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Bar Date

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The night dragged on toward closing time and I’ve gotten no where, sitting here swilling gin and tonics till I’m about to fall off the barstool. And I’m not that fond of gin, but it seems to be the least offensive so I keep sucking them down. Now, my reason for sitting here is not to drink this swill, but to pick up a woman. Right, I simply want to get laid, but they seem to have heard all the pick up lines in the universe and I can’t think of any new ones. I try, damn how I try and it gets me no where. Some times I get a laugh but that’s as far as it goes.

So that ended that, no more bars, I can’t get a chick, I can’t get laid, and I only get drunk and hung over in the morning. I’ve known about finding women over the computer but I’ve never known it to happen to anyone I know, but I figured what the hell, what do I have to lose?

Turns out I had a lot to lose, mostly time and ego. I found this one site that I’d heard a lot about so I got into it and started looking. Lots of women, beautiful women, old women, young women, and even fat women. I spent the first night of my campaign just looking, trying to see what the chances were of picking up one of these babes.

My criteria is fairly simple, I want her close to my age, able to hold a conversation, and height/weight proportional, they abbreviate HWP, they have tons of abbreviations which can make you crazy, but don’t give up, there’s honey at the end of the tunnel, and I’d rather she didn’t smoke. Drinking is okay as long as she’s not going to drink me into the poor house on the first date. Obviously STD’s are out as well.

Speaking of dates, some of the women who advertise actually want to go on a date first. I don’t have a problem with that, but when the headline of their ad says “I’M HORNEY AND I WANT TO GET LAID,” seems to be somewhat contradictory. Okay, let it pass, here’s my point, I just want to get laid too, and if that can happen without all the fuss of a date then I’m all for it. When I get ready to get married then I’ll deal with the dating thing.

Two days later I answered my first ad. I sent her a photo of my mug, one of my cock, and spoke at length of what I’d do with her (she asked for that) and hit the send key and waited for an answer.

She wrote back, “you didn’t read the ad very well or you can’t follow instructions, I asked you what size your cock is, I was specific in my ad, I want ten inches. Now don’t bother me.”

I wrote her back, “I did see the part about the ten inches, and put it at the bottom of the picture, nine and three quarters inches. How can a quarter of an inch make a difference?” And I hit the send key.

She apparently wasn’t getting much action because my email no sooner left the box that she sent back. “What the hell are you talking about? A quarter of an inch can make a world of difference! I’ve had ten inches and I’ve had nine and three quarters and I can tell the difference. With ten inches I have such a screaming orgasm you can hear me for blocks, but at nine and three quarters it barely wakes me up. Well, actually once at that length I did yell loud enough to wake the cat under the bed. But no, your little dick just won’t do it.”

Okay, now it’s getting personal, and it’s getting late, and it doesn’t look like I’m going to find a woman who will want to come out or have me over and I’m so horny I can hardly see straight. The choice now is coming right down to the wire. While I don’t mind jerking off, actually I rather enjoy it, but when you’ve got a cock that’s nine and three quarters inches it almost takes a week to get off. But that part’s pretty cool because you can shoot loads of cum all the way to the ceiling. My father came over one day and asked about the stains on the ceiling. I muttered something about leaks from the upstairs apartments. He’s in construction and volunteered to come over with his crew and fix the place up. I said the leaks had been fixed a few months ago and the stains really didn’t bother me all that much, besides, the landlord said he was going to paint the place pretty soon. My dad can’t stand things out of order and he left, said he’d be back after the place had a new coat of paint.

Time past, I didn’t get the new coat of paint nor did I get laid. I decided to almanbahisbahis give it one more shot, the computer that is. I put up the ad and waited, banging around the internet looking for some really cool porn. After a couple hours I didn’t find anything to get stirred up about and there was no response from my ad. I decided the hell with it and sprawled on the sofa and put my mind in pussy mode and slowly began stroking my cock. It was beginning to feel really good and it started to grow and I was liking that and soon it had blossomed to the full nine and three quarters inches and it was hard, wonderfully hard, the kind of hard that sends women through the roof. It wasn’t long before I had up a full head of steam and was pounding the shit out of my throbbing hard on when suddenly the computer dinged letting me know I had email. I figured I could blow a load in less than five minutes and that the email could wait that long. It didn’t take five minutes, I was breathing hard and everything started to pull up tight and then I was shooting a wad of cum straight into the air, and the first launch hit the ceiling, the second came close and on re-entry landed in the middle of my chest, the third made a gently arch and hit me between the eyes. I love this stuff! Four or five more shots landed on my chest and tummy and for a grand finale I pumped out a lot that just flowed over my hand and and down my cock to coat my balls and run down my ass.

I wiped my hands and cock, belly, chest and face with a towel that just happened to be handy and went to see what the email was about. Ah! An answer to my ad. One Peggy S. Who sent a absolutely lovely picture of her body, face included and a close up of the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen. She wrote a nice paragraph about who she is, what she’s interested in, and that she is so fucking horny that at the moment she is fucking a cucumber and wants to know how soon my nine and three quarters inches will be available. And will they travel to her place or will she come to mine? I emailed her to jump in her car sans clothes and come on over.

So far the way my luck goes with this on-line fucking she’d not only not show up, but if she did she would be fully dressed, wanting to sit around talking for who knows how long. So I went back to looking for porno and pretty much forgot about Miss Peggy S. About a half hour later the door bell rang and I nearly hit the ceiling. Maybe she decided to show up after all. We’ll see, obviously I was still naked and went to the door thus and opened it, sure as shit! There stood a very naked babe. Couldda knocked me over with a feather. So there we were, a naked lady outside the door and a naked man inside the door and just staring at each other. Finally I came to my senses and stepped aside so she could come in. “You’re Peggy, right?” Can I ask dumb questions, or what?

She smiled and taking ahold of my cock she said, “you’re nine and three quarter inches, right?”

“Not yet but it will be in moments. Can I offer you a glass of wine?”

“Red would be fine.”

And still holding my cock she got up on her tip-toes and kissed me, pressing her beautiful tits against my chest. Her nipples were hard and they felt like little spears poking me. One more incentive for my cock and he definitely took advantage of it and was getting bigger by the minute. Fuck the wine, I kissed her back and began running my hands up and down her back, and squeezing the cheeks of her ass. Oh they felt wonderfully firm and a delight to the hands. She was slowly stroking my cock, feeling the length of it and pressing it against her tummy.

I leaned down and began kissing her breasts, going from one to the other, the one not in my mouth I had hold of with my hand, squeezing and teasing her nipple, doing the same with the other, biting and pulling on it. My free hand was slowly working its way down over her tummy and over her pubic mound. She had a big bush of hair. I was used to bald pussy so a lovely bush was a welcome change and I played with her hair, running my fingers through it, and pulling on it a little, just enough to startle her, but not hurt.

I couldn’t help myself, I slide down her body and on my knees I began licking her tummy and thighs moving down her leg and almanbahis giriş up the other, licking around her pussy. Helpfully she spread her legs wide apart and I could get in and lick her inner thighs just below her pussy and before long she had my head and was guiding my face to where she wanted it. I’m an obliging fellow so I ran my tongue up her slit, and then around the outside and up the other side just over the outer lips. But she was wanting the whole works and she shoved my face right into her pussy, “quite fooling around and eat my pussy!”

Who am I to argue with a lady? I shoved my tongue as far into her pussy as I could and began tongue-fucking her for all I was worth. She held my head tight and was bucking against my mouth. Wow! What a ride this was turning out to be. When I started batting her clit around with my tongue she began to moan and emit gasps. I kept that up for a few minutes, I wanted her so hot that when I got serious with her clit she’d go through the ceiling.

I gave her a few more minutes of the clit treatment then I suddenly sucked it into my mouth, sucking hard and hitting it with my tongue. Now she was howling. “Oh yeah, suck my clit! Finger fuck me, put your fingers in my cunt! I need to cum and I need your fingers too!” In my fingers went, all four of them and I was fucking her pussy hard and fast and sucking the shit out of her clit and within moments she was screaming that she was cumming! And she was! She pulled my head into her cunt as hard as she could and jammed her ass forward. I still had my fingers inside her and her clit in my mouth, fucking her relentlessly. She was a squirter and multi-orgasmic. I must have drank a gallon of her pussy juice and what I couldn’t swallow ended up all over my face, hair, and down my chest.

My cock was so hard by now I could drive nails with it. I tipped her over onto the floor and with no preliminaries, I got between her legs and shoved my cock into her pussy all the way and without stopping I began pounding her, hard and fast. Oh was she hollering, “oh that’s it, pound my pussy, deeper, go deeper! Faster! I want your cock to fuck my cunt, make it feel pain! Oh fuck, that feels so good!”

I fucked her hard and fast until I was ready to cum, but I wasn’t going to let her off that easy. I pulled out and grinned at her. She looked puzzled. But I went down on her and once again I had my face buried in her pussy. It was delicious! That is a pussy I could spend a lifetime eating. I was sucking hard on her clit and again I had my fingers inside her, fucking her hard and fast and joy of joy! She was cumming again and I was taking another load of pussy juice. But before she stopped squirting, I quickly moved upward and shot me cock into her gushing cunt. Let me tell you, there is nothing like a gushing pussy while you’re fucking it.

It wasn’t long before Peggy was having another orgasm! I loved it! When she finished, I turned her over and getting behind her I slammed my cock into her pussy and again was pounding her for all I was worth. But it couldn’t go on much longer. I got several more minutes out of it and there it was, my orgasm was cumming! And so was Peggy! She slammed her ass back against me, as hard as she could and I slammed my cock into her pussy as hard as I could and we had the loudest orgasm I have ever heard.

After that we held still, panting like marathon runners, sweating like crazy and while my cock was still hard I slowly went in and out of her pussy, leaning back a little to watch our cum as it flowed out of Peggy’s pussy and around my cock. I knew that if I kept moving my cock wouldn’t get soft, but she didn’t know that. Surprise pretty Peggy, you’re about to get fucked again. And this time I’m going to bang you hard and fast until I shot another load of cum into that pretty pussy!

I started moving slowly in and out, just barely sliding out from between those incredible lips, then shooting it back in. I kept this up for a few minutes as my cock got harder and harder. She was beginning to breath pretty hard along with some moaning and the occasional yelp. “Okay, what about we ditch this missionary position?”

“Oh yeah,” she yelled and scooting out from under me, she got to her hands and knees with her ass in almanbahis yeni giriş the air, “there it is big boy, drill deep, hard, and fast!” Who was I to argue? I got up on my knees and sliding my cock up and down between her ass-cheeks then actually teasing her asshole with the tip of my cock, mostly to see what her reaction would be. I got a nice reaction out of her but I didn’t think it would go much further than that.

“Oh, that feels nice, keep rubbing that fuck torpedo on my ass!”

“Who’d a thought you were a girl who liked her ass toyed with. I like that in a woman.”

“I love having a nice hard, wet cock making nice with my neither regions. Don’t stop yet, that feels so good.”

“Feels good to me too, but aren’t you about ready for this cock in your cunt? I’d be more than happy to oblige.”

“Surprise me,” was all she said as she slowly rocked back and forth. Her pussy was sending a flood down the inside of her legs and that has always been a sight for me, the more the merrier.

I decided to give her a surprise she wasn’t expecting. Before she realized what I was doing I had the tip of my cock at the entrance of her asshole and was pushing gently. I got the head of it about half-way in, she was trying to stifle a moan, but of pain. I pulled out and leaning down I kissed the pained place then soothed it with my tongue. Now I was getting sighs of pleasure and got up to go for the big one.

I drove my cock into her pussy like a freight train and didn’t stop until I hit bottom. She howled in pleasure and I started pumping hard and fast. So far she’d had at least three orgasms and I’d had one. My turn darlin! The harder and faster I pounded her tight cunt the louder she howled. And suddenly she was going over the top again. She pushed hard against my cock, almost tipping me over backwards. But damned if I didn’t persevere and doubled my efforts.

“Oh fuck! Fuck my cunt, pound it without mercy, fuck me harder, I want a load of your cum! Fuck meeeeeeeeee! OHHHHHHHHHH! I’m cumming! You cum too, fill me up, flood my cunt!”

That’s my intent, and now it was my turn. “Yeah darlin, here you are, a load of cum! Oh yeah, you’ve got the best cunt in the world!” And I went stiff as a board, jamming my cock as far into her pussy as I could get it. I’d have gotten more in but my stupid pubic bone impeded further progress. But that was okay, I could feel load after load shooting into her cunt. So could she and she couldn’t stop screaming.

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s what I want! Pump hard, I need more of your cum! OHHHHHH Fuck! Fuck that was awesome. Don’t take your cock out of me, leave it in, I need to feel it deep inside me!”

“My pleasure, I’ll stay in there as long as you want.” With all the juices in her and the heat from her pussy I can’t begin to describe what it felt like being in her cunt. I think it must have been something like being back in the womb again, but only my cock. I’d be happy to spend the rest of the night in there. But it wasn’t to be, after about something like five minutes or so my little pal started getting softer and softer until he finally fell out. With that I fell over on my side and she lay down next to me. But she wasn’t one to lay idle, she wrapped her hand around my cock and simply played with it. It was covered in our cum and she seemed to like that. She kept bringing her hand to her mouth to lick all the juice off then returned it to my cock.

Of course she didn’t ignore her flooded pussy. With her other hand she’d scoop out a handful of cum and lick it off her hand. She’d do it again but this time she offered it to me. So for a few minutes she’d keep this up but then I figured enough was enough. I slid down and pushed her legs apart and got my face between them and started licking up the juice. That was a helluva lot more fun.

“Hey, what about me? I want my fair share too.”

“Okay, hang on a second.” I filled my mouth with our cum then scooted up and kissed her, opened my mouth and let all that cum flow into her mouth. Fuck, that was fun! I did it again and again until her cunt was empty.

“Cool, now you can fill it again!”

“Well, I guess so.” And since she had worked me into a state with her hand I was ready to fuck her again.

“Hold on a minute there fella.”


She smiled and turned around and took my hard cock into her mouth and began the greatest blow job of my young life! And she could deep throat, all nine and three-quarters inches. Oh fuck, life doesn’t get any better than this!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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