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Basic Training, Part 1

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“Tell me why we’re here, slut,” he ordered.

Kneeling, she stole a brief glance around the hotel room before looking up at him and replying “Because I want you to teach me how to be a good whore, sir. I want to obey every command you give me, and satisfy you in any way you desire.”

“Mmm. And do understand that once we start, there’s no going back? There’s no ‘safe word’ here and no matter how much you might protest certain things, or think you can’t handle something, it will only mean a more severe punishment rather than an easy out?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then let’s begin,” he said, sending a shiver of anticipation down her spine. He walked over to a bag that was lying on the bed, explaining as he began shuffling through its contents. “From this moment on, you are my slave. That means you do what I want, when I want. Hesitation will not be tolerated, but not only that, when I give an order, I expect you to comply with eagerness, is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

He continued, still rummaging through the bag “It’s not going to be easy to retrain you to respond to my needs; it’s human nature to resist certain commands ,” he paused for a moment, finally having found what he was digging for. “Which is why,” he said, removing a dog collar from the bag “we are going to take the ‘human’ element out of the equation right away.” He looked over at her, admiring her large, exposed tits, waited a few moments for a verbal reaction, and getting none continued “The way to prove to me that you can be my slave is to perfect your obedience. If you can follow my commands as a lowly dog, I’ll be confident you can perform for me whenever and wherever I want.”

Her heart skipped a beat, and despite the small nugget of fear she felt, along with the stream of thoughts running through her head: I can’t believe this is really happening….can I handle this? Is it too much? Oh, but I want it sooooo bad…… she couldn’t deny that the thought turned her on immensely. She could feel her pussy getting slick already.

“I’m ready for whatever you feel is necessary, sir. ”

“Crawl over to me, whore, and get your collar on like a good doggie.”

Feeling more than awkward, she hurried to comply, her tits swaying ridiculously as she covered the 10 feet or so across the room to where he stood. Back on her knees, she waited.

“Good girl,” he exclaimed, patting her head. As he worked the collar around her neck, he laid out some of the rules. “Once this collar is fastened, you don’t speak unless spoken to. You no longer get the privilege of using the toilet, and you’ll eat and drink like a dog does. Any questions?”

“No sir,” she replied as the collar was fastened.

“Would you like to suck my cock, whore?” he asked.

She nodded her head. “ Yes please, sir”

“Then show me how you can beg” he ordered, as he released his bulging cock from his pants and placed it tantalizingly close to her face.

“Please let me lick your cock, sir. I promise to suck your cock good if you let me…..please let me feel your cock at the back of my throat, sir….please” she begged, giving him an imploring look. He moved his cock close to her open mouth, and began to slide it in. She jumped at the opportunity and hastily closed her lips around his shaft, her tongue already working in circles around the head.

“No!” he snapped, and gave her a light slap on the cheek. “I didn’t give you permission to suck my cock yet, did I? “

“No sir…I’m sorry, sir!” she cried.

“Even the poorest trained bitch knows not to reach for the treat until given permission” he stated. “You’re going to require even more training that I thought. You’re not a stupid slut, are you?

“No sir”

“No sir, what?”

“I’m not a stupid slut sir, I can be taught”

“Let’s try again then. Open your mouth,” he ordered. She opened her mouth as wide as she could-until her jaws ached a little from the strain-and waited. He stroked his cock, and waved it under her nose. He slapped one cheek with it, then the other. Finally he put it in her mouth. This time she simply waited for his command as he moved it farther and farther into her mouth, fighting against the natural urge to spring into action and suck it like she so badly wanted.

“Good girl,” he complimented on her restraint. “Now don’t topkapı escort suck, but use your tongue.”
Fervently she swirled her tongue around his thick cock, letting it rove up and down, still fighting the urge to go all out.

“Stop.” His cock still filling her mouth, she made her tongue go still. “I’m going to fuck your mouth now, hard, deep, and fast. You haven’t earned the right to suck my cock yet, so don’t try. Your only purpose right now is to give me a hole to fuck, understand?” Her mouth filled with throbbing cock, she nodded. He pulled out a little, and violently rammed his cock back in, testing her obedience. She winced at the intrusion at the back of her throat, and fought her gag reflex, but held her ground. Pleased, he repeated the motion, but more gently. In and out he slid, with her mouth simply being the “fuck hole” he desired. It was more humiliating this way, he knew, as it took away any feeling of power she might have at being able to satisfy his dick with her cock-sucking expertise.

“That’s it…relax those muscles” he encouraged as he worked on getting his cock in deeper and deeper. Feeling like much longer, after 10 minutes she was silently begging him to finish……at least then she would be rewarded with being able to swallow his cum. She could sense he was getting closer….then abruptly he pulled out, ordering her to close her mouth, which she did just his load hit her face, dousing her left cheek, some of her nose, even some in her eyebrow. As it started running down her face, she poked her tongue out to catch it.

“I didn’t give you permission” his voice was quiet, but the authoritative manner in which he said it made her shiver.

“No sir…..I’m sorry. I forgot…”

Smack! The imprint of his hand was stinging her right cheek before she even fully realized he had raised his hand to strike her. Impulsively, she let out a small whimper, very like the lowly dog she was supposed to be, and caught herself from speaking out, or trying to apologize again.

Working his belt out of his pants, he ordered her back onto all fours. “Turn around. I want that nose all the way down to the ground, and your ass up in the air. If you know what’s good for you, you won’t make a sound.”

Cum drying in stiff patches on her face, she tensed for the first blow.



A rain of blows came thrashing down on her ass, pushing her nose further into the rough hotel carpeting. She couldn’t help it-after 12 strokes, she was openly whimpering, silently begging for mercy.

“Are you going to act without my permission again?” he asked, ending his inquiry with another stroke.

“NO, sir!” she cried as one more stroke came raining down.

“This is a mild taste of what your punishment will be if it happens again. Understand?”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir” she sobbed

He laid his belt aside, and retrieved a leash out of the bag. Clipping it onto her collar, he said “Let’s get you something to drink,” then proceeded to lead her, on all fours, to the bathroom. Once there, she anticipated he would open one of the plastic-wrapped glasses and get her some water from the tap. As she was quickly discovering, however, he was taking the game to a whole other level, and she might as well resign herself to his will, body and soul. It would do much better to think of herself as a base animal, and simply follow orders, rather than try to anticipate and assume she knew what was coming next. This resolve, once she committed herself to it, was the only way she could force herself to follow his next command. For the tap was most certainly not where he intended her to get her drink. Rather, he walked to the toilet, opened the lid, lifted the seat, and simply made a hand gesture towards the “bowl” of water waiting for her. There were of course frantic thoughts running through her head: I can’t! I’ll get sick….it’s disgusting….he’s gone too far…….but oh my god……if I actually DO this, then I truly am a lowly creature here simply for his degradation….amusement…..use….and I KNOW that shouldn’t turn me on like it does….but I don’t think I’ve ever been this wet…….I think I would do just about anything at this point……

Fortunately for her, either these musings didn’t cause that noticeable of a hesitation, aksaray escort or he was giving her a little pause to digest this scenario, for rather than showing impatience with her, he simply gave a slight tug on her leash. This is it……she thought…I either DO this thing, or give up all my naughty fantasies completely and a call it a day. And with that, the decision was made. She crawled up to the bowl, put one hand on each side, and started to lower her face. He scooped up her hair in back, holding it in place with one hand-both so he could get a better view and to keep her hair from getting wet. But he didn’t apply any pressure…..her making that decision to willingly drink from the toilet was what he wanted. Aside from the faint musty smell of the water, she was almost able to trick herself into thinking of this as nothing more than a big, awkward bowl. Tentatively, she poked her tongue into the cool water. If someone had served it to her in a glass, she would have noticed something a little bit off with the taste, but nothing more shocking than that.

Her reverie was broken by a light slap on her ass. “Come one, girl, you’re a dog, not a kitten. I want to hear you lapping that water up.” So in addition to sticking her tongue in, on its way back out, she also slurped a mouthful of water noisily into her mouth. After a couple minutes spent lapping up the toilet water, she felt the leash pull her back a little, then off to the side. He was moving in place in front of the toilet, and brought his cock out.

“Now let’s see how well you drink from a hose” he said casually, wiggling his dick back and forth slightly to get a nice stream of piss flowing. On her knees to get a better vantage point, she waited until the golden stream flowed, then shoved her face right up to it, sticking her tongue out as far as it would go, and catching as much as she could, swallowing in little gulps before sticking her tongue back into the salty bitterness. Her cheeks were dripping with piss, as bubbles foamed into the toilet where the stream hit.

“Did you like that, slut?” he asked when he was done, tucking his cock away.

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir” she replied.

“Do you know what that makes you?”

“A piss drinking, whore, sir?” she asked

“That’s right. Only a truly dirty whore would lap up piss like that. I’m not even sure a dog would drink piss.” An idea struck him then. “Show me what a good piss-drinking whore you are, and lap up some more of that toilet water.”

Cheeks red with embarrassment, but her pussy practically dripping juices down her leg, she complied.

When he was satisfied she’d had enough, he picked up the leash, and led her out to the desk, securing the handle end of the leash under the leg. “Stay, slut. I’ll let you know when I need you again.” With that, he retired to the bed, turned on the TV, and flipping through the channels, took absolutely no notice of her trying to find a position on the floor that was not cramp-inducing.

Her mind strayed while he watched TV (which was turned so she didn’t even have the pleasure of watching it from where she sat). He could end the game right now, fuck her wetter-than-ever pussy, and it would still likely qualify as the best sex she’d ever have. But she secretly hoped he had more in store for her than just that. The anticipation was the best part of the game, sometimes.
It was perhaps 30 minutes later when she heard him stirring, and glance confirmed that he was digging through the bag again. This time, he brought out a rubber bone, the kind with little knobs all over it that were supposed to promote good dental health. It was maybe 6 inches long, with large bulbous circles on each end-similar to a dildo, really, but with a set of testes on both ends. Next came a tube of KY. Without a word, he walked over to her, took out his cock, and waited while she got to her knees in front of him.

“Suck,” was all he needed to say. Her mouth grasped his cock with fervor, and did her best to impress him, and show him how grateful she was that she was finally being allowed to pleasure him. It was so much better than simply being used as her mouth had been previously. She took his cock deep like she knew he liked it. Her tongue worked overtime. She was so focused, nişantaşı escort it took her a second to realize that he had moved back a bit, making the slackened leash lift off the ground. After a few minutes more, he stepped back again, this time causing the leash to pull taut. Again he allowed her to suck and even lick his cock for a little while, before taking another step back. Her entire being strained against the confines of the leash, her head and neck stretched as far as she possibly could, his cock still in her mouth. One more agonizing step backwards, and out is came with a “pop” sound. She moaned, and stuck her tongue out as far as she could, and was able to just barely graze the tip of his cock with her tongue. She willed her body to stretch more, but it was physically impossible, and he was enjoying seeing her struggle so much for a taste of his dick. He teased her by moving forward just a little….letting her tongue lap at the entire head, and allowing her lips to just barely close around the tip of his shaft. He stepped back again, pulling it out of her reach.

“How bad do you want it, whore?” he taunted.

“VERY bad, sir! Please sir, let me take your cock in my mouth, or my ass, or my pussy, I’ll take it anywhere you think I deserve it, sir” she begged.

“Open your mouth while I think about it” he ordered. She complied. She waited that way, mouth open, head pulled back on account of the leash, while he wagged his dick in front of her face, bringing it just within reach, then pulling back at the last minute. Suddenly, he leaned over her head, his mouth maybe 8 inches above hers. She closed her eyes, because she knew what was coming next. He worked up a wad of spit in his mouth, then let it dribble down into her waiting orifice. She kept her mouth open while he did this several more times, coating her tongue with his saliva. Then he stepped forward, and finally let her resume sucking his cock.

She was still going to be denied his cum, however. He had other games planned for her. Walking to the bed, he picked up the lube and the bone. He poured some of the lube on his hand, then worked it up and down the narrow part of the bone, as well as one of the bulbous ends. He came back over to her and said

“I think you’ve earned some play time,” unhooking her leash from the collar. Once she was free, he ordered her to turn around. Without much preamble, she felt the thick head of the bone prodding at her tight ass hole. A moment of panic caused her to tense, rewarding her with another slap on the ass.

“Relax,” he ordered, and she did her best to.

Wider and wider her ass was spread, and just when she thought she would not be able to take anymore, it passed the point of resistance, and the long, nubbed body of the bone was sliding into her ass with ease. She had had various items inserted into her ass before, but nothing with this shape or texture before…..it was both foreign and exceptionally stimulating at the same time. He started moving it in and out slowly at first, then faster, until he ordered her to fuck it herself while he held it in place. She knew she must look absolutely ridiculous, but by now the juices from her pussy were running down her leg, and she simply didn’t care. Suddenly he pulled the bone out of her ass, and tossed it five or six feet into the room. With a sardonic smile on his face, he gave the simple command: “Fetch.”
Crawling forward as fast as she could, she reached the bone and without pausing to think about where it had just been, reached her head down and scooped it up in between her teeth. She turned, crawled back to him, then dropped it at his feet, then sensing his intentions, turned around again to make her ass available again to him. For good measure, she even waggled her ass back and forth playfully; inviting. Again he fucked her with the bone for a few minutes, pulled it out, tossed it, and made her fetch. Again she complied, just like a good dog would. She didn’t stop to think about what she was doing, she just called on her baser instincts and reacted.

Finally he tired of this game, he picked up the leash, attached it once more, and spent a few minutes in front of her, allowing her to suck his cock until it was good and hard. Then he put the defiled bone in her mouth, and moved around behind her. He tightened the hold on the leash, pulling her back, til her ass hole was nudging against the tip of his cock. He pulled some more, until his thick cock was buried deep in her ass. Then he fucked her. Hard, fast, without mercy.

to be continued……..

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