what I was getting into.

I arrived at Brendan’s house at ten that Saturday morning, where he lived with his mother and sister. The ladies were going out shopping, and Brendan’s mom promised she’d call on her way back. Brendan invited me into the kitchen, where he’d been chilling a six-pack of Sam Adams for us to enjoy while we worked. In the backyard he’d laid out the shovels, saplings and mulch, and we got to work in the hot desert sun.

After about thirty minutes of labor, I needed a break. My forehead was soaked, and Brendan was starting to soak through his shirt. As the desert grit blown by the wind mingled with the sweat on my skin, I grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and stripped it off. Following my lead, Brendan stripped his shirt too. His gut stuck out from his waist considerably, and his white skin was covered with many short black hairs. He wasn’t the model of fitness by any means, but there was a humble handsomeness to him. I felt a rush of blood to my loins and my heart started racing. I had to completely look away from Brendan so I could settle down and get back to work.

Two hours later we got all the saplings planted. Marveling in our work, we sat down at the patio table to watch the saplings and enjoy the rest of the cold beers. As we finished the last of our Boston lagers, I asked Brendan if it was okay for me to use his shower to clean up before I went home. He said sure, and I eagerly ran through his bedroom to the shower.

Tearing the rest of my clothes off, I hopped into the shower and scrubbed the grime from my skin. I noticed my cock had kaçak bahis grown to its full 6.5″ inches while standing there naked and thinking about Brendan, shirtless and standing just outside the bathroom door. In my inebriated horniness, I killed the showerhead, wrapped a towel around my waist and stepped out of the bathroom door.

Brendan jumped out of surprise as I threw the door open. The first thing I noticed were the curves of his ass as he was bent over, buck naked, with his briefs around his ankles. The sight of his scrotum dangling between his legs was too much for me to bear! I took a deep breath to stop from blowing my load. Brendan stood straight up, put a hand over his penis and walked towards the wall.

“Brendan, wait!” I shouted. “I have to confess. You’re a good friend, and it’s cool hanging out with you. But lately I’ve started to think of you as more than a friend. I have a lot of things I’m curious about and want to explore, and you’re the guy I’ve wanted to help me.”

Brendan slowly turned around, dropping his strategically-placed hand and exposing his penis in its flaccid glory. He was uncut; to me that looked both beautiful to my eyes, and delicious to my lusting lips. Brendan’s young cock was gorgeously framed by his hairy scrotum below, and his hairy belly above. “I don’t know what to say, Bruce,” he stammered. “You’re a cool guy and a good friend. I’ve thought about playing with you in that way, but I just don’t know. It feels so wrong!”

“Well let’s take it slowly and see where it goes from there,” I replied. “You can stop me at any time.” He didn’t have anything to say as I walked towards him, pulling the towel off my waist and exposing my throbbing manhood for him to see. Taking him by the hand I led Brendan to the shower and turned the water back on. With a dollop of body wash in my hands, I rubbed circles on Brendan’s arms, pecs and belly. Taking my soapy hands and tracing a line up illegal bahis his inner thighs, my hands found their way to Brendan’s penis. I kneaded his balls and rubbed two fingers up and down the sides of his shaft. Peeling his foreskin back, I rubbed my fingers around the cockhead as my friend’s penis stiffened in my hands. It must have been a good 5″ long.

Handing him the bottle of body wash, I told Brendan to soap me up. He washed my back, neck, shoulders, arms, chest and legs. But my stiff, throbbing cock felt neglected. I took his soapy hand, wrapped it around my shaft, and made him take a few pumps.

After I killed the water again, Brendan and I dried off and opened the bathroom door. Our shower together was fun, but I wasn’t finished. Grabbing Brendan’s erect manhood again, I led him to the bed and sat him down. “You have such a pretty penis. Mind if I take a little taste?”

“Uh, okay?” If he was noncommittal about his first blowjob from a guy, I would take all doubt away. Sitting him on the bed, I put the tip of my tongue on his scrotum and started flicking as I worked my way up his shaft. Brendan’s brown eyes were wide open and rolling back in his head as he began moaning. “Uhh, Bruce, that’s so nice…” I laid him completely on his back as I took his shaft in my mouth. Swirling my tongue on his cockhead, I took several long drags of his cock in my mouth. Brendan continued to moan, then scream “Ah, aaah, AAAAAAAGH!” as he shot hot gobs of bitter cum in my mouth. His heavy breathing subsided as I pulled away, sticking my tongue out to show off the pools of his cum before I swallowed it down.

I helped Brendan off the bed with my hand before we got dressed again. I put my soaked briefs in my pocket and went commando for the drive home. Brendan and I exchanged handshakes and slaps on the back as I walked out the door. He was grinning from ear to ear.

It’s been a week and I haven’t heard back from Brendan yet. Of course it’s awkward to suck your friend’s cock after sharing a shower with him. But it was hot as Hell and I’m glad we tried it. Maybe the experience will loosen Brendan up too in the future!

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